by Lee Duigon

I posted two nooze items this week which, taken together, tell us much that we need to know about the disastrous age in which we live.

So let me say it right up front. The crisis of our age, as it was from the beginning, is a religious crisis. It is a war of the worlds: God’s world that He created, with Jesus Christ as king, and a world that fools and dolts think they can create, with themselves as kings.

This past weekend was our annual National Day of Prayer, kicked off, as usual, by a presidential proclamation. But the patzer currently inhabiting the White House left God out of his proclamation. True, he forgets a lot; maybe he forgot God, although he never forgets to promote abortion or transgender.

He didn’t mention God in his proclamation. Just flapped his jaw about “many religious and belief systems” and a “power of prayer.”

It makes us wonder: who—or what—is he praying to? Does he even know? Does he look at a chart of “belief systems” and go eeny-meeny-miny-mo?

And what is any “power of prayer,” if the prayers are not addressed to God? Who are you praying to, dude? Or is it just that if you get a lot of people praying for the same thing at the same time, it sort of has to happen? Whose “power” is it, then? Prayers without God are only mumbo-jumbo. New Age wallies tell us that it’s Our Power. That’s what makes it all happen. Well, that’s another one of those belief systems. Take a number, and the line forms over there beside the deli counter.

Meanwhile up in Canada, a Calgary police SWAT team, armed and armored, arrested Father Artur Pawlowski and charged him with “inciting” people to attend church services. I think that’s part of a priest’s job description.

But who did they think he was—the Terminator? How many armed and armored cops does it take to arrest a priest?

Yeah, well, that was a little demonstration for everybody else’s benefit, wasn’t it? This is what happens if you mouth off like Father Pawlowski did. A couple of weeks ago he refused to let the Calgary cops into his church to disrupt the service. Videos of the incident went viral: the whole world saw this priest run the cops out of his church, calling them Gestapo, communists, and a few more unflattering epithets.

He showed them up. They couldn’t let him get away with that. The priest is a representative of Christ’s kingdom; but the statists have no king but Caesar. So they had to show us all who’s boss.

We see in these nooze items the two approaches used by statists to establish their kingdom.

One way is to confront Christianity by watering it down, speaking of it as only one of many belief systems—and they’re all pretty much equal, aren’t they? Hint: no, they’re not. The only way they can all be equal is if each of them has a truth value of “zero.” So you have a National Day of Prayer without God, ‘cause you don’t want to Exclude all those people who worship grilled cheese sandwiches or umbrella stands. The hope is that eventually you water it down so much that Christ’s Kingdom isn’t a threat to their kingdom anymore.

The other way is to break out the mailed fist and scare the plebs into submission. “This is what happens to you if you defy the state!” Probably Canada will not murder Father Pawlowski, or make him disappear: too messy. But there are quite a few progressive states that would do just that. Don’t mess with our mandates, children, if you know what’s good for you!

Statists want a global government so bad, they can taste it—and with themselves in charge, micromanaging everybody else’s lives.

They have no king but Caesar.

We have no king but Christ.

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