[These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.]

Last Sunday, I distinctly heard the church bells ringing in the distance. They seemed much louder than usual, and appeared to possess an almost eerie request to their appeal. Maybe, it was the silence in my own home that was emphasizing their tone; they certainly evoked a remembrance of a past life of my time working in the Anglican Church, yet they also definitely had an air of present day danger and warning in their message.

But as I wondered how many people were listening to the sounds of the environment we lived in, I also thought of those who were sleeping through a familiar message which was continually being relayed.

It seemed a somewhat sad parody, that an establishment which was meant to be offering hope in a sick and confused world, where an imminent danger was fully present and no longer hiding, was for the most part offering the same methodical system of control and adherence to the standards of the world within its walls.  Is it an unforgivable sickness that you can feel good within religious surroundings yet befriend the wolves who are stalking the aisles alongside you?

Later that week as I pressed the buttons of Control, Alter and Delete to enter a system on my keyboard at my place of work, the production of the Parish Magazine and my typing of the Hatch, Match and Despatch page came to mind.   Remembering the parish office bought back the pleasant smells of old oak wood furniture, and freshly cut flowers. I had once felt safe there.    I thought about the new babies who I would announce in the pages of that magazine, full of hope and optimism;   the careful handwriting and the accuracy I would have to use in the recording of the marriages in a large official journal, and the detailing of the deaths which had happened in the parish, also recording the road where they had once resided.   There was one road in particular where deaths were frequent because of the age of the residents who lived there.   One cynical clergyman labelled it ‘Death Row’.   I vowed I would never want to move there.

As I pondered on the reason and the purpose of life on earth, realizing that there were so many unanswered questions, and probably thousands of lies which I probably still believed myself, it was difficult not to question why some people just aren’t bothered.

People are born, and they die, and they seldom question why!

And then there are those who are now questioning all of the systems in society, as it becomes glaringly obvious that they are completely corrupted and broken down.   Many of them are young people. They are hatched, matched and not quite despatched at the moment.   Some have not quite succumbed to the indoctrination of school and media lies and are truly unique individuals, who are made to feel like outcasts in our diverse society which boasts of equality.

They question why politicians continually lie to us, and why people are dying at an unbelievable rate from illnesses which are outnumbering the millions of pounds being ploughed into researching their cause, knowing full well that our food, water and air is being poisoned.   They wonder why there are an increasing number of people who are sleeping on the streets of our cities and why people who do not love this country are being subsidized with homes and an income?  They question their student debt?  They question the re-writing of history. The list is endless, but there is something sadly missing.

Blaming it all on God, no longer cuts it.   They now know that something else is orchestrating it all.   The internet whilst corruptible, also presently provides a source of answers, which can confirm the reason why they are not quite going along with the crowd who see nothing wrong or deeply contrived about the lives we are living.

Is this where people go now to find out the answers and to discuss their concerns?  How do they counteract the spiritual sickness and the acute aloneness which can arise when churches, family and friends will not discuss such issues and wish only to adhere to a false love being offered, minus any real discernment, which is really a pre-cursor to accepting a one world religion and belief system.

Many church goers now want more than just a compromise and the false unity.  How can we deal with the resentment that arises and also honestly discuss the spiritual battles which can also reside within us too when there is a lazy boy attitude which refuses to acknowledge that something is seriously wrong with our world?

As evil steps up the game, at a relentless ugly pace, and dark forces surround the earth, you need a strong and solid faith in justice and that which is noble and pure, other wise you just won’t make it out of the negativity which is enshrouding the planet. You must love the truth, more than you love a feel good message and have a belief that genuine good always overcomes evil.   Is this the essence of true faith?

Is there a way to find joy and peace in your heart whilst witnessing lies and exposing them?

A Big Beautiful Wall

Richard Gamble, a former football chaplain in the UK, is one person who believes discussing prayer is the impetus to get people talking about Jesus, and he aims to build an architectural monument/sculpture alongside a busy motorway in the UK, consisting of a million donated bricks which will cost £10 each.

He is quoted as saying “I’m going to get Christians from all over the UK to buy a brick and tell us what prayer God has answered for them”.

Known as The Wall of Prayer, it should be a timely reminder that we have had so much to be thankful for during many times in our English history and also in our own personal lives, however at the time of his proposal he could never have known that a future president of the United States of America would also have plans to promote the building of the wall across the Mexico-Texas border to protect Americans.

The wall in the UK, which does not have the same high degree of media attention, has now become a multi-cultural appeal with donations accepted from around the world!

The website of The Wall also states that the bricks will not be engraved and will also remain anonymous, but when a light is shone on an individual brick it will relay the prayer of that person to your phone. This indicates there will be some sort of digital device inserted in each brick.   Work aims to be started on the monument in 2020 and you can read about it here and view the various designs of the wall which are currently being submitted: https://thewall.org.uk/

It certainly appears to be a noble effort in acknowledging thankfulness, that a monument can be attributed to the Christian faith which may remind people that the good things about this country were built upon the foundations of Christian principles, yet the question remains “what is our own individual character and what are our principles built upon, are they solid, and have we allowed wrong thinking and actions to infiltrate and distort them?”

An inward enquiry through stillness in the storms that we are going through may give us some clearer insight that we need balance and focus to remain connected to God.

There, it should be confirmed that the truth once written on tablets of stone are actually invisibly written and engraved upon your heart.  Silent prayer can shine a light upon them.

Whilst others are sleeping, and wolves are prowling the streets and the aisles, we should wake up early and find him. The bible promises that God does not slumber or sleep.

The building of the wall in America is to protect the heart of America and its people from those who don’t honour its citizens and principles. Someone who respects you does not force their way into your home.

Re-writing History

Britain has not only forgotten its spiritual foundations it has forgotten its heritage even though it is all around us. The country has hundreds of castles, moats and viewing towers to remind us of a history of invasion from the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons and Normans and why we needed to build walls. From the office where I once worked I also had views of what is called Beacons which stretch across the country and were once used to emit light or smoke to ships and planes, or else to warn citizens of impending danger. Whilst people were sleeping there would possibly be watchmen looking out for such signals.

We also have a very famous wall called Hadrian’s Wall built by Emperor Hadrian in 122 AD who built the wall to protect Roman Britain from Scotland.

It seems strange that the English Heritage website for Hadrian’s Wall states as one of its key facts on its home page:

  • Many soldiers and civilians travelled great distances to reach the Wall, including people from modern-day Syria, Romania and North Africa [Link]

It is also interesting that Hadrian’s Wall known as a UNESCO site (United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) from its website is celebrating LGBTQ in history along with the National Trust who are an environmental and heritage conservation charity in England.   The website states:

  • The Emperor Hadrian was gay.   He was married to the Empress Vibia Sabina, but also famously had a male lover Antinoos.   Antinoos drowned in the Nile.   There are several theories as to exactly how and why he died, but one thing is certain, Hadrian mourned his death like no other. [Link]

Indeed, there are now new Untold History package tours which focus on the sexuality of famous people entering all tourist industries, Quiikys being one of most known tour operators in Italy which advertises its tours as “based on the classic exploration of historical cultural heritage not forgetting its usually omitted gay side”.

In conclusion, for those searching for spiritual answers, regardless of who they are, it was whilst we were sleeping that Cultural Marxism crept in.  It is one of the root causes of the infiltration into almost everything which is distracting people away from the truth, and it is something to individually protect your heart and mind against if we don’t want to end up controlled, altered and deleted.

Death Row should never be our option……..

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