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WARNING: Graphic photos by necessity

There was a time when America had a firm moral foundation. A time I grew up in where the Ten Commandments were paramount to the way Americans lived their lives.

Thou shalt not kill. Today, life is cheap in America. 3,300 human babies murdered by abortion every day at the request of their “mother”.  A 60-year old man beaten to death over ONE dollar on Christmas eve in the Bronx, NY (The police have released video hoping someone will recognize these cold blooded killers.)

I did a series on this several years ago (See end of this column) and still, the killing goes on a far greater scale than people realize. From spouses killing each other (sex, money, jealousy) in the most grotesque ways to illegal aliens killing and raping Americans on a grand scale every day while Congress parties on.

New York Jailbreak: Illegal Alien Freed After Allegedly Killing Mother of Three on Christmas Eve, Dec. 27, 2019

“I was driving and I did strike a person,” Flores-Villalba allegedly told law enforcement officials. “I didn’t call the police. I was afraid because I don’t have a license.”

Oh, and by the way, under new laws out there in NY (I wouldn’t spend a penny in that state), suspects for “non-violent” crimes are being released into the general population. This should make you sick: Second-degree manslaughter; Aggravated vehicular assault; Third-degree assault; Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child; Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child; Promoting a sexual performance by a child; Failure to register as a sex offender; Making terroristic threats; Criminally negligent homicide and Aggravated vehicular homicide

They (state legislators who voted for this and Gov Cuomo who signed it into law) are Satan’s pimps doing his bidding. Condemning their souls to Hell for all eternity.

Thou shalt not steal. Crime in this country is a daily way of life from thugs on the streets of America to the halls of state legislatures to the U.S. Congress. Politicians from city councils all the way to the White House steal the fruits of your labor in violation of state constitutions and the U.S. Constitution. But one of a thousand examples: 11 Injured in Washington Store During Shoplifting Getaway Crash, Dec. 17, 2019. Smash and grab leaving two children and two adults in critical condition.

Bear false witness against thy neighbor. The dirty cesspool of American politics as well as out in the suburbs of America. Lying is a way of life as long as it gets the person what they want or to cover up their crimes. Just look at the coup attempt and circus impeachment “hearing” to remove Donald Trump from office. Lying on a grand scale that is breathtaking.

Nor take the Lord’s name in vain. Hah! God-damn it is very popular just like the F-word.

Nor have other gods before the one Supreme Being or worship graven images. Meet the Modern-Day Pagans Who Celebrate the Ancient Gods – “The priest raises his arms, palms upturned. “Lord Taranis, hear our prayer!” he bellows, voice bouncing off the stone pillars and into the darkening fields beyond. The fire’s crackle fills the stone circle. We stare through the flames, past the boundary of our sacred space, to the patina of white looming over the white sky – Mount Adams, close and huge. It is high summer, and we are at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary in southern Washington State.”

Look around America and see Satan’s pimps as they try to recruit more souls for him and into darkness.

Walmart, Amazon and Target are selling book for children as young as 5 to summon demons. Recommended reading age 5- 10 yrs old.  Two reviews: “This is purely Satanic. What kind of children’s book teaches kids to summon demons and write sigils? This is degeneracy its fullest form and it makes me sick that this is even allowed on the selves of ANY store.” And: “Want to know what makes it worse? It teaches kids the original Greek, Hebrew and Egyptian names of these malicious demons… keep your kids away from this book and if they get their hands on it somehow BURN IT!!!!”

There was a time when the King James Version of the Holy Bible was known throughout the world as THE only true source for biblical truth. Then along comes “new” versions of the bible leaving out words in scriptures or changing words making it appear to the reader as THE true words of God as told by his Apostles. Sort of like bringing scripture up to date in a ‘progressive’ world.

There was a time in America where her people actually obeyed God’s laws and didn’t spit in his face on a daily basis. When churches in this country actually reminded their congregants every Sunday about sin. That ignoring God’s laws and Commandments put their souls in jeopardy for all eternity.

