Today is rape the American people day commonly known as income-tax day.

Seven years ago last week I wrote this column: Americans Love the IRS and the Income Tax

“This year you will work until April 17th to pay for all the massive debt created by incumbents in the Outlaw Congress:

( – “Americans have until April 17 to file their federal tax returns this year, and ironically, according to the Tax Foundation, the average American will have to work from Jan.1 until exactly that day just to pay his or her share of the taxes that government will absorb this year.”

“Trillions stolen from we the people to fund unconstitutional foreign aid, cabinets, agencies, loans and a million other categories.

“This year you will be forced with the threat of imprisonment and bankruptcy, to file an “income” tax return even though the income tax does not apply to most Americans.

“But, none of this seems to matter to the nearly 100 million Americans who continue to reelect the same liars for hire to the U.S. Congress.

“For the past few months enthusiastic supporters of incumbents have been out there working to get their Congress critter reelected. The same miscreants who steal from us, lie to us and cheat us out of our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. The same incumbents who have and continue to lie to those enthusiastic supporters about the nature of the “income” tax.

“Roughly 100 million Americans working for their own destruction while thinking it’s a good idea. Classic Sun Tzu’s Art of War.”

99.999% of Americans have no idea where this “income tax” actually goes. Oh, most Americans believe we just have to pay those taxes for all the services and ‘freebies’ provided by the federal government teat. Recipients care nothing about the U.S. Constitution and the restrictions placed on Congress and what they can and cannot do with your money.

President’s Private Sector Survey On Cost Control – A Report to The President (Reagan)

January 15, 1984. Available from the Congressional Research Service.
The excerpt below can be found on page 12.

  • “Importantly, any meaningful increases in taxes from personal income would have to come from lower and middle income families, as 90% of all personal taxable income is generated below the taxable income level of $35,000.
  • Further, there isn’t much more that can be extracted from high income brackets. If the
    Government took 100% of all taxable income beyond the $75,000 tax bracket not already taxed, it would get only $17 billion, and this confiscation, which would destroy productive enterprise, would only be sufficient to run the Government for several days.
  • Resistance to additional income taxes would be even more widespread if people were aware that:
  • With two-thirds of everyone’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Government contributions to transfer payments.
  • In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their government.”

99.999% of Americans do NOT understand the income tax does not apply to domestic Americans. They pay out of fear. Instead of taking the time to read the EVIDENCE in black and white, they continue to reelect the same criminals back to Congress who protect the big lie enforced by the IRS.

Taxes for Revenue are Obsolete by Beardsley Ruml, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1946

Treasure Trove on the income tax and the non-ratified Sixteenth Amendment. The so-called income tax amendment- an amendment that did NOT confer any new power of taxation. The Law That Always Was: Vern Holland wrote this excellent book making the case that a tax on incomes is the exercise of the direct taxing power, and the 16th Amendment did not change or modify this power. Read this book; free on line at link above.

Trillions in borrowed debt to pay for all the unconstitutional programs and cabinets because tens and tens of millions of Americans DEMAND Congress violate their oath of office. It’s called dependency. The ravenous mobs demand more and more while never giving a thought how it will be paid for. Like Rome:

Tiberius, the Caesar of the time, responded to this attack:

“I am a soldier. I am surrounded by sycophants and liars, and in that Diodorus speaks truth. What is lavish and uncomprehending praise given out of self-seeking and fear?

“What is flattery if lips that speak it only fawn, and in that fawning profit? The dull ear is servant to a duller tongue. As a I solider I prefer men of simple truth and without complexities who speak in honor and of patriotism. But where are men today in Rome?”

“Let me tell you this,” said Tiberius, quietly. “Venal Caesars, power-mad Caesars, never seize power, never destroy law and their country. Their power is forced on them by an evil and despicable people, a selfish and cowardly people. Where are the guardians of the people’s liberty then? You are silent, you are slaves in spirit, you are thieves and cowards. But a people deserve their lawmakers.”

“Rome!” he said. “Do I recognize this Rome of polyglot slaves, of Scythians, Britons, Gauls, barbarians, Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, and the scum of a whole world? Where are the Romans? They have lost their identity. They have lost their tongues, their minds, their souls, their virility. What have I to do with such a Rome? I am not an honorable man! I am what my people have made me. I am their captive, not their Emperor. Here is no escaping the evil of a debased people.”

“I am here only to do the filthy will of a nation obstinately determined to commit suicide. If I break the law and the Constitution in their greedy behalf, they applaud me. If I have given up my hope of restoring the Treasury, they praise me for having their welfare at heart. Their welfare! Dogs and jackals!” End of quote.”

