We are at war. Our mortal enemy doesn’t hide its goal and stated aim. Islam announces it wants to destroy Western civilization from within, sabotage its miserable house, and install a universal caliphate. Pamela Geller

The intelligence community does not have complete ‘eyes on’ the totality of the Iranian nuclear program, nor can it guarantee that we have identified all of Iran’s nuclear facilities and processes. LTG Michael T. Flynn

Obama’s Sell-Out Iran Deal

In the middle of the night, Barack Hussein Obama sent $150 billion US taxpayer dollars to Iran as sanction relief in part of its nuclear deal. There were no restrictions on how the monies could be spent.

Susan Rice, former U.S. National Security adviser, admitted the monies would likely be spent on terrorism.  We knew Obama was willing to sacrifice the safety of Israel for the deal, but he also sacrificed the safety of American citizens.

Back in 2014, cocaine was second only to Bayer’s 1898 development of heroin in American drug deaths.  The major player in the cocaine traffic into the U.S. was the Iranian-sponsored and funded terrorist group Hezbollah. For years it has been known that Hezbollah has infiltrated criminal gangs in South America and set up its own billion-dollar international criminal enterprise to finance its terror activities. None of this was a secret.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) along with 30 other intel agencies, including the U.S. military, who was investigating links between Iran and Shiite militias, launched investigations into crime syndicates.  All of the paths led to Hezbollah.

U.S. law enforcement came up with an aggressive plan to take down the Hezbollah international network and its key individuals. But it never happened, and we now know why. It was Obama who put the kibosh on the Hezbollah investigation in order to get his Iran nuclear deal, and Politico broke the story.

Obama Crushes Hezbollah Investigation

The DEA’s project Cassandra was born to take down the Hezbollah operation by busting its innermost circle, but senior officials in the Obama administration thwarted a DEA program to uncover and prosecute Hezbollah operatives engaged in global drug trafficking to finance terrorist activities.

Obama roadblocked DEA efforts and literally ripped apart the entire effort from the top down, according to Pentagon specialist, David Asher.  The WSJ reported that Obama Treasury official, Katherine Bauer, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that under the Obama Administration, Hezbollah related “investigations were tamped down for fear of rocking the boat with Iran and jeopardizing the nuclear deal.”

A former CIA officer stated that during the early negotiations the Iranians said they needed Obama to lay off Hezbollah, to tamp down the pressure on them, and the Obama administration acquiesced to the request.

Three major suspects involved in the weapons and drug trafficking got away, and former Obama officials stated that they had not “derailed any actions against Hezbollah or it’s Iranian allies for political reasons.”  However, many government officials know otherwise and believe a congressional investigation is warranted.  This is truly a criminal act.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said he and other top politicians are looking into evidence that could implicate high-ranking former Obama staffers, including National Security Council official Ben Rhodes, who helmed much of the negotiation over the Iran deal.

Congressman Robert Pittenger expressed shock over the fact that while US soldiers were bravely fighting ISIS, with some paying the ultimate price, Obama reportedly protected Hezbollah terrorists.

Actor James Woods tweeted, “Obama targeted Christian Churches and Conservative Charities with the IRS, but ordered investigations into Hezbollah to be stopped. Let that sink in.”

Escaping the Iranian Revolution of 1979

In the middle 1970s, my son-in-law was urged by his parents to drive Americans around the oil fields of Persia in order to learn English.  He did just that, and then he immigrated to the United States prior to the fall of the Shah of Iran.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the Shah of Iran from 16 September 1941 until his overthrow by the Iranian Revolution on 11 February 1979.  Joe and my daughter were married in the church, and his parents came to visit years later.  We had them to our home for dinner, and if you mentioned Khomeini, his mother would scream, “Khomeini morte.”  They hated the revolution, and wanted to remain westernized as they were under the Shah.

Joe spent a year at university learning English, then worked his way through college to a degree.  He is a Christian American citizen who is living the American dream, all because his parents urged him to immigrate to the greatest country on earth, America.

Since 1979, the Persian state has been under a theocratic dictatorship, one hellbent on worldwide Islamic jihad, but a new revolution is brewing, and our President is supporting the dissidents.  President Trump has the opportunity now to redeem the tragic mistake America made under President Obama in ignoring anti-regime protesters in Iran.

Gen. Flynn Knows the Enemy

Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn knows that Iran is the core of terrorism training, and this is another reason that President Trump has said, “Iran’s nuclear deal is inconceivable and a disaster for Israel.”  In an article by Jim Lobe, he gives excerpts of General Flynn’s brilliant 16-page testimony on Iran.  It is well worth the time to read and explains why the Obama cabal had to stop Flynn.

U.S. government policy towards Iran has been strongly criticized by General Flynn.  He rightly claims “no past American president” has called for a regime change or supported Iranian dissidents.  Flynn has condemned the administrations of both Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama for respectively failing to support the last Shah of Iran and for negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran.

