by Peter Falkenberg Brown

August 27, 2022

“We get really, really power-hungry, monstrous, soulless people who love money and sin, and we ensnare them! They lose their brains, their hearts, their souls. We OWN them. We got a team, man. Like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and George Soros and Tony Fauci: what a team! Just to name a few! And then…”

A World Community Films Production

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Introductory narrative:


The screen is flickering with static, and suddenly a face appears. It’s a MAN, glaring at the viewer.


Somebody should fix this damn TV. Don’t worry, I can say damn because I’m transmitting from Hades, where we use damn as punctuation. It’s just who we are.

You might wonder where Hades is, or what it is. It’s a classical term for what some of you clods call Hell, but we don’t like that term. It’s very othering and offensive and Hell-phobic, so we’ve decided that you must use the term Hades. We think it might confuse you just a bit, which is always good.

But just between you and me, this is where the Hounds of Hell come from. Right here. I just love those big, nasty, slobbering, bloodthirsty hounds. They’re so cute when they bite someone.

The man shuffles some papers on his desk and scowls.

MAN (cont’d)

I’m quite annoyed that I have to do this. This stupid report about our marvelous totalitarian Covid plan for world domination. What a pain.

He looks around furtively.

MAN (cont’d)

But, I’m trying to avoid having my ears cleaned by South American fire ants. You wouldn’t know, but, well, ouch and all that. Oh, you want to know my name? That’s classified. Just call me “The Man.” Or, “The Man from Hades.” I don’t really care.

I’m actually more than one person. Who you get depends on our mood, for we are legion, we are many. If you’re very clever, you might be able to tell us apart because of our mannerisms and accents. But only if you have a superior intellect.

He coughs and clears his throat.

MAN (cont’d)

Anyway, a Hades muckety-muck sent me a memo that some of you people on Earth are getting discouraged about the state of the world, and he wanted me to really help that wonderful process along.

So, my job is to tell you how hopeless life is because unbeknownst to you, all of us in Hades have been working you over for a LONG time.

The man laughs and giggles, and guffaws, and almost collapses. He wipes the tears from his eyes and sneers at the camera.

MAN (cont’d)

We’re very clever in Hades, and we have a Multi-Prong Strategy to turn your world into hell.

Some of you think that you can pray, and God will help you defeat us. I’m here to tell you: Fugget about it!

We’re too clever. You wanna know how clever? Let me tell you!

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