Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, a few years ago I witnessed America headed toward oblivion and we will surely see God’s judgment on this Satanic-filled nation unless we repent so I opened up a NO ONE IS GOOD paper file. I’m basically a high tech nerd and decided the paper file would be easier and more reliable for me to find than something I might want to print into the computer.  I then began to fill the file with examples of why folks get into trouble. Psalm 53:3 – KJV -A Psalm of David says “Every one of them is gone back; they are altogether become filthy, there is none that doeth good – No, Not one!  In my Parallel Referenced Bible, the Modern language calls it a “Folly of Atheism ,” whereas the Revised Standard version calls it the “ Fate of a Fool”. [Link]


The January 10, 1963 Congressional Record (appendix pp. A34-A35) lists the 45 declared goals of the Communist Takeover of America, I’ll only address Goal 39 – Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals and #40 which is to discredit the family as an institution and encourage promiscuity and EASY DIVORCE which assures a profitable livelihood for those in the psychiatric and mental health profession. [Link]

With the exception of game shows and a little fake news, my only TV vice is the Dr. Phil show for my 3 p.m. coffee break. He says he’s a Christian.  He does what appears to be lots of “good works” and prefers guests with family problems and children.  (Ephes. 2:8-9)  It’s rare that he does any follow up for the audience to see if what he did was truly long lasting.  However, I no more made this comment and BINGO he had a guest in the audience from 4 ½ years ago who had lost a son and begin to get over her grief after Dr. Phil told her she had to take care of herself first and introduced her to Robin McGraw’s Revolution.com and said he uses her products which keeps him feeling and looking young.


Tim Jones writing for MOTHER NATURE and reprinted in the November 2018 THE SCHWARZ REPORT said most people accuse the Bible of taking all the fun out of life with its moral dictates of personal restraint. Where the liberals and secular humanists go wrong is twofold. One, those moral dictates are voluntary, but if they are followed, one will have for the most part a safe and secure life.

And two, since liberals and atheists don’t want to be told what to do with their lives, the logical conclusion to a life without restrictions is a life of hedonism leading to self-destruction, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, homelessness and the myriad of addictions including these new folks who believe God made a mistake and they have surgery to change their sex.  In Oregon, a 15 year old can have a sex change and the parent’ s have to pay for the surgery and any complications but will break the law to object. Go figure… Addictions by definition is lack of self-restraint that leads to the inability to stop a destructive activity.

Irving Kristol, one of the original neoconservatives, touches on this in his essay “Countercultures: Past, Present and Future.”  MORAL  ANARCHY

Secular rationalism looks at things differently. It is essentially contemptuous of the very idea of tradition. It also lacks a central principle of virtue. Instead, it proposes a whole set of virtues – toleration, pluralism, relativism: the “liberal virtues”- which, one might say, construct a supermarket of possible good and decent lives, with no discrimination permitted. This is a prescription for moral anarchy, which is exactly what we now experience. And there is no way that moral anarchy can pass for moral progress.

In the end, liberalism’s goals of a mythical and unobtainable individual liberation is impeded by the greatest conservative of all, Nature herself, imposing limitations on all of humanity that are impossible to remove.

Our bodies are obviously limited in what we can do with them. We are limited by gravitation, by our senses and perceptions, by our intellect. How fast we can run. How much heat or cold a body can endure. How many intoxicants one can ingest before bodily organs start permanently shutting down, whether one is a male or a female and the physical structure of each sex.   Life is nothing but limitations. And the biggest boundary of all is none other than death itself. Death puts a finite number of years every person will spend on this planet.


This destructive activity mentioned above leads many to contact Dr. Phil, a psychologist for 45 years,  avoids the word “sin,” which, of course would not be allowed on his program as he continues to become richer from his 14th year on TV where he tends to have guests on his show especially if children are involved.    In fact, he says he’s the most nonjudgmental guy he knows.

To prove this point, on a recent program, a young man decided as a teenager he wanted to become a girl. Nothing was mentioned about surgery but she was beautiful, had what appeared to be boobs and apparently made her dangerous living on the social media doing whatever. A parent had contacted Dr. Phil, so in order to help her to live a safer life, he brought in yet another beautiful girl (former boy) also with long blond hair and boobs to sit beside her as she explained with Dr. Phil’s help how she turned her life around, a job, etc. and away from a dangerous social media lifestyle. I broke out laughing. There two transies sat side by side. One had taken Dr. Phil’s advice and was an example of how the second one should strive to attain a safe life. [Link]

And then Dr. Phil had a 23 year old gal living in her car with a homeless girlfriend.  She had lost a baby in October 2017 (baby died in her arms) and already had an 18 month old new baby that she extorts her folks to care for when she is with her girlfriend.   Dr. Phil cautioned her how important it is for the mother to be in her daughter’s life as a role model.  Dr. Phil always has Plan B – and off she goes not to church but another psycho babbler facility.

