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After sending out these pictures a dear friend of mine replied, “We should replace the Statue of Liberty with Chiquita Banana.”

Workers on Monday install protections on building facades near the White House as building managers and local businesses fear violent demonstrations ahead of the coming Presidential elections”

Did you notice the address on that building? 1776. Our governor here in Texas sent 1,000 National Guard to big cities like Austin, Dallas and Houston and San Antonio.  When was the last time America braced for violence, rioting and sure to happen looting over an election?  It sickens me.  Oh, and make no mistake about it, there’s going to be serious trouble – especially in big metro cities run by Democrat mayors.  Because all those mayors have let this go on for nearly seven months the rioters, looters and killers believe they can simply continue the carnage with a slap on the wrist.

‘I’d be lying to you if I said I wouldn’t be worried’:  American cities on edge – “The vice president of the New York-based Sergeants Benevolent Association, Vincent Vallelong, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he hadn’t seen such disaster preparation in his city since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.”

Soros-backed coalition of Marxists preparing to “fight like hell” to steal the elections from Trump, Republicans

Seditious, violent, America haters have been planning for months in the event Trump wins the electoral college vote.  Liberals (socialists) and progressives (communists) have been screeching for weeks Trump won’t vacate the WH peacefully. Vote fraud’s the only way Trump can win!   Democrats are masters of the game:  transfer what you’re doing to the other party.

Let’s look at the legal definition of sedition:  “Sedition the federal crime of advocacy of uprising or overthrow against the government or support for an enemy of the nation during time of war, by speeches, publications and organization. Sedition usually involves actually conspiring to disrupt the legal operation of the government and is beyond expression of an opinion or protesting government policy. Sedition is distinguished from treason, which requires actual betrayal of the government, or “espionage.”

Anti-American ‘Orders Project’ is Encouraging Military to Stand Down to Leftist Terrorists After the Election

“An organization of attorneys, calling themselves The Orders Project, is effectively encouraging military personnel to refuse orders to keep peace in the streets following the election if left-wing ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists lay waste to cities.

“Washington D.C. National Guard Major Adam DeMarco, a Democrat operative who ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in Maryland in 2018, is exploiting his military bona fides to push his left-wing partisan agenda against President Trump with the help of the fake news media…”

“I am in a position as a major in the U.S. Army National Guard where I can do something, and that’s why I decided to come forward,” he added.”


Our Forces–  “The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States. The Army National Guard and the Air National Guard are reserve components of their services and operate in part under state authority.”

United States Code of Military Justice Article 92:  Failure to Obey an Order

I’m not a lawyer, certainly not an expert in military law.  But DeMarco is a major using his uniform and rank to encourage those under his command and others in uniform to willfully stand down from a lawful order (repel rioting, looting, protect lives and keep the peace) if issued.  His commanding officer needs take action now. DeMarco is advocating for his troops to “conspire to disrupt the legal operation of the government and is beyond expression of an opinion or protesting government policy.”

DeMarco thinks he’s being clever by just “encouraging” those under his command.  Those under his command know damn well he can make their lives miserable in the future.  The Army National Guard does not need seditionists like DeMarco in their ranks.

If this isn’t sedition someone needs to change the definition:  Former George Mason Prof. Says Americans Should ‘Topple’ Govt if Trump wins

BLM protesters chant ‘Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground!’ as second night of Philadelphia riots erupt– Another excuse by Marxist operations Black Lies Movement and ANTIFA to destroy and if anyone thinks they aren’t finalizing their plans for November 3rd and beyond is in denial.  Their only goal is to overthrow this government.  Out of their own mouths they are at war with us in a revolution.

My recent columns on vote fraud cited specific incidences one after another after another.  I’ve never seen such a sh*t show in my entire adult life during an election.  It has not slowed down or stopped.  The Democrat/Communist Party USA and their deranged followers will do whatever it takes to tip the electoral college in favor of Joe Biden who is NOT mentally capable of being president of these united States of America, never mind he’s a career crook.

More voter fraud and election interference

Gateway Pundit Talks to Jenna Ellis, the Senior Legal Trump Campaign Adviser, on the Campaign Strategy to Fight Democrat Attempts to Steal Election – NC will accept late ballots until Nov. 12th!

“Jenna Ellis said, “We will fight in every Court we have to in order to guarantee the American people free and fair elections that are constitutionally protected.” She added, “This also isn’t just about the presidential election. It affects every election all the way down ticket. If 2020 has taught us anything, state and local elections matter too.”

