By Steven Yates

Mexican boy: “Viene la tormenta.
Sarah Connor: “What did he say?”
Gas station attendant:  “He said there’s a storm coming.”
Sarah Connor: “I know.”

The Terminator (1984)

How much trouble are we in, anyway?
Answer: more than I think I’ve ever seen in my life.
Maybe more than anyone presently alive has seen!
It’s not just Election 2020. as we’ll see before we’re done here.
One thing at a time. I’ll begin with the election.

With less than three weeks to go, the odds of its being disputed no matter who wins are virtually 100 percent.

No matter who emerges on top in January 2021 (if indeed by then), the other side is almost certain to cry foul.

If it’s Earpiece Joe, the right probably won’t take to the streets right away—although if there’s a believable case for mail-in-voter fraud, some might.

If Trump claims victory, it won’t take till 2021 for the left to explode. Everything I read from the mainstream screams of the left’s absolute unwillingness to accept a second Trump term as legitimate.

Countless so-called pundits are talking in terms of peaceful transition, assuming that Trump will try to thwart it and steal the election. They already have Earpiece Joe in the Oval Office.

If he gets in,we won’t complete one term. He’sin the early stages of dementia. How do I know this? First, his periodic lapses into word salad have been documented. Second, my father passed away from vascular dementia in 2009. I watched his three-year mental and physical decline. I know exactly what it looks like. Trust me. Biden has it.

And when he’s lost his way trying to find the Oval Office enough times, Kamala Harris will be made president.

She is already giving interviews about what she’ll do when she takes over.

You think that’s an accident?

She’s already said, for example, that she’ll give Congress 100 days to pass “comprehensive gun safety” legislation. I wouldn’t be surprised if she signs an executive order that effectively guts the Second Amendment.

Then the right will explode.

Conservatives can’t have missed the totalitarianism that has fallen over Australia and New Zealand in the wake of the plandemic. It should be clear to anyone with a functioning brain that this can happen to a people who allow themselves to be legally disarmed.

Gun sales in the U.S. are at all-time highs. There are people who will not give up their firearms without a fight. Some are Veterans with experience equal to and even surpassing that of anyone the federal government can send after them. (How do I know this? Personal correspondence.)

If a President Harris wants a civil war, I can’t think of a better way to start one than to try to disarm the American people.

If things get that far, it could be the most brutal fight since the 1860s.

We’ve spent the last four and a half months watching the violence and destruction the left is capable of, while corporate media has tried to paper it over with talk of “peaceful protests.”

Now imagine the right growing enough stones to fight back in an organized fashion. These groups have to not care that mainstream media will demonize them as racist and white supremacist.

I can see them taking the law into their own hands once they realize that vested authorities are scared to support them. That’s what civil war is. Two irreconcilable factions fighting for control over the same government. (That’s not what happened during the 1860s, but that’s a different article.)

That’s one storm. Category 5, by any stretch. Now for the bigger storm. The super storm, perhaps.

We mentioned the Covid-19(84) plannedemic in passing.

Author and fellow solopreneur Tom Woods sent something out to his email list earlier this week that ought to alarm us all. He reports that he received it from a friend of the author, an Australian who lives in Melbourne. I’ve left it unedited, as Tom did.

Three months since i saw another human face besides [my partner’s]

7 months since [my partner] and I had a little break together in the form of going and having a coffee down the street

Over a year since i last sat out in nature Sitting staring at the wall for 2 hours, again.. unable to move


Horrible negative emotions virtually all day

Awake entire nights, distress

I cant think of anything to look forward to because i don’t know when we will be allowed to do anything

Just go for a drive, go to the forest

Just go somewhere together, far from all of this

We are not allowed

The police could enter our homes at any point and arrest us if we say the ‘wrong’ thing online

This doesn’t feel human

I don’t smile

I don’t laugh

I worked out the other day and felt nothing, no pain

Nothing would register as pain

I couldn’t feel anything

I feel far away from myself

Sometimes i forget how long the day has been going for

Does it matter?

You’re not allowed to leave? Even if family members are terminally ill? They could die before we are let out of Melbourne, got told it isn’t a good enough reason to be let out of the state

Literally not allowed to move house

I think WA is letting Victorians in now but we cant get to the airport to fly out of here because the airport is more than 5ks from our house

You aren’t allowed more than 5ks from your house

You aren’t allowed to buy a takeaway coffee and sit under a tree or on the ground anywhere that isn’t your house

This isn’t human

This isn’t human

This isn’t human

This isn’t human

There is no empathy here

No price is too high

Suicide is not too great a price to pay

Self harm is not too great a price to pay

Structural brain changes in large portions of the population is not too high a price to pay

Do you know what prolonged social isolation does to the brain?

We are made to feel it does not matter

Because all we are, are numbers

We are not people we are the masses without a say

Without a time period to look forward to when we can hug again

I am sharing my experience because you should know the truth


A faceless number in melbourne

Okay, it’s Steven again.

Does anyone still think this is simply about a virus?

Is there anyone out there so stupid as to think this is about public health?

This is about destroying people’s lives — their mental and physical health and wellbeing as well as their economic viability.


Because those in power can.

By the way, at least our “melbourne” man had a “partner.”

Imagine someone single-and-unattached going through that, having those thoughts.

Someone with no family, or no family nearby.

Someone completely stranded, in other words.

Destroyed — as completely as if they’d been thrown into solitary confinement all these months.

There are plenty single-and-alone people out there. (I used to be one….)

What’s behind this purposeful destruction?

Could it be, said superelites figured out that the debt-fueled mass consumption economy they built over the past 50 years isn’t going to work anymore? Credit expansion fuels asset bubbles, which burst (2000, 2008), are quick-fixed with Fed printed money most of which bailing out the leviathan banks and drives up the Dow — until the next bubble bursts?

