No one could be happier than I am that a couple million Americans have been able to find a job since President Trump took office.

Companies around the country have given bonuses, increased benefits and raises to a very large of employees immediately following the disastrous ‘tax reform’ bill Trump signed into law. I know, at first blush it seems like a God-send:

UPS, Cigna, Hostess Announce Bonuses, Investments, and Free Snacks Due to Tax Reform
Tax reform windfall: These companies are hiking pay, delivering bonuses

One thing not in that bill which very loudly demonstrates neither Republicans or Democrats care about seniors. If they did they would have incorporated Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) bill, Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act (H.R. 2552) that would stop the Outlaw Congress from continuing to screw seniors. Double taxation. If anything would stimulate the economy and help seniors with ‘do I pay for heating or food’ because there would be no more federal taxes on social security benefits.

Oh, no. Can’t have that. YOU pay SS taxes the whole time you work. When you retire and apply for SS benefits YOU are taxed AGAIN by the federal crime syndicate, Congress. With the exception of Massie and few others, the U.S. Congress could care less about seniors. The primaries are coming up and every incumbent in the Outlaw Congress will drag out their talking points on the campaign trail about how much they love seniors and veterans while they screw them in off election years.

Let’s also not forget how much YOUR congressional incumbent values your life and your family: Congress’ Leaders Exclude Border Wall Funding from $296 Billion Budget Deal – While almost a dozen Americans are killed or murdered every day by illegal aliens (including DACA and ‘Dreamers’), hundreds of victims of rape and other heinous crimes as well as tons of drugs and terrorists coming across the border, still Congress refuses to fund a wall. Those rotten SOBs in Congress could care less because it does not affect them or their well protected families.

We’re being given the impression that happy days are here again. Americans must remember most of those tax cuts expire in 2025. The corporate tax cut (the only good part) is permanent but not tax cuts for we the peasant class out there. Why not? Why did the bill stop them in seven years?

Tens and tens of millions of Americans have been out of work for years. Even someone without a job for six months, once they get a job it’s usually catch-up time on their mortgage payment, rent for an apartment, car payment and so on. Credit Card, Student And Auto Debt All Hit Record Highs In December. Those numbers are shocking to say the least.

Disposable income for entertainment, vacations, the latest golf clubs or fad fashions take a back seat. Because of reckless spending and the liars and thieves in Congress refusing to cure the cancer, the list of retailers melting down grows simply because people don’t have that extra money; their credit cards maxed out.

And because of Amazon gobbling up everything in sight. My mother always says the bigger they are the harder they fall. In this case, The Department of Justice needs to go after Amazon under the anti-trust laws before despicable Jeff Bezos ends up controlling the food supply, medications and every other thing he can buy and control.

I encourage you to please buy local if at all possible. Tell retailers what you want and that you don’t want to be forced to get it from Amazon. They are crushing any competition just like WalMart. We do not want monopolies like that in this country. I don’t want to be forced to buy from someone I dislike or who funds anti-American politics because I can’t get the product or service except through one corporation.

The Brick-and-Mortar-Retail Meltdown in January (2018)
Toys R Us to close 180 stores in the coming months as it struggles with $5 billion debt and competition from Amazon – Yeah, more junk from Communist China

As far as ‘more money in your pocket’ from the tax cuts, here’s a hoot put out by Paul RAT Ryan: “A secretary at a public high school in Lancaster, PA, said she was pleasantly surprised her pay went up $1.50 a week … she said (that) will more than cover her Costco membership for the year,” he wrote on Twitter Saturday morning.” A buck fifty.

Last week Republicans sold us out again with their budget bill big time. Two years of funding to keep the government open. I was sickened watching it unfold and the final bill Trump signed. More totally unconstitutional spending and spending and spending.

What’s in the Senate budget deal? 6 quick takeaways – like the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Nowhere in Art. Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution does it authorize the U.S. Congress to steal the fruits of YOUR labor for that welfare program. Just like Obamacare. You have to pay your health care premiums and someone else’s under the Obamacare subsidies.

