Like millions of Trump supporters I have and continue to receive vulgar emails and the ‘I told you so’ about Donald Trump being an establishment puppet ad nauseum. Perhaps you would rather have career criminal Hillary Clinton in the White House today?

As many have said and written, we didn’t elect a saint but rather a street fighter who I still believe has the best of intentions and his heart is in the right place: America and Americans first. Of course, President Trump: You can’t drain the swamp if you keep bringing alligators into the White House, the Pentagon and all the alphabet soup agencies.

Actually, I’m delighted that Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka are gone from the WH. They can do more to help President Trump from the outside than inside that political cesspool working against Trump.

Two things President Trump had damn well better make a change if he is going to keep getting the support of We the People who put him in the White House:

June 26, 2017: Pres. Trump: Not One More Dead Soldier in Afghanistan

August 20, 2017, Trump announces the same old BS we’ve been hearing for 16 YEARS and a TRILLION BORROWED dollars later. More troops to a country we illegally invaded in the Middle East to prop up the joke called an Afghan government to stop the Taliban and ISIS. CRAP, Mr. President. At least the Russians were smart enough to pull out after 8 years of failed attempts to take over that country.

Trump also indicated the US would put more pressure on Pakistan to stop harboring terrorists. Oh, big whoop. They’re all Muslims who will hate America until the end of time. How much UNCONSTITUTIONAL foreign aid goes to Pakistan every year?

“The top recipients in the 2016-17 budget were Afghanistan $4.7bn; Israel $3.1bn; Egypt $1.4 bn; Iraq $1.1 bn; Jordan $1bn and Pakistan $742m. Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia each received more than $500m.”

OUR purse is over drawn $20 TRILLION dollars and yet, the criminal syndicate out in DC called Congress continue to steal from us to unconstitutionally give to counties that we KNOW harbor and encourage terrorists to kill Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan and any other place they can find them. Remember: the U.S. House of Representatives controls the people’s purse, not the president.

Pull out of Afghanistan and ISIS will move in? Are you kidding me? They’re already there. Afghanistan has NOTHING we need or want. We protect a country where pedophilia is normal and accepted. We protect a country whose biggest GDP besides NATO countries is the heroin trade. Yeah, the same heroin killing stupid Americans who get hooked.

WATCH: Republican Congressman Explains How US Keeps Afghan Heroin Trade Alive at Your Expense
Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

Trump was supposedly persuaded by the WAR MONGERS in his cabinet that somehow by sending even more American troops to Afghanistan we can help restore that country to the way it was back in the 1960’s when it looked more like any American town. I am not kidding. Never going to happen as long as those countries remain in the stone age controlled by their fake religion, Islam.  H.R. McMaster endorsed book telling US military to kiss Qur’an

Act surprised. That closet fairy can always be counted on for more war since it’s not his diapered butt on the front lines: Lindsey Graham ‘Very Pleased’ With White House Afghanistan Plan

Trump said we aren’t nation building. BULL. Trillions since 9/11 and much of it, besides bombing or killing innocent civilians with drones has been nothing but ‘nation building’ in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no winning or victory in Iraq or Afghanistan. I know that’s very, very difficult for military families, but please remember my late husband served in the U.S. Army for 27 years. It’s about being realistic and understanding the globalists and their plans using our money and blood.

U.S. Wasted $160M to Improve Afghanistan’s Corrupt Payments System

Top U.S. General: Trump’s Afghanistan Plan ‘Determined’ to Reach ‘Political Settlement’ with Taliban – Sure and just what kind of political settlement with those savages is worth one more drop of American blood or any more money stolen from we the people? Who believes such nonsense?

August 22, 2017: Afghan Taliban ‘Happy To Continue’ War After Trump Vows Victory

President H.R. McMaster’s Yuge Foreign Policy Blunder- “I voted for Donald J. Trump because he promoted a foreign policy of restraint. I did not vote for National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster to hijack the Trump agenda to continue failed policies of the past. I voted for Donald Trump’s campaign against “nation-building” and am concerned that this administration has lost its way on foreign policy. I thought it a big mistake for the United States to promote nation-building policies in North Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East when President George W. Bush pushed them and started the never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I worried that the destabilizing policies of President Barack Obama caused chaos, not stability, in Egypt and Libya. I voted for Donald J. Trump because he promised change. I may have made a mistake. Should we retitle National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster as President H.R. McMaster?”

