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President Trump’s NYTs Interview

President Trump agreed to an interview with NYTs reporters, Peter Baker, Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman.  The latter occasionally gives this administration a fair shake, and she even commented on how upbeat Trump was. When she actually had a chance to speak to him, she couldn’t believe that he was so cordial.

Michael Schmidt was one of the interviewers, and I was surprised since Schmidt was the primary recipient of leaks provided by fired FBI Director James Comey and his allies and the leaked information was intended to damage the office of our President.

In the interview, President Trump expressed his anger that AG Sessions recused himself from the Russia/collusion investigation.  He also expressed his obvious displeasure with the way Mueller is handling this investigation. Look, the President’s responses to reporters’ questions were sincere and honest.  He told us clearly that he doesn’t appreciate what the recusal cost him and what Rosenstein unleashed upon him, his family, and his young presidency, with the appointment of Mueller. He’s correct to be angry about it.

But the truth is, this all came from Comey, didn’t it!  That snake set the stage for a special prosecutor with his leaks.  How was Sessions to know what Comey would unleash in his testimony when he recused himself?  He didn’t.  Not only that, but AG Sessions is one who follows the law explicitly and that’s why he recused himself.  Nevertheless, he would have been wise to have spoken to his boss prior to deciding to recuse.

The Decision to Recuse

If Jeff Sessions had not recused himself, who in the administration would tell the attorney general that even the appearance of a potential conflict of interest is a very bad thing? No one!  Who would say publicly that staying on would violate official Department of Justice regulations, (28 CFR 45.2) (28 U.S.C. § 528) other than the usual Democratic loons in the House and Senate and the self-righteous cretins in the fake news media?  Again, no one.

The latter DOJ regulation mentioned above actually leaves it to the Attorney General to promulgate regulations with more detailed criteria for assessing such conflicts. And as with many conflict of interest provisions, the law makes clear that even an appearance of such a conflict is legally problematic.

Sessions served as the chairman of the Trump campaign’s national security advisory committee. His close affiliation with Trump and the campaign, and the potential conflicts of interest that creates, was the excuse used by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to call AG Sessions to resign over reports that he spoke with Russia’s ambassador to the United States during the presidential campaign.  What rot!

Then our weak Republicans joined in by calling for Sessions to recuse himself.  This is so typical of the neo-con Trotskyite Republicans who are fighting this administration as hard as the left.  Talk about a lack of chutzpah!  This would never have happened with Obama; the left would have raised holy Hannah.

In early March, Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation on the advice of Justice Department ethics officials, saying, “They said that since I had involvement with the campaign, I should not be involved in any campaign investigation.”

So, was Jeff just following the law and now Trump is making a mistake in attacking his top supporter? Or should Jeff have said to those demanding his recusal, “Folks, I’m hired to do a job, and I’ll do that job no matter who is in charge without any prejudicial influence.”

Sessions Response to NYT’s Interview

After the President’s statements regarding the recusal, when asked if he would resign, our Attorney General stated that he was honored to have the job and intended to stay in it and work hard for both national interests and President Trump.  He said that the President gave them several directives, one of which was to dismantle internet transnational organizations.  He then announced that they had dismantled the largest “Dark Web” site in the world.  Sessions then said that he loves the job, loves the department and intends to continue.  Rosenstein basically said the same thing.  Watch the three-minute video:

AG Sessions was flanked by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Acting Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Andrew McCabe, who were both also criticized by the president in the New York Times interview.  I view these two as fifth column insiders who should have been canned long ago.  Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller are long time affiliates.  Andrew McCabe is actually facing three federal inquiries for (1) sexual discrimination and subsequent retaliation against the complainant, (General Michael T. Flynn) (2) campaigning as an FBI official for his wife, which is a violation of the Hatch Act, and (3) ethics violations relating to campaign payments to his wife.

Our Attorney General has also reinstated civil asset forfeitures for police departments, stating that this helps law enforcement defund organized crime.  Unfortunately, some innocent people have had to hire legal help to get their funds back, and in some cases, they lose.

Back in March, our AG required the resignations of 46 Obama appointed U.S. attorneys.  He has cleaned house in the past, but the DOJ needs to be thoroughly sanitized of all appointees by previous administrations.

Mueller Expands His Witch Hunt Investigation On Trump

During the interview with the Times, President Trump said if special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation looked into the Trump family finances, it would cross a red line, and he’s right.

