By Lex Greene

January 15, 2022

The 2020 COVID event has “fundamentally transformed America” in so many ways, from the end of legitimate elections and a free-market economy to the end of legitimate science and medicine. Obama said he was going to usher in a new era that would “fundamentally transform America” back in 2008 and he has done exactly that.

For eight years, Obama worked around the clock to transform America into a 3rd world member of the global commune. Today, Obama is the Oz behind the curtain of the fake Biden Administration, controlling policy and driving Biden’s approval rating into the toilet by flooding his teleprompter with maniacal far left drivel that makes Biden look even more inept than he is, while keeping Obama’s Global Reset on track.

In yesterday’s Supreme Court rulings blocking Biden’s OSHA COVID mandates, evidence of just how highly political the high court is, was on parade. The three extreme left Obama justices voted against individual Rights, freedom and liberty in both cases, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer. The other six justices took a stand for basic human Rights, blocking any OSHA mandates for all private employers and employees. This should end any such mandates in the private sector, but will it?

However, in Biden v. Missouri, a case concerning mandates for healthcare providers, two of the six, Roberts and Kavanaugh defected, voting with the three socialists on the court, allowing mandates for all healthcare workers to remain in force in a more typical 5-4 decision. Clearly, healthcare workers do not have the same individual Rights and liberties as everyone else, according to this decision.

The first obligation for anyone in the medical profession is to “do no harm” to patients. In the effort to help patients, rule number one is, do the patient no harm!

Yet, thousands have died, and millions have been injured (harmed) by the COVID mRNA injections that have been forced and coerced upon millions of citizens against their will, by doctors, nurses, employers, and governmental agencies. The VAERS Reporting System has been flooded with more than a million reports of adverse events from these fake “vaccines” and still, they continue to be forced and coerced upon society…

No one would be referring to these injections as “vaccines,” had they not altered the definition of “vaccine” just in time to allow bioweapons into the mix.

This fatal reality marks the end of the medical profession as we once knew it in the USA.

No longer are doctors and nurses allowed to do what they know is best for their patients. Instead, they are being forced (coerced) into “harming their patients” with “emergency use only” mRNA human experiments, by Medicare and Medicaid.

There’s no guess work involved here, and the science (the data) has well proven the following…

  • These are NOT “vaccines.” They are mRNA gene manipulation human experiments.
  • None of the so-called “vaccines” stop infection, transmission, illness, or death.
  • More than a million VAERS Reports prove beyond any doubt that these injections are “harming people.”

So, why is the vast majority of the medical community still conning, forcing, or coercing patients into these fatal injections?

Thanks to Obama’s massive expansion of Medicare and Medicaid under “ObamaCare” between 2009 and 2016, medical payments from these two federal agencies now represents approximately 55% of all medical insurance payments in the USA. Not a single hospital or major medical office in the USA can avoid bankruptcy if they were to lose 55% of the revenue by losing Medicare and Medicaid funding.

As upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in yesterday’s Biden v. Missouri decision, the medical community sold their Rights and honor the minute they allowed these federal agencies to represent 55% of their gross revenue. Because federal funding always comes with strings attached, a belief that if you accept any federal funds for any reason, you are subject to whatever federal dictates are attached to those funds.

This is exactly what destroyed the American education system over the years, with the Department of Education forcing socialist indoctrination into the education system, all under the guise of federal authority wherever federal funds go. Good teachers were purged from that system years ago and now, the best are being purged from the military and medical community as well.

Now, that same tyrannical dictatorial view is applied to the entire medical community, forcing everyone in the profession to knowingly injure or cause the death of millions with these lethal injections, all to keep the Medicare and Medicaid funds coming into the industry. Without that funding, the medical industry would collapse today.

Doctors and nurses MUST follow the CMS COVID19 protocols, or face bankruptcy by losing all Medicare and Medicaid funding. It’s outright coercion at the highest level and to the deadliest extreme.

Doctors and nurses who have simply refused to follow the fake CMS science, have been fired, attacked, discredited, de-platformed, and removed from the profession. Left behind are only those willing to go-along, knowingly harming patients, but determined to keep their own gravy train rolling.

That’s the end of real medicine in America.

The profession is no longer committed to true health care or even doing patients no harm. Now they are operating as a mere extension of the federal government, government agents if you will, carrying out the government’s political agenda, even though they know that agenda is doing harm to millions of innocent unsuspecting citizens.

Those who remain in the profession under these circumstances are no more to be trusted than Fauci, Gates or Biden. They are NOT “following the science.” They are ignoring all scientific data readily available in the VAERS Reporting System, looking the other way as if that data doesn’t even exist, and doing more citizens harm every single day.

The only way to stop this is to stop the federal government from mandating medical protocols just because taxpayers are paying for the doctors and nurses who are supposed to be saving taxpayer lives, not harming them.

No longer can Americans afford to allow the federal government to dictate anything, just because taxpayer funds are involved in a program. This policy has at a minimum, ruined education and now medicine, causing immense damage to our country for generations.

The Supreme Court could have and should have made sure that every healthcare professional was protected from these unconstitutional medical dictates forced upon the entire industry by Medicare and Medicaid. But they didn’t, due to the overt political nature of that court.

Until medical professionals are safe from harm due to unconstitutional medical dictates, no patient will ever be safe.

Our government has mandated DEATH!

So long as medical professionals have the Medicare and Medicaid gun to their heads, they will assist with the mass genocide underway. The government handed them the gun and is forcing them to pull the trigger or lose their careers.

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