My volunteering to report on the happenings of the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly based on the First Amendment and Common Law Grand Jury based on Antonin Scalia’s majority opinion United States v. Williams 504 1992 seems to be even greater than I ever realized.  What started off with Western ranchers being harassed by the Federal Government’s unconstitutional radical environmental agencies unrelenting grip on these ranchers, ended up with two families in a standoff with the federal government at Malheur National Wildlife in 2016, a rural area 30 miles from Burns.  As a result, an Arizona rancher, LaVoy Finicum, who came to stand with these ranchers in protest, was ambushed by Oregon State police. My Hollywood article opened with a quote from Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players…” and to see how true that is, just look at the political theater on the Hill as we watch the sycophants play out their roles.


Western ranchers such as Cliven Bundy were far more knowledgeable about the Constitution but were unaware Nevada’s Majority Leader, Harry Reid, a self-styled socialist was negotiating lucrative solar energy deals with Communist China and calling Bundy a domestic terrorist and a racist. [Link]

And then in December 2018, Hillary Clinton and the 2010 Uranium One Deal with Russia was back in the news.

According to Steve Byas in the June 3, 2019 NEW AMERICAN article: Nuclear Power, the Promise vs. Irrational Fear like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is spreading who wants nuclear power gone. The whole article is well worth the read and can be ordered by phoning 920-749-3784- press 2- Cost $3.95 plus postage.

But here’s what I found interesting about the whole story: The United States created the Yucca Mountain waste disposal area in Nevada specifically for storing nuclear materials – in a mine hundreds of feet of solid rock above it and hundreds of feet of solid rock below it, so the waste wouldn’t go anywhere even if the near impossibility of a leak were to happen. But the storage site was never put into use because Nevada’s powerful Senator HARRY REID became the majority leader in the Senate and decided to demagogue the issue so as to excite the passions of his constituents. Moreover, used nuclear fuel is not “spent,” rather it has only exhausted a portion of its URANIUM, AND IT COULD BE USED TO MAKE NEW FUEL – if Democrat presidents hadn’t stopped our country from reprocessing the fuel rods to retrieve the valuable uranium.  Need I say more and why the Nevada ranchers are being harassed?


Tom DeWeese has written a book SUSTAINABLE that revolves around the globalist reasons that “sustainability” is promoted around the world, reasons that have nothing to do with protecting environment.  The sustainable development ideologists are not just coming for you, your children and your town – they are already there! As American Policy Center Chief Tom DeWeese explains, if America does not fight back hard, property rights, free markets, and individual liberty will all become a thing of the past in the not-too-distance future.  But instead of being just another book that outlines the problem SUSTAINABLE: The War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals offers ideas for what every American can do to restore freedom. Whether you are well-versed in the threat of “SUSTAINABILITY” or a novice just starting to learn about it, the book will be well worth your time, says the June 3, 2019 article ENVIRONMENTAL HANDCUFFS  in the NEW AMERICAN by Alex Newman.  (Phone: 920-749-3784, press 2- one copy: $3.95 plus postage)  It will make you more effective in the freedom fight, too. And among the most valuable contributions of the book to the resistance in the ongoing war over private-property rights, which, of course, is right in line with the battle Cliven Bundy and other ranchers have been fighting – Educated Rural –vs- Dumbed down Urban living in high rise apartments that forget it’s the farmers, ranchers, etc. that grow the food that feeds them. Read the Afterthought article below.


Our Founders never felt education should be under any government control but then along came the so-called Christian President Jimmy Carter who created the Department of Education on May 4, 1980 about the same time a federalized army of eco-extremists were seeking to turn vast sections of our great Western states into wilderness areas largely off limits to human use.  The federal government’s control over education in this nation began in earnest during the Eisenhower Administration after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first earth-orbiting satellites on October 4, 1957.

Almost immediately, a frantic horde of government “experts” insisted that the USSR’s achievement demonstrated that the U.S. was falling behind in the arms/space race all because of our deficient education system.  These “experts” demanded immediate and massive federal aid for all levels of schooling and began America’s educational slide downward and directly proportioned to the amount of federal dollars spent.