America: Please stop buying the BS that it’s better to ‘fight them over there than here’. THEY are already here thanks to our virtually open border with Mexico. If you feel as I do, make your voice heard. Call the WH comment line: 202.456.1111. Send President Trump a post card that gets delivered right away: GET US OUT OF AFGHANISTAN, PERIOD. NO MORE TROOPS. NO MORE MONEY TO THE MIDDLE EAST FOR CONTINUING INSANITY. FIRE H.R. MCMASTER.

Second: President Trump ran on border security, stopping the hordes coming across our southern border, building the wall. No amnesty. He promised us and that’s one of the reasons I voted for him. Is Trump about to renege on another campaign promise?

Trump Aides Plot Big Immigration Deal — That Breaks a Campaign Promise. I’m not going to rehash the dozens of columns I have written about the illegals invasion and past amnesty. Millions of words written by writers like Frosty Wooldridge, Ann Coulter and a thousand more about the destruction Ronald Reagan’s immigration reform bill that will see the ‘last of illegal aliens coming across our border’. Sure.

That amnesty bill Ronnie signed opened the flood gates and EVERYDAY in this country illegals – and that includes DREAMERS or DACA (minors of parents who smuggled them into the country, not me) – commit countless crimes against our fellow country men, women and even babies.

Illegal immigrant in Utah who was deported raped 7-year-old girl ‘thousands of times,’ police say, August 15, 2017. Another illegal pig who had already been deported and came back across the border.
July 13, 2017: BIG LIST of 86 horrific illegal-alien crimes

Trump considers various amnesty options for 1 million illegal ‘Dreamers’ – NO. Deport them. Let them get in line like both sets of my grandparents and do it the right way.

Illegal Immigrants: 62% Use Welfare Programs, 86% Have Child In The Home And It Is How They Obtain Access To Programs. “Remove access to these programs for illegal immigrants and they will deport themselves. Many would love to take advantage of the free gravy train. Let us all use common sense.”
1.4 million illegals working under stolen SSN. Is your SSN one of them? Think not? Wait for the shock one day.
125,000 ‘DACA’ Illegals Got Work Permits Since January – That’s 125,000 potential jobs that belong to Americans, not illegal aliens regardless of age or country of origin
District Attorney Orders Prosecutors To Stop Charging Illegal Aliens
Letting illegals stay costs 6 times more than deporting

Again, I urge you to send President Trump a post card: NO amnesty for ANY illegal and that includes minors (DACA, Dreamers). ALL illegals regardless of country of origin get them deported. Build the wall.

Send one to the dog who represents you in the criminal Congress, Republican or Democrat, with the same message. FLOOD DC with those post cards. DON’T remain silent on this, please. The next rape by an illegal might be you, your sister, mother or your precious daughter – or son. The next American to die from a drunk Mexican on our roads could be you or someone you love. This will also help deport terrorists we know are in this country illegally.


Every hurricane, bad storm or tornado, I give. Last August 17, 2016, a huge tropical storm hit Louisiana that did not get enough national coverage but believe me, the destruction was simply beyond words; see photos of the mass destruction.

I give even though I live on a very small, tight budget. I’m not Ann Coulter or any of the other high paid prominent writers out there.  But, when bad things happen to our fellow Americans, we make the sacrifice to give.

Now, make no mistake that I put animals above humans when I give. Regular readers know I LOVE dogs and hate animal abuse. If you read my series on the Killing Fields of America you know how sickened I am by how many different ways Americans kill each other, their own children, boyfriends killing girlfriend’s baby, you name it:

The Killing Fields of America
The Killing Fields of America – Infants, babies, teens
Killing Fields of America – The Deadliest Of The Deadly
The killing fields: A final chapter

My email box was filled every column from people sickened by what they read – what’s going on every day in this country.

Now, as for the human side of natural disasters, I give to the Salvation Army and the Samaritan’s Purse. I also give to a few animal organizations. I try to do local organizations. First of all, adults who live in areas that consistently suffer from hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are given ample time (except for tornadoes 99% of the time) to evacuate.

