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[These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years. Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.]

One can barely want to even imagine what it must be like for a man to wake up from a drug induced stupor and discover the sheer horror of finding themselves being raped by another man.

Adult male rape is something we just don’t think happens; we just don’t want to; and amidst many reports of physical abuse between men and women, reports of male rape committed by men are of course rarely reported. There is a certain silence and a stigma and an understandable embarrassment which surrounds male on male rape and it silences men from reporting the crime. It is very unlikely you would see a Me-Too campaign specifically for men who have been raped.

However, last week, a news report briefly appeared in the UK highlighting this abuse. It appeared amidst the major headlines of the taking out of Qasem Soleimani, and also the apparent ‘crisis’ surrounding the Royal Family in relation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan) who wish to step down from royal duties?

Reynhard Sinaga, aged 36, from Manchester, UK, but originally from Indonesia, was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping up to 195 men.  He has been labelled as the UK’s most prolific rapist.

Most of his victims were targeted in the early hours outside Manchester nightclubs by Sinaga, who, it is reported, posed as a ‘good Samaritan’ assisting men who had been separated from their friends. But after luring them to an apartment nearby, he would then drug and rape them.

Despite our perceptions that adult male rape is committed against homosexual men, in this case the majority of the rapes committed by Sinaga were intentionally targeted against heterosexual men. Why would that be, other than despite Sinaga being homosexual himself, he had a particular hatred towards the heterosexual man and believed he could change them?

Sinaga had also filmed up to 195 rapes that he had committed. He derived pleasure from watching himself. It is reported that the victims who were approached and then interviewed by the police in relation to the films that they discovered on Sinaga’s iphone, had not reported the incident, but that they had all been severely traumatised and that one is known to have attempted suicide unable to tell his family and friends about his terrible ordeal.

In researching the story I also discovered that in some of the articles written about Sinaga he is identified as being ‘Christian’ or ‘Catholic’.   This was quite a change from the usual and more recent reporting of rape gangs who have targeted children in the UK, where assailants have been described as descending from certain continents or countries rather than being identified as having a certain religion.  The use of the word Samaritan was also unashamedly used in some of the reports.

It was like a multiple rape implying ‘Christianity’ is somehow linked to this one man’s evil nature, whereas, Christianity most certainly admonishes all un-natural vices and never encourages sodomy.

Reynhard Sinaga worlds worst rapist
Reynhard Sinaga: evil sexual predator spent years targeting the vulnerable

The Rise of Narcissism and the Jezebel Spirit

Is there any connection between narcissism and some of our current headlines?

The number of people now researching narcissism on the internet and the effects that this is possibly having on their relationships is reportedly growing.

Has an ‘all about me’ epidemic taken place which stems from social media encouraged self aggrandisement?

Has feminism, with its attack on all things which it considers patriarchal played a part in ushering in a narcisstic spirit which in religious terms is also called the Jezebel spirit?

Whilst the term narcissism should not be thrown around unthinkingly or mistaken for a genuine need for some sort of attention due to insecurity or rejection, narcissism is indeed a spirit which takes and displaces the identity of another to feed its very own sense of self worth regardless of the consequences on the other person.   A true narcissist is never completely satisfied, and has no remorse that it has robbed or hurt another.

The narcissist views others as servants. It wants the essence and the life force of its victim to feed its own ego.

Covertly, it has many ways of disguising itself, sometimes even hiding behind religion or humanitarian efforts in order to be viewed as a noble person.

Surely, we are familiar with a very liberal agenda which despite the pitfalls of obvious wrongs, elevates its own sense of self worth in taking a moral high-ground to get its own way or state a case.  Some Hollywood acceptance speeches may be an example of the points I make.

Strange to hear such actors/actresses label President Trump as an unstable narcissist and in the same breath apologize to Iran for the death of Qasem Soleimani, who was a known terrorist?

