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December 3, 2022

Nov. 4, 2021, the illegitimate career criminal camped out in the White House issued his latest draconian “policies” for fighting COVID-19. The first paragraph is a steaming pile of propaganda:  Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Announces Details of Two Major Vaccination Policies

“First, the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is announcing the details of a requirement for employers with 100 or more employees to ensure each of their workers is fully vaccinated or tests for COVID-19 on at least a weekly basis.”

This reminds me of the NONSENSE about “social distancing” based on ZERO science: 6’.  Why not 5 1’/2 feet or 7 feet?  Disgusting.

Jason Wilkersmith owns a pipe fitting/repair company in Texas which employs 77 people (fictional).  His employees are not subject to the above.  Cynthia Brown owns a delivery trucking company (fictional).  They only operate in the State of Texas and employ 114 people from janitors, secretaries, dispatch operators, drivers, etc.  Under the “requirement” above, Brown’s employees will be forced to either take an experimental injection not approved by the FDA putting their life in jeopardy or subjecting themselves to weekly testing while Wilkersmith’s employees are not.

Biden Exempts Over 600,000 USPS Workers From Federal Mandatory Vaccination Order – I checked with a lady at our post office on December 30, 2021 – They are still not required to get those experimental injections.  But, under Biden’s new policy:

“Second, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) at the Department of Health and Human Services is announcing the details of its requirement that health care workers at facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid are fully vaccinated. The rule applies to more than 17 million workers at approximately 76,000 health care facilities, including hospitals and long-term care facilities.”

Fifth Circuit overturns nationwide injunction on vaccine mandate for health care workers, Dec. 15, 2021 – “In the underlying lawsuit from 14 state attorneys general, a federal judge in Louisiana issued a nationwide injunction against the mandate that cuts federal funding to Medicare- and Medicaid-certified hospitals, hospices and other care facilities if they employ unvaccinated workers.”

Congress and their staffs number way more than 100 employees are exempt. Why? Career crook, Nancy Pelosi, told the whole world. Pelosi in April 2021: ‘We Cannot Require Someone to be Vaccinated. That’s Just Not What We Can Do’  – So haul her arse into court under subpoena, put her on the stand and ask the question:  Why can’t the federal government – including agencies like OSHA – force anyone to be injected against their will with experimental gene therapy technology?

U.S. National Library of Medicine NIH, June 2021

OSHA-Mandated Vaccinations

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is likely to promulgate an emergency temporary standard for COVID-19, which could require face masks, other appropriate personal protective equipment, physical distancing, and similar measures. It also might require that some or all employees be vaccinated. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Secretary of Labor may issue an emergency temporary standard “if employees are exposed to grave danger from substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards.” 20

“An OSHA standard requiring employers to ensure that all employees are vaccinated might face two types of legal challenges. First, a court might hold that there is no “grave danger” justifying the requirement for workers who do not face heightened risks of exposure. Second, a standard could be challenged if it does not generally permit employees to decline vaccinations or does not include medical and religious exemptions. OSHA’s blood-borne pathogen standard requires employers to offer vaccination for hepatitis B to exposed health care employees, but employees can decline vaccination for any reason. Although a verified medical exemption from COVID-19 vaccination probably would involve a small number of employees, religious exemptions might be claimed more broadly, and not allowing them might raise issues under the First Amendment and RFRA.”

I am not a lawyer and have no legal training but I have been blessed for over twenty years with dear friends who are constitutional attorneys and have learned a lot from them.  It seems to me this is an equal protection under the law argument.

The new policy also includes forced masking:  “The OSHA rule will also require that these employers provide paid-time for employees to get vaccinated, and ensure all unvaccinated workers wear a face mask in the workplace.”

OSHA’s alleged mission is to ensure safety within the workplace.  We KNOW wearing face masks cause IRREVERSIBLE BRAIN DAMAGE.  We KNOW they are worthless in protecting the person wearing one as it relates to protecting a person against the phantom COVID-19 virus. READ:  German Neurologist On Face Masks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’

“The delusional madness of forcing children to wear face masks blatantly ignores expert warnings:  “The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology.”