Exactly what so many of us have been pounding on:  We must flip the U.S. House.  NO doubt in my mind Demonrats got the majority in 2018 via massive vote fraud.  Republican candidates – with the exception of a handful – did NOTHING to fight back and just accepted the results.  The same applies to state legislatures.And shame on Evangelicals out there who say they are staying home because they don’t like Trump’s personality are handing our country over to totalitarian government under the Democrat/Communist Party USA.

Dirty Cop Chris Wray Says He Has Seen No Evidence of Voter Fraud — Is Fine with Illegal Ballot Harvesting by Dems to Steal Election, Sept. 25, 2020  -Another lying,  dirty swamp operative.

White House Chief Of Staff Chastises FBI Director Over Voter Fraud Comments: ‘Has A Hard Time Finding Emails In His Own FBI’

Ballots in Pennsylvania Were Found in the Trash. They Were All Votes for Trump.

Democrats hiring “ballot chasers” to turn Texas blue through massive organized FRAUD:  “Rodriguez, who is chasing ballots in and around San Antonio, told an undercover reporter that she is “bringing at least 7,000 votes to the polls” on Nov. 3, all while being paid thousands of dollars to get the job done.  “I could go to jail,” Rodriguez is heard admitting in the footage. “I’m a little apprehensive to tell anybody what I’m f***ing doing, you know what I’m saying?”

Project Veritas Drops NUKE — GOP Ballot Chaser Admits to Major Voter Fraud Operation in Texas to Help Biden — ‘$55K for 5,000 Votes’ (VIDEO):  “In the new footage, Raquel Rodriguez, a consultant for GOP House candidate Mauro Garza, admits that she will be making about $55,000 to change 5,000 votes, as rigging the election will cost “five to eight dollars per vote.” She also admitted that “some of my Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known… they want to help Biden.

“Rodriguez stated that she is getting paid to help Republicans who want to flip votes for Biden, saying “yeah, that’s what I’m doing. That’s exactly what I’m getting paid to do.”

RINOs – precinct chairs no less working to oust Trump.  How many more like her are here  in Texas and other states?  Our Attorney General has opened an investigation.  In the meantime, she’s affected thousands of votes violating state and federal laws.  Just wait until she’s confronted with an orange prison jumpsuit and starts naming names.

Gaffe or Freudian slip?  “(in Freudian psychology) an inadvertent mistake in speech or writing that is thought to reveal a person’s unconscious motives, wishes, or attitudes.”

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” —Joe Biden, Oct. 24, 2020 in a video.

South Florida investigators have uncovered a plan to register dozens of deceased individuals as Democrat voters

Democrats have been busy using the courts to sanction an open invitation for fraud.  Act surprised:  South Carolina Federal Judge, Obama Appointee, Rules Signatures Don’t Have to Match Absentee Ballots

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Prohibits Counties From Rejecting Ballots Over Signatures

Hillary Clinton Reveals She’s an Electoral College Elector in New York

Florida Man Accused of Illegally Changing Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Address

Houston Judge And Election Staff Accused Of Voter Fraud By Retired Cop:  “Where do the people turn when those entrusted with administering justice are the same ones who are committing acts of injustice?

“Perhaps we will soon find out, as a former police officer turned poll watcher in Texas has evidently caught a judge and election officials committing widespread voter fraud using a stack of ID’s to arrange for people to illegally vote through a drive-through voting system. The former officer, Raymond T. Stewart, submitted an affidavit to the Harris County District Attorney, along with photos to back up his claims.”

THAT is exactly why poll watchers are needed at every polling place in your county.  That District Attorney should have his arse thrown out of office and a visit from the secret service:  Philadelphia DA threatens Trump over president’s call for poll watchers: ‘I’ve got something for you’ – “In a fiery statement posted on his website, District Attorney Larry Krasner likened Trump to a “lawless, power-hungry despot,” and vowed that Philadelphians “will not be cowed.”

How to Track Your Absentee Ballot by State:  “If postal slowdowns have you concerned about the status of your mail-in ballot, here’s how to check that it’s been received and counted.”

Gross incompetence:  Detroit Election Instructor Confirms There Will Be No Oversight to Help Poll Workers on Election Day

An old tactic.  Delay so you see how many votes you still need and then pull them out of a hat. Mail in ballots is not about COVID-19, it’s all about fraud and who counts the votes – IF your vote even gets counted.  Speculation on my part, but this is how I believe it will be done.  I’m not the only one thinking along those lines:

42 Percent of Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballot Requests Not Returned

Vote fraud and stealing elections–  “During the last mid-term however, I notice they added a campaign where the additional message they drove home was “every vote should count”. The “every vote should count” pre-election campaign was followed by candidates refusing to concede and having truck-loads of ballets show up for several days or even weeks after the election should have been closed.

