by Servando Gonzalez

April 8, 2022

As the saying goes, every dark cloud has a silver lining. The present jingoist frenzy unleashed by the Russian attack on the Ukraine, a country of corrupt politicians  —some people even believe that they are more corrupt than ours, which if true may be a great feat— and fascists who joined the Nazis during WWII, has nothing to do with the Ukraine, a country most public school “educated” Americans ignored its existence until very recently. Actually, it is a disguised effort to force Russia into accepting the globalist conspirators’ beloved New World Order.

The true reason the globalist traitors in ours midst hate Russia so much is not because the Russians have suddenly turned back to the communist totalitarianism the globalist conspirators imposed upon them at the beginning of the past century,[1] as some “conservative” Republicans and “progressive” Democrats —I call them “Repucrats”—[2] want us to believe. The true reason why the globalist conspirators and their followers hate the Russians is not because they invaded the Ukraine, as most brainwashed idiot now believe, but because they have not opened their borders to a veritable invasion of illegal aliens. Moreover, the Russians not only have not teared down the monuments honoring their patriots but are not erecting monuments honoring Lucifer and Baphomet, as we are currently doing in America. Even more offensive, the Russians not only are not accepting Satanism but most of them are devout Christians.

To make it worse, Russian teachers still teach what teachers are supposed to teach —math, history, geography, biology— and, contrary to American teachers, they are not fully devoted indoctrinate children in the hatred for their country and their love for morally destructive ideas. Moreover, currently the Russian government is encouraging the love for the family as a key social unit and the respect for their country’s history and traditions. Also, Russian leaders do not think that the world is overpopulated and it is necessary to kill no less than 85 percent of  “useless eaters” to save Gaia.

Actually, the true reason why both “progressive” Democrats and “conservative” Republicans as well as the globalist conspirators who control them hate the Russian from the bottom of their hearts has nothing to do with the Ukraine, but because they are setting a dangerous example they fear. Unfortunately, the present third generation of brainwashed, forever face mask-wearing American sheeple have fully joined the anti-Russian hysteria.

If tomorrow the Russian leaders declare that they love the New World Order and authorize parades of alphabet soup minority groups proudly flying multicolored  flags, the globalist conspirators would surely encourage them to invade Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and East Germany, exactly as Roosevelt and Churchill encouraged Stalin to do at the end of WWII. Nothing new under the sun.

But we all know that, according to most dyed in the wool Repucrats, contrary to America, the land of freedom, Russia is still a totalitarian communist country, where dissidents are persecuted, harassed, and send to jail without trial, something would never happen in America … unless you are a “terrorist” who joined a bunch of idiots having a good time in Washington D.C.

But some alleged “unpatriotic” Americans —some Republicans have already called them traitors—, such as Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson and Ron Paul, are not repeating the official narrative about the Russian’s actions in the Ukraine. Obviously, some Republicans who still claim they support the First Amendment, believe that this treasonous, anti-American behavior should gain them a free trip to Guantanamo.

But that’s nothing new. Jones, Carlson and Paul are the same guys who joined some conspiracy theorists who were convinced that the Coronavirus actually was a eugenicist warfare operation waged by the globalist conspirators to reduce the loo-large number of useless eaters in this planet. No wonder some “conservative” Republicans and “progressive” Democrats are so angry and hate them so much.

A Personal Note:

A few days ago I got an email from, informing me that my publishing account had been terminated, and all my books will no longer be available for sale. When I asked why, they answered it was because of some “content violations” of the publishing agreement. They never specified which content rule I have violated.

Nevertheless, I was not surprised. I am sure I have violated most of Amazon’s content rules, and I am proud of it. A good friend of mine once told me I was an “equal opportunity offender.” If you read my articles you may have noticed he was right. Anyway, Amazon has the right to cancel a publishing account at any time and for any reason.

What I am not pleased about is that they not only closed my account, but erased my books and the hundreds of reviews my readers have posted during the years. So, they have not only stopped selling my books but erased the proof that they have ever existed. Suddenly, I have become a sort of author that never was.

In his dystopian classic 1984, George Orwell depicted a totalitarian world where the censors throw through a “memory hole” the censored printed works. Today is a lot easier. Just by pushing a button all your works go down the digital memory hole.

So, if you want to know the true reason why Amazon banned my books, I advise you to buy the remaining few copies of my books at NewsWithViews. I suggest you get your copy of I Dare Call It Treason and Psychological Warfare and the New World Order, and do it fast. If I don’t find another publisher, my books very soon will become collector items, very expensive and difficult to find.

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  1. Servando Gonzalez. “Another War, Another Buck- Part 2,” NewsWithViews, March 5, 2022,
  2. In the mid-sixties, Alabama’s Governor George Wallace said: “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.” Today, there is not a penny worth of difference between the two factions of the Repucratic Party.
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