People who live in areas prone to those types of disasters should have insurance; too many don’t because they say they can’t afford it. However, they are adults and have made the decision to live in a potentially affected area.

And, even though people are warned and given good lead time warning, a whole lot of them stick around and then expect a 911 call will bring someone to rescue them. Doesn’t work that way. Cities will not put first responders in danger because someone decided not to listen to valid warnings.

State and local resources do everything possible to get people to shelters, evacuate the most endangered in hospitals and so forth. I know that in cases like Katrina the very poor either drowned or were involuntarily shipped around the country. But, human lives come first.

President Trump ahead of Harvey issued the necessary emergency relief go-ahead. Racist and race hustler, Jesse Jackson came out yesterday – after Trump’s executive action – and said he hoped President Trump wouldn’t ignore or fail to act regarding Harvey. What an ass.

Anyway, Trump acted immediately and in coordination with our governor, Greg Abbott, FEMA and other agencies. Harvey was a Cat 4 hurricane by the time it hit land early Friday, the massive rainfall and flooding is horrific. The bottom line is everything that can be done by state and federal agencies is underway to take care of humans as Harvey continues dropping tons of water.

Here are the latest photos that will break your heart. Unbelievable and more of the worst is yet to come probably through this entire week. The flood of a lifetime hits Texas – and there’s another FIFTY inches of rain to come: Dramatic scenes across the state as Hurricane Harvey stalls over the state and dumps record-setting precipitation

During all of these awful, awful events cows, chickens, horses – they drown by the thousands just like hundreds and sometimes thousands of heads of cattle die during blizzards.

During every one of those hurricanes and/or big time tropical storms thousands of dogs and cats drown. Thousands and thousands displaced from their owners even though there are shelters available to bring your pet with you. As I type this, believe me, I am doing everything I can to remain civilized even though what you see below is hardly civilized.

See those two innocent helpless doggies below? Their owners tied them up to poles and left them to drown during Harvey. That’s right. Some rotten son of a _itches tied up those helpless little dogs and left them to drown as Harvey passed through. I pray the owners are found and thrown in jail for the maximum amount of time and put on a list forbidding them to ever own a pet again. If it were up to me I’d tie the owners to a pole and allow the water to get right over their heads as they scream and struggle to keep from drowning. Oh, yes, I would. In a heartbeat.

Thankfully, the reporter covering the destruction in Victoria, TX, untied those two babies and took them to a rescue shelter.  How about the ones that no one helped? How many? Damn their owners.

In Roman Forest, Texas, about 150 miles north of Victoria, the police chief minced no words when it came to animal abusers. ‘I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions,’ Chief Stephen Carlisle said in a statement on Friday. ‘Dogs are your family members too.’

“Carlisle pointed out there is a specific state law that prohibits leaving a dog tied up outside in any extreme weather conditions, including under a hurricane or tropical storm warning. ‘Please do not keep your family members tied to a rope or chain’ the police department in Montgomery County said on Facebook. ‘It is against the law to keep a dog on a chain during extreme weather conditions.’

What kind of person does such a thing? Sociopaths or psychopaths and believe me, this country is full of them.

“A sociopath typically has a conscience, but it’s weak. He may know that taking your money is wrong, and he might feel some guilt or remorse, but that won’t stop his behavior.” In other words, they lack empathy for anyone, even their pets. They only care about themselves.

I know money is tight for tens of millions of us but Saturday night I got out my debit card and donated a tiny amount to the Salvation Army, the Samaritan’s Purse, the Rockport, TX Humane Society, the Victoria, TX Humane Society (actually a county title), the Animal Rescue Site, the Galveston, TX Humane Society and Red Rover out of Sacramento, California. I have been a tiny monthly donor to Red Rover for many years. They do amazing rescue during hurricanes and other natural disasters all around the country.

So, I spent $80.00 in donations. Sure, I could have bought a new pair of shoes I don’t need, but our people and all those helpless dogs, puppies, cats and kittens need our help. If one million people gave just $1 dollar to at least some of the fine organizations in affected areas it would go a long way. Harvey’s destruction will continue over the next few days and for months to come. It’s not too late to get out that credit or debit card and give a little. Won’t you?

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