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The reaction to President Donald J. Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey makes very clear how out of touch with the American people the U.S. Congress and its various investigative committees are.

Either Congress is out of touch or they have no idea how informed the people are about their President and all of the phony probes the House and Senate and FBI use to discredit or otherwise insult him.  They are, after all, part of the swamp the President intends to drain.

The purpose of the probes appears to be:  Call witnesses who say negative things about Donald Trump and are then asked questions by Senators and Congressmen that could have been written by a game show host rather than a serious investigator.

For example, on March 15th Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes (R-CA), and ranking member Adam Schiff (D-CA) wrote a letter to the CIA, NSA and the FBI asking for any available evidence that the Obama administration had gathered by using unlawful surveillance against the Trump campaign.

The NSA and the CIA responded.  The FBI did not.  I have yet to hear the obvious question asked of James Comey as FBI Director:  “Why did the FBI not respond to the letter sent by Congressmen Nunes and Schiff to the FBI on March 15th wanting to know if the Bureau has evidence proving or disproving that the Obama Administration used surveillance of Trump’s campaign?”

Why didn’t they ask that question?  The answer is not only important, it could prevent unnecessary further investigations of what appears to be a non-issue.

Chairman Nunes investigated and because he found evidence of President Trump’s innocence the Democrats forced him to step down as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.  He was, thus, prevented from asking this important question.

Congressman Schiff, however, the ranking Democrat on the Committee, began doing numerous televisions interviews.  If I hear him say one more time how it is critical to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Russia’s attempt to influence the American elections and the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russia in that endeavor, I think I’ll throw up.

Schiff and the Democrats evidently don’t know we’re well enough informed about what really happened to understand the hidden agenda of the Democrats.  We know why every Democrat who opens his or her mouth when a television or radio microphone is placed in front of it calls for a Special Prosecutor:  The only way the Democrats can protect Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) is to appoint a Special Prosecutor who can keep all of the dirty little secrets hidden from us while they remain free to continue their public attacks against President Trump.

There is no doubt James Comey wears a black hat.  It’s not hard to find the facts – not my opinion or your opinion or President Trump’s opinion, but facts.

Comey is a former member of a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board.  During his term as FBI Director, his brother, Peter Comey, worked at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.

In February 2010, FBI agent and lead investigator John Giacalone resigned because of the way the Clinton foundation investigation was being handled by FBI Director James Comey.

Giacalone said the pay-for-play investigation of the Clinton Foundation was not properly done, was white-washed and forgotten.  He said FBI agents were blocked from serving search warrants issued so key evidence could be retrieved.  They were not allowed to interrogate witnesses spontaneously.

It appears agents thought the Clinton case was being investigated in a way that would make it go on and on and on — in the end, FBI agents would look like they were abusing Hillary (who was not sworn in for her FBI questioning) and Cheryl Mills and one other woman both of whom who were allowed to sit in on her FBI interview.  They were concerned, they said, about possible medical complications (memory) involved in her fall.  When the FBI agents tried to gain access to Hillary’s medical records regarding her real or imagined head injuries from the fall, it was not allowed (many say it wasn’t allowed by the FBI Director, James Comey).

It is very interesting that Sandy Berger, Loretta Lynch, and Cheryl Mills all worked at this same law firm’s Washington, D.C. office.  Berger (who passed away in December 2015) was National Security Adviser to Bill Clinton; Loretta Lynch was Obama’s former attorney general – the one who met with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport in July 2016 just before the decision whether Mrs. Clinton would be prosecuted on criminal charges; and Cheryl Mills was Hillary Clinton’s long-time adviser and her Chief of Staff.  Isn’t that interesting?

This same law firm did patent work for the Denver-based company that coordinated the use of an unlawful private computer by Mrs. Clinton when she was Secretary of State – the same company that hid Hillary’s server in a closet.

Do you remember this server?  As declared by James Comey, Top Secret, Secret and Classified emails were unlawfully sent to and from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton via this unprotected server.  Many of the emails were forwarded from Secretary Clinton’s computer to former Congressman and convicted sexual predator Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s long-time and very, very close advisor.

When Comey was nominated in 2013 by President Obama to become Director of the FBI, Comey told the U.S. Senate that he would remove himself from all cases involving companies where he, Comey, had worked.

Comey worked for Lockheed Martin, a company that in 2010 admitted to becoming a Clinton Global Initiative member.  Comey earned $6 million in just one year at Lockheed.  That same year, Lockheed Martin won 17 approvals for private contracts from Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Barack Obama administration.

In addition to being a Clinton Foundation Global Initiative member, Lockheed Martin is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt which paid Bill Clinton $250,000 to deliver a speech in 2010.  Ya gotta pay to play!

Lockheed Martin has a long history with many, many fines for screwing our military — you remember, the military that today doesn’t have enough parts for aircraft and ships and that is having to scavenge old planes and ships for repairs?

In 2007, Lockheed had to pay the federal government $265 million caused by overbilling for its work on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; in 2003, Lockheed paid $37.9 million because it had been charged that it inflated costs on work done for the U.S. Air Force.

There is a very long list of abuses like this by Lockheed.  The company’s affiliation with our military should be cut off and they should be allowed to abuse others for awhile.

On 5 July 2013, President Obama nominated Comey to become FBI Director.  That same year,  James Comey became a board member, a director and a Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee Member of HSBC Holdings.

The Clinton Foundation received up to $81 million from clients of HSBC bank.

For those of you who may have forgotten, HSBC is one of the world’s largest drug money launderers.  It has been fined massive amounts several times for violating money laundering regulations.  HSBC Holdings Plc made several agreements to pay fines for breaking money laundering regulations, a recent one for $1.92 billion.  This latest fine was imposed because HSBC laundering drug money is as dirty as the Rio Grande River which flows between Mexico and the U.S.