That was then, this is now. Today, Satan’s churches condone and teach sin. Instead of obeying God’s Commandments, not requests, preachers, ministers, bishops – they want you to spit in God’s face.

The sexual deviant movement in this country has grown powerful for such a small number. Politicians, schools and churches around the country have bowed to their every filthy desire while ignoring God’s words.

Not long after the first cases of AIDS were diagnosed and this new killer began to claim precious lives, a subtle form of brainwashing began to creep into American homes via the stupid tube [television]. This brainwashing took many forms and we can all see the results today at how clever this tiny number of people were in getting a nation to toss its moral foundation into the sewer for “tolerance.”

Those who refuse to kow-tow to this kind of propaganda and cave in to pressure from well financed groups and organizations are pilloried and given labels such as “homophobe.” At the same time, a slow but steady drumbeat echoed across this land that queers, as they were called back then [and still are today by their own], were spreading this killer disease through irresponsible and perverted sexual habits. In order to counter this bad publicity, subtle new labels emerged. Sexual preference became sexual orientation. Just like global warming became climate change when the old label didn’t sell.

Sodomites and lesbians started to appear as guests on such programs as the Today Show and other talkies. These well-orchestrated propaganda events brought Linda and Susie right into your kitchen over breakfast, decked out in business suits and oozing love. How Satan rejoiced! Then into the public square.

Queer parade in San Francisco – “parents” actually bring their innocent children to watch such perversions in broad daylight every year as well as other cities across the country.

“You shall not lie with a male as those who lie with a female; it is an abomination.” — Leviticus 18:22 (All KJV)

“If a man lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and they shall surely be put to death.” — Leviticus 20:13

“For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions: for their women exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature. And in the same way also the men abandoned the natural use of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error.” — Romans 1:26-27

The words are plain and easy to understand. What? People think homosexuals lay down with each other just to chat? Or lesbians lay down with each other to talk recipes?

Now, every form of deviancy and filth is taught in public indoctrination centers they call schools. “Parents” think nothing of subjecting their children to public displays by Satan’s pimps. It IS child abuse.

Elementary school features drag-queen speaker with prostitution record – “If it’s OK for drag queens to host story hour, what about prostitutes? At one Austin, Texas elementary school, students got both!”

“Perkins said. “In what some parents are calling ‘a sign of things to come’ under the city’s radical new sex ed, the kids at Blackshear Fine Arts Academy had an unexpected visitor – with an even more unexpected background. But as shocked as parents were to learn that ‘Miss Kitty Litter ATX’ was a convicted criminal, they were even more horrified to find out that the school district knew it!”

I’ve never eaten at their restaurants and for sure, even if I have to skip a meal, they won’t get my business. Chick-fil-A Grantee Covenant House Hosted Drag Queen Story Hour.  Do you want your child exposed to these freaks and their propaganda?

Former transgender exposes child cruelty of LGBT agenda: “Grooming… child abuse”

The Occult Roots of ‘Drag’ Identity – “For instance, in a recent Tweet, the Church of Satan said, “We can confirm that there are a lot of Satanic drag queens. And they are fabulous.” And the San-Francisco-based Satanic Temple is made up mostly of “LGBTQ” identifiers, even holding a “Pink Mass” at times. A movie made about the group is called “Hail Satan” where the leaders say they’ll fight Christian conservatives “to the death.”

Parents in many states are now fed up and are showing up at school board meetings, town hall meetings and saying NO, you will not get my child. Sadly, Austin, like Houston and Dallas is infested with liberals from states like California who promote and support every type of deviancy known to man. They have polluted our schools, too many libraries and the state capitol.

Today young girls, barely legal age, are now Instagram ‘stars’ as they dance around nearly naked for anyone who subscribe to their accounts. I’ve watched them on line (I don’t do Instagram or any other social media) and feel sorry for them. Another generation of narcissistic exhibitionists who babble about nothing.

