By Lex Greene

Throughout the 2020 election cycle and every moment since, we have read literally dozens of theories about what President Trump may have planned, everything from running a “sting” with watermarked ballots to trap corrupt democrats and republicans, to “military tribunals” responsible for allegedly “hanging” Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at Club Gitmo.

We watched Trump set the stage for blocking the 2020 election theft, but then watched him leave office peacefully, despite massive indisputable evidence of unprecedented election fraud. Since his leaving office, we have heard many theories about Trump running for Congress in 2022, to running for President again in 2024, in a nation void of any legitimate election process.

In short, we have heard all kinds of speculation and theories, but at this moment, I’m not sure that anyone knows the “Trump Plan,” including Trump. Almost all of the speculative theories floated to date are false.

However, IT’S A FACT that the 2020 elections were rotten with corrupt (treasonous) democrat party fraud designed to remove Trump (and his supporters) from political power and install a global Marxist regime that represents only the very worst of citizens America has to offer. Marxists who can’t even answer the most basic of history questions correctly, and think communism is the solution.

It’s a FACT that the forensic audits are really legit, and that they will soon prove beyond any doubt, how the 2020 elections were hijacked and who is responsible for it…in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. The elections in each of these states must be “decertified” soon and that will set the nation on a path for war within, all a part of the democrat party design.

There are a lot of people involved in the “plan” to uncover and expose the massive fraud that took place in the 2020 elections. When the evidence is no longer disputable, Americans will be split into two camps…those who want honest elections no matter who wins, and those who want to win by any means, to usher in global Marxism and the final destruction of the USA.

But does Trump really have a plan, and if so, what is that plan?

I have come to believe a lot of things about President Trump over recent years. I have come to believe that his intentions for America and his administration were 100% pro-American. I have come to believe that he was willing to risk everything he spent a lifetime building in the private sector, to secure freedom and liberty for every American, no matter race, creed, or color.

I have come to believe that he is a very typical, sometimes crude, New York City mover and shaker, that isn’t at all concerned with who the truth might offend. I have come to believe that Trump is only one of two U.S. President’s since the late 1800s that is sympathetic to the woes of the world…but was entirely focused on what’s best for America First…freedom, liberty, and real justice for all. The other being, Ronald Reagan…

But I have also come to believe that despite his considerable experience with hundreds of bad actors in the private sector throughout his business career, he was ill prepared for the depth and breadth of the most corrupt cesspool anywhere on earth, Washington D.C.

I believe Trump was positioned to STOP THE STEAL before leaving office. But I also believe he chose to leave the White House in peace, to avoid fatal threats against himself and his family, until he could prove to the entire world what really happened in the 2020 elections. There was no “insurrection” on January 6th. The insurrection happened via election fraud and in cities looted and burned across America for over a year leading up to the elections.

So, what is Trump’s plan now?

Like everyone else, I’m forced to speculate…because I don’t have a batman line to Trump, and he is so heavily isolated by his team that almost no one has a direct line to him. His poorly chosen Chiefs of Staff were blocking him from receiving truth the entire time he was in office.

What my plan would be if I were Trump…

  1. Complete the process of proving massive election fraud in 2020, beyond any doubt, in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.
  2. Use massive Trump rallies across the country, filmed and edited for a movie quality Documentary exposing all of the 2020 fraud and who is responsible for it.
  3. Get the State Legislatures in these states to “decertify” their 2020 election results, declaring the election rotten with fraud resulting in an unconstitutional outcome.
  4. Mobilize his 80-million voters in a peaceful citizen army to confront the U.S. Supreme Court, forcing them to take up a case seeking to “decertify” and “overturn” the 2020 elections, declaring Donald J. Trump (and others) the “lawful winners” of the 2020 elections.
  5. Spend every week rallying his pro-American supporters and giving them specific marching orders to step-by-step turn this country around in short order, while we still can.
  6. Charge ALL active participants in the massive 2020 fraud with sedition and treason and put them on trial, so that no one in the USA will ever attempt this again.

Of course, my plan assumes that no one in power will ever do the right thing, just because it’s the right thing to do. Both democrats and republicans have proven this a safe bet for years now.

This plan requires the American Citizens to take charge of what’s going to happen next in America, under the pro-American leadership of the rightful U.S. President, Donald J. Trump.

I don’t know if this is Trump’s Plan or not…

But what I do know is this… If we don’t overturn the fraudulent elections of 2020 and hold everyone responsible, fully accountable, we will never see another honest election again in the USA and it won’t matter who runs for office in the future. All elections will be decided in advance, just like 2020.

Godspeed to Trump and every American Citizen willing to make this stand for the future of freedom, liberty, justice, and the United States of America.

If it can be done peacefully through legal process, it should be. But if it can’t be, if the USA has passed that point of no return by peaceful means, then we must do whatever it takes to right this ship before it sinks.

I sure hope Trump reads a copy of this…

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