You’re also paying for health care for 9 MILLION kids under that program instead of getting rid of illegal social spending. You are forced through taxation to pay for the now bloated beyond funding Medicare (a result of Obamacare) for the ‘poor’ in your state.

Is it any wonder you have no money left and live on credit cards after being taxed to death at the city, county, state and federal level for everything under the sun? Cut taxes for some Americans while spending TRILLIONS not authorized under the Constitutional for social welfare programs, cabinets and agencies like HHS.  Not only not authorized but ‘money’ that doesn’t exist. Remember: the U.S. Treasury – OUR purse – is over $20 TRILLION dollars in the hole. The majority of Americans do not understand the difference between the debt and the deficit. They simply give no thought to the ‘national’ debt even though they’re being raped to pay for it.

It has nothing to do with compassion and everything to do with the supreme law of the land and the thing the majority of adult age Americans completely ignore: the debt and inflation. Because of the dumbing down in the government’s indoctrination centers they call public schools, the majority of Americans have little to no understanding about the economy, a debauched currency, debt or anything else.

$1.8 BILLION dollars to fight the ‘opioid epidemic’. EVERY penny is borrowed with the interest slapped on our backs. The Outlaw Congress has ZERO authority to fund this. Addiction is self-inflicted. No amount of government interference or programs is going to stop the pill poppers. Only self-determination and a good family support network. Individual states of the Union under the Tenth Amendment can address that issue with their legislatures.

Trump said the bill was Great!!! Sorry, Mr. President. Not only is it not great, but Sen. Rand Paul hit it on the head:  “I ran for office because I was very critical of President Obama’s trillion-dollar deficits,” Paul said. “Now we have Republicans hand in hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits. I can’t in all honesty look the other way.”

Backstabbers! Republicans betray American taxpayers

Flashback: Rape and Betrayal by the GOP: Let Me Count the Ways by yours truly December 2014
Mo Brooks: Amnesty Coming, ‘Debt Junkies’ Turning USA into ‘World’s Orphanage’

I ask Mr. President, how many more promises are you going to break? In Budget Deal, GOP and Trump Fully Fund Planned Parenthood. “In a letter to pro-lifers during the election, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence said “I am committed to … Defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they continue to perform abortions, and reallocating their funding to community health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.”

3,300 BABIES are murdered everyday by abortion. Not only is such spending unconstitutional (community health centers left to the states as well as Planned Parenthood) it’s a sin. Once again, I am being forced via taxation to pay for something I find so evil. That budget deal Trump just signed fully and unlawfully funds Planned Parenthood.

We all remember how horrible the crash was in 2008 – even though there were many voices out there in the wilderness completely ignored by the MSM and so-called conservative talk radio hosts warning it would happen as far back as 2005.

The criminal impostor president, Obama, bragged his QE (Quantitative Easing) money printing extravaganza as a solution and with the help of Republicans in the Outlaw Congress, continued to drive up the debt while doing nothing to kill the cancer. How many adult aged Americans know anything about that? Certainly not the ones you see on You Tube shouting Obama is ‘gonna make my car payment!’ And, they vote with your wallet. Most Americans also pay no attention to what’s going on in world markets that does affect them – but they’re going to find out.

You can only put so much air in a balloon before it pops. I’m warning you right now to get prepared. Last week we saw instability in the stock market in dramatic fashion. Down 1600, back up a few hundred. Then down 1000 and back up some. And, what you do read from the MSM, FOX News and other networks? Oh, it’s a correction or some other puff. Investors who are savvy and know what’s going on tell a different story and it has to do with inflation and the debt.

There are individuals in this country who are true experts on the money issue and the FED, because contrary to all the jabbering going on, there will be no economic prosperity in this country until the privately-owned, unconstitutional FED is abolished and the federal income tax right along with it. While people are out spending those tax cuts they have no idea the tsunami building which IS going to hit this country.

We Are About To Witness Something That Has Never Been Seen In World History – “As we continue to kickoff the second month of trading in 2018, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies, warned King World News that we are now in the final phase of a worldwide euphoria that is about to end in catastrophe.