“This well-known German neurologist and neurophysiologist, Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson, warns of a tsunami of dementia years down the road because of oxygen deprivation from wearing masks today. Are you willing to risk your brain to scientifically unfounded, politically-motivated mandates?”⁃ TN Editor

Wonder why your child(ren) are showing so poorly on new testing this school year?

Lockdown Policies and Mask Mandates Linked With Lower IQ in Children & Nurse Whistle blower on large number of CHILDREN vaxx damaged

I received an email about ten days ago from a woman, I’ll call her Linda, whose been a nurse for 28 years; the last ten in the ER.  ‘Linda’ explained she has put in her resignation because a recent action on her part could have seriously injured a patient.  Linda said they’ve been forced to wear a mask full time since the first week of February 2020.  Then forced masking to buy food at the grocery store, etc.  Linda noticed a couple of months ago she seems to be having brain fog.

At her job she almost put in the wrong medicine into the drip bag for a patient and it scared her badly.  After thinking and praying and her fear of hurting a patient, she’s quitting nursing.  Linda is a college graduate and said she is actively looking for a new job where she won’t be forced to get one of those injections or wear one of those damaging masks.

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects, July 23, 2021

150 Studies Show Masks Ineffective, Harmful, Dec. 24, 2021

“A former adviser to the World Health Organization and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has compiled a list of more than 150 studies and articles presenting data and evidence that universal masking is ineffective in stopping the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and causes harm.Paul Alexander, in an article for the Brownstone Institute listing the studies, says his focus is on “the prevailing science that we have had for nearly 20 months.”

So you see, OSHA isn’t trying to make the workplace safe, they are deliberately making it dangerous and damaging to the health of workers. Particularly so for airline pilots/co-pilots if forced to wear one in the cockpit or anyone involved in dangerous work like construction.

I did some research on face masks.  Way back in the late 1700’s when medicine and “doctoring” was coming of age, a doctor and any “assistants” would tie bandanas around their face to keep from spitting on the patient or from having brain matter and other body fluids squirted at them.  Had nothing to do with protecting them from some disease or even the common cold.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSH Act of 1970 – Congressional Findings and Purpose

(a) 29 USC 651

The Congress finds that personal injuries and illnesses arising out of work situations impose a substantial burden upon, and are a hindrance to, interstate commerce in terms of lost production, wage loss, medical expenses, and disability compensation payments.

(b) Skip, more feel-good language


by encouraging employers and employees in their efforts to reduce the number of occupational safety and health hazards at their places of employment, and to stimulate employers and employees to institute new and to perfect existing programs for providing safe and healthful working conditions;

First:  John Jay Memorial Hospital (fictional) in Miami (or Dallas or Los Angeles) employs 1,100 doctors, nurses, janitors, technicians, etc.  That hospital is not engaged in interstate commerce as so legally defined:

  1. commercial trade, business, movement of goods or money, or transportation from one state to another, regulated by the federal government according to powers spelled out in Article I of the Constitution.

How about Bob & Sons Construction (fictional) which does construction work all over the state of Michigan and employs 115 full time employees?  They are not moving goods or money to another state but rather are building houses, a convenience store, remodeling a school gym solely within the State of Michigan.

Second:  Notice the word ‘encouraging’.  Why not must or shall? I covered this in a recent column:

“We know from reading Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution that health care is not an enumerated power granted to Congress. We should also go back and look at the Zellman memo:

“…for a law to be valid, it must be constitutional and second, let’s remember what killed Comrade Hillary Clinton’s attempt back in 1993 when she was co-president. The Zellman memo was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act in an effort to find out what went on in those secret health care meetings:

“Memorandum for Walter Zellman from Sallyanne Payton, clearly marked: Preliminary Draft for Official Use Only. Do Not Quote or Release For Any Purpose, page 4, Health Care Task Reform under Hillary Clinton. Please note these sections:

“(b) may the federal government use other actors in the governmental system(Note:  In this case OSHA) and the private sector as its agents and give them orders as though they were parts of a prefectorial system? The short answer is “no.” State governments are independent, although subordinated, sovereignties, not subdivisions of the federal government.

