By Sidney Secular

The cultural Marxists have appropriated the values of Christianity to suit their own purposes. This is an effective strategy since the ethos of Christianity is still prevalent, albeit losing its special character.and adulterated with leftist sentiments.

Modern-day politics are polarizing to the point where political religions are created that become polar opposites and strongly oppositional to one another. The left develops grand plans to transform society into new sacred orders unrelated to how humans have lived successfully heretofore. People become divided between the righteous and the right-wing(the evil ones) on whether those accustomed to stability and satisfaction with the Historic American Nation are willing to conform to or accept the new transformational visions. Differences in opinions and values, and especially differences from “their” opinions and values become heretical, the offensive become offended, and the offensive call for suppression of “offensive” viewpoints.

Failure to conform becomes a rejection of the search for the “Good”, and the new dispensation represents the way of the new “Good”. The priesthoods and hoodwinkers of the erstwhile political religions demand damnation of those who express unsanctioned views who are deemed heretics and morally wicked–on the contemporary scene these are not contretemps. The morally wicked and heretical are stereotypically deemed evil “racists”, “white supremacists”, “homophobes”, or some newly generated term au courant or du jour, or who are partial to the outdated patriarchy controlled by evil white men. This nexus of politics and religion is especially distressing and depressing because in the West the anti-white politics and preaching become a religious crusade and all its adherents become offensive crusaders.or inquisitors.

Despite their atheistic or pantheistic denigration of Christianity, the ideologies of the left, like Communism or wokeism recycle Christian elements or themes, which even in their denatured or mangled state are still recognizable in terms of their source. Even Christian confessionals become infused with discussions over political ideology. All the leftist ideologies adapt the Christian .principle of saving and serving the poor to serving primarily non-American or primarily un-American illegal aliens and refugees, assisting allegedly downtrodden minorities in obtaining contrived “social justice” or special privileges, all the while and for the most part ignoring America’s poor whites. Adding insult to injury, foreign aid is earmarked for the poor or the ostracized “of color” in other countries, which is unconstitutional and is a wasteful project since more often than not the assistance does not reach the intended parties and just enriches the foreign oppressors..

Any study of political religion or politics as religion would be incomplete without examining its specifically American manifestation which may be characterized as civil religion. This feature of American life was at one time a celebration of our political and cultural leadership of high moral character. but it now denigrates all white leaders of former days no matter their worthiness, and now celebrates progressive heroes exclusively. Managerial government comes in for special adulation. Thus, there are special places in the American pantheon for Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt who were pioneers in building the American administrative state. The heroes of America’s changing civil religion are revolutionaries important for their contributions in moving the country towards socialism.

The centrality and deification of Lincoln in America’s civil religion is far from an accident or the result of the sense of overwhelming sorrow over his assassination. Lincoln was an unabashed centralizer who bashed and greatly diminished states’ his greatest legacy. He characterized America as the world’s best hope and his forcing the South back into the Union presaged the transition of America from a republic to an empire. The building up of his persona and supposed accomplishment has been useful in expanding the managerial regime and justifying foreign wars. The Presidency of Woodrow Wilson saw the establishment of a new religion embodied in the “Crusade for Democracy” and its attempted spread through The League of Nations. The left uses continuous indoctrination, a fixation of most of Christianity, to control or change society. They do not intend to relax their work until every mind has been reshaped.

Unlike the right, the left has been able to harness moral guilt on behalf of its transformative vision. Even more significantly, it has weaponized hatred by recasting it as moral indignation in the face of injustice, prejudice or intolerance.

The left seems to easily maneuver its wannabe opposition into becoming a pale imitation of itself. This is illustrated by the conservative establishment’s borrowing of the left’s rhetoric and reacting to the left’s thrusts by trying to parry them, but only winding up parroting them.

The left has captured the moral high ground and can utilize this advantageous position on the battlefield of ideas.

Thus, the left is on track in undoing human history and even human nature. It operates like a runaway train. Conceding any ground to it will only speed up its forward momentum. You have to fight fire with fire. Only a moral counter-force that can mobilize momentous power can halt its advance. The other choice is to get out of its way by separating or seceding from it and letting it destroy itself.

Misrepresenting reality, stealing elections, and allowing alleged “right-wing extremists” to rot in jail and other outrages are deemed acceptable since the ends justify whatever means are employed to usher in a pollyanna-like prejudice-free golden age where everyone lives happily ever after. Only the hapless could believe such leftist fairy tales. This apparition is dangled before the eyes of the deluded as opposition is driven out of the public square and into fearful silence.

Exposing the left’s fallacies, dastardly deeds and double standards.are of no import once the “right” has been cast successfully as the “bad guys”. Once again, only an opposing ideology possessing great moral and compelling force can hope to turn the tide. The conservative establishment cannot just claim that we’ve already adopted the left’s egalitarian values, so let’s stop there before we reach “socialism”. Without realizing it, we’ve already fully adopted socialism. All it takes is for a police state to enforce it and we’re well on the way towards that inevitability. We have bought into the left’s value system. Religion is a necessary facet of civilization and right now we’re stuck with the left’s religion masquerading as politics overcoming true our guiding force.

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