By Lex Greene

October 15, 2022

Leftist controlled pollsters are doing the best they can to make it look like democrats are running close races in the 2022 mid-terms. Certainly, election fraud will play a major role in the election, just like 2020. But democrats are so far behind this time, that efforts to steal another election will be blatantly obvious to everyone. Cheating is the only chance democrats have now, so they WILL cheat.

Here’s how socialist democrats have painted themselves into a corner that they won’t be able to escape this time, so long as every AMERICA FIRST voter shows up to vote in person on November 8th.

To sum it all up, today’s democrats are not democratic at all, nor are they liberal or progressive. Instead, they are anti-American socialists, working in concert with demonic global criminals like Klaus Schwab in a maniacal “global reset” scheme designed to destroy the sovereignty, security, freedom, peace, and tranquility of every nation on earth, including the USA. Even card-carrying Marxist Bernie Sanders is calling out democrats for being “dangerously too far left.” Lifelong democrats like Tulsi Gabbard are speaking out more harshly towards democrats than even republicans do.

But specifically, here’s the corner democrats have painted themselves into, and every sane Citizen can see it now.


Our Federal Government is created, directed, and authorized by the US Constitution. The government has no right to exist at all, other than by that document. The stated purpose is as follows…

  1. To form a more perfect Union
  2. Establish Justice
  3. Insure domestic Tranquility
  4. Provide for the common defense
  5. Promote the general Welfare
  6. And secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

Six simple foundational purposes of our government, and democrats have openly worked to undermine and destroy all six.

  1. Instead of working around the clock to “form a more perfect union,” democrats have worked around the clock for decades to divide Citizens, pitting each against another over race, creed, color, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, along with political views, going so far as to openly label half of the country “domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, extremists, bigots, and white supremacists.” They are the party of division, not unity.
  2. Instead of establishing and upholding justice, democrats have weaponized federal agencies like a gestapo against their AMERICA FIRST political opponents. Democrats have replaced justice with social justice, the business of government dictating winners and losers. They have destroyed “equality” in favor of Marxist “equity.”
  3. BLM and ANTIFA are both Democrat Party street gangs organized, funded, directed, mobilized in an instant, and defended by democrats, have burned and looted cities all across the country, funding through ACT BLUE (a DNC international money laundering scheme). They have created chaos, destruction, death and billions in financial losses, the total opposite of domestic tranquility.
  4. Provide for the common defense? The democrats have insisted upon a wide open border flooding the USA with millions and millions of illegal aliens, shipping them to cities all across the country and then fighting to gain voting rights for those illegal invaders, many of them violent criminals in their own countries. Democrats are actively engaged in an overt takeover of the USA via illegal “migration” from 3rd world toilets all over the globe. They are also engaged in causing wars around the world, now threatening war on US soil, or even a nuclear exchange.
  5. As to promoting the general welfare of all Citizens, democrats are directly infringing upon the protected Rights of all Citizens, focused on providing “taxpayer funded welfare” for their democrat voters, illegal aliens, foreign Middle Eastern terrorists, terrorist states like Afghanistan (Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda) and nearly a trillion dollars for the “general welfare” of their puppet government in Ukraine.
  6. Last, but certainly not least, all of their actions directly threaten the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. Worse than at any time in US history, our younger generations see no positive future for themselves, leading to record violent crime in our cities, and skyrocketing suicide rates.

In short, today’s democrat party has violated every foundation for freedom and liberty in the USA and that is the corner they have painted themselves into now.

The DNC is a single issue minority group party made up of terminal anti-American malcontents voting for “free stuff” from taxpayers, by electing dictators like Biden.

The top campaign issues for democrat politicians in 2022 are…

  • ABORTION – A right to murder your own children in the womb
  • DRUGS – A right to be drugged up and dumbed down, easy to control
  • A GLOBAL COMMUNE – Making the USA a 3rd world member of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset
  • WAR – Causing military conflicts with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea while backing the Taliban in Afghanistan, including current threats of a global nuclear event
  • HATE TRUMP – and all AMERICA FIRST voters
  • WEAPONIZED FEDERAL AGENCIES – directed to violate the Natural Rights of all Citizens for benefit of their “global community”

The only people in the USA who will vote for this democrat utter destruction of the USA come November, are those who know no better, deaf, dumb, and blind to facts right in their faces.

Today’s democrats are the most anti-American group on earth, far more dangerous to the USA than any foreign enemy.

You bet democrats will try to steal another election on November 8th. They have been advancing election fraud methods for years now and they have literally perfected the art. Meanwhile, current republican politicians have perfected the art of doing absolutely nothing about it at all.

But this time, they will have no choice but to cheat on such a grand scale, that everyone with a heartbeat and temperature around 98.6 will see it. This time, they must and will be exposed and stopped.

The ONLY way democrats win in November is if good men and women do nothing. After the past two years of Biden disasters, millions are ready to take control of their own futures by putting AMERICA FIRST in the 2022 elections. Most can now see exactly why socialism fails everywhere it’s tried.

Millions of AMERICA FIRST voters will show up and vote in person on November 8th, not to support any political party, but rather to save themselves by saving freedom and liberty and ending the current tyrannical assault on our country, coming from the halls of our own corrupt government and global Nazis like Schwab.

Pollsters will continue to make races look much closer than they are, because that provides cover for a stolen election. But these races aren’t even close in reality.

The people will take back control of their runaway government, voting in person, en masse, on November 8th.

Make sure you don’t sit this one out. This is the most important mid-term election cycle in US history!

Electing a new crop on political leaders is the very least every American can do. Holding their feet to the fire after the election is the very least every American MUST do.

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