“Although the federal government may regulate many of their functions directly [as well, for example, it subjects state water districts to the Clean Water Act], it may not require them to exercise their own governmental powers in a manner dictated by federal law. The states may be encouraged, bribed or threatened into entering into joint federal state programs of various sorts, from unemployment insurance to Medicaid; but they may not be commanded directly to use their own governmental apparatus in the service of federal policy. There is a modest jurisprudence of the Tenth Amendment that seems to have settled on this proposition. See the DOJ [Dept. of Justice] memorandum for a fuller elaboration.” *End*

“Additionally, the so-called reporting requirements by employers will cost them a lot of money which down the road means lay-offs or no new hiring. The U.S. Congress has zero authority to force employers in the private sector to dance to their tune and its long past time to fight them.”

Partnering with OSHA by any state is voluntary.  DeSantis on Florida Potentially Ditching OSHA: ‘They Don’t Recognize Core Scientific Facts’, Nov. 16, 2021 – “There’s a lot of states that don’t do OSHA. … and I think it’s an appropriate response given how heavy-handed OSHA’s being,” DeSantis said. Well, governor – what are you waiting for?

State Plans – OSHA  I covered this before, but it’s important:  Not all states have a partnership with OSHA.

“State Plans are OSHA-approved workplace safety and health programs operated by individual states or U.S. territories. There are currently 22 State Plans covering both private sector and state and local government workers, and there are six State Plans covering only state and local government workers. State Plans are monitored by OSHA and must be at least as effective as OSHA in protecting workers and in preventing work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths.”

No state should allow OSHA to operate within their state nor can a state be forced as this is a Tenth Amendment issue.  It’s just another layer of federal bureaucracy that isn’t needed by any state.  Any state can put together a state plan on safety, dealing with hazards, etc.  They just need legislation if not already in place. We all want the work place to be safe but we don’t need tyranny disguised as “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSH Act of 1970 – Congressional Findings and Purpose goes on to blather about educating employers and employees, etc.


(a) Each employer —

(1) 29 USC 654

shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees;

Biden’s “new policy” under OSHA was allegedly put in place because COVID is out of control, an emergency.  Yet, Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Announces Details of Two Major Vaccination Policies is dated Nov. 4, 2021, but doesn’t go into effect until Jan. 4, 2022.

When was the last time you heard of OSHA requiring employees of any company, no matter how many employees – be vaccinated against any virus?  OSHA deals with hazardous chemicals, waste and spills.  So, has OSHA overstepped its authority?  I believe so and it’s up to the states to just say NO.  And, critically important:  Those are experimental injections still in clinical trials until 2023.  Legally they are NOT vaccines nor have they been approved by the Federal Death Administration.

Let’s take a look back:  The swine flu epidemic that was not as CDC advertised (PODCAST), Feb. 19, 2020, Sharyl Attkisson

“When the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was publicizing a supposed swine epidemic in2009, I got a tip from two government health insiders.  It led me to ask CDC for the actual lab test results for American patients believed to have contracted swine flu.

“CDC declined to provide the information on a timely basis, even though it was at their fingertips and belongs to the public.  Read CDC’s info on swine flu here.  So I went to each of the 50 states, which had provided the lab test results to CDC, and obtained the information that way.  The results were shocking. Almost none of the “swine flu” patients had swine flu.”

Mandatory Vaccinations?  Tell Feds and States to ‘Stick It’, August 24, 2009, Mine

“The Internet has been burning up for months with this question: Will there be forced vaccinations for the H1N1 ‘swine flu’? The WHO (World Health Organization) has been making splashy headlines about a “coming pandemic” that will dwarf anything seen in the history of the world! Who gives a tinker’s damn what the WHO says?…

“Additionally, there is great concern about the timing of this “coming pandemic.” It appears from this patent application that the H1N1 was on the list, August 28, 2007. The actual filing was, August 28, 2008; see page seven for list of viruses. The first cases of H1N1 were only reported a few months ago here in the US. Mexico, April 2009; Iraq in June, 2009; Tunesia in June 2009; Australia, June 19, 2009; Manilla shows May 2009; Turkey, May 2009 and so on. It is my understanding from my research that the ‘swine flu’ is a “new” Influenza A strain that only appeared earlier this year. If it’s so new, how come that patent for the H1N1 is dated back to August 2007?”

Sound familiar? If you missed it, this is an interview you don’t want to miss I’ve linked to before:  Nothing about the “novel” coronavirus is new:  Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich, July 21, 2021.  Why is that interview so important?  Because it covers patents and SARS.

