By Shirley Edwards


[These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.  Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.]

Definition – Cenotaph” A cenotaph is a memorial that honors a person or group of people buried somewhere else.

If the British public are still under any type of illusion that their government cares about their well-being or the sacrifices that they have made to protect this country during the year 2020, and all previous times in history, where men have lost their lives in honest physical and treacherous battles, all for the sake of others; then the populace well and truly have become friends with an enemy that hides behind a mask of deceit.

Recommendations, or should I say orders, towards the British public by the UK Government for the Annual ceremony which is held at the Cenotaph in London, on Remembrance Sunday each year,included asking the public to ‘stay away’, whilst the Royal Family, the Government and a handful of representatives from the armed forces did lay wreaths to mark the event.

The traditional Royal British Legion veteran march-past did not take place.  

Respectfully, and attended by thousands, local, but small outdoor services did take place up and down the country but the penalty of a fine if you did feel so inclined to attend an indoor church service was also threatened.  In some areas the police force was in attendance, just in case some over-zealous veteran did happen to stand too close to a comrade whilst they were locked out in the cold.

It was also reported that Prince Harry who asked for a wreath to be laid on his behalf at the cenotaph was also denied. Despite his 20 years in service and 2 tours of Afghanistan, it was reported that the reason he was denied that privilege, was that he is no longer a member of the monarchy.

Prince Harry snub: The Duke of Sussex ‘deeply saddened’ as ‘wreath request refused’ | Royal | News |

Shutting Out Veterans on Remembrance Sunday ‘Imbecilic’, Government Told (

The prime minister proudly announced that ‘the virus’ which has a 98% recovery rate would not permit the country to forget the fallen.    Despite the attendance at the Cenotaph, by just the higher ups, which was then erroneously recorded by the BBC, neither his sentiments, nor their presence, represented my views.

BBC apologises for using wrong Remembrance Sunday clip – BBC News

I have a feeling that just like the silenced chimes of Big Ben, we have seen the very last of tradition and group patriotism if people do not see through the smoke screen of a covert dictatorship which is using a virus from China as it’s cover.

Like the closed doors of the churches during the last national lockdown, the division and the isolation that was instilled during our one-day act of remembering bravery, left a very bitter taste of betrayal.  The older generation are dying, and a not so brave world is rising.    Are men who were willing to die in bloody trenches now being replaced with a newly formed, more sensitive version who are afraid to stand shoulder to shoulder with their comrades?

Like the loveable geeks who feature in situation comedy called The Big Bang Theory, we have a quartet of similar, disheveled and not so stable politicians who are intellectually, scientifically and genetically modifying the human psyche to fit their own projected and superior view of Utopia.  It doesn’t matter what you think. Your compliance and not your love of freedom or bravery is the requirement.   This is communism.

Our very own sanitized Sheldon Cooper, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who never answers questions, has already intimated that hugging may be off the menu for Christmas this year, whilst we await the much-needed savior which is the un-licensed vaccination for Covid-19 which has found ways of excusing its manufacturers and the government from any liability should death or maiming occur now or in the long term.  As Sheldon would say ‘Interesting’

UK to have 14 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines ready by end of year – Pulse Today

“Under new legislation, the MHRA can sidestep European regulations and grant a temporary license for a vaccine to be immediately used in the UK.

The new laws also offers some protection to pharma companies with regards to civil liability for bringing to market an unlicensed vaccine.”

Going forward, maybe this Christmas a guinea pig instead of a turkey could be the new normal they speak of.

Remembering My Father – 1915 – 1983

Recently, after being given a picture of my father visiting his mother whilst on leave from the Army, I became aware that it is only in recent years that I have come to realize and understand the sacrifices he made in his own life.  And, although he would return home from the 2nd World War, alive but scared, he would later die a cruel death from Asbestos poisoning after working with the poison as a young man in the shipyards in his homeland of Ireland. It is unfortunate, my own children never got to meet him. 

