The Nothing Party, the GOP, can’t bring itself to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Last week, Planned Parenthood once again showed why it deserves to be de-funded.

Keystone Planned Parenthood, of Pennsylvania, threw up a Tweet last week that said, “We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion”. You know: one of those tiresome cartoon princesses with all the hair. We need one who’s had an abortion.

Hours later, in the face of a wide public backlash, Planned Parenthood deleted the Tweet. Too late: the content has been preserved forever. And it tells us everything we could ever want to know about Planned Parenthood. It’s short enough, mercifully, for us to analyze verbatim. So let’s unpack it and see what’s inside.

“we need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion” –well, it’s Planned Parenthood, aka Abortions ‘R’ Us, so of course they’re going to say that. The target audience for all those princess movies is young girls. So here we are, forking over public money to Planned Parenthood to encourage girls to have abortions.

“we need a Disney princess who’s pro-choice”—Not enough for Ms. Princess to have had an abortion. She’s got to want other girls to have abortions, too. She wants abortion to be presented as a thing good in itself, a public and private boon. Three cheers for abortion!

Naturally Planned Parenthood is going to say those things. But with those two points out of the way, the Tweet begins to reveal more, much more, about Planned Parenthood’s mind-set.

“we need a Disney princess who’s an undocumented alien” –Oh, boy. Can we unravel this? Planned Parenthood wants to abort babies, the more the merrier, and at the same time, import—illegally!—multitudes of welfare cases. And, uh, what does bringing in “undocumented aliens” have to do with abortion? Is it possible Planned Parenthood simply sees a wide expansion of its customer base? “C’mon in, everybody! And get a taxpayer-funded abortion!” To say nothing about expanding the Democrat Party voter base. Which would mean a never-failing reservoir of public money for abortion. Money for Planned Parenthood.

“we need a Disney princess who’s actually a union worker”—What kind of labor union does a princess join?

But it’s not just pure absurdity. Labor unions have always been a major part of any communist or fascist coalition. By forcing normal people to join unions whether they want to or not, these left-wing organizations, collecting involuntarily-paid dues, provide The Party with warm bodies and truckloads of money for political campaigns. So again it’s about supporting the Democrat Party, which supports Planned Parenthood.

Steel yourselves for this last one:

“we need a Disney princess who’s trans”

Good grief. What are we to make of that? What are they even talking about? The latest Disney princess, hair all, who used to be a prince—how in the world does that tie in?

Only in the sense that leftids, like the personnel of Planned Parenthood, drink the whole pitcher of Kool-Aid, trans and all. Somehow they’ve got it worked out that if a lot of people get themselves surgically and pharmaceutically mutilated and call themselves something other than the sex they are, that’s going to be good for the Democrat Party and thus good for Planned Parenthood. Somehow it works out to more abortions. Don’t try to understand it. It’s leftism. If you’re normal, you can’t understand it.

There’s no doubt that the wackos and weirdos at Disney Corp would love to create a movie princess with all those traits and more. The problem is that it’d cost $200 million or so and no one would go to see it but a pervert or an idiot. Unable to collect half a billion bucks of our money every year, as Planned Parenthood does by act of Congress, Disney can’t just whip up a movie that flagrantly insults all decency. They have to be more subtle than that.

We can probably get by just fine with no more Disney princesses at all.

We’d get by even better with no Planned Parenthood.

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