Ron Paul: GOP Responsible For Socialism’s Comeback: “Many Republican politicians – and even conservative intellectuals – will say they are being pragmatic by not fighting progressives on first principles, but instead limiting the damage done by the welfare state.  The problem with this line is that, by accepting the premise that government can and should solve all of life’s problems, conservatives and Republicans will inevitably get into a “bidding war” with progressives and Democrats.

“The only way Republicans can then win is to join Democrats in continually increasing spending and creating new programs.  This is why the so-called “conservative welfare state” ends up as bloated and expansive as the progressive welfare state.”

Is ANYONE paying attention? $2,198,468,000,000: Federal Spending Hit 10-Year High Through March; Taxes Hit 5-Year Low

When your bank account is overdrawn $22 TRILLION dollars with another $220 TRILLION in unpaid bills, how do you keep spending TRILLIONS more? Borrow from the magical money machine, The Fed! I know, I sound like a broken record but millions of Americans are in denial about the economy and the debt.

Prepare for $80 oil this summer as ‘wounded bulls’ rise, RBC warns

A Tragedy Unfolding: This Is ALL Going To End Badly, Central Banks Are TRAPPED, April 11, 2019

In a recent column I wrote about the devastation to our farming families and the cause – besides the recent, catastrophic flooding. My God, do Americans not understand the threat to our food supply or would people rather buy from our enemies? Well, most of the herds lined up at the trough are incapable of understanding the problem. Just pile their plates with as much as possible without a thought to anything more than chewing their cud.

Remember Trump’s new trade deal to replace the unconstitutional NAFTA Agreement? Oh, it was going to do so much for dairy farmers. Really? Like the income tax reform deal sold to desperate America. How’d that work out for you this year?

For me, a draw. Nothing owed, nothing to pay. My 91-year old mother fared slightly better but it didn’t turn out to be the panacea everyone thought so now there’s pow-wow’s going on in the WH among the incompetent for round two. Make me gag.

Wrenching video from Pine Island dairy farmer highlights desperation on the farm, April 11, 2019

2019 is the year when the farming industry began to unravel as extreme weather and disease is hitting already stressed farmers around the world, April 12, 2019

Sadly, mass murderer FDR got the ball rolling with LBJ taking it over the finish line. Not to mention stealing the fruits of OUR labor to buy the favors of our enemies and countries who’ve been instrumental in seeing the massive human invasion coming across our border continue.

Sporting cell phones, brand-name clothes — and babies, another 1,000-strong migrant caravan heads for the US, April 11, 2019; hope you read the full column. It’s not long but right to the point:

“The press is reporting that these places are economic disaster areas and the impoverished border-surgers’ choice to emigrate to the U.S. illegally can be only because they are escaping poverty.  What baloney.  The data show that border-surgers are actually fleeing booming economies, not Venezuelan-style hellholes, and are beefing their home countries’ economies up further with their surging remittances, signaling more to come.

“Big dollar surges into a country can very well propel lots of money for investment and consumption, as well as prop up the tax base of these countries, bolstering these governments.  That would explain why so many of the previous caravan border-surgers had such new-looking clothes and lifestyles of the rich and famous Instagrams, as well as some spectacular ingratitude.

“Hellholes these places are not — they’ve got a lot of money out there to pay for their poor, from both remittances and their booming economies at home — and they don’t do it.  Worse still, that $17 billion they took in last year, tax-free, and the $120 billion they took over the decade, tax free, subtracts that much money from U.S. GNP.  What a gift these places have been getting.  Forget not that they are also the largest recipients of U.S. aid.”

Good news in the fight to stop illegal alien Amnesty bill S. 874 from becoming law

Border Patrol official: Caravan-size influx of migrants arriving every week in Rio Grande Valley – last week

Every Illegal Alien Costs Americans $70K Over Their Lifetime – Freeloaders, many bringing in long ago eradicated diseases to suck off YOUR paycheck when they have no legal right to anything but shipping them out of here.

Twice deported illegal alien from murdered an innocent American woman – after the POS raped her of course. April 11, 2019. Every day Americans are being murdered by these animals while 90% of the U.S. Congress – both parties – do nothing but hurl political vomit at each other.

Exclusive–Study: Over 10K Illegal Aliens in U.S. from Terrorist-Sponsored Countries‘Sleeper cells ready and waiting for the order’- 6,000 are from Iran – Will you or your family be in the wrong place at the wrong time when one of the terrorist cells we KNOW are in this country biding their time decide to make a move?

