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January 31, 2022

As someone who has been in the trenches full time going on 31 years, I have seen the same political games play out every two years.  I’ve watched tens of millions of well meaning, good, decent Americans to go the polls and vote.

Since 1993, I and so many others tried our very best to get Americans to understand our elections were being stolen through modern technology.  Millions of words, thousands of examples, speeches by me and so many others with proof.  Get rid of hand counted ballots in front of the public and the tsunami of voter theft was underway.  Now, in third world sh*t holes in NY State and in violation of federal law, ILLEGAL ALIENS are being allowed to vote – for Democrats.  We have NO federal department of justice.  It is horrifying as our country is being destroyed from within.

All these illiterate foreigners have ZERO understanding of the birthing of this constitutional republic.  They are here to suck off YOUR paycheck in violation of the supreme law of the land.

The government indoctrination centers they call public schools have brainwashed half this country into believing the federal government is there to take care of you and all your needs.  Nothing could be further from the truth and it IS bankrupting OUR purse.  Stop with the demand “Congress create jobs” rhetoric, 2-13-11 – Mine

Tragically, this time, what’s underway and can’t be stopped and is going to make 2008 look like prosperity.  Why?  Because the American people keep re-electing the SAME incompetent incumbers and expected a different outcome.  Party loyalty and lack of knowledge on the issues.

Go read these columns I wrote long ago:

Re-electing the Band Aid Brigade, May 18, 2010 // Electing New Band Aid Pushers, May 23, 2012 // Okay.  Get mad at me but we are on the edge of complete collapse and I don’t see a massive grassroots effort to oust bad governors, etc.  All I hear is a red wave for the mid-term.  Yeah, seen that before and DID THEY CUT OUT THE CANCERS OR KEEP TREATING WITH BAND AIDS?  Are Americans Really This Stupid?  June 27, 2012

Long past time:  Voters Educating the Elected, January 27, 2013

The list of what should have been done by incumbents was never done and here we are today drowning in unpayable debt.  Not to mention well into the plandemic that has all but destroyed this country and others around the world.  Criminal, which I’ll cover in an upcoming column.  History is so important:

The fake $700 billion bail out/rescue plan 10-2-08 – Mine.  “But look beyond the headlines, and you see a different story. While the Dow hit a new high today, not a single of its component stocks did. Interesting, isn’t it? The index is at a new all-time high, but 70% of its components are down 20% or more!”

“Where did this $700 billion dollar number come from? It’s been repeated ad nauseum. When one considers these inept public servants (both parties) turned a blind eye until the problem blew up in their faces right before they were ready to adjourn for the year, don’t they wonder how this $700 billion dollar price tag was suddenly thrown out there? Perhaps this will solve the puzzle for them:

“Our buddy from two lifetimes ago, Carl Lavin over at, points out a fascinating paragraph buried in a story on his web site late last week by Brian Wingfield and Josh Zumbrun.

“You know, this $700-billion figure that exploded into everyday political parlance almost as fast as Sarah? The $700-billion “cost” of resolving the financial crisis and restoring confidence and liquidity in the credit markets starting this morning?

“The $700-billion figure that Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid first said he could really use McCain’s help with, but then the Arizonan took him up on it and Reid suddenly said the Republican would only get in the way and anyway, Reid said, he already had a done deal, except he didn’t and the Nevadan ended up being the embarrassed one?

“The $700-billion figure that won’t really end up being anywhere near the actual cost because no one knows what all those mortgaged properties are really worth now anyway? Which is the whole problem in the first place because the institutions holding that paper don’t know the value of what they’re holding either, which is why everyone suddenly got so frightened?

“That $700-billion figure that won’t really last because eventually the feds will sell off what they’re buying and might even make a profit in the end as they did with the Chrysler bailout warrants years ago? You know where that very important $700-billion figure came from?

“Here’s a quote from that Forbes story: “It’s not based on any particular data point,” a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. “We just wanted to choose a really large number.” They made it up to be sufficiently ginormous to frighten everyone into rapid action. And it worked.” Americans were played for suckers while losing their homes, cars and killing themselves.  I remember like it was yesterday.

In other words, the Treasury spokes mouth for George W. Bush, Jr., lied through his teeth.  Band Aids were applied and then in came the second piece of human feces to steal an election:  Hussein Obama.