See how they lie – repeated ad nauseum by the prostitute media and politicians

United Airlines Pilots’ Mandatory Vaccine Lawsuit Tossed for Procedural Errors

“On August 17, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida issued a decision tossing out a lawsuit by 18 United Airlines pilots challenging the airline’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy. The pilots filed a request for a TRO, or temporary restraining order, to stop this policy. Based on errors in how this case was filed, the court dismissed the case “without prejudice,” meaning that the plaintiffs can re-sue with more complete paperwork. The mandate was announced on August 6; it requires all employees to get a vaccine no later than five weeks after full approval by FDA (which has now happened for Pfizer) or within five weeks of September 20. Those not vaccinated by October 25 will be fired. The suit named seven defendants including United Airlines and various government officials and departments.

None of those experimental injections have been approved by the corrupt FDA. Scandal behind the FDA fake approval of Pfizer Jab

“Buried in a footnote in the letter the FDA admits there are two legally separate entities and vaccines—Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine and BioNTech GmbH of Mainz with its own vaccine trade-named Comrinaty. The FDA writes that “The products are legally distinct with certain differences…” Legally distinct means two separate vaccines. If you find this confusing it is meant to be. Only under an EUA ruling is Pfizer presently exempt from vaccine liability. Some lawyers are calling the FDA ruse a classic “bait and switch” tactic, a form of fraud based on deception.

“US vaccinologist and a developer of the mRNA technique, Dr Robert Malone, has accused the FDA of playing a “bureaucratic shell game” with their supposed early approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. He cites the two separate FDA letters, “There is a letter for Pfizer and a letter for BioNTech. The New York Times and the Washington Post got it wrong. The authorization is not for Pfizer. The authorization is for BioNTech, and it will only be initiated at the time BioNTech product becomes available…”

“Adding to the bizarre irregularities, in their two separate letters, one to BioNTech and another to Pfizer, the FDA repeatedly deletes the location of the vaccine manufacturing they approve. Why that? Is it in China where BioNTech has a joint agreement with Fosun Pharma of Shanghai to jointly produce and market Comirnaty vaccine for COVID-19? Why do they need to hide that location data from the public? Would it expose the entire fraud?”

Why? Because they unleashed a killing tool on the world and think they can get away with it – unless the American people scream down the house and refuse to comply.  None of the 50 governors or state attorney generals care because the primaries are coming up.  One judge says this, another rules the opposite.  It’s nothing but a damn mess.

Perhaps going after your county board of supervisors brings it down to a more personal level:  Stop distribution of those dangerous experimental injections and hand each one a package.  You might even be one reading this or know one of the supervisors personally.  If we can only get a few it will reverberate across this country in a NY second.

I firmly believe one of the reasons it’s so difficult to get any of them to pay attention is not so much they think career crook/criminal Anthony Fauci (who will receive an annual retirement income of $350,000 per year, the highest in history) is right or the CDC but because of fear.  They’ve taken those injections and do NOT want to believe they will likely be dead in 3-5 years during which time the individual will suffer the effects of those injections.  Permanent irreversible damage to the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, brain while living a daily hell.

Traditionally if a vaccine kills 5 people it’s given a black box mark as a warning.  If 50 die, it’s immediately pulled from the market even if it cannot be proven the vaccine was cause of death.  THAT is a fact.

Louisiana Nurse: “We Have Had More Children Die From The COVID Vaccine Than Of COVID Itself – The Madness Has to Stop!”, Dec. 23, 2021

Columbia University Study: At least 400,000 people in America have died from covid “vaccines”, Dec. 27, 2021 – And how many more have died since then?  Well, they must be conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers.

Fight back.  Share this column every where so the American people get the truth.  I find no where in the OSHA Act of 1970 or on OSHA’s web site that gives them the authority to force experimental injections that are not vaccines (Moderna & Ffizer are classified as gene therapy by the FDA.  Gene therapy is NOT a vaccine) under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization.)

