My Random House Webster’s College dictionary says a “weapon” is any instrument or device used for attack or defense in a fight or in combat. It is anything used against an opponent, adversary or victim: Most people would think guns but the weapon of satire, used by the Democrats is any part or organ serving for attack or defense, as claws, horns, teeth or stings, and that my dear readers is an excellent definition of the Democrat Marxist party in Washington, D.C.  There are any number of instruments or devices that can be used from the government using our children against their parents, the weather, language, FBI  or maybe the human migration which is becoming a force of nature and being harnessed and weaponized but in all cases we can see Satan’s hand at work. And you can bet the next edition of the dictionary will have included the word weaponization along with transgenderism. Yes, the left stole this nation by force. Think about how the words have changed.  Former neutral words have been weaponized.


But for right now, we’ll concentrate on the evil doers in Congress and the intelligent community which have been in control for too long and could become the most radical in American history, says Trevor Loudon in the April Schwarz Report.  He says the once-marginalized “progressives,” socialists, and even Communist Party supporters are taking the reins of several strategic Congressional committees and the Democratic Party leadership is bending to accommodate the fired-up young radicals. Both the April and May Schwarz Reports lists them all and the positions they hold. Go to

Loudon says the Socialist have been infiltrating the Democratic Party for decades and the Republican Party on occasion.  The situation has gotten gradually worse since the Vietnam War era. Democratic Party “moderates” have been mostly successful – with the help of the establishment media trained in college by Communist professors- in keeping a lid on their Socialist wing for years, but the relentless pressure from open Socialists, along with an increasingly indoctrinated populace, has finally blown the lid off the charade.  My second article I wrote for on October 15, 2001 was entitled: Is Communism Dead? The longtime smear campaign by the media against Wisconsin’s Senator Joseph R. McCarthy warnings about Communism clouded the truth.  The Socialist Party candidate for President of the U.S, Norman Thomas, said in a 1944 speech:  “I no longer need to run as a President candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.

In fact, the next article I warned people about the Comprehensive Child Development programs federalizing  (weaponizing) U.S. Children.    Again, a Republican President Nixon wanted the children early, creating Family Resource Centers.  Congressman John R. Rarick of Louisiana said September 30, 1971 was a dark day for America. The Federal government had now been authorized to take over our children by the passage of the Brademas child development programs, one of the salient selling features was the repeated assertion that the Day Care Centers were necessary to help working mothers and to provide facilities for youth care to encourage unemployed mothers to seek gainful employment. Yet the bill as passed by the House excluded mothers earning over $4,320 a year which made it a mockery of the propaganda that the bill was intended to help or encourage mothers to work. $4,320 a year in 1971 was a good salary compared what is required today. [Link]


The bill provided for in-home services and training in fundamentals of child development for parents, older family members acting as parents, youth, and prospective parents. The law was clear that where it was impracticable to replace the parent with the State, then the bureaucracy would train those functioning in the capacity of parent as a paid agent of the State creating another government agency to be formed.  Our state of Oregon has gone so far requiring these Nazis to visit the home of newborns not so much to check to see if the new parents are competent but to ask if the new parents have a gun. These thousands paid agents are members of the Communist union and being well compensated. [YouTube Video]

That was Child Protective Services that now rip children away from their parents for any reason with the police by their side, and without a warrant.  Vaccinations have been big time in the Oregon legislature this year after a few phony measles scare and when parents who would normally sleep through the entire six months Oregon legislative hearings woke up and stormed the Capitol because in the past they had religion and other exemptions in order to avoid vaccinations but now this was taken away from them. [YouTube Video]

In spite of the Autism vaccine being one of modern medicine’s greatest tragedy, HB 3063, the Forcible Injections bill, was going through the Oregon legislature which the Oregonians for Medical Freedom opposed and said the big push for passage is not the regular vaccinations many children got when they were babies but the last one that they now want the kids to have is the human papillomavirus aka “human papilloma virus” and it’s being given to pre-teen and teenage boys and girls giving them a false sense of safety when it comes to engaging in casual, pre-marital sex. The mainstream media is also calling for Vaccine- hesitant families to be arrested and the mass hysteria turning out to be quite an effective tool in slashing the rights of Americans to allow informed consent and religious or philosophical liberty when it comes to the hot vaccination topic. [YouTube Video]

 Even if the vaccine works to prevent papillomavirus, it still leaves kids open to a bevy of other sexually-transmitted diseases.  So, it’s like having an air bag in your car that deploys to protect you only if your car collides with a Toyota, but not any other type of car. Oregon still passed a bill allowing dentists to administer vaccinations, including MMR, HPV and annual flu shots to their patients during dental checkups and I notice my dentist as soon as a patient sits down in the chair is given a blood pressure check.