The attack on the family, on gender, the elderly and the un-born, may possibly stem from Jezebel, whose spirit can live in both female and male.

Destruction was and is her ultimate goal.

Chad’s and Stacey’s Dilemma

In a recent article printed in 2018, for The Verge, an author writes candidly about the intentional killing of women.    The article entitled “The internet is enabling a community of men who want to kill women. They need to be stopped’ referred to the Toronto massacre by Alek Minassian, who indiscriminately drove into people killing 10 and injuring 15, and also cited 22 year old Elliot Rodger, of the Isla Vista massacre who in 2014 killed 6 people and injured 14 others before killing himself.  You can read the article here.

It is reported that both men were part of an online ‘incel’ community where men openly express their hatred of women based on their rejection by them.

The incel community (men who are involuntarily celibate) however hates all people, both men and women, and in incel speak, the Chad’s are considered to be men who are successful with women, and Stacey’s are women who reject incel’s. Interestingly it is reported that Elliot Rodger referred to himself as an alpha male in a transcript known as Elliot Rodgers Retribution.

In both of the above massacre’s both men and women were killed.  From the transcript, Elliot’s mental health stemmed from loneliness, rejection and hatred towards mankind. He blamed this upon women for his hatred, and also viewed himself as a superior god above the rest of mankind.

Transcript of the disturbing video ‘Elliot Rodger’s Retribution’
Elliot Rodger: How misogynist killer became ‘incel hero’
Toronto Van Driver Kills at Least 10 People in ‘Pure Carnage’

Defending the Realm

In a recent article by The Spectator, entitled “Why People who hate Brexit love Megxit” by Brendan O’Neill, referring to Harry and Meghan’s exit, writes:

“My mum, like many others, is shocked at how they have treated Harry’s gran. Reports that the Queen is alarmed and pained by the couple’s decision to bugger off to Canada has irritated huge numbers of people.

Why people who hate Brexit love Megxit?

I have to say I smiled at this, and how the reference to the abandonment of your gran causes alarm.  It is certainly a female trait that a mother or grandmother may view the actions of their sons or grandchildren as abandonment, although in this instance, in my opinion, it may be that there could be concern about the demise of Harry’s very own personality, which we are slowly watching change?

This Evil Poison – Hatred

The feminization and the hatred of men is witnessed most prominently against the figure of Jesus Christ, and whether you are a believer in him or not, the attack on his character indicates an assault which should be very evident to both men and women alike.  Why is that?

His image has been desecrated to such an extent that we now have a Christ who is totally dependent on his mother, a Christ who was married, a Christ who is gay, and a Christ who wears high heels, indicating he was transgender!  His name is thrown around as a curse word by some who may never know him and the reverence and respect that they would give to other, more dominant gods of other religions, does not diminish the Christian faith but exposes a certain hypocrisy and a very evident weakness

The recent Netflix showing of ‘The First Temptation of Christ’ by comedy group Porta dos Fundos which depicts a gay Jesus bringing his boyfriend home to meet his family, is just one of the many weak attacks made against mankind and the Christian faith.

Whilst Porta dos Fundos were receiving their accolades around the world, persecuted Christians in Middle Eastern countries are being raped and killed daily for following Christianity. Maybe, gone with be the laughter when such persecution reaches home.

Persecution Stories
Country Profiles

Understanding the part we play in destroying men should be a humbling and revealing experience. Forgiveness and understanding towards our fallen natures whilst acknowledging that evil is real and needs exposing, and at times ‘destroyed’ for our own protection takes strength.

The emphasis on the rape of men in all it’s many forms, without the mention of the rape of women, will reveal an annoyance in many people’s minds, but it shouldn’t. Equality needs revising. It should be a catalyst to show that hatred is really at the root cause of all of our problems. Everyone suffers.

Reconciliation by Josefina de Vasconcellos, who after the war read about a woman who crossed Europe on foot to find her husband, and was so moved that she made the sculpture. Coventry Cathedral, UK

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