In the General’s best-selling book, The Field of Fight, he clearly delineates the Iranian culture of terror, and that Iran is the “leading supporter of jihad and one of the most repressive regimes on earth.”

Flynn explains that, “Persia should be one of the richest and most successful countries on earth because it is in a prime geopolitical location, has abundant natural resources, boasts a well-educated population, and has centuries of commercial success, yet it is in ruins.  The birth rate is low, the corruption of its ruling class is well-known, there are alarming rates of suicide, prostitution, depression, drug abuse, high unemployment, and a shortage of fresh water.”  Why?  The General tells us that the country’s wealth is being funneled into jihad and the private accounts of the nation’s rulers and elitists who continue to steal from the coffers of their people.

Most Iranians detest the regime and the rulers know it.  The Iranian leadership is vulnerable.  If they were actually popular they wouldn’t work so hard to silence their own people. Flynn explains that tyranny is the least stable system because the people can quickly turn against the tyrant.  “Khamenei knows that and lives in constant fear of a ‘velvet revolution,’ a popular uprising that will sweep him away, along with the failed Islamic system created by his predecessor.”  We’re seeing it today, and the protests are growing.

The General is right when he goes on to say that we can best attack the enemy alliance at its weakest point, the failure of the Revolution, and it should be political, not military, and our most potent weapon is what Khamenei fears most: the suffering Iranian masses.

Days of massive protests in over 31 cities, are continuing and spreading with demands for Khamenei to step down, and the protests are rapidly growing.  Protesters are screaming, “Death to the dictator.”

Iranian women are sick of the strict dress codes, are demanding proper educations and decent jobs, and even some of the mullahs and ayatollahs are in opposition to the regime.

With 33 years as an intelligence officer, Michael Flynn knows this enemy well.  He says, “Despite our perverse current refusal to criticize anything Islamic, those seeking freedom in Muslim countries invariably call out to us for support, knowing that American traditions and values and, eventually, American leadership is their chance to gain liberty.  This is why in the demonstrations of 2009, the protestors held signs reading, ‘Obama where are you?’ It is why the global Muslim Reform Movement asks for Americans to support their campaign against the imposition of head covering for Muslim women (the hijab—misnamed, as hijab refers to any and all covering of the Muslim woman’s body).”  They are throwing away their head coverings…

The General tells us that we can’t win this war by treating Radical Islamic terrorists as a handful of crazies and dealing with them as a policing issue, any more than we can win the global war solely with military forces.  The political and theological underpinnings of their immoral actions have to be demolished.

Iran Boils with Protests

Amil Imani is a fellow News with Views journalist and Persian born American citizen. He says “Another Revolution is brewing in Iran, and the Iranian people need our help.”  His emails and articles are pleading for help for his homeland and her people.

Day 6 #IranProtests…Another night of protests in different cities of #Iran. Despite the threats of Tehran Rev. Court to punish protesters with the death penalty, the brave Iranian people keep on marching on the streets!

The best match for the ruthless Mullahs and their hired Islamic Stormtroopers are the Iranian warriors themselves. The people of Iran themselves are the best solution for the present Iranian conundrum. The valiant Iranians need a bit of help from Donald J. Trump. And the last thing they need is appeasing negotiators to give the Mullahs a new lease on life, or invasion by the Marines, or a shower of bombs from the skies.

A full-fledged revolution is currently underway across Iran.  Iranians fear no more.  They refuse to be fooled and intimidated any longer.  They refuse to obey orders from the beasts of Allah currently ruling Iran.  With President Trump’s moral support, they have been transformed overnight from seemingly subdued and helpless sheep into mighty lions and lionesses.

Luke 12:48 says, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” Perhaps it is for this reason that the people of the United States of America, once again, are called upon to make huge sacrifices to defeat another tyranny. It is important that this great nation stays the course and enlists its power in support of freedom-loving Iranians to topple the ruling Islamofascists who are bent on wreaking death and destruction on the world.  Amil Imani


Reza Pahlavi is the son of the late Shah of Iran.  Amil Imani believes he has become the very asset that the opposition has needed for many years.  He has no ulterior motive other than doing what he can to help his countrymen in Iran and his willingness to become the necessary catalyst to dislodge the current brutal regime.  Pahlavi wants the Iranian people to rise up against the regime and establish a parliamentary democracy based on democratic values, freedoms, and human rights.

It is up to America and to our President to do exactly what General Michael T. Flynn has stated time and again must be done.  We must help the dissidents to overthrow this theocratic dictatorship and free the citizens of Persia.  Freedom is the call to all human beings…freedom to be what the Lord called them to be.  Pray for the citizens of Iran and for their fight for liberty.  Please call the White House and ask our President to support these freedom fighters.

Let Congress and the White House know how you feel. Do it! Please!

Representatives (202)-224-3121
White House at (202)-456-1111

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