By Peter Falkenberg Brown

August 13, 2022

A video episode of “The FalkenBrown Show.”


Totalitarian actions surrounding COVID entirely disqualify the mainstream “COVID narrative.”

There are Three Mass Murders of Covid: Making the Virus, Blocking the Cures, and Making Killer “Vaccines.”

The tragic consequences of the COVID pandemic happened because of the totalitarian censorship of discussions about treatments for COVID and the subsequent totalitarian blocking of verified COVID cures. It’s as simple as that.

Who is Responsible?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, most certainly. Many other “elite” bureaucrats and government leaders are also culpable. Nuremberg-like trials and enormous class-action lawsuits should be the order of the day.

We must follow the money trail and the power trail. Who has benefited from the COVID lockdowns and the push to “vaccinate the entire world”?

Was this part of the “Great Reset” and a global depopulation strategy, advanced with explicitly malevolent intentions by a global cabal?

Or was this just a crass and greedy plan to create a pandemic and then produce the vaccines that would be sold to the world at an enormous profit?

Or a combination of the two?

Whatever the genesis of the “pandemic,”the guilty parties are the totalitarians at every level of society who acted against the principles of freedom.

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