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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“Brain Bleeds, Heart Attacks in Younger 50-Year-Olds. No Doctor Will Admit This Is from the Vaccine. They Won’t Make the VAERS Re­port.” – Southern California Nurse, Dec. 27, 2021

California Nurses Blow Whistle on “Overwhelming” Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes as Doctors Refuse to Blame Vaccines for Fear of Losing Their Medical License, Dec. 27, 2021 – Fear of losing your medical license?  How do you look in the mirror every morning and live with yourself?  Fight back with evidence or leave California and practice in a state like Texas, Montana, Florida South Dakota or other states.  He who shouts the loudest gets heard.

Call the media, call local radio stations and ask people if they’d like to be the next victim.  That you have to speak out, that you’re being threatened for telling the truth.  Silence is a sin when people’s lives are at stake. Form a group, doctors and nurses.  Become a force to be reckoned with and a nightmare for hospitals hiding the truth.

I’m a federal whistleblower.  I knew as soon as I filed a Fraud, Waste & Abuse case against my own job it was just a matter of time before I was terminated.  After being informed I was going to lose my job, I told the head toady in personnel I was going straight to the media so look for me tonight on the news.  To avoid the House of Sh*t they created about to crash down on them, I was temporarily transferred to contracting.  Nine months later I lost my paycheck.  I know what’s it’s like but I have never regretted my decision even though it was a financial hardship.  The Inspector General sided with me, not the Air Force, but of course, that didn’t matter.

49-year-old N.Y. Times editor dies ‘less than a day’ after COVID shot, Dec. 27, 2021

Bio SucharitBhakdi:  Dr. SucharitBhakdi Retired German Microbiologist.  Univeristy of Bonn, University of Giessen, Univeristy of Mainz, Univeristy of Copenhagen, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics.  1991 forward Bhakdi headed up the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene; visiting scholar at the University of Kiel.  Before his retirement he had many scientific articles and produced scientific work in bacteriology and atherosclerosis.  He received the prestigious Order of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate award.

Member of the Collaborative Research Centres of the German Research Foundation “Proteins as Tools in Biology” at the University of Giessen, Co-founder and board member of the Association of Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy, Deputy Spokesperson of the Collaborative Research Center “Immunopathogenesis” and Spokesperson of the Collaborative Research Center “490 Infection and Persistence in Infections” in Mainz.  For the past year he’s been maligned, smeared and attacked.  Wikipedia says he is a leader in misleading and false information about those injections.

Like you, I have a very busy schedule, but I feel the videos below are critical for everyone to watch:

Dr. Peter McCullough Drops Truth Bomb After Truth Bomb In Fresno, CA [VIDEO]

WATCH this video presented by Dr. Bharkdi. Dr Bhakdi: Vaccines Are Killing Us! Killer Lymphocytes Invading Hearts & Lungs OfVaxxed People, Dec. 25, 2021

Must Watch David Martin: This Man Is a Genius (Video), Dec. 25, 2021

What We Have Done to Our Children Is a Crime, Dec. 26, 2021

Vaccine Secrets (Reloaded)- 10 part series for free

Want to see this happen in the U.S. Won’t? Think again.  This IS the globalists grand plan:  Corporate Media Silent as Mass Protests Taking Place Worldwide in Reaction to New Lockdowns, Mandates

“As TFTP reported this week, despite many countries across the planet achieving vaccination rates as high as 100%, covid cases are still spiking. Because the state’s only tools are force and coercion, as the seasonal spikes inevitably hit, governments across the world are ushering in more tyranny. But after nearly two years of being locked down, shut in, covered up, driven to poverty and watching the police state thrive, many of we the people have had enough. They are mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore.

“On Monday, Austria rolled out the most tyrannical measures yet and segregated society into two classes: vaccinated and unvaccinated. If you are unvaccinated, you are forced to stay in your home and are not allowed to go out into public unless it is for food or other explicitly designated activity.”

Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread as Governments Claim: Legal Advocacy Group, Dec. 24, 2021 – “The report (pdf), published Tuesday by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, found that claims made by government leaders that mandatory vaccination will reduce or stop the spread of COVID-19 are not supported by either medical science or real-life experience in the countries that have achieved the highest level of vaccination.

“Unfortunately, and contrary to government-led narratives and media coverage in both Canada and the U.S., the evidence strongly suggests vaccinations do not stop the spread of Covid—not the original strains, and not the later Delta and Omicron variants,” the Justice Centre said.”

Texas AG gains federal injunction against another Biden vaccine mandate

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