by Lex Greene

I know, the Nazis running our country these days have total control over the news media and social media, and they only allow ONE narrative in the USA right now, their false narrative. That has conned millions of Americans into voluntarily accepting a “fake vaccine” that has already maimed millions and killed tens of thousands.

Everyone who has taken these “fake vaccines” had good intentions. They simply trusted that their government, the news media, the Nazi scientists and go-along-to-get-along health professionals pushing these “fake vaccines” would “do them no harm.” For the most part, the same mindless dotes that voted for a totally mindless lifelong criminal career politician last November, have been conned, bribed, coerced and threatened into “fake vax” compliance.

However, there are only a few indisputable facts that should have kept every Citizen from making this fatal mistake… and here they are…

Indisputable FACT #1 – Every year, approximately 0.9% of American citizens die. They die of many different causes, from heart disease to cancer, and yes, the flu and cold. Each year, the total number of USA deaths moves around a bit, but only by one-one hundredth of one percent. In 2019, before the COVID PLAN-demic, 0.8782% died of multiple causes. In 2020, under the COVID19 PLAN-demic, this number was 0.8880%, up just under one-one hundredth of one percent.

Indisputable CONCLUSION: It is entirely impossible for this to be true, if there was any “killer virus” flooding the country, as we have been so advised by the mad “experts.” This is NOT to say that no one ever gets sick or dies. It’s to prove that we have been lied to from day one about this PLAN-demic.

Indisputable FACT #2 – For many years now, the W.H.O. and CDC have required an event to impact at least 7% of the population, before labeling the event an “epidemic.” According to the CDC as of this morning, 39,668,541 Americans have been infected by COVID19, 11.9% of the USA population. However, more than 80% have been asymptomatic, also known as “false positive,” which brings the real case number to date down to 7,933,708…or, 2.4% of the USA population. The number of COVID cases has been overstated by at least 500% – and actual COVID deaths have been overstated by at least 1600%.

Indisputable CONCLUSION:The CDC and W.H.O. have intentionally and grossly overstated the facts with a clear intent to mislead Citizens, frighten them and eventually, con, bribe, intimidate, threaten, coerce, or otherwise FORCE Citizens into voluntarily accepting “fake vaccines” without any real foundation for even needing a vaccine at all.

Indisputable FACT #3 – If masks, social distancing and quarantining healthy people worked, this so-called “pandemic”would have been long gone by April of 2020. The real “science” is printed on the side of every mask box…they are not designed to, or capable of, preventing the spread of any virus.

Indisputable CONCLUSION: Of course, that would have meant that we had no need for “mail-in ballot elections” making it very easy for the global left to steal the 2020 elections and seize total control of the U.S. Federal government. It’s all about Pavlov training all Americans to do even the dumbest things…if Simon says so.

Indisputable FACT #4 – To date, COVID19 has had an overall survival rate of 99.8% in the USA…even with our government blocking access to known cures like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

Indisputable CONCLUSION: Americans have been Pavlov trained by our government and their social-engineering news media, to fear everything. Today’s Americans are so scared of every little thing, even when it makes no common sense whatsoever, that they are forfeiting their freedom and liberty for what they think is an ounce of safety. Sadly, the “fake vaccines” are FAR from safe. You have a better chance of surviving a direct lightning strike, than surviving these “fake vaccines.”

Indisputable FACT #5 – NO ONE has the legal, moral, or ethical RIGHT or authority to FORCE vaccinate, mask, social distance or quarantine any healthy person, ever, for any reason at all. By NO ONE, I mean NO ONE! Public servants are “servants of the people,” not elected or appointed dictators. They don’t issue “mandates,” instead, they must follow – OUR – mandates, well defined in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Amendment 4 guarantees every Citizen an inalienable RIGHT to be “secure in their person.”

Indisputable CONCLUSION: In addition to founding document protections, numerous Federal and State Laws, as well as past Supreme Court decisions, have outlawed any notion that anyone has the legal Right or authority to FORCE any medical mandates on any individual, much less the entire population. In fact, the use of mRNA technology on human beings has been strictly prohibited.

Now, I could keep going for pages here…however, these five indisputable FACTS should be all that any half-intelligent truth-seeking Citizen needs to know exactly what danger the Biden regime has forced every American Citizen into… It’s all a lie, and it’s unlawful and unconstitutional as well.

I hear people calling for the “impeachment of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.” But in the USA, we don’t impeach treasonous frauds, we arrest them and prosecute them for their crimes against the USA and all humanity. This is NOT a game…Life and liberty hangs in the balance!

Before there is nothing left but violent options, the American people must FOLLOW THE REAL SCIENCE presented here, UNITE in common to STOP ONGOING COVID TYRANNY and secure the future of Freedom and Liberty not only for ourselves, but for all posterity and freedom loving people all over the world.

Begin by JOINING a NATIONWIDE STRIKE to shut down the tyrants before they lock us all down again. If we wait for them to be on every doorstep, we will have waited far too long.

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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