What’s wrong with the American people and challengers?

Every two years exceptional challengers come along to get rid of do-nothing members of Congress, state houses, city council, county commissioners and school boards. I know as I follow these races (as many as I can) and damn it – the same vote fraud robs those very constitutionally grounded challengers every two years.

For God’s sake:  Voters act like challengers just came off the tractor and know nothing, but I can tell you some of the most intelligent Americans who know our history inside and out come off of farms and used to be factories until OUR incumbents began stage one of the total destruction of our ag, industrial & manufacturing sectors:  NAFTA.  Then came GATT and still the voters voted the same incumbents back into office who murdered our republic.

TEXANS:  We MUST get rid of Gov. Greg Abbott.  He is OWNED to the tune of $65 MILLION in special interest money.  I know someone in the capitol in Austin who despises Abbott and has butted heads with him before.  Abbott plays a good talking game but his border ploy should have been executed the day after the lying cheating POS named Joe Biden was unlawfully “sworn into office”.  Do-nothing Alan West is running.  He did NOTHING of any constitutional significance while in Congress except ride his military service coat tails.

West was the Texas State GOP Chairman who quit less than a year later.  West is a bully who needs to ride off into the sunset with the other candidate, bought and paid for, former forever governor Rick Perry who tried to make mandatory HPV vaccines for young girls until our legislature shot him down.

That leaves former state senator, Don Huffines who scores an A+ on constitutional votes.  No special interest money, he’s financing his campaign.  Second, Chad Prather who boasts one BILLION Facebook hits.  Apparently, he’s very well known in the major metro cities.  Texans:  The judicial bastards deliberately set March 1st for the primary because of redistricting based on counting ILLEGAL ALIENS in the census which gives Abbott an enormous advantage.  Which is why all over this state we have to get out the vote to defeat Abbott in the primary or at least a close run off.  Please, this is it for our state for decades to come. Personally, I’d like to see Huffines serve 4 years and then Chad Prather take over.  WE can make it happen.

And every two years I write until I’m blue in the face:  AUDIT THE VOTE.  I ordered a bumper sticker for the back of my SUV:  2022 CANDIDATES AUDIT THE VOTE.  I get people honking at me all the time with a thumbs up.  Americans know the election of President Elect Donald Trump was stolen.  Those mid-terms comping up are critical to the globalists.  Gates, Soros, Swab, the rest of the Davos cabal all deserve a swift trip to HELL after a fair trial.  Indictment, trial and sentencing.  That’s our justice system.

With junkyard dog, Justice Stephen Breyer allegedly retiring, every imaginable form of vote fraud will be tried, make no mistake about that.  Last week the prostitute media announced all nine supreme court justices have taken those lethal injections and all have had at least one booster.  Unless the Lord shows them mercy, according to the most renowned scientists, they will all be dead within 3-5 years after suffering the same horror as millions injected are now suffering before premature death.

Do you understand treason, America?  Do you understand Donald Trump was surrounded by dirty traitors like Mike Pence and that son-in-law of his?  That “wonderful replacement for NAFTA” is one of the biggest pieces of treason ever shoved down our throats.  Trump was suckered again by the globalists on his payroll like that globalist old moth ball, Wilbur Ross.

For the love of God and country:  STOP voting for the same incumbents who have torn this country to pieces – both parties.  I know it’s very, very difficult because your congress critter has “done so much for his/her constituents”.  The only problem is they have ZERO authority under the constitution and unless and until Americans understand this, we will collapse under the debt and then the vulture bankers will come in and strip us blind. They are waiting in the wings for the ‘great reset’.

Are Americans willing to stand firm and fight this upcoming round of vote fraud because I guarantee the Democrats will do everything in their power to cheat.

READ:  The Battle of Athens, TN

LISTEN: PODCAST: Democrats are ‘Playing with Fire’ an interview with Dr. Edwin Vieira, November 10, 2020

Interview with Dr. Edwin Vieira

VERY IMPORTANT – THIS IS NUMBER ONE FOR YOUR STATE LEGISLATURE.  NUMBER ONE. I tried in 2013 with ours and was basically laughed at by a couple of ‘big tough’ house members with their ten-gallon hats.  Despite my efforts, I got ZERO help from so-called militia here in Texas.  Well, boys, how has that worked out for ya while the border is being over-run?

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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