However, it wasn’t until the Carter Administration that a formal Department of Education was created. And any Civics being taught before 1980 which I believe to be very minimal went out the window. By eliminating Civics in school, students have no Constitutional knowledge or idea about the danger of Communism and all other isms and teachers were forbidden to teach Civics because it violated the Separation of Church and State. [Link]

And recently, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation administered a basic citizenship test to some 40,000 people nationwide, with rather discouraging results. Out of all 50 states, only Vermont managed to have a passing grade: which is to say, 53% of Vermonters passed the test. A score of 60 out of 100 was passing. [Link]


And whoever is advising President Trump should be telling him not to be too hasty in implementing the Trump/DeVos Tax-Credit Scholarship CHOICE plan mirrored in the original Obama Plan.  The $5 billion earmarked in President Trump’s budget appear to step into Obama footprints as he calls for this PLAN FOR DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN.  Who’s kidding who? asks Anita Hoge who says parents and citizens should be screaming and banging their heads and warning the President.


After Finicum’s death and his widow filing a Wrongful Death lawsuit, now eighty- year old RON VROOMAN began investigating the unfortunate shooting and discovered the State of Oregon has not been a Constitutional Republic since November 8, 1910 when Article VII Amended our Oregon constitution and was placed into our Constitution without one vote being counted in any county.  This caused the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the lawful government to switch to COLOR OF LAW FROM RULE OF LAW and the fraud seems to be pervasive across the land as illustrated by Marilyn Barnewall below.

Salem can claim they operate our state government but the Secretary of State cannot prove they are the legitimate government. There is only one set of statehood documents in the original for Oregon and that was in the hands of the Founders of Oregon in 1859 so if there is no proof of statehood, we’re still a territory and as VROOMAN said in an earlier article, most likely, state of state franchises simply “moved in” after the Civil war and have operated like cuckoo birds in a robin’s nest ever since.  The ones whose elected cuckoos like Governor Kate Brown, who is being recalled, stands before a microphone with a room full of young children behind her and calls it a “democracy.” Exposing all this corruption may get Hollywood’s attention after all because all this may get really big.


Ron later participated in forming the Jural Assembly and began lawfully, not legally, informing the governor and members of the legislature to either “self-correct”  or they will take the initiative to restore our Constitutional Republic (capitalism) from a Democratic Democracy (socialism)  which could mean imprisonment for some who refuse to comply.   With the assistance of four other members of the Action Committee at the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly they began to confront the 36 county sheriffs who have been operating under false pledges asking them to likewise “self-correct” with an occasional favorable response but some not so favorable. [Link]


Shortly after my article. I received an email from Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall who said it was interesting to her because she had a similar document about Colorado and said she’d like to compare to see if similar tactics were used in Oregon.  She then sent me her American Matrix: How We Lost Our Constitution (Part 1) which she had published on NewsWithViews way back in January 2015 – four years ago. She certainly did her homework. Unfortunately, she did not have a John Wayne willing to step forward to aid her. Even our “in house expert” Ron Vrooman, to whom I have earlier referred, spokesman for the OREGON Statewide Jural Assembly admits it was well written and way ahead of him who didn’t wake up until 2014.  Marilyn says all 50 states are incorporated and that most departments within our counties are incorporated.  Later Ron learns the State of Washington and West Virginia unable to find their statehood documents either.


The sheriffs themselves may not know it but they are the most important persons in our Constitutional Republic. The sheriff has more power than the president in their county.  But to most people the Sheriff is an antiquated figure who lives in movies; however, Washington State liberals passed a law attempting to track and control guns (I-1639) but 20 law officers across the state are blocking its use, recognizing that it is unconstitutional and wrong. Police Chief Loren Culp of a small town of Republic was the first law-enforcement leader to take the stand and Sheriff Bob Songer, a 48 year veteran of law enforcement serving his second term as Sheriff Klickitat County describes himself as a ”CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF.”  “In a DEMOCRACY,” he says “ he would be obliged to enforce the ‘law’ of I-1639 but Thank God, the United States is a Republic whose Constitution states, In Article IV, ‘The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government.’”

Marilyn says most departments within our city or county are incorporated and most people who staff these departments, including county commissioners, sheriffs, librarians, police chiefs and other department heads- appear, totally unaware of the corporate status of their “departments.”

She has a link to her County Sheriff’s office and noted it as a “Private held company.”  Please google and you will find as I have that our sheriff’s departments are also Private held companies. And our City, County and State Courts including the Supreme Court believe they are all powerful but this is simply not true. Too much power has been given to the Judicial Department because coming out of Law school we the unlearned have been trained to believe they are the brightest and we are in fear of them. Look at what has been happening in Washington, D.C. since President Trump’s election; however, our Founders felt no one should become an attorney who may eventually be appointed as Judge because the limits on government guaranteed under the Constitution are rights God grants each of us and limits governments. A small aside, in 1991, Federal judges succeeded in removing the Constitution from their oath.