But back in Washington, D.C. the Declassification Directive gives Pelosi, Schumer and their Small Group few options. At this stage in the sunlight process, and with a mountain of visible evidence locked-in to the record of what took place, there is no evidence anyone inside the Washington Field Office of the FBI WAS NOT A PARTICIPANT.  There may be decent “rank and file” FBI agents in various positions throughout the country, but there is no honorable HONORABLE RANK AND FILE in the Washington, D.C. field office.  The entire apparatus is full of corrupt investigators, manipulative liars, participating schemers, and agents, officials who went along with three years of politically motivated investigations. There’s no recovery from the scale of their involvement. The weaponization of the FBI is a feature, not a flaw. No Surprise.

The legal risk for participants in ‘Russia-Gate’/’Spy-Gate’ seems very real. The best defense against that risk is political Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Schumer know how to lead the defense by saying any evidence discovered by AG Barr is merely weaponized retaliation from the Trump Department of Justice. The media are already supporting that cause. Speaker Pelosi needs to protect John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and the participating small group writ large, if she is to retain her gavel and power. Minority leader Chuck Schumer knows the play and the media are already circling the wagons as part of their three-year ongoing participation.


Another method used is the human migration that is coming into our country– a force of nature being harnessed and weaponized.   While the media is diverting our attention to the southern border, so far 13 states have been handed over to the illegals. This is treason and the Democrats are still wasting time trying to impeach President Trump.  Article 3, Section 3, US Constitution: Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. Several states have passed unconstitutional legislation policies which counter and undermine the US Constitution, in order to hand your country over to illegals within the borders of the United States of America, or maybe they are like the State of Oregon which has been operating under a false Constitution since November 8, 1910.

In 2015 illegal immigrants swamped the DMV for California driver’s licenses. On January 2, the first day the program became effective,  at least 11,000 people had applied for the special licenses. More than 46,000 people statewide applied for special driver’s license for undocumented immigrants on the first three days. The California Department of Motor Vehicles said on Jan. 6 an extra $141 million had been budgeted to handle the flood of application which was expected to increase by more than 1.5 million over the next three years. DMV opened four new offices and hired an additional 900 employees.

Independent Journalist Sara Carter traveled to Guatemala this month to see what’s happening. She visited a town called Santa Rosa de Lima – ghost town – 60% of the people were gone. Everyone who was healthy enough ponied up thousands of dollars to the drug cartels to traffic them across our southern border. Witnesses to the border say the cartels are now shooting any civilians who attempt to cross on their own.  They charge $11,000 but will settle for half the payment until they can get to the U.S. and get jobs and the cartels are now operating on U.S. soil to extort additional money from the illegal aliens that they are shepherding into our neighborhoods.  She said America is becoming Guatemala and Guatemala is becoming empty.


And then there is the story I saw on the Dr. Phil show on May 6th. The family of Kendall, age 14 years old, was on the program the first hour the first day telling how Kendall is a constant liar. She has accused her older sister of beating her. The sister says it didn’t happen. She’s also accused the mother of physical abuse and the black step father, Anthony who threatened to spank her after she said such nasty things to her mother, she had a Protective Order and he fears she might say something to damage his career. The father was questioned quite heavily on the first day and he adamantly denied ever molesting her as she claims including while she was in the shower. So the next day while Kendall was on the stage and her face protected, because of molestation charges four years ago, the court wouldn’t allow her to be with her father so he observed from off stage. [Link]


On day two Dr. Phil listened to her for a good 30+ minutes or more and then finally she in tears mentioned how Anthony had moved into her home BEFORE THE DIVORCE WAS EVEN SETTLED and he was sleeping on the couch. I never heard one nasty comment the day before by the father against Anthony or his ex-wife.  This meeting on Dr. Phil was taking place four years after the couple married. Dr. Phil came up with a similar observation I had why Kendall went off the deep end using drugs, etc. She became emotionally battered and unstable after the divorce four years earlier. He told her she chooses the behavior and she chooses the consequences and tried one more time with questions about her father sexually abusing her and told her he is a mandated reporter and unless she admits to that being a lie, her father will end up in prison. I wasn’t able to see the end but earlier some folks from a place called WINGATE WILDERNESS were in the audience and ready to take her with them that day.

And then on May 22 Dr. Phil had a 28 year old daughter, Brittany who wanted her mom dead.  Brittany says her mother is the problem. The mother says Brittany is violent and very angry which Dr. Phil claims to be a manifestation of hurt, fear and frustration.  The show opened with a video that a hotel employee had sent to Dr. Phil showing an altercation between the mother and the girl in the hotel lobby. The mother, Donna sent Brittany to live with her father in Florida.  After a short time, he sent her back home. He at first thought his EX WIFE had been exaggerating but realized she wasn’t because he was experiencing the same problems.  BRITTANY WAS 8 YEARS OLD WHEN THEY DIVORCED and then in her dad’s place, she began to bond with her grandpa who died when she was 21 years old – ten years earlier and her anger seemed to develop about that time.  Dad says she’s a sweet girl one day and a tyrant the next. Apparently they got into an argument and he must have confronted her and she ended up calling the police.  Dr. Phil asked her why she didn’t leave if she had so many problems with her mother. He tells her to get a job and start building her life.

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