Instagram ‘influencers’ making tons of money (from subscribers) who wouldn’t know the difference between a republic or a democracy, the problem with fiat currency (even though they love the green in their wallets) or what unconstitutional legislation is being pushed in Congress. Social media has become morally destructive besides their censorship and control of what they want you to read and know.

Twitter Changes Terms of Service to Allow Pedophile Content, Including NAKED Children – “Despite their qualifier, Twitter has stated it will allow for nude depictions of children on their platform as long as it is “artistic.” What does God say about this? (KJV) Luke 17:2 – It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Matthew 18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Countless numbers of us warned two decades ago there would one day be an open push for pedophilia and bestiality. We were laughed at. Now, shocked parents are scrambling to protect their children.

Louisiana: High-Level Commander & Wife Indicted On 150 Counts For Child Sex Ring & Bestiality, Dec. 20, 2019

Livingston, LA —” A high-level Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy — who commanded the SWAT team — and his wife have been indicted this week on more than 150 felonies for unspeakable crimes against children. Dennis Perkins, 44, and his wife Cynthia Perkins, 34, are accused of multiple counts of child rape and the production of child pornography, among other disturbing charges.

“In October, the couple was arrested after a months-long criminal probe headed up by the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office. Then on Tuesday, a grand jury indicted Dennis Perkins on 78 felonies and his wife, Cynthia Perkins, on 72 felonies.

“According to WAFB, among the felonies are child pornography charges, first-degree rape, attempted first-degree rape, sexual battery of a child under the age of 13, video voyeurism as well as a count of sexual abuse of an animal. The indictment also includes 61 counts of producing child pornography.”

In America. Illegals protected in every state by damned fools in cities, towns, by mayors, state legislators and governors. Satan’s pimps. Illegal aliens from Guatemala caught in child sex trafficking operation in Wisconsin

Mentally ill people aka transgenders have swept across this country like a lightening bolt bringing more deviancy and regret to those bought into the con. And, not just in America:

Tranny Organizes Topless Swimming Session for Girls as Young as 12, July 22, 2019.  “And Parents Not Allowed to be Present. Jonathan Yaniv filed human rights complaints against fifteen female beauticians for refusing to wax his penis and balls.”

Zombies. What other word can one use to describe people who support this madness?

Transgender Worker Who Identifies as “Transmasculine” Sues Nike For $1.1 Million For Being Repeatedly “Misgendered” By Coworkers – “A transgender former Nike contractor who identifies as “transmasculine/non-binary” is suing Nike for $1.1 million in damages citing pronoun abuses.  Apparently Nike isn’t “woke” enough.”

“Jazz Lyles,” a biological female, claimed in a complaint that co-workers abused her when they failed to use pronouns such as they/them/their when addressing her. And she wants Nike to pay a hefty price for allegedly allowing the abuse.”

How absurd.  Are you a business owner? Be very afraid of what some liberal judge rules.

Transgenders Attacking Gays and Lesbians for Refusal to Accept Them as Athletes and Same Sex Lovers

Of course, the prostitute media, the Hollywood whore crowd and politicians never talk about the high suicide of “transgender” kids and adults who regret mutilating their bodies.

Biological woman who cut off breasts to become a trans “male” now regrets “huge mistake”

Waste of our taxpayer dollars here in Texas.  Mentally ill ‘trans’ inmates suing to allow name change while in the joint.

As it should be to stop cheating girls out of fair competition. Petition to Stop Transgenders Competing in Female Sports Goes Viral 165,000 sign petition for high school girl to keep girls’ events for biological females “Soule filed a federal complaint against the Connecticut state policy that mandates biological boys to enter girls’ athletics competitions if they “identify” as female.” What hogwash.

I don’t own a TV, but I will not buy Hallmark cards in the future. The only thing these corporations understand is the bottom line. I will not enable Satan’s pimps with my wallet. In Reversal, Hallmark Will Reinstate Same-Sex Marriage Ads (No such union under God’s laws.)

Satan’s pimps. Transvestites mock the birth of Christ with child-grooming ‘Drag Queen Christmas’ show – “If you think Wichita, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska to be conservative Middle America instead of playgrounds of the Left, you are sadly mistaken.

