The War Of Attrition

(These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.)

Almost everyone knows what it is like to live with a family member, a friend, or a work colleague, who through an outright or subtle form of manipulation, can eventually wear you down into submission.

Sometimes, we call it a ‘battle of wills’; as we attempt to fight off a wilful or controlling spirit that manifests itself through many relationships that we are involved in.   You can be urged to believe its ideals, cater to its requests, and forced to adhere to its ways.

A spirit of conformity eventually robs you of your true identity, if you are not aware.   Grinded down, some have completely lost the battle for their souls.  Attrition warfare, a process of wearing down an opponent has been taking place, ‘spiritually’.  Your energy has been stolen, bit by bit, to feed an entity that has no decent life force of its own.  It has used the adage of the ‘common good’ or ‘keeping the peace’ as a tactic against you in its arsenal.

On a global scale, this invisible entity has also been building up an army of soldiers and snipers to use ammunition to fire against its very own comrades.

Covert agents are everywhere residing in the media, government services, the health service, education, and religion.

Death is the outcome.   You are the target, and your co-operation is demanded, and not requested.

Common Purpose

A malevolent spirit, which can be experienced in the majority of public workplaces, and for which most people cannot quite fully explain or put their finger upon, is a form of oppression disguised under leadership or change management, that creates a sense of instability and confusion, depending on how many times you go through a process of change.   It has been infiltrating society over quite a number of years.

It is not unusual on occasion to detect a very common trend in tactics used through specialized learning and behaviour techniques, such as NLP, which eventually finds you somehow agreeing with an outcome instigated by a friendly facilitator who has already pre-planned the outcome of how you will view and deal with a project.

You can sometimes sense you have been merely ‘used’ in your association with people who use behaviour techniques, and they are sometimes unaware of the effect and the damage they have created.

This system can rob you of your own individual and creative skills and also rob you of your free will.  It will also edify the facilitator into falsely believing they are the new and ‘much wiser’ leader in society for achieving the desired outcome.   Eventually, you learn never to trust them, even though they believe they are leading by example.

It is widely reported that Common Purpose, CP, a political charity, reported to be funded by public money, may be at the root cause of destroying democracy, by selecting personnel who work in the public sector into their leadership programmes to influence and determine their desired change.   Using Neuro Linguistic Programming and behavioural techniques, Common Purpose boasts that it trains the future leaders of society, and that at the core of what they do are two strands of thought leadership:

Leading Beyond Authority and Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

If you have noticed over a period of time that public services such as local councils who once served the community have now changed into law enforcers; it may be possible that the senior leaders of those organizations have partaken in common purpose training, and disseminated that work ethos down through the organization and out into society.

It is reported there are now 65,000 CP Alumni worldwide having an impact on the cities they operate in and 4,000 new leaders benefiting from the programme every year.

You can read about the organization here and the global impact it is having upon the world.

And for further information about the exposure of Common Purpose you can read about it below:

[Link One], [Link Two]

Cultural Intelligence training, which also works alongside Emotional Intelligence and considered a vital requirement if you wish to get on in leadership positions; may appear to be a very considerate way of respecting the differences in other cultures or lifestyles in order to work more effectively in business.

However, in effect, is it really about learning how to make a multi-cultural society blend into one, and is it side-lining anyone’s beliefs that just may not tie up with common purpose ideals?

Cultural Intelligence talks a lot about your core and your flex.   The core is who you are and the beliefs that you have and which should not change.   The flex is your adaptability, your knowledge and your consideration towards other cultures in order to work together without changing your core.

However, one does not have to assume what cultural intelligence is, when on a daily basis we personally experience the reality of the very biased consideration which is continually being given to others.    The foundations of the British way of life have been sacrificed and it has lost its own identity.

Consider just a few examples of what is really taking place.

The case of Joshua Sutcliffe, a Christian maths teacher at a school in Oxfordshire facing discipline for calling a female student a ‘girl’ when they wanted to be called a boy.  The school has accused Joshua of ‘mis-gendering’ the pupil contravening the school’s equality policy. 

Felix Ngole, expelled from his course at Sheffield University for stating his Christian views on marriage and sexual ethics on Facebook.   It is thought his views could have offended someone.

Sarah Kuteh a Christian nurse fired by the NHS for talking to patients about her faith while she was helping them get ready for surgery.

Richard Page, a magistrate who has been disciplined by a Cabinet minister and England’s highest judge for saying that he thought a child’s best interests lie in being raised by a mother and a father.

Barry Trayhorn, a Pentecostal minister forced to resign after a complaint was made about a bible verse he quoted at a prison chapel service.

(These cases are being defended by Christian Concern lawyers)

 All of these cases have happened within health, education law, and religion, and are not isolated cases.  They happen on a daily basis.

The above people are being punished for their ‘beliefs’ which can be kept private, but never expressed.   They now stand outside the new norms of society, as they have not yet conformed or compromised.    They unfortunately will never be able to have enough ‘flex’ to progress in their careers in society, despite being very gifted and experienced people.  They must be punished.

With emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and social intelligence all being used as a superior standard of interacting with people, the genuine is becoming lost and we live in a false world of caring for each other, whilst destroying each other with lies.

People are suffering under attrition warfare, a sustained process of wearing down an opponent until they physically collapse and they lose the will to fight.

As Christ was crucified on the cross, the truth is being crucified in the UK.

Who will win this War of Attrition, and which side will you stand on, the winner or the losers?    Who is your leader, and who are you following?

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