The point is, HSBC is known (not just suspected) to be a money laundering facility and opens its arms to Mexican and South American drug cartels among others.

HSBC was charged by the U,S. Justice Department (Brooklyn) of violating sanctions laws by doing business with customers in Iran, Cuba, Burma and Sudan.

The bigger point is, this is the financial institution with which James Comey chose to affiliate himself as a board member.  HSBC history has made headlines before and after the time Comey chose to join its board of directors.

Former National Security Adviser to Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, was mentioned above.  His most publicized escapade was the theft of numerous documents from the National Archives – no one is really sure how many documents he took and destroyed.  It was, however, determined some had to do with negligence on the part of President Bill Clinton in the build-up to 9/11.  He was hiding them by stuffing them in his pants, socks, shorts, and any other available place he could find to hide what he was stealing.

In 2004, Comey was serving as deputy attorney general at the Justice Department and it is said that he limited the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger.  He certainly kept the prosecution under-publicized.

Berger should have done extensive jail time for his theft and destruction of valuable National Archives documents, but a World Net Daily article by Jerome Corsi, “On April 1, 2005, Berger pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of intentionally removing documents from the National Archives and destroying some of them.  He was fined $50,000, sentenced to 100 hours of community service and two years probation.  Also, his national security license was stripped for two years.”

So much for how critical James Comey thinks classified documents are.

Jerry Corsi is a long-term business associate of mine and a man I know to be one of the best researchers in the media world.  Jerry is, a journalist for World Net Daily, InfoWars, and is a NY Times bestselling author.  In his linked article, Corsi, points out that Comey has a long history of cases ending favorably for the Clintons.

One little-known fact is that James Comey became a prosecutor who worked on the Gambino crime family case.  He moved on to the George W. Bush Department of Justice, a few private sector jobs, and then joined the Obama administration in 2013.

James’s brother Peter Comey has worked as Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas for DLA Piper – coincidentally the firm that performed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation in the early attempts to neutralize the damage done by the Hillary email scandal.  DLA Piper is listed #5 on Hillary Clinton’s all-time career Top Contributors list.

Interestingly, Peter re-designed the FBI building and his brother, James Comey, owns the mortgage on Peter’s $725,000 home in Virginia.

It is obvious that President Trump had numerous reasons to terminate James Comey’s ten-year contract as FBI Director.  Even Senator Schumer was yelling last summer to anyone who would listen that Comey should be fired… amazing how Schumer switches from anger to tears so easily; from indignation to humble public servant.  He, too, makes me sick.

Many people object to the way in which Comey’s termination was handled by the Trump administration. Frankly, I can think of no better time to fire an FBI Director whose possible involvement is trying to ruin a Presidency than to do it when he is out of town and five hours away from Washington. That way the locks on his office door can be changed so he can’t remove possible evidence.  Comey knew he was going to be fired… he just thought it would be done in a more politically smooth way. President Trump isn’t politically smooth – which is why the American people elected him.

Further, it is rumored that President Trump will appoint an Interim Director while he searched for the best possible person to fill that job.  Anyone who has ever played good chess can see what Donald J. Trump is doing — and all I can say is, the Democrats don’t play much chess.

Regarding the media problem caused because President Trump changes the stories being told by his media representatives…it shouldn’t happen and it is largely the President’s fault.  The communications team, however, could solve the media hatred-of-the-President problem if they would get out of panic mode.

Most of us do not like the Trump Tweets… we think it makes the President appear as if he doesn’t take his job seriously.  Because of the hateful negative media which covers the President with no possibility of a positive comment, however, it is needed – at least until an alternative way to make sure people are told the truth is found.

To stop the Tweets, the negative media situation must be changed.  How to do that?

Every city and state has small, independent newspapers which are not part of the “Never Trump” campaign.  They must, however, use information from sources that are part of “Never Trump.”

If Trump’s communications department could see its way to a creative idea, they would quickly find the names, email addresses and telephone numbers of the editors of these papers.  There are thousands of them.  They would send press releases directly from the White House to these editors.  They would invite independent editors to send questions… to ask for verification when needed, for example.  They would receive a response.

The result?  Once a strong independent newspaper base has been established nationally, the mainstream media becomes irrelevant because people will get their news either from the Internet or from their local, independent newspapers which provide facts rather than fiction.

Actually, the mainstream media is already irrelevant but they do not yet know it.

Donald Trump needs better advisors than he currently employs and he needs to come to grips with the fact that he has powerful enemies who seek to destroy him and his Presidency.  He knows this, of course, but the President’s actions indicate he does not yet take the threat as seriously as he should.

He needs to stop talking and Tweeting spontaneously because once the mainstream media problem is solved, there is no reason for him to give them so much ammunition.

It will be interesting to watch the Comey Comedy unwind.  The announcement last week that Joe Lieberman is the top contender for this job, however, is more than just a little unbelievable.  If President Trump appoints Lieberman to this job, he is truly putting the fox into the hen house.

Former Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman was the Democrat party’s nominee for Vice President in 2000 – his running mate was Global Warming crook Al Gore.  While a Senator, Lieberman was the one who proposed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 as well as legislation that led to establishment of the Department of Homeland Security.  Lieberman cast the 60th vote required to pass Obamacare… of course, any one Senator who voted for that legislation can say the same thing (but most avoid saying they voted for it, these days).

If Donald Trump wants to put an enemy who I believe will likely work to destroy his Presidency, Joe Lieberman is a good choice as FBI Director.

Is it possible that this is a Jared Kushner recommendation?  If so, the President needs to have a talk with daughter Ivanka. For part 1 click below.

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