“On December 15 (Wichita) and 16 (Omaha), the Orpheum Theater in the two cities will host “A Drag Queen Christmas” — a show that makes a mockery of the birth of Jesus with prancing men wearing hideous makeup and draped in clothes eschewed by real women.”

“Identifies” with? Lunatics who need mental illness treatment. Biological Male Files Lawsuit Demanding Entry Into Female Beauty Pageant

At least they’re smart enough to know the Boy Scouts has become prime hunting ground for fresh meat, same as the Girl Scouts. “The change brings excitement and some melancholy for members of the faith and may push the Boy Scouts closer to the brink of bankruptcy as it faces a new wave of sex abuse lawsuits.” Satan’s pimps.

Girl Scouts Exposed: Lessons in Lesbianism

Full text of “Heather Mac Donald – The Diversity Delusion: How Race And Gender Pandering Corrupt The University And Undermine Our Culture

Meet the liberal young women helping their peers ‘detransition’ from transgender identity

School’s Transgender Bathroom Rules Fought at 11th Circuit – Satan’s pimps. A biological male can “identify” as female, go into a girl’s bathroom, get off and “identify” the following week as male.

This lunacy has to stop but that won’t happen until everyone fights back as many parents are doing. BEFORE it comes to your local school, library or church. If you find all this repugnant as well as telling God to go to Hell, walk away from your church and stop reelecting politicians who support this garbage. Don’t enable Satan’s pimps.

I will never vote for a sexual deviant. Prez candidate, Petey Buttigieg, supposedly is very popular with voters in Iowa. He loves to flaunt his fake “marriage” to a male. They have sex in each other’s feces. I guess the clean up afterwards is like changing a dirty diaper. The smell must be so romantic. Mayor Petey is Satan’s pimp.

My how things have changed in Iowa. Nov. 5, 2010. Iowa voters remove three Iowa Supreme Court justices who imposed same-sex “marriage” on state – “The citizens of Iowa voted to remove three of the activist judges from the bench who imposed same-sex “marriage” in the state through judicial fiat last year. Elections on the other four judges in the case have not yet taken place.”

I want my America back.  America where family means what God says – a mother and father. Not mom and mom or dad and dad. Is it any wonder the last few generations of children are so mentally screwed up?  America where mentally ill individuals are treated with compassion instead of using legal tactics to shove their toxic and destructive behavior down our throats. A nation united under God that held this country true for more than 200 years until the last fifty years when degeneracy and deviancy began to take over.

No, I’m not suggesting every American be forced to be a Christian but this country WAS founded on Christian beliefs. For so long America was a moral nation and we all got along just fine. Then came the “sexual revolution” and drugs.  Out went morals and in came abortion. Satan’s pimps where unleashed.

The New England Primer of 1777 – America’s first school book:

“In the early colonial period, reading the Bible was the primary reason and motivation for learning to read. For example, in 1647, the “Old Deluder Act” was passed by the Massachusetts General Court required every township with 50 or more families to hire a teacher. Similar legislation quickly spread to the other New England colonies, being the first step towards compulsory education. The preamble was explicit that knowledge of the Scriptures was the chief goal, and that “one chief project of that old deluder, Satan, [is] to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures”…..

“This connection and between learning the alphabet and learning Scripture and doctrine is pervasive in The New England Primer. And the concern that children come to know Christ as Savior and Lord is obvious. By the modern taste, specific language in the Primer is frequently termed stern and morbid. Our modern culture tries to avoid the recognition of death. But to the colonial culture, where death was ever present, the reality of coming to know Christ before one’s demise was of urgent concern.”

I wasn’t able to do a Christmas column, but would like to close with my usual watch this short video, Silent Night. First box top left (Says Mix 50+). It truly is magnificent; turn up the volume and enlarge the screen.  What a voice.  Also wishing you and yours a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Day.

[Devvy’s Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions”. 400 pages of facts and solutions.]

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