Mueller is looking into President Trump’s entire business transactions as part of the ongoing probe into the phony alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russians according to a report in Bloomberg.  He is pushing his investigation into territories previously warned against by the President himself, and journalist Lou Dobbs has some advice for the Commander in Chief.  Here’s what he said:

“I personally believe it’s time for President Trump to get rid of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, and get rid of special investigator Robert Mueller, clear out the Obama leftovers in the Department of Justice, and appoint officials to investigate the real corruption and toxic collusion in the D.C. swamp.”

Deputy AG Rosenstein said, “It’s time to do the right thing – it’s past time.  Dobbs denounced the blatant conflicts of interest infesting the Trump-Russia election collusion conspiracy theory being investigated by Mueller and his team of Democrat operatives, noting, “Nearly half of them gave money to Hillary Clinton or to President Obama.”

Dobbs is right of course. President Trump first needs to direct Rosenstein to limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation to the fake Russian election collusion, and that if Mueller doesn’t limit the investigation to what he was hired for, he will be fired.  The President also needs to tell Rosenstein that if he doesn’t follow these orders, he too will be fired.

The Real Law Breakers

From Whitewater to Benghazi, we all know what the Clinton cabal is about.  Pay to play, Clinton Foundation, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, selling influence, and 20% of our uranium to Russia for a big payoff.  “Lock her up” was not just a campaign slogan!

And then there’s Holder’s and Obama’s Fast and Furious, and Comey’s illegal leaks of classified information, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, Susan Rice and others who orchestrated all this phony Russia narrative and leaks to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.  Americans want our DOJ to go after the criminals of the Dark State.

Tucker Carlson Berates President Trump

I don’t watch Carlson because he has a habit of talking over guests, and you can’t understand either of them when both are speaking.  Tucker is not the professional Bill O’Reilly was, albeit I wasn’t a big fan of O’Reilly.  Needless to say, this attack on our President was uncalled for and spewed an invective that normally appears only on MSM.  Now it’s all over on the web, thanks to the arrogance of Tucker Carlson.

He commented, “President Trump’s attack on Jeff Sessions in the failing NY Times suggests he’s forgetting who’s on his side. Sessions is one of the few who believed in him from the start and was making progress on his agenda.”

President Trump and AG Sessions

Donald John Trump gave up a lifestyle that we can only imagine, his wonderful family, his beautiful wife and their son, and a life of ease running a billion-dollar business to save his country.  He is not a politician.  He is simply a citizen who loves America and has spent his own money to lead our country back to greatness.  He is not perfect, only God has that claim, but he loves the USA, and he’s fighting to save not only America, but his own presidency from the left’s onslaught.

President Trump, you are the leader of America, and as such, it is up to you to guide the people in your administration, yet still allowing them to make their own choices.  Please invite Attorney General Sessions to the White House residence for a one on one discussion.  Have dinner together and discuss where this will go, who in the DOJ needs to be fired, and how to handle the Dark State enemies of freedom.

AG Sessions may have made a mistake in recusing himself, but this can be worked out, and he is a strong supporter of your agenda as well as all your promises.  He is working hard to help you in many ways.

President Trump and Rod Rosenstein

Secondly, invite Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein for a one-on-one dinner in the White House residence.  You nominated Rosenstein, and he has put Mueller in charge of this investigation, and Mueller has gone off the rails by hiring Clinton and Obama supporters who plan to investigate your entire business life as well as the election.  Rosenstein’s choice of Robert Mueller tells your supporters that he is left of center in appointing someone who is definitely not bipartisan.  If he doesn’t rein in Mueller, tell him his days are numbered, and so are Mueller’s.  Lou Dobbs is right.


Tucker Carlson is right about one aspect.  Sessions, like General Flynn and Steve Bannon are the renegades Trump hired in the beginning.  They are the backbone of support for this President and the American people.  They are the people we want in this administration, not the fifth column Dark State who seems to occasionally whisper in his ear.  Trump cannot afford another loss.

Our President has suffered the most evil and vindictive lies and slander from the Democratic establishment socialists and MSM.  His own party has fought him on fulfilling the promises he’s made to the American people, the very people who elected him because of those promises.  He has been inundated and deluged with false charges, not only on his person, but on his family and those in his administration.  It has been non-stop from the moment he announced his candidacy, and it revved up to a point of psychosis when Hillary was defeated by this populist leader who remembers the greatness of our country.

Never discount what Trump says or does, often his plans are far ahead of what we see.  We play checkers, and he’s playing chess.

As Sun Tzu said, “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”

It’s up to us.  We must demand Congress works to help our President.

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