Last week some leftid decided I must be punished for my recent NewsWithViews column on Barack Obama Day. To celebrate the new holiday, “Change your gender… Commit a crime.” He could have forthrightly responded with a column of his own, published on some friendly website. But libs don’t do forthright.

Instead, he went to to attack my novel, “Bell Mountain” with a one-star Customer Review. Amazon rules don’t allow dishonest reviews that are only personal attacks on the author and have nothing to say about the content of the book. His whole idea was to discourage people from buying the book because he doesn’t like my take on President *Batteries Not Included. Happily, people who had actually bought the book and read it objected to the non-review, and it was soon deleted from the site.

But how is it that those who call themselves “pro-choice” are always trying to take away everyone else’s choices?

In Memphis, Tennessee, the management of the Orpheum Theater has announced it wouldn’t show “Gone with the Wind” anymore because the classic film was “insensitive to a large segment of the population”. They’d been showing it in the summer for 34 years in a row, but now it’s out.

For 34 years, no one complained about the movie. Now it’s suddenly offensive. Now it’s suddenly verboten.

Liberals aren’t satisfied with staying away from the movie themselves. What fun is that? No, they must perform a dominance display by forbidding the rest of us to see it. And as usual, the powers that be—in this case, the theater management—knuckled under. I dare say they were worried about Antifa or Black Lives Matter showing up and trashing their theater. You can get more with a kind word, and a riot, than you can get with just a kind word.

But even that is not enough. Now the Left is taking aim at football.

A New York Times op ed piece—you can smell it coming, can’t you?—has broadly hinted that “white” football fans, tens of millions of ‘em, are nothing but a mob of racists exploiting all these poor black athletes, despising them even as they root for them to win. To a white reader who grew up idolizing Willie Mays, Sam Jones, and Roy Campanella—and still does—this was particularly offensive. Insensitive, even.

To a leftid, ordinary non-leftid white people are racists no matter what they think, no matter what they feel, no matter what they say, no matter what they do: just stuck with it, I guess. Who are we to contradict an assistant professor of philosophy? We’d still be racists, in her eyes, even if we stopped watching football: then we’d be putting all these poor, downtrodden black athletes out of work.

You can’t win. You can’t appease the Left because they refuse to be appeased. You can’t make them happy because they refuse to be happy. Who can even imagine what kind of final resolution would content them?

Well, fellow deplorables, if we just can’t please these people, there’s nothing left for us to do but… stop trying!

We don’t need their permission to live as we choose to live, to like what we like, to be who we are.

And the sooner we realize that, the better.

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