Pompeii Meets Piccadilly?

(These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.)

Apparently, over 100 million people pass through Piccadilly Circus, in London’s west end each year. Known for its large illuminated advertising space called ‘Piccadilly Lights’, which has recently been refurbished,  and for its many theatre’s, shops and restaurants; it is one of those iconic landmarks, a tourist attraction and meeting place.

British people will often refer to any crowded place as being ‘just like Piccadilly Circus’. It is one of those colloquial saying’s we have, which even if you haven’t been there, will often be recognised for the state you are referring to.  It is loud, busy and chaotic.   When you visit Piccadilly Circus you can keep going round in circles.  It is where many roads meet.

It has featured in such films as Whatsoever a Man Soweth (1917) The 39 Steps, (1935)  Don’t Look Now (1973) and V for Vendetta (2005)

In 2002, it is reported that Yoko Ono, widow of the late John Lennon, paid for a banner to be displayed for 3 months in Piccadilly Circus to display the words from his song Imagine; “Imagine all the people living life in peace” to promote world peace in the wake of September 11th.

In theory, it is one of those places which will demand your attention with its messages.   You can’t get advertising much bigger or bolder in the UK than in Piccadilly Circus.  You just need the right amount of money.

However, this week a much quieter event should have been taking place there.  Passers by and tourists may have been totally unaware of its presence as their attention would be averted by the bright lights of advertising.   The premier showing of a documentary called ‘Voices of the Silenced’ was scheduled to be taking place to a private audience at the Vue Cinema.

The film had advertised on its website that it would be highlighting the goals of sexual politics and the silencing of views which are in opposition to the pansexual cultures of the pre-Christian Graeco-Roman world.

It also asked an important question:

Will the church recognize the dangers of capitulation to state control of sexual values and a return to the ancient cultures that its Jewish roots taught it to reject?

The organization, Core Issues Trust who support people who wish to move away from same-sex attraction, had filmed their documentary across seven countries, speaking with various professionals on the subject, and it contained interviews with people who had voluntarily sought counseling.

However, it is reported that after details were obtained by Pink News, an LGBT news publisher, 600 people petitioned for the screening to be cancelled; which indeed, at the last minute, it was.

In the many interviews which I have listened to which feature Mike Davidson, who is the director of Core Issues he continually re-iterates that they never promote ‘gay-cure’ or ‘conversion’.   They are terms which are continually used by opponents who wish to discredit the help that they offer.

Baroness Barker from the House of Lords made the following statement for Pink News:

“People who preach gay conversion therapy are zealots who are prepared to cause great harm to LGBT people in order to perpetuate their warped view of the world. Happy, healthy societies should send them packing.”

If we are in any doubt that we are living in a society that is being dictated to on its sexual values, showing no consideration to another point of view, then the boycotting of a film called The Voices of the Silenced has pretty much summed up the frustration and the hypocrisy that many people are witnessing and feel unable to express.

What happened to free speech and what an aptly named film.

Up Pompeii

Apparently, over 3 million people also visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii in Southern Italy each year.  Eager to view the city which was first discovered in the 16th century, ongoing excavations have revealed a preserved city that sheds light on how people lived in the ancient world.

When I visited it was a quiet, peaceful and sunny day with very few tourists.

When you are there you are always aware of the presence of the volcano, Mt Vesuvius which dominates the skyline and which buried Pompeii under volcanic ash when it erupted in A.D 79, on an equally sunny morning.

An eyewitness during the time of the eruption who lived across the Bay of Naples recorded “Darkness fell, not the darkness of a moonless or cloudy night, but as if the lamp had been put out in a dark room”.  (Pliny)

The excavated city reveals a well designed and affluent city where wealthy Romans would have resided or visited.   There are many temples all dedicated to different gods, Apollo, Jupiter, Isis, Fortuna Augusta, Vespasian. There are political messages etched on the walls of the houses, together with rude critical messages aimed at specific citizens (a bit like face book or twitter)!

The many fresco’s and artwork discovered depict a lifestyle that was indeed pansexual. The images can be quite shocking. Some are pornographic. Eroticism was valued and magic was routinely practised.  It is very clear without a doubt that it was a life that was not hidden.  Prostitution was legal. Slavery was rife. In fact, Pompeii seems to be known for its unlimited sexual licence. Anything goes.

Contrary to people thinking that Pompeii is the revelation of a bygone culture that has died it is evident that all of those practices are being dictated and resurrected into this present age.

Bringing on the Gladiators

Somewhere, behind the scene’s you sense there is a spirit taking great pleasure in watching people fight it out, pitching each other, against each other.  Thumbs up for letting them live, thumbs down for silencing them for good.

Is there anything noble left fighting for?  Is it true…?

“What we do in life… echoes in eternity.”

Attempting to warn people of the dangers of an open and promiscuous society in a country which wants to promote the teaching of sexual practices, including pan-sexuality, as a compulsory topic to children from a very young age; people who do attempt to bring up any objection are subjected to being accused of being bigots or terrorists, or they are accused of practising a ‘certain type of religion’.

The certain type of religion they are referring to is actually one that wants to hold on to decency and value for all people, and it comes from many different concerned people.   It is attempting to protect children from unwanted indoctrination.

On the whole, many churches in the UK are not speaking up very much about this, but rather are embracing a politically correct stance.   It is becoming a weak church with no respect.

Christianity in some parts of Europe is also going underground, in readiness for a persecution like that seen in Roman times where non adherence or worship to a governments values resulted in death.

Doing it for the Children

In the opening of the new Piccadilly Lights you will see many subliminal messages in the following YouTube Video clip.

One should ask what was learnt from the history of Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that plunged that city into darkness.

Did light shine in their darkness or did their darkness perceive it not?

Are you free or a slave of the Roman Empire?

If you stand very still in the middle of Picadilly Cicus you may ask yourself this question and think about the Voices of the Silenced.

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