Do it, Mr. President: Kris Kobach: Catch and Release Can Be Instantly Ended Without Congress

Their lives have been Hell for decades because Americans keep reelecting the SAME failures back to Congress, both parties, who have played their damn political games and here we are being crushed by human wave after wave getting on U.S. soil:

Donald Trump Deeply Moved by Border Crisis Stories from Texas Landowners

Pentagon Awards $1 Billion to Build Trump Border Wall, April 9, 2019

On US-Mexico border, militia vow to patrol until ‘wall is up’, April 10, 2019

Former Border Patrol Chief: We Can’t Properly Vet 650,000 Migrants Being Released, April 7, 2019

Democratic/Communist Party USA governor: State gives $250k for law students to rep illegals in court New Jersey. You’re going right down the crapper along with California. What lunacy while illegals laugh themselves silly.

Construction is underway on selected sections of the wall and barriers but hundreds of thousands of unvetted human leeches and criminals have already crossed the border in the last year.

Sadly, Trump won’t seal the border with our military because of politics. I know, activist judges have stabbed him and the Constitution in the back with very effort, but Trump is now on the campaign trail. Game changed.

Trade is the other reason. NOT one penny of my money has gone to Mexico since NAFTA was passed. Not for food or any other product. That includes Peru, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador and the rest of them. Grapes, melons from those countries are flooding our grocery stores. They can sit and rot. I’ll wait until our farmers harvest.

However, give Trump credit, he is trying other actions. Remember this: Ilegals who steal jobs that belong to Americans have sent BILLIONS to their ‘mother’ country. BILLIONS that belong HERE in OUR country.

HELL YES: Trump Sends $23.6 Billion Message To Mexico, And Americans Will Win BIG TIME

Thanks to the US Taxpayers – Mexico is No Longer Poor and Could Easily Stop Migrant Caravans if it Wanted to, April 7, 2019. Watermelon the other day at the store from Mexico. I looked at the label and walked away. Soon Texas watermelons will be here. I can wait.

When I say revolution, I don’t mean the violent kind. I mean the ballot box. Do you know the first primaries for the 2020 elections start in eight months? That’s right. Here is the list of all primaries, caucuses and conventions. Eight months will be here before you know it. January starts the primaries.

I get sick and tired of hearing people say it’s a waste of time to vote. Yeah, we KNOW vote fraud, electronic and human is rampant in this country. Texas has been busy convicting cheaters while too many other states do nothing.

We KNOW illegal aliens who can’t even speak ten words of English are voting while scum like Gov. Gavin Newson of California lays out the welcome mat for them because they vote for the Democratic/Communist Party USA.

Unless and until enough Americans are willing to sacrifice their time and stand firm, that isn’t going to change. Enough citizens in every county have to demand paper ballots. Get rid of the machines. I don’t care how secure they allegedly are, hacking continues. Unless and until alleged losers conduct a forensic investigation of their race, vote fraud will continue to keep true constitutional candidates out.

Used to be Americans fought for fair elections – yeah, in the case below with force. In case you missed this piece of history: The Battle Of Athens, TN

Unless and until conservatives and independents get out of denial, the same old “conservative” incumbents will win the primaries and then what happens in November? You have played right into the hands of our enemies. Instead of a constitutionalist on the ballot because not enough citizens in the district got off their butts and worked to get a candidate elected, you get the incumbent or a Demorat.

It’s time to act like people determined to be free – Tom DeWeese

Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21

In my district Jody Arrington is called a conservative; U.S. House. Yeah, he conserves the same unconstitutional spending and has no clue about the major cancers killing this country. Oh, but he’s pro-life! So were his two challengers, one I voted for twice. This is what just irks me to no end. Voters act like a challenger is to be ignored even though they stand the same on issues as you do. Hey, easier to do nothing and just hit the button for the incumbents. And people wonder why we continue to sink into ruin?

Arrington is very popular in this district. He did NOT support the bill to stop double taxing of social security benefits but how many voters in my district even knew about Rep. Massie’s bill? A handful, maybe. You see, it’s lack of information and knowledge that keeps voters chained to the damn incumbent while true constitutional conservatives go unsupported. That’s why it’s equally important to hound your local newspaper into running information about bills in Congress as well as your state house.

And quit listening to people like Ann Coulter who slobbered all over herself to support Sen. Mitch McConnell over a fine challenger. McConnell is one of the dirtiest crooks in Congress yet Coulter couldn’t yell loud enough to get him reelected. The SOB belongs in a federal prison.

Is this what YOU want? It is YOUR “conservative” incumbent that needs to go with the exception of a handful who need to stay in Congress: Rep. Massie, Nunes, Mo Brooks, Andy Barr and a few others. Remember: We had a Republican controlled Congress under Trump until last December.

