By Ron Edwards

When President Trump was in office, whether individuals care to admit it or not, things were either greatly improved or getting better, depending on the situation.  When one takes the time to objectively look around at what is happening at our border, they have to admit that his nationalist stance was correct.  Trump exemplified what it means to be a leader who cared enough about our nation to do the right things in regard to our national well being.  Because many short sighted Americans who could not distinguish right from wrong, or patriotism from racism, we are now saddle with a leftist regime singularly focused on literally destroying the USA by any means possible.  As a Bible believing follower of Christ, it pains me to point out that well over 25 percent of Christians refused to vote, because they didn’t want to cast a vote for Joe Biden, also because they did not like Trump.  They did not like his tweets, or how he harshly spoke of illegal border crossers.  I personally know Christians who to this day prefer Joe Biden over Trump, because they think Uncle Joe is a nicer person.

It would be beneficial if certain people were smart enough to understand, that PG time is over.  We are either witnessing or participating in the literal war being waged by those seeking to kill, steal from and destroy our beleaguered republic.  She is under attack from every single possible direction.  When a government refuses to protect the border of the nation it presides over, those government officials cannot be trusted and should be replaced.  Unfortunately, many sovereign United States residents have been brainwashed beyond repair and thus do not understand the clear and present danger “We the People” face.  Then there are those who do understand, but do not care or simply agree with the horrendous activities of corrupt government officials, their media flunkies and street cretins like black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters.  Liberals are using your problems to push their draconian agenda of brutal control and a lowering standard of living.  Many Americans actually want to get back to work, but Joe Biden and other leftist government officials have been using extra tax dollars to pay people not to go to work.  If people do not go back to work soon, the United States middle class will be cratered because hundreds of thousands of businesses will be forced to close.  No business can function properly long term without enough personnel.

The cost of maintaining payments people who stay home is far too great to maintain.  Such broad based wasteful spending is a drain on the money supply and economy.  What many people failed to appreciate when President Donald Trump was in office was a growing and stable economy that supported an expanding across the board variety of opportunities for Americans from all walks of life.  Another part of the mess being made by the grumpy leftists is he critical race theory.  When government school educators spend more time trying to convince young black students, they are nothing more than victims, the educators are knowingly creating a huge mess.  Those pushing that dogma disdained Donald Trump for daring to challenge black Americans to think bigger and to do better for themselves, their families and their country.

The Democrats have historically thrived on either creating a mess wherever they acquire any political authority or provoking others to attack Trump supporters, as did congresswoman Maxine Waters.  Even worse, they convince others through indoctrination that it is better to be a foul hate filled bigot like droopy CNN big mouth Joy Reid.  Yet they called Trump a bigot and worse for trying to prevent terrorists from immigrating into the USA to do bodily harm.  Let us not forget the woke movement mess, particularly in the military.   Today’s woke United States military is more focused on emphasizing the race or gender of their recruits, than whether our soldiers are fully capable of taking on powerful adversaries like China if they are so challenged.  President Trump was rejected, or possibly cheated out of an election victory.  Now the Middle East is on the verge of war, our economy may soon be destroyed by Biden regime policies and our nation is being balkanized on a massive scale.  I could go on much longer discussing the seemingly never ending mess oriented activities being carried out by Democrats and there leftist allies.  But I am convinced that despite the current mess our nation is embroiled in, solutions will be brought forth and victory will be achieved over the vile enemies of Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. God bless you God bless America and may America bless God. Do check out The Ron Edwards American Experience 3:00 PM ET, 12:00 PMPT every Sunday through Friday on, iHeartRadio, Spreaker and terrestrial radio outlets.

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