Marilyn says it is time to stop speculating about issues, wondering (what a waste of time) if this crisis or that one is a false flag. Does the word Multiculturalism, Transgenderism, the initials LGBT,  Political Correctness,  Diversity, and now Tariffs and War with Iran ring a bell?  Just like the two-party political system was designed to cause chaos to keep you off balance while they take the next unlawful step to eliminate the asset singly responsible for preventing socialism or communism in America’s capitalist economy: THE MIDDLE CLASS.

They throw one issue after another at you.  As an example, during a critical border crisis, the Marxist Democrats passed the largest amnesty in history that would grant protection from deportation to illegal immigrants and give millions a path to permanent citizenship.


The first draft of this article was before the big rally making national news in the Oregon State Capitol on June 27th but here’s what happened when the Middle Class said enough already and jammed Salem streets in Support of Republican Senators who walked away (Story below) The streets in Salem were jammed with tractors, log trucks, hay bailers, etc. that came from all over the State. One person reported I-5 was jammed with log trucks going south while others on I-5 were going north from Klamath Falls which has three saw mills. One gave their employees the entire day off with pay if they’d go to Salem. The Daily Astorian headlines: THOUSANDS PROTEST CLIMATE BILLS AT THE STATE CAPITOL. Long- time folks who hang around the Capitol have never seen anything like it in the last 40 years. Staffers at the Capitol said these folks were much nicer than the usual protesters they experience.  Even Liberal pro-choice women who had come to the Capitol earlier to protest the Vaccination bill came back to support the walk out. Hundreds of log trucks had to park at the State Fairgrounds were unable to get to the Capitol. [Link]


Even more important says Marilyn, corporations can be dissolved and that is the biggest danger of the people becoming aware of this information. The corporations cannot be dissolved by the government employees who work for them; they must be dissolved by we the people.  How? County by county. These corporations were imposed from the top down and the only way to disassemble them is from the bottom up.

This is where Ron and his truth seekers come into the picture in Oregon. Other states will have to find their gallant warriors ready to go to battle and then the people must stand behind them to get the job done by forming Jural Assemblies and put into prison any guilty one who opposes our Constitutional Republican form of government.


Right now in Oregon, our legislature is about to adjourn on June 30th and the Democrat Marxists have had total control. In fact, the Republican Senators are in their second week of a walk out to stop the totalitarian Marxists from a quorum but still lots of big spending bills went through.  Finally, even a couple GOP squishy Senators needed for the quorum and known for being easily bought off finally walked out and left the state so the State Police can’t find and arrest them per the Governor’s orders.   Please pray for their safety.


The Democrats don’t have a quorum now to pass their dangerous Cap and Trade legislation that passed in California. Californians have been moving to Oregon and some in Oregon says if it passes here, they are moving to Idaho. Folks have enjoyed too much pleasure rather than keeping a watchful eye on their evil government. Oregon reports on voting records so every Oregon voter should have the numbers on their Speed Dial for their elected officials and ring them often because one phone call is equivalent to thousands who won’t call.  Now their ox is being gored due to their neglect and there have been big protest rallies at the Capitol and tyranny out of necessity always brings out talk about the militia. [Link]  The last minute good news: Oregon Republicans will return to the Senate on Saturday with the promise that Cap and Trade is gone.

Our Oregon Taxpayer Association sent us a Petition to repeal the $2.6 Billion Business Sales Tax for us to gather signatures. My husband, at age 87 took it to the bowling alley and even before everyone got on the lanes to bowl, he had the form all completed and they were asking for more. (503-603-9009) And Oregon has received 160,000 visitors supporting the walk out which suggests we may be winning the Public Relations battle.


Each of us can be an influencing factor in the lives of others who have also been deceived about our “democracy” for most of the 20th Century and beyond. (Matt: 10:26-28) Send my articles and especially Marilyn’s to your friends.  Once we can get the approximate 3100+ counties in the U.S. on board, the Liberty bell will ring but without their participation, we are destined for slavery in a One World Government and more patriots like LaVoy Finicum, who never had a traffic ticket, dying for the cause.   Do we have at least 3100+ men and/or women of valor willing to take on the task?  It’s up to you. Ron, Marilyn and I are in our 80s. We may not live long enough to see this happen unless we find others who have been blessed with the Founding Father’s DNA. Contact Ron at 504-641-8375

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