It is a known historical fact that profit before the health of men’s lives was willingly taken and risked in relation to people working with Asbestos.  

The success of these companies hinged on keeping the health risks of asbestos a secret — but it was asbestos workers and consumers who paid the price. In order to keep the industry alive and prosperous, many companies took steps to ensure miners, factory workers and the public knew nothing about the true dangers of asbestos.

Massive Asbestos Cover-Up by World’s Industrial Giants

How Georgia-Pacific Knowingly Published Fake Science on the Safety of Asbestos | Union of Concerned Scientists (

How easily we forget the evilness and greed of mankind as we claim to be a nation of ‘Remembrance’.  

We should remember that where-ever communism reigns there is murder.  Communism has caused more than 100 million deaths.

The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries (

The Enemy comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy

The blind faith which some of the public seem to have under the present UK government is in direct contrast to the discernment and common sense which we should have, based on the history and the heritage of the western world who have always enjoyed their freedoms, although sadly taken for granted.

Believing themselves to be crusaders, protecting themselves and others;the UK is woefully forgetting that their civil rights under common law which is the freedom to move, breath, assemble, provide for their families, and think for themselves which are all being systematically stolen, and may never be returned to them.

It is quite shocking to see the ease in which people have complied and given up these freedoms without question, in the belief they are fighting a battle for the health of mankind, whilst ignoring the obvious higher rates of suicides and mental and physical health problems in relation to the restrictions which have been handed out.

They are slavishly being hooked up to the world wide web.  Welcome to the matrix, your new religion, which follows your every move and fact checks your thoughts by an army which does not respect your choice to research or even think for yourself.  It is the replacement for the omnipresence of the true God.

The enemy, which is evil, is sly and does not possess integrity or bravery that real and decent people possess.  It can only pretend it has it. The good news is, it does not possess immortality. However, currently It requires your energy, your subservience and your life force to exist.

Since time began it has set out to destroy every man, woman and child, with an emphasis on men, and has succeeded in wiping them out in wars, removed them from their importance in the family, encouraged the abortion of mankind, feminizing them, sterilized and poisoned them and also euthanized them.  Sometimes this has all been done in the name of ‘kindness’ and ‘choice’

Most alarming has been the compliance of the church who should be aware of these evils,and although there have been many objections from clergy who have now petitioned the government this time around in relation to the lockdown, there has also been little resistance, and a compliance to rules which have kept supermarkets and schools open, but have ordered that churches close their doors except for individual private prayer.  In other words, socially distance, say nothing, and mask up. 

For those who have decided to obey God, they are unfortunately now going underground, very much like they do in communist countries.

‘Let us disobey’: Churches defy lockdown with secret meetings | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Coronavirus: Religious leaders and clerics ask PM to reverse ban on services | UK News | Sky News

We weren’t consulted about lockdown, Archbishops say (

The real savior of mankind faced death for us humans and Moses stood up to the Pharaoh in Egypt to free the Israelites from their slavery and oppression. 

In relation to respecting the authority of leaders, it was also Jesus himself who criticized the Sanhedrin and even called them snakes, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego didn’t bow to idols, and almost every prophet disobeyed rulers.  Resistance to corrupt rulers to protect lives are throughout the bible and history.

We are not called to obey ungodly leaders above the authority of God but to respectfully point out and raise awareness of any misconduct or corruption which could seriously harm others.  We are called to warn others of danger.

A battle between good and evil can never be won by compliance.

This video beautifully portrays the bravery of a very young man going to war, his need to seek courage and bravery from a higher order and his hopes and his dreams for freedom aware that he may never return from the war.  We all need to start praying.

It is in memory of 2nd Lt Paul Studholme

(1) Police Dog Hogan – Devon Brigade – YouTube

Disclaimer:  The views in this article may not be shared with the musician Police Dog Hogan…..

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How Georgia-Pacific Knowingly Published Fake Science on the Safety of Asbestos | Union of Concerned Scientists (

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