By Andrew C. Wallace

January 22, 2022

Be assured that we are going to take back our Constitutional Republic from the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and their commie minions. There are only two ways to take back the Republic, and the PSRRC will determine by their actions which one is taken.

The preferred method is to elect patriotic officials who are dedicated to protecting the Rights of the People, and who will force the Federal Establishment to conform to all original specifications of the Constitution. The only other option is Guerilla Warfare and resistance to all unconstitutional laws. Be aware that the majority of all federal laws are unlawful and unconstitutional. The destruction and bloodshed would be similar to the “French Reign of Terror”, as always results when the People are oppressed, suffering and  enraged.

We don’t advocate violence, but history teaches that dictators don’t back down, and this is especially true of Communists. Therefore, we predict bloodshed if the PSRRC and their commie minions continue their destruction and refuse to allow fair Constitutional elections. After years of study and writing on the subject, We have developed the “Patriot’s Agenda” as a possible solution.  If enough people use it there will be an earthquake of change.



Voters must refuse to elect any Official who accepts money or any support from the PSRRC corporations or their commie minions. Elected Officials of BOTH parties now support the SAME anti-American pro- Crony Capitalist (Corporate Welfare) programs that impoverish the people, but enrich the PSRRC and their commie minions.

Remember, the PSRRC owns the controlling interest of the corporations that finance BLM, Antifa, media, elected officials, campaigns, bureaucrats, et al.

2)… The unconstitutional Privately-Owned Federal Reserve Bank and unconstitutional currency system must be abolished.

American people are being impoverished by an unconstitutional fiat money system. We must return to stable Constitutional money that is a store of value. The dollar should be backed by Gold and Silver as specified in the Constitution. If our currency was backed by gold, it is estimated that it would require $15,000  to exchange for one ounce of gold! The present “manipulated” price of gold is only about $1,800. Shocking, I know, but the fiat dollar isn’t worth a Continental. This would end the major source of  impoverishment of the people, no- win wars for profit, boondoggles, inflation and much graft, etc. For more information read article by Andrew Wallace titled “The Truth about the Privately-Owned Federal Reserve Bank”, Oct.26th

3)… Tax-Free Foundations are a major cause of the continued impoverishment of the American People and must be eliminated.

See article by Andrew Wallace titled “Tax-Free Foundations are the Parasitic Whores in Sheep’s Clothing”. Oct. 30th

4)… Plans of the Unconstitutional Privately-Owned Federal Reserve Bank (and most Central Banks) to institute an unconstitutional digital currency for total control of the people must be stopped.

The PSRRC (and most Central Banks) want to institute digital money, just like China, which would further impoverish the people and give them TOTAL control of the people. Like the Fiat Dollar, it would be unconstitutional. We must stop it.

5)… The Federal Establishment must be stopped from enacting laws that are not allowed by the “Enumerated Powers” in the Constitution.

Congress is empowered to only pass laws that relate to the “Enumerated Powers” in the Constitution. That is why about 75% of Federal laws are unconstitutional USURPATIONS of powers belonging to and retained by the states. For additional information read article by Andrew Wallace titled “Powers and Related Laws Usurped From States are Unconstitutional Attempts to Centralize all Power”, Nov 13th,

6)… We must prosecute elected officials, bureaucrats, and others associated with the federal establishment who violate all manner of laws for profit or favor.

We don’t have Equal Justice. In our memory, no important politician of either party, accused of crimes, has ever been even charged. Thousands of Federal Employees are guilty of violating immigration laws, and many are guilty of TREASON as specified in our constitution. The DOJ and FBI are corrupt , but the FBI is beyond redemption and must be disbanded and replaced by the “Militia of the Several States” as specified in the Constitution.

7)… The FBI is so corrupt that it is beyond redemption and must be disbanded. Without zero tolerance of official corruption there can be no Constitutional Republic.