That the whole corrupt edifice started to totter in 2019 (think: repo)?

I can imagine superelite thought:

Let’s not kill two birds with one stone. Let’s kill as many as possible!

Nothing else makes sense!

Over the past seven months we’ve seen spikes in violent crime, substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, and suicide.

Much of it brought on by prolonged isolation. We are social animals. So indeed this isn’t human. It isn’tnormal.

Suppose we cut the crap and get to the bottom line!

This is the danger the world faces right now (see also this). The superstorm.

Big Pharma corporations are falling all over themselves rushing to producea vaccine to be rolled out next year.

Vaccines have never been effective on viruses, because viruses are always mutating. That’s why Big Pharma propagandizes you to get an annual flu shot.

This is what you should be researching—seeking out the information, not waiting for it to come to you.

I continue to hear from people who think the quarantines and lockdowns are just going to go away. “Wait just a couple more months,” say friends of mine in Panama which is now open, up to a point, on weekdays (in the Boquete-area boonies, anyway) but locked down on weekends.

That must be one smart virus; it knows what day of the week it is, to try to infect you on Saturdays and Sundays!

Pardon my “French,” but … BS!

This is the Great Reset.

This is not a “conspiracy theory.” Did you follow that link? Does it look like anyone is hiding anything?

No, what the superelite is counting on is that the masses of populations will accept helplessness and betotally demoralized like our “melbourne” man, or be forced into it.

And although governments are on the front lines with lockdowns and enforcement, the prime movers are not governments.

The World Economic Forum is not a government! Nor is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a government, although it practically owns the WHO and the CDC!

Behind the scenes are these billionaire-owned foundations, private corporations (e.g., Big Pharma) who expect to profit handsomely from a Covid-19(84) vaccine, financial leviathans (the descendants of those who established the Federal Reserve), and of course Big Tech the algorithms of which can be guaranteed to censor articles like this one.

The would-be global ruling class wants to control information. They want a controlled society. They expect to profit from vaccines and accompanying digital technology that will be used to monitor and control the masses, as a condition for whatever limited “reopening” of economies is allowed.

But ultimately this is not about profit. The superelite has more money than can be spent in one lifetime.

This is about absolute powerthe power of people who, having forgotten God, appear to believe themselves to be gods-in-the-making! (Also think: “transhumanism”!)

This global corporatocracy, I sometimes call it, is broader than what Trump and others call the Deep State. It is vaster than any “swamp” he could have drained. It consists of interlocked networks of all of the above: billionaire-owned foundations, financial institutions (especially central banks); Big Tech and Big Pharma;the WEF and other NGOs and their wealthy donors. It extending INTO governments and agencies who are just political and administrative classes, hired guns bought and paid for because that is now supposed to bethe only viable way of getting elected and then re-elected.

Trump, being the rare exception to that rule, has endured almost four years of Congressional attacks and mass media brutalism. He’s not done everything right, but what amazes me is that the man can still function at all!

Those atop the global corporatocracy, the actual enemies of a free people, want to rebuild the Tower of Babel.

They want a world regime.

They want populations to submit willingly, and hope they can crush any and all refuseniks.

This, I submit, is the real storm that’s coming, the superstorm.

It will become visible on the horizon next year — possibly remaining unseen if there is sufficient unrest and possibly violence in the U.S. to distract from it.

This is the big fight ahead: between those willing and able to force a vaccine and other post-Covid-19(84) digital technological controls down all our throats as conditions of leaving our homes and traveling, assembling in public (or private), eating in a public restaurant, working out in a public gym, possibly even earning one’s living legally.

Versus refuseniks who don’t think a vaccine rolled out this quickly will be safe even if they reject “conspiratorial” views about it containing a microchip, or don’t want Big Brother tracking and tracing their every move.

How will the global corporatocracy do it? Simple. They already have all the enforcers they need.

Every stranger who orders you in public to wear a mask is a potential enforcer!

The front-line security people presently checking people’s permission slips from “their” government are enforcers, and will instead demand to see their Covid-19 pass number: your “badge of immunity” (i.e., evidence of submission to the global corporatocracy).

Given that nearly all airfare is purchased online now, changing web forms to include a cell asking for your Covi-Pass ID (or whatever it ends up being called) will be child’s play. If you don’t have a valid number, the system won’t allow you past that screen. Simple as that.

Keep in mind that the global corporatocracy wants to eliminate cash transactions, since cash can’t be tracked and traced. Its helmsmen (and a few helmswomen) want everything digital.

Hence the Covid-19(84) era moves into remote work, virtual learning, online church services, digital everything. (As if to caricature themselves, some are now even calling for a virtual Thanksgiving this year!)

This is the superstorm that’s coming.Election 2020—important though it is—is trivial by comparison, especially as Trump now seems on board with a Covid-19(84) vaccine.

It won’t work in the long run. For reasons explained in the cut-the-crap link, you can’t have exponential growth in any physical, biological, or economic system. Exponential growth outside mathematical abstractions will eventually run up against other systems that check its expansion. It then either stabilizes or collapses.

Some are predicting a Greater Depression, following whatever disaster the global corporatocracy precipitates next with its continued arrogance and recklessness. My guess is, the Federal Reserve will continue trying to print its way out of this mess, prolonging the inevitable as long as possible.

We could be in for a very rough ride in the meantime, and a rougher ride in the world to come.

I’m open to suggestions on how to stand against this real storm, the superstorm, how to fight this fight without having to move to Antarctica.

What I am sure of: lose, and not only is America toast, but we are technological serfs for the rest of our lives, along with our children, until the entire system implodes. And then our children’s children had better be able to grow food.

© 2020 Steven Yates – All Rights Reserved

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