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At one time, San Francisco was one of the seven most beautiful cities on earth.  Visiting that onetime shining city on a hill as a young lad with my family was a most treasured affair.  Although it was during the month of August, the weather was perfectly comfortable and pleasant.  Everywhere was just beautiful and clean.  It was a pleasure walking in the parks, on the streets, in the neighborhoods, or in the downtown district.  The thing that stood out to me was the city’s cleanliness and the pride the people had in their lovely city by the bay.  I truly left my young heart in San Francisco.  That is why the planned destruction of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Oregon and my favorite city New York is especially disheartening.  The political, immoral/religious, and economic leftists have for decades devised and acted upon ways to bring about a multifaceted destruction of our beloved republic.

Their destructive mission of cities is not limited to the major coastal metropolises.  Great cities referred to by the leftist elites as flyover country such as Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit were dethroned by American leftist policies from their position as the world’s greatest concentration of manufacturing prowess.  Rather than pursue or expand on the good economic free market policies that made Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit the manufacturing floor of the world, both the local and federal governments literally trashed those cities.  Then unsavory leftist city politicians literally fooled gullible voters to accept economy crippling regulations and record high taxes as a way to further improve their quality of life.

In addition, leftists were then joined by foolish republican conservatives and together they put the United States at a huge disadvantage by signing on to international trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT.  Both gave international trading competitor nations complete advantage over the United States as places to manufacture goods ranging from steel, televisions, watches, clothing, computers, shoes, etc., etc.  At the same time, the leftists seized complete control of our education system, where many Americans, particularly blacks were indoctrinated into believing they were nothing but victims. Thus, blacks were convinced they had no chance to make a good go of it in the United States, particularly if you were a young black male.  This was part of the overall strategy of dividing Americans one against the other.

Of course, the leftists were not satisfied with destroying our American manufacturing prowess and making certain people believe they are victims with very little hope.  Leftists today understand, just like the Founding Fathers long knew, that in order for “We the People” to remain free, we must maintain a high level of good morality.  Without the blessing of a high moral standard based upon self governance, respecting others and their property and appreciation of God family and country, our way of life will be doomed.  The mission of the leftists is, as they have been known to say “by any means necessary” is to literally destroy our beloved republic.  This is without a doubt one hundred percent true.  It is most unfortunate to witness the legions of indoctrinated younger Americans who literally want see the united States adopt socialism and ditch Free Market Economics.  This despite the overwhelming reems of information regarding the fall of Venezuela into the clutches of a nanny goat cradle to grave dictatorship.

This is what the leftist long ago were talking about when they used to say they would “take over the United States without firing a shot.”  One of the main factors that can literally destroy the leftist mission of destruction is plain and simple truth.  Take the United States southern border issue for example.  For years, even before the Donald was elected president, when the need for southern border protection was brought forth, certain folks, mainly leftists would howl about the high cost of building a wall.  “That is a waste of too many tax dollars taking resources away from needed programs or the military.”  The sudden concern about taking any amount of money from the military budget is hysterically laughable.  The president was granted the go ahead to take $3.7 Billion from the record military budget totaling well over $700 Billion, a mere drop in the bucket.

The president correctly described the border situation as a national security threat as well.  Yet the leftists and a few slimy rinos howled from the rooftops about the nerve of the president to take all of that money to “build that wall.”   To add insult to injury, not once have the leftists or slimy rinos complained about $190 Billion tax dollars being spent so far this year alone to coddle illegal border crossers.  The thankless illegals are rewarded with free housing and everything else they want at taxpayer expense.  The leftists want America to waste all of her financial resources on causes that waste our tax payer dollars, but financially fuel practices that literally help those hell bent on destroying our republic.  I am convinced that ultimately the leftists will lose.  But victory will only be achieved through the wise application of opposition to the leftist onslaught.  May God grant us the will, the wisdom and the way to rebuild our great republic.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless god.  Join me via the Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 4:00 PM EDT, 1:00 PM PT on  Check out my website

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