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Before I get to protests, a couple of things you need to know.

I watched this video of a rancher; short. You need to watch it. As he spoke about the dire situation with livestock and chickens, the waste of food, he mentioned the first load of beef has now come in from Namibia.

I thought, what? So I did a search and found this: Namibia’s First Beef Batch Reaches Us, April 27, 2020

“President and consultant for Import Export Associares (IEA), Leonard Lang shared this information with The Namibian and said the 25 tonnes of beef is Meatco’s first full container exported to the US.”

Why in the Hell are we allowing TONS of foreign beef into this country when OUR ranchers are being told they will soon have to euthanize tens and tens of thousands of cattle? With more than 100 USDA beef inspectors out with the virus who knows about food safety and cattle from Namibia?

I called my U.S. reps office (district office) and had a discussion with the nice lady there. She requested I send her the information via email along with a link to the news item about Dr. Fauci being investigated by the FBI as I mentioned in my last column. That investigation was killed by our favorite dirty cop, James Comey.

I was also told the other day that some union butchers were making sure non-union butchers could not work at some of the food processing plants in California even though they’re short handed because of sick employees.

We have a few large plants here in Texas so I called and asked to speak with the big chief supervisor after identifying myself as media. I was then asked what it was about and got a ‘no comment’ and a dial tone.

We know some of the biggest food processing plants are closed due to infected employees. You might wish to contact your governor’s office.Ask them to contact meat processing plants and find out if non-union qualified butchers are being barred from working. Iowa Pig Farmers Face Euthanizing Thousands of Animals as Supply Chain Stalls – Many alternative efforts are underway but it’s bad.

As I write this, President Trump was due to sign a new Executive Order Tuesday afternoon (the 28th) under the Defense Production Act ordering meat processing plants to remain open. That’s fine but you need employees to do that. If you live near one of those big processing plants you might be able to get on temporarily. At least bring in some money for your family.

May 1st is going to be our opportunity to send a clear message to governors all across the country. If you’ve read my columns, Kelleigh Nelson, Cliff Kincaid and others, we know the numbers don’t add up regarding number of deaths from the virus. Nothing but a bunch of damn lies.

Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 — nobody needed to die (Some who died might not have made it anyway due to severe underlying health issues but if it was given right out of the gate, it would have saved lives.)

States Caught Adding Drug Overdoses and Accidents to Coronavirus Death TollCalifornia and other states have been caught adding deaths to the coronavirus death toll that have nothing whatever to do with the virus.

No more of this:

Minneapolis tightens coronavirus restrictions with move to close fields, playgrounds, other public areas, April 28, 2020

Coronavirus: Washington State Fishermen Stage ‘Let Us Fish’ Rally – Like millions of others who’ve been classified as non-essential, they need to feed their families. How do you like being classified as a non-essential worker by some bully bureaucrat still pulling in their paychecks?

This is absurd. I’ve been to Yellowstone several times. Those local communities depend on summer traffic, hotel guests as well as restaurants.  Interior Secretary David Bernhart needs to lift this type of draconian edict. Yellowstone’s iconic hotels likely to stay closed when park opens

The lying weasel; his history of comments from day one. Watch:Tracking Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Comments On Coronavirus (604,943 views)

Judge lets cops jail anyone SUSPECTED of being sick with coronavirus

15 Uniformed Officers From 4 Different Law Enforcement Agencies Rush to Target Restaurant Owner For Violating Maryland’s Lockdown Order

27-Year-Old San Diego Woman Faces 90 Days in Prison for Organizing Anti-Lockdown Protest

Shop owner, veteran defying local lockdown orders speaks out

NYC business owner opens shop despite coronavirus orders: ‘I’m going to exercise my freedom’ (Tailor)

PA Governor Tells Newly Unemployed and Starving Pennsylvanians to ‘Read a Book’

I could go on for pages. Father arrested in a park with child. A park is exactly where to be as fresh air and Vitamin D are essential to a healthy immune system along with your diet. Woman arrested for walking her dog without a mask. Ridiculous.

This is happening in many states. People filed 40+ days ago and haven’t received a penny:

Exasperation Grows Over Delays Trying To Sign Up For Unemployment, ‘People Have No Food, People Are Talking About Suicide’, April 27, 2020

WRONG ANSWER: Mnuchin: ‘Looking Forward to’ Having Most, if Not all of Economy Open by Late Summer

This has to end. Protests are scheduled for this Friday, May 1st. America needs MILLIONS of patriots at their state capitols. Politicians fear We the People and the people had better peacefully shout down the roof or this insanity will just continue and could turn violent. Desperate people do desperate things and we don’t want that.

Becky Akers (interview) conducted by American Revolution and Founding Era: What lessons can Americans today take from someone like Nathan Hale?

“That liberty is among God’s greatest gifts to us, more precious even than life.”

Protests nationwide scheduled for May 1

At top of article are two sites with lists of planned protests.

Please get this out on every social media tool available.

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