“After all, isn’t making “every vote count” far more important than any law regulating the voting process? In many cases this flipped the apparent election night winners and helped lead to the Democratic flip of the House. It makes the conspiracy nut in me wonder if they used a less scrutinized mid-term election as a test run for the “big one”.

THERE IS NO CHAIN OF COMMAND, NO SECURITY AND NO WAY TO VERIFY THE ACCURACY OF THOSE BALLOTS.  If you are unfamiliar with “ballot harvesting” which must be declared illegal in all states by their legislatures:  “Ballot harvesting, or the practice of allowing political operatives and others to collect voters’ ballots and turn them in en masse to polling stations, has drawn bipartisan concerns of fraud from election watchers.”

That article is very informative about which states allow it and “Imposing restrictions on the practice has led to legal challenges. In Arizona, a federal appeals court upheld a ballot harvesting prohibition, despite a claim that it unfairly discriminated against minorities who might need help filling out their ballots.”

Voters in this country have ample time ahead of election day to figure out how to fill out a ballot.  In person – always help at polling locations.  COVID-19 is NO excuse as there is no emergency, period.  Prohibiting ballot harvesting does not discriminate against anyone.  You have the right to vote in this country as long as you’re a U.S. citizen.  It’s YOUR responsibility to learn how to participate in the election process.

Hundreds of Thousands of Questionable Ballots Sent To ‘Voters’ in California — They May Be Cast and Turned in by Ballot Harvesters

Texas Judge’s Mom Told She Already Voted –  She Did Not.  “Texas Voting is a Mess This Year” – That’s because the lying, cheating Democrats have poured tens and tens of millions of dollars into this state in an effort to turn it blue.

Bags of Stolen Mail That Include Numerous Ballots Found Discarded in Washington Town

Video:  BREAKING: Omar Connected Harvester SEEN Exchanging $200 for General Election Ballot.”We don’t care illegal.”… “We are taking the money and we’ll vote for you.”  – That would be America hater, Omar.

Unknown Number of Mail-in Ballots Lost by USPS in Pennsylvania County

This makes six by my count:  Dozens Of Ballots Destroyed In Boston After Arsonist Sets Ballot Box On Fire

Undelivered Mail-In, Absentee Ballots Found at Miami-Dade USPS Facility – The Miami-Dade County State’s Attorney has requested a ballot audit after piles of mail, including mail-in and absentee ballots, were found at a USPS facility outside of Homestead

Fraudster Attempts to Register Dozens of Dead People as Democratic Voters in Florida

Clear violation of Texas state law:  U.S. judge to hear Republican bid to void 100,000 votes in Texas

Same issue as Texas above:  Supreme Court Grants Stay Against ‘Curbside’ Voting in Alabama; Roberts Back with Conservatives

Flashback, of course he did:  Former U.S. Senator “won” because of vote fraud – That would be Dirty Harry Reid – Many examples of ballot fraud in prior elections.

The mess regarding allowing late absentee and mail in ballots to be counted makes my blood boil. One court in one state says this and another says the opposite.

The law is very specific about electoral college electors:

3 U.S. Code § 1 – Time of appointing electors: The electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed, in each State, on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, in every fourth year succeeding every election of a President and Vice President. (June 25, 1948, ch. 644, 62 Stat. 672.)

As is typical, the geniuses in Congress always allow wiggle room to confuse everyone and keep lawyers employed (now, now, a couple of my dearest friends are lawyers).  This gives fodder for Demorats:

3 U.S. Code § 2. Failure to make choice on prescribed day:  Whenever any State has held an election for the purpose of choosing electors, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, the electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such a manner as the legislature of such State may direct. (June 25, 1948, ch. 644, 62 Stat. 672.)

Blue states allowing counting of ballots after November 3rd are counting on that code section.  That is exactly why the Demorats fought so hard to keep Amy Barrett off the U.S. Supreme Court besides her personal beliefs about abortion.

I gave examples in a recent column but there’s more below.

Court: Minnesota Absentee Ballots Must Be Received by 8 PM on Nov. 3

Dems Win Again: SCOTUS Allows NC To Count Mail-In Ballots Nine Days After Election

BREAKING: North Carolina Joins Michigan and Pennsylvania – Will Accept Late Ballots For 9 Days After Election and Ballot Harvesting

A Virginia court blocked the state from accepting absentee ballots received up to three days after November 3 that do not have postmarks.