In a June 2014 program entitled, “My Husband’s Secret Life Revealed” the husband viewed child pornography on the Internet, got aroused at seeing other naked men. Dr. Phil asked if he was a homosexual and said he was sort of a homosexual advocate figuring if they want to have sex with other men, it was OK with him.

The Homosexual Manifesto reprinted from the US Congressional Record Homosexual Activist Outlines Goals of Homosexual Movement by Michael Swift way back in 1987 explained in the this article.

The gospel rests upon a tremendous fact – the total depravity of man who is in such a state that he cannot be saved by perfect obedience.  Neither can be saved by imperfect obedience because God will not accept it. Therefore, the only solution is the gospel of grace of God which reaches down and saves the sinner on the basis of death and resurrection of Christ. Faith in Christ transforms human life.


And then there was the couple married 29 years with 12 beautiful children ranging in age from 28 to 6 and #13 on the way in a couple months with possible Down’s Syndrome.  The wife came from a big family and the couple chose to also have one. Even though she once thought about divorce, Dr. Phil asked the children if having a large family was a good thing and they all raised their hands in favor even though Dad spends little time with the kids and has to work three jobs and also has a little gambling and pornography addiction which he’s trying to get under control.  Near the end of the program it was revealed she spends three hours a day home schooling the remaining children still at home out of fear of them being bullied in the public schools like she was and surely she has trained this exceptionally beautiful family to help with the housework.  Dr. Phil raised his voice telling her she lacked common sense and that she should put the children into the public school and then went to a station break. I was shocked!

After the break, he quickly told all the home school parents he felt would be contacting him that he is in support of home schooling but three hours spent was not appropriate for this mother – can you imagine such utter nonsense coming out of this psycho babbler? How much time does he think some public school teachers give these individual children? A camera showed her downstairs living room neat, upstairs showed a number of neatly stacked black garbage bags near the stairs suggesting perhaps she was ready to dispose of them and their monthly food bill was equivalent to their mortgage so we know they were being fed.

Later, Dr. Phil suggested she was becoming a borderline hoarder and she needed a “Life Strategsist” (Life Coach) by the name of Mike Bayer so between the two of them, divorce was off the table and his recommendations for the family were non-negotiable.

He then proceeds to tell her the two of them will start by bringing in a team to clean the house called ONE ORGANIZED MOM and then he was going to arrange with psychologists and sociologists using the “Dr. on Demand” program he and his older son developed so these wholesome looking, home schooled  children could talk with them on line.  When talking with them earlier, he sensed depression and one talked of suicide – this after they raised their hands supporting the big family.

A couple programs following were about a family in trouble with rebellious, angry teenagers and the one common denominator – DIVORCE (Communist Goal #40)


In the midst of all the sadness, Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin came up on the stage and they shared their recent family grief! If my hearing served me correctly, Dr. Phil told how a sister of Robin years ago had suffered an acid attack, suffered through all that and then last spring, a heart problem which she survived and then just recently a stroke and they finally decided to turn off the machine. And then he tells how he had a sister that just died – one month of Robin’s sister’s death and then another sister of Robin told about her ex-husband’s passing away, the father of two young children. Of course, in both cases, divorce was involved. And I believe I heard on the program the day before that Robin was one of triplets. Never any mention of God in the midst of all this trauma.

On Valentine’s Day 2016 Dr. Phil’s talented musician #2 son had his band play their song DOCTOR on the show for Dr. Phil and his wife.  Aaah, that was sweet but obviously embarrassed, Dr. Phil told the audience to not let the tattoos on both arms, torn jeans or baseball cap that Jordan McGraw was wearing fool them.


The world today is constantly filled with turmoil and violence. This is not surprising since we live in a world that is saturated with sin, and we know that as we grow ever closer to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, trouble will abound all the more. In II Timothy 3:1, we are specifically warned by the Apostle Paul, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” We are then warned again in II Timothy 3:13, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” The headlines of this modern age leave little doubt we are living in perilous times today.

Several more articles that should be of concern to the Christian community is one from Henry Makow’s website entitled: Christians-Zionism’s useful idiots.

And recently I’ve discovered a testimony from former Bill Dannemeyer about the passage of HJ Res. 104 signed into law by President George H.W. Bush on March 20, 1991. This law became known as the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine. I remember reading about Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum’s Samantha Smith in 2004 saying she had an opportunity to visit a warehouse filled with portable guillotines.

Dannemeyer wrote this law was especially troublesome to him because he was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives at the time it was passed. Even worse, he was in the House Chamber the very day that it was passed, voting on other legislation. Yet he, as a U.S. Congressman, had NO KNOWLEDGE that it had been passed or even that it was to be brought up for a vote.

How could this be?, he asks. How could the deception be so pervasive that those of us who had sworn to uphold our country’s Constitution, particularly those of us (few, indeed) who really took our position seriously as the protectors of the people, could be totally in the dark regarding the content of this bill and its passage by the leaders of this country – by treachery and deceit? [Link]

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