Jytte Walter

For the last three weeks NWV have been making a plea through the eyes and feelings of their grandchild, Keira, to help save her mother, Tiffany, from stage three breast cancer by donating through GoFundMe.com.

We can all identify with a little 15 month old baby girl loosing her mother. The Kerwins , Keira, Tiffany and husband Sten are a close and loving little family. Three peas in a pod.  It would be wonderful to keep it that way.

Will you give it one last effort through GoFundMe.com? Memorial Day is the last day to reach the $45,000 needed for Tiffany’s treatment at Hope4Cancer in Mexico. Cancer treatment without chemotherapy and surgery!

Your giving and compassionate hearts have been amazing and it has touched us deeply. We will be forever grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you.

We will keep you informed about her progress.


Jytte Walter

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