Trump campaign sues in Nevada to stop Vegas-area vote count

Michigan Court of Appeals: Ballots Must Arrive by Election Day; 14-Day Extension Overturned

Pennsylvania Agrees to Segregate Ballots That Arrive After Election Day While Republicans Fight State Supreme Court Ruling

Trump Draws Thousands in Arizona, Harris Draws ‘Approximately 100

What I asked in my Oct. 14, 2020 column, Where Are Mail-in Ballots Being Stored?

Officials OUTRAGED After Trump Campaign Asks for Names of People Transporting Ballots and Locations of Where Ballots Are Stored and Counted

Too many more to list so let me close with this statement.  If you live where there’s likely to be riots, stay away.  I know businesses are going to be destroyed and my heart goes out to all of you.  But, remember Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who shot and killed protesters has been charged with murder even though EVERY video shows he acted in self-defense.  That brave young man is still in jail.

Thankfully, Americans have donated heavily to pay his legal bills; several of his attorneys are working pro bono.  If you’re not killed but have to defend yourself, what will happen to your job and how will your family fare, who will pay your monster legal bills?

OUR house they want to destroy:  Expert on Trump Win: Prepare for Thousands to Storm White House –  I hope he turns out to be wrong but you can money to the bank that the fake media networks will do everything they can to whip up the mobs and Trump haters.

I know members of Oath Keepers have been out in various areas helping guard businesses and so far, it’s been peaceful.  I know armed local residents in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, sent looters packing.  But, NYC, Portland, Seattle, LA – multiply that times a thousand.  Those BLM thugs are trained Marxists and they, as well as the scum, ANTIFA, are not afraid to badly injure or kill you.

There’s a time and place to pick your battles.  We need to hope law enforcement as well as National Guard will be able to shut things down.  It’s a crying shame the 1o0 MILLION gun owners in this country – with the exception of a small percentage – have no understanding of the Second Amendment and the constitutional militia.

If it gets really bad and Demonrat mayors or governors refuse to stop the violence and because the election is basically over Nov. 3rd, although the count won’t be over, odds are good Trump will finally and formally invoke the Insurrection Act. Long overdue but I’ve always felt he would not until after Nov. 3rd.   Five things to know about Trump’s legal power under the Insurrection Act:  “The Insurrection Act was invoked a number of times during the 1950s and 1960s to send troops to enforce federal civil rights law.

“Former Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy drew on it to enforce the racial desegregation of Southern schools after the Supreme Court’s 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education. The moves by Eisenhower and Kennedy came over the objections of state governors.

“Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock [Ark.] and Kennedy to Mississippi, where they were not requested or welcome,” said Barbara McQuade, a law professor at the University of Michigan.

“Most recently, it was invoked by former President George H.W. Bush in 1992 to quell riots in Los Angeles following the acquittal of police officers involved in the beating of Rodney King. At the time, Attorney General William Barr was serving his first stint atop the Justice Department.”

There’s also your health to consider from violence by BLM and the pro-Fascism ANTIFA thugs.  They have been attacking Trump supporters for months.

In SF a free speech organizer had his teeth knocked out by anarchist thugs, bleeding all over the place.

Over the past week the crowds at Trump rallies have been 20,000 – 35,000 at each one.  Even in smaller cities in the thousands.  Pictures don’t lie.  A HUGE majority attending his rallies are not Republicans.  HISTORIC PRESIDENT! The Number of Democrats at President Trump’s Last Several Rallies Ought to Scare the Hell Out of the American Left!

I doubt they’re doing it for Biden.  I’ve been through lovely Bullhead City many times, very independent people.  Forty-five percent of the people who signed up to attend President Donald Trump’s rally in Bullhead City, Arizona, did not vote in 2016 – 24% Not Republicans

Biden is lucky to draw 100, most of the time a few dozen and the same goes for Ho Harris.  In key battleground states and counties.  This will be decided by exposing the vote fraud and that could take a few weeks.  And money which buys lies.  That bill board ad has been running along I-95 in Florida.

Biden’s masters have amassed almost 1,000 bottom feeding America hating lawyers to contest the vote count, primarily in swing states where Biden is losing badly.  Don’t believe the polls.  Both parties are machines. They have armies on the ground doing internal polling and they know which counties in which states are the ones candidates must target as well as in-your-face vote fraud and interference.

We also know Trump has a massive legal force already in place for months and don’t think for a minute he is not aware of all that’s going on with this despicable effort to cheat him out of the election.

Three very short videos to watch. I do hope you will take the time to get a good dose of positive.  The first promotional ad that knocks it out of the ball park.  So amazing I’ve now watched it several times.  Oh, my gosh, it is something! Trump-Thunderstruck  – Be sure to hit sound and enlarge the screen. (I do wish they would have toned down the music a bit.)


What we ask.


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