Did that Republican majority close the border? No. Did they abolish the beast aka Federal Reserve? No. Did they come clean about the misapplication of the income tax code? No. Did they pass the bill to get US out of the communist controlled UN? No. Did they stop the insane spending on unconstitutional cabinets and programs? No. Did they stop the unconstitutional rape called foreign aid? No. The list is endless yet NOTHING got done except more spending.

Yes, President Trump has been able to get some good things accomplished, more than people know. But, he can only do so much through Executive Orders. The rest has to be done by Congress. RINOs in the House and Senate (only 1/3d of the Senate who have NO right to be in office since the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was NOT ratified will be up for reelection in 2020) must get booted during the upcoming primaries or we will END UP WITH THE SAME COWARDS. GUTLESS PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY.

The same applies to your state house and local elections. Right now, where I live, we have a mayoral election coming up. I want one candidate to win otherwise, it will be the same old, same old. If YOU don’t get out there and fight for fair elections and work for a candidate they cannot get elected.

NOTHING right now is more important. Not hockey games, not shopping, not going to the movies, playing video games or going fishing. We have to get these phony conservative incumbents booted during the primaries starting in Jan 2020 or nothing will change.

It will not change because next Nov. you will vote for that GOP incumbent because it’s your only choice. I see it every two years and then watch Americans wring their hands for the next two years. An endless cycle like addiction voters can break but YOU have to make the effort. You can’t have a revolution if no one shows up and that’s exactly what the shadow government counts on election after election.

The party favorite hack gets financial backing while our Patrick Henry’s running throughout the states can’t even buy signs. I’m sorry, but if you’re too busy to fight for freedom then you don’t deserve it.

You say you want a revolution? You say we have to take our country back? It will NOT happen until enough conservatives and independents in this country make the sacrifice of giving up your time and at least some financial support to get freedom loving challengers elected.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. If we don’t get rid of bad incumbents and work to keep good ones based on their voting record and what issues they are fighting, things will only get worse. And, speaking of worse, I believe the Demorats have made a huge mistake with the Russia collusion hoax and all their antics over the past 2 ½ years. Which means, I believe a lot of the alleged Demorat wins in 2018 can be reversed. I think average Democrat voters outside of Hollywood, NY City and other sewers have had their fill of the circus.

They can’t do it alone. For crying out loud, look how organized the Democratic/Communist Party USA is in this country. Community organizers like the criminal impostor, Hussein Obama, right down to the local level. They are like worker ants out there while conservatives (not all, of course) vote for a name on a yard sign and contribute nothing in getting rid of incumbents.

Do you know how important local elections are in stopping Agenda 21 and ‘sustainable development’? Very. YOU have to get involved no matter how busy you are – just like I am.  YOU have to get involved with the Republican Party at your local, county level even if you don’t belong to that party and I don’t.

I am doing my best in my county to educate the wonderful Texans who live here about the solutions to our biggest problems. It’s very difficult trying to tell them what I know from being in the trenches the past 30 years now. Much of what I am able to get out at the end of each monthly GOP Club luncheon probably scares some of the people as they’ve never been given the truth.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: One of the most rewarding things to come out of networking and working for a candidate is all the wonderful people you meet in your area. Like-minded, freedom loving Americans who think they are alone. You are not, but if you don’t make the effort, you lose hope.

Our way of life is being destroyed by incumbents at all levels of government. Especially our rural communities. Our ranchers, farmers. I just want to cry some days but we cannot give up or give in. Educating our fellow Americans is critical. If they don’t understand how a problem got started, they will continue to be hood-winked by incumbents and their campaign staples like ‘smaller government’ which mean nothing to them. Just re-election.

If you can run for office, get registered. Here’s a news flash for you: MANY offices have no challenger so you can walk right in to victory. Yes, that’s true. A friend of mine did it for a seat in his state legislature. There was no opponent much to the chagrin of the opposite party. They blew it and he got elected.

So many females are running the past decade and one of the reasons is they have a husband bringing in the bacon while they campaign. I know it’s difficult for working men to run for office but start local. You can be the one who kills Agenda 21 in your county.

Find out who is running in your district and county. Call the elections division at your Secretary of State’s office at your capitol or your local county clerk. Look on-line or in your local phone book for the county GOP party HQ. Some are bigger than others but they do list.

Once you take a good look at the challenger’s qualifications and stand on issues and decide to work to oust your worthless incumbent, then you contact the candidate and help. Going door to door handing out campaign literature among other things but one of THE most effective.

We need armies all over this country from now until the end of the primary cycle. If we who cherish what’s left of our Republic don’t make the effort, we are surely doomed.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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