by Andrew C. Wallace

The purpose of this article is to report the real feelings of The People toward the Communist rulers who usurped our Constitutional Republic and are rapidly destroying our country. The ruling class minions consist of Communist media, academia, large corporations, banks, elected officials, government bureaucrats, actors, judges, military flag officers, stock market manipulators,  et a l. All of these traitors are controlled by the super rich. Most of their supporters live in the very undesirable inner city plantations subject to fake schools and fake media with little upward mobility. Lenin referred to these supporters of Communism as USEFUL IDIOTS and I agree with him. Useful idiots are not Communists and will never share in the wealth stolen by the Communists. Useful idiots are not stupid, but they are as ignorant of the truth as a box of rocks. Many useful idiots lacking morals and ethics are the thugs used to burn and loot Democrat cities to promote unrest.

I am not advocating anything in this article.  I am only trying to report the very strong feelings of “The People” who are not in the Communist cabal or are useful idiots. Based upon the last election we know that a majority of the people oppose this usurped faux government. Power by insurrection has no Constitutional authority to govern. Most importantly, patriots know this fact which undermines any claim of legitimacy by the Communists.

I can honestly say that every American I know hates Communism and the people who have usurped our Republic. Hate may be too mild a word to use; our people really detest and hold them in contempt. Our people will shed no tears over their demise, nor will they do anything to defend them.

Most people know that firearms are the only thing that stands between us and slavery. The rest of the world is a stark example of this assertion.

Wearing a mask is a sign of submission, cowardice and ignorance.  Ordinary masks are no protection from the virus, they only prevent you from sneezing or coughing on others. Mask wearing also has a negative effect on your health.

Many people feel that the Communists are doing everything possible to force people to revolt so they can crush the people. If this is their objective they are in for real trouble. The people are now on the verge of revolt and it will not take much to start it. Traitors must realize that the people know from experience and history that guerilla warfare is the proper course of action if required. President George Washington fought a superior force this way. History is replete with examples demonstrating how it is almost impossible to defeat a determined guerilla force.

I would estimate that at a minimum, more than 50% of the people would support a conflict with the illegitimate Communist rulers. I don’t know anyone personally who supports the Communist cabal. Based on history you could expect only 3-5% to take an active part in any conflict. This translates into millions more patriots than needed, which is also many times larger than the military. It is impossible for the Communists to prevail against the will and power of the people ,except for this short period.

The cabal of the super rich has 100% of the power, control everything and own 85% of the money. When they took away the Constitutional vote, they left the people with no recourse. In any conflict the people can only lose their chains, but the cabal can lose real money.

As I have said these are only my observations, but I feel they are correct because I can see people get more enraged by the day. I can only hope that the Communists abandon their plan to destroy our Constitutional Republic before it is too late. Any conflict would result in starvation, destruction and poverty. In fact you should be wary because almost overnight any limited guerilla activity could tank the economy, currency and markets instantly.

The Covid Virus was a deliberate  Chinese attack on the world in coordination with our super rich cabal of would be Communist dictators. Communist Democrats used the virus to destroy a presidency, our economy, deny Constitutional rights, burn our cities and usurp our Republic. Our Communist Democrats and their superiors among the super rich, et al. earned their label as dirty rotten traitors.

This paper is nothing if not an exercise of my Constitutional right to freedom of speech. I have not advocated the violent overthrow of the Constitutional government, nor could I because it no longer exists.

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