Andrew C. Wallace

November 13, 2021

The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and their Communist minions have unconstitutionally usurped the power of the states to concentrate all power in the so- called federal government, which they control.

The Constitution reserves ALL powers to the States and to The People, except for Defense, Foreign Relations, Immigration, Currency, Post Office, Commerce and some housekeeping functions. Federal government has these ENUMERATED POWERS ONLY. States are sovereign governments while the federal administration is but a construct (creation) of the States for the purpose of carrying out those specific and mutually-beneficial duties.

“Usurpation” is defined as a taking of power or rights illegally or by force, supplanting or replacing the original authority.


At some point in time people who have been arrested or suffered grievous losses from unconstitutional laws will demand some form of compensation.

Most people don’t understand that the only possible reason for every single negative action taken by the PSRRC and their Communist minions is the complete destruction of the United States and impoverishment of the people. Because we are the only thing that stands in their way to total world dominance with their One World Order objective.

Until that happens they plan on ruling us ruthlessly at the barrel of a gun, as good Communists always do. Look no further than the framed political prisoners from the January 6 event who are held without bond or trial in terrible conditions contrary to the Constitution! On November 3, Attorney Joe McBride reported the appalling facts about these political prisoners on Fox News. They were charged with all manner of crimes, including use of weapons when there were none! Prisoners are poor and can’t afford effective legal counsel. Communist-controlled funding sources refused to allow them to be used for their legal expenses. Many of their appointed lawyers are avowed Communists. Prisoners are abused, beaten, denied medical care, bail, proper food, and forced to live in filthy, dangerous quarters. They are denied all Constitutional rights. This is the treatment that all of us can expect if we allow the Communists to remain in power!

It is seldom mentioned, but why did the Democrat governors, mayors and prosecutors refuse to stop the Democrat Storm Troopers (BLM and Antifa) from burning their cities? It was for political reasons and to burn small business competitors of large PSRRC firms out of business. They defunded and destroyed police in Democrat cities so people would become desperate and   willing to accept a national police force and communism, contrary to the Constitution. People living in Chicago, New York City and other Democrat cities are living in crime-infested hell-holes made deliberately more difficult by Democrat Covid mandates and destruction of police forces. The incompetent Mayor of Chicago, murder capital of the world, screams for help…now she wants a federal police force, as do all the Democrat officials. Why?

I have stated that only a SMALL part of the activities of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the federal establishment are lawful and Constitutional. I think the Mafia has more integrity than most politicians in either party. Major federal agencies are ALL corrupt, incompetent and cowardly. Those who are giving aid and comfort to the illegal invaders are also traitors under the Constitution and the leaders should be tried and hung!

The PSRRC and their Communist minions in government and corporations have been working hard to concentrate all power in Washington and the most important power is Police Power. PSRRC has used every trick in the book to accomplish this goal. Let me talk about the FBI, which I believe is the most incompetent, ruthless, corrupt and cowardly part of the federal government.

My first experience with the FBI (when I learned to detest them) was in the 1950s when I served as a State Trooper after military service. FBI agents were arrogant, knew nothing about police work, and would take credit for people we put in jail. FBI is really good at only one thing: Public Relations.

FBI was founded in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation. This was after the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Dick Act of 1903 made the Militia of the Several States part of the National Guard. Under the Constitution, the Militia has the responsibility for enforcing laws of the Union. If the Federal Government had not unlawfully usurped so many powers of the States, there would have been no need for a large FBI organization of 35,000 employees, together with untold numbers of judges and prosecutors.

I could find nothing in the Constitution to authorize any authority to legalize the use of federal law enforcement within the Several States, except on the delegated federal territory (within each State) needed to carry out its enumerated duties. The only exception I can see is the use of FBI for counter terrorism and the Secret Service for protection of officials. and currency violations. Get rid of the unconstitutional and NON-constitutional laws and you can fire most of the FBI agents! The idea that the FBI can arrest me in my home for factual writing that advocates no crimes, or for speaking at a school board meeting is ludicrous and unlawful. FBI doesn’t have that authority by any stretch of the imagination or unconstitutional laws.

The FBI is doing all it can to get its foot in the states as a national police force. Again, I could find nothing in the Constitution to support the laws which allow the FBI to arrest kidnappers, felony killing of state law-enforcement officers, commit violent crimes against interstate travelers, serial killers, bank robbers, etc. With modern communications, state and local agencies could certainly handle these crimes as federal agencies are no damn good at police work…and they have no Lawful Authority within the Several States!

The FBIs incompetence on 9-11 is well-known by any person alive at the time. The FBI could never connect the dots when they had multiple opportunities to do so. They  could have prevented the 9-11 tragedies which resulted in a war and the loss of thousands of lives. If they were not corrupt and arrested the real criminals in government, we would not be on the verge of a civil war. Even if the FBI was free we can’t afford them. As an economist would say the ”Economic Opportunity Cost” is exorbitant.

I maintain that the organization and management of the FBI is so corrupt and dysfunctional that it is impossible for it to function effectively. To prove my point you only need to read “Classified Woman” a 333-page book by Sibel Edmonds. When you read this, you will think it is fiction because it describes a puzzle-palace in great detail, exposing people lacking in dedication, knowledge, expertise or patriotism…a joke that is not funny.

The FBI also has a terrible history of promoting crimes, using their own agents or informants to assist and encourage crimes so they can get good press . FBI instigators (if discovered) are always un-indicted co-conspirators at the most.

On October 8, 2020, the FBI arrested 13 men for a plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor. The FBI had undercover agents and informants involved for some time prior to the arrests. Some allege this was another FBI-staged event for political support of the Democrats. Many such events have been staged in this manner for political reasons.

There can be no question that the so-called insurrection on January 6, 2021, was an FBI frame-up and false-flag to support the Democrat Communists. There have been numerous reports and a major expose by Fox News proving that the FBI had countless undercover agents and informants in the crowd urging them forward, etc. Another big giveaway was the government’s refusal to release tapes showing the peaceful crowds just walking through the capitol building. All of this is in stark contrast to the refusal of the FBI and Democrat authorities to prosecute BLM and Antifa thugs (funded by corporations) for burning down Democrat cities.

A book you must read is titled: “The Terror Factory, Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism” by Trevor Aaronson. It is 281-pages plus an index of purported facts. In the first sentence the author says a “specific named individual” became a government-manufactured terrorist. Aaronson further reported  how the U.S. Government was putting people forward to the public who seemed to  have become terrorists only as a result of prodding and inducements by federal agents and informants. This book is replete with countless occurrences, supporting what most of us already suspect.

Failure of the FBI to charge even one IMPORTANT member of either the Democrat or Republican party is proof-positive of the FBI’s corruption. National media has reported major crimes by numerous officials of both parties. The FBI must be disbanded; they are a disgrace to the country and to all law-enforcement officers.

The playbook being used by the  PSRRC and their minions in government and corporations to destroy us is not new. It is Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Playbook. One of our most respected  writers , Kelleigh Nelson just wrote a great article for titled: “The Gathering Storm and its Historic Precedent, Part One Nazi Germany.” Read this article and you will see how the CORPORATIONS  financed Hitler just as they are financing Communism today.

We have the greatest Constitution in the history of the world, but we must force our elected officials, bureaucrats, and corporations to obey the Constitution rather than taking orders from the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class The federal establishment, must terminate all powers unlawfully and fraudulently usurped from the States.

The People MUST have remedies for wrongful and unlawful acts. Failure to allow The People reasonable Constitutional methods of correcting unconstitutional acts is suicidal.

Our Constitution was premised on God’s Law and it MUST remain intact and operative! God Bless America.

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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