Failure of the FBI to enforce the law and stop terrorism in a competent, fair, lawful, and  equal basis without resorting to illegal tactics is a major cause of our present dilemma. Our Constitution stipulates that the Militia of the Several States will enforce the laws of the Union, and the unconstitutional 1903 Dick Act to destroy the Militia can’t change that. Neither Congress nor the Supreme Court has the authority to override the Constitution!

8)… Social Security and Medicare must  remain as a function of the Federal Establishment, but funds in these programs could not be spent on any other programs or variations not based on funding by recipients. Social Security payments must be based on taxes paid.

9)… Equipment and services purchased by Federal Establishment must be produced in the United States. Exceptions , not to exceed a total of 20% can be made for purchases from Europe and other allies, excluding China.

10)… Our military can only be based in 10 foreign countries and we should no longer subsidize  NATO or fund foreign governments.

11)… Retired Flag Officers can no longer be allowed to accept employment with corporations or foundations. Any officer who does so would lose all rank, retirement income, and benefits.

12)… Sufficient tariffs must be placed on all imports so that American labor can be competitive.

13)… Single family homes must only be allowed to be purchased by American Citizens for their own use. This is the “American Dream” which allows for reduced  housing costs and asset accumulation.

Corporate and foreign purchases of single family homes must be  forbidden. We have nothing but contempt for the anti-American corporations and individuals who take advantage of the unconstitutional fiat monetary system to destroy the “American Dream”. We must also restrict the sale of our land and businesses to foreigners.

14)… Foreign students must be prohibited from attending American Universities that accept public funding.  Every foreign student deprives an American of an education and many are spies! Citizens who do not attend Universities should not pay for those who do.

15)Borders must be closed and all illegal invaders deported. Anyone supporting this invasion is in violation of the law. Those giving aid and comfort to invaders are guilty of treason as specified in the Constitution and must be prosecuted! Either the government gets rid of the invaders, or the people will…and it will not be pretty. In the meantime, prosecute those who hire illegal invaders.

16)… Only Citizens are to be allowed to donate or support candidates for whom they can vote. Donations or support from any other source would be illegal.

We have learned from the recent elections in New Jersey and Virginia that candidates can win elections even when they don’t spend the most money.

17)… Benefits for elected officials and government employees (excepting military and first responders) will be restricted to medical insurance, vacations, and 401K benefits.

18)… Members of Congress will be restricted to a total of six years in office and the Senate to a total of twelve years in office with benefits no greater than for other government employees.

19)… Prohibit federal establishment from issuing any mandates requiring shots, wearing of masks, controlling travel or assembly, CRT, etc. Federal establishment has no constitutional authority over your health decisions. A MAJORITY of all federal laws are unconstitutional and therefore VOID!

20)… Media and internet companies must be prohibited from reporting news in a negative manner (like they did with President Trump) rather than just the facts. Media and Internet corporations must not be allowed to report only one side of the news and refuse to report news they don’t like. Clearly they must be charged with Sherman Anti- Trust violations.

21)… Congress must terminate all unconstitutional departments, agencies and related laws while strictly enforcing Constitutional Laws.

The Federal Establishment should return to the states 50% of tax revenues collected in their states to finance additional functions no longer to be financed by the Federal Establishment. It is wrong, and may be unconstitutional, for red states to finance blue states through the federal system.

22)… Judges who refuse to acknowledge authority of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land in their courts, are to be terminated and prosecuted for violation of their sacred Oaths! 

23)… Terminate  unconstitutional expenditures supporting invaders, subsidizing EVs, solar and wind power, Green New Deal, and phony climate change, etc. I can find nothing in the “Enumerated Powers” to justify these or many other expenditures that benefit the PSRRC.


If your candidate doesn’t agree in writing to comply with the “PATRIOTS AGENDA”, you have voted for another greedy, corrupt, anti-American coward on the PSRRC payroll, and nothing good will happen. But, you do have a viable option: refuse to donate or vote for them if they don’t sign up! Politicians who refuse to sign are on the PSRRC payroll, and you should call them  out.

Politician’s Signiture agreeing to comply with Patriot’s Agenda


God Bless America

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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