February 4 (King World News) – “Egon von Greyerz:  “Virtually no investors study history and the few who do always think it is different today. The most important lesson is that people never learn. If they did, they wouldn’t be invested in a stock market that on any criteria is now at a bubble extreme. And they wouldn’t be invested in a global debt market which has grown exponentially in recent decades and which will become worthless in the next few years as debtors default. Nor would anyone hold paper money, which is down 97-99% in the last 100 years, and which is guaranteed to soon fall the final bit to take the value to zero.”

Move in Commodities, Dollar, Interest Rates – Road to Hyperinflation
Peter Schiff Warns: The Economy Will ‘Blow Up Like A BOMB’ And Trump Will Be The Fall Guy
A Cross of Debt
The U.S. Monetary System and Descent into Fascism – An Interview with Dr. Edwin Vieira

An excellent constitutional sound money bill was killed in our state legislature last year by a Republican chair on the Senate Banking Committee. Our legislature went out of session last May and won’t return until January 2019. Another blithering idiot who decided to put Texans at risk when the day of reckoning hits.

Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote a must-read column several years ago on this very issue and the only thing that’s changed is how much further into debt our congressional incumbents have taken us. I hope you’ll take the time to read it over lunch, after dinner, on the subway, plane or when you have time: The Road Not Taken

As I said at the top of this column, so few, compared to the number of adult aged Americans in this country (170 million) understand anything about the central bank, fiat currency, deflation, stagnation, hyperinflation, the bond market, the massive problem of the $20 TRILLION plus debt slapped on our backs and how it got so high or pretty much anything else. That’s why I re-published by best-selling, Why A Bankrupt America booklet. In 44-pgs the reader gets a ‘primer’ in understanding how we continue to get royally screwed by our congressional incumbents and the “Fed” and what it all means to all of us and our precious children and grandchildren.

Employers: Get a copy to your employees. Even if you know this subject matter, people you know – even family members – likely do not. They see new jobs and all headlines proclaiming happy days are here again while not seeing the trillion-ton elephant in the room. The’ Get Rid of the Fed’ movement in this country is bigger than people realize. We MUST get Americans educated and unified.

The Tea Party movement was started over bloated government spending and debt but they have been virtually silent for the past few years. The also didn’t zero in on the beast: The Fed. What their individual chapters nationwide should do is get my booklet and hand their members a copy. Then they will truly understand how we got here and what has to get done.

The Tea Party movement was once a force to be reckoned with and they can be again but only if they focus on what you’ve read in this column. It won’t take long the way the reckless dogs in Congress are spending to hit $30 trillion or more. That budget bill just signed by Trump once again pushes aside budget caps. The thieves in the Outlaw Congress, both parties, will continue borrowing to pay the bills. In order to service that debt to the private banking cartel would require payments of $1.5 TRILLIOIN per year ($30 trillion debt) if I have the numbers right. Where do you think that’s going to come from?

My God, don’t parents out there understand they are dooming their children and grandchildren to a future as nothing but tax slaves for the bankers and making members of Congress wealthy or wealthier than when they took office? Don’t people understand what is slowly inching along as interest rates rise on things like home mortgages? If Americans thought they were broadsided in 2008, worse is already underway.

I sold, at cost, 1,653,000 copies of my booklet before I retired it in 2004. I’ve updated a few sections relevant to current events. It’s up to us to help educate our friends, neighbors, family and anyone else who seeks the truth. Why A Bankrupt America.

[No, I won’t be watching the Olympics. The trade in dog meat South Korea doesn’t want Olympics tourists to see is exposed at market where they are slaughtered, chopped up and served in bubbling red broth for just $8 a bowl – “The dogs are kept in freezing, dark cages until they are slaughtered, their fur burned off and their carcasses are put on display.”

Warning – I damn near cried looking at the photos. Just like the Chinese who slaughter dogs alive and sell the fur for parkas, coats and other apparel to unsuspecting Americans by shipping to other countries and using phony labels.]


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