By: Devvy

Yet another political sham impeachment trial is scheduled for Feb. 8, 2021.  There were no ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors” committed by Donald J. Trump, on Jan. 6, 2021 or any other date.  The sole purpose in wasting taxpayer’s dollars is to make sure Trump can never run for president again or hold any other federal office.

It’s also another way of throwing an after school treat at Lucifer’s Democrat Communist Party USA’s insane leftists.  Despite the fact such a farce is DOA in the Senate matters not to the mad hatters pushing for it.  Another show of political vomit and grandstanding with no constitutional basis to hold such a trial.

Impeachment 2.0 – No, the Senate cannot convict Trump after he leaves office: “The question is, can the Senate hold an impeachment trial and convict a president after the president already has left office. I think the plain wording of the constitution says such post-departure impeachment is not permitted.”

Now, if we want to fine tune things a bit, Trump absolutely won the election by a massive landslide which makes him President-elect Donald J. Trump.  (He never conceded.) However, Trump’s term in office expired at noon on Jan. 20, 2021.  He was not sworn-in due to Cheater China Joe usurping the office of president by fraud being sworn in as Trump had already left office.

Many have asked why Chief (In) Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts, refused to preside over this upcoming sham trial in the Senate?  John Roberts’ refusal to sit for Trump impeachment sparks constitutional concerns

The Constitution specifically says Chief Justice of SCOTUS shall preside, but once again, there’s the thorny problem being this so-called trial will occur after Trump left officeImpeachment Problem? Chief Justice Roberts May Not Have Constitutional Authority To Preside At Trial Of FORMER President – Oh, I love this one quoting law professor (a liberal), Jonathan Turley:

“The Constitution refers to a present-tense status of “the president.” That status is key to other provisions bestowing official powers and privileges, which do not linger after leaving office. No one would argue that Trump could continue to exercise those powers once President-elect Biden is sworn in. Yet a Senate trial would insist that, while Trump has no continuing powers, he remains subject to continued penalties tied to the office. Moreover, the stated purpose of the impeachment trial is whether a president “shall be removed.” Thus, the only person constitutionally subject to an impeachment trial would be the sitting president, Joe Biden.”

Is your head spinning yet?

And in all their delusions of self-importance, Chuckie Schumer and China Mitch McConnell picked an 80-year old ‘lifer’ that foolish, ignorant voters in Vermont have reelected since 1975, Sen. Patrick “Leaky” Leahy.  His nick name came about because old Patrick can’t keep his mouth shut, always leaking sensitive material to the MSM.

So, is this banana republic impeachment legal if someone other than Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides?  I haven’t read any alternative person can take the Chief Justice’s place.

The durable Leaky Leahy, after being sworn in to preside over the upcoming circus show, “out of an abundance of caution” had to be taken to a hospital.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.  Mark my words:  Desperate Americans slaughtered by lockdowns with 8 million more pushed into poverty, tens of thousands already laid off with more to come and sick of the DemonRats constantly going after Trump with nothing to show for it are going to hold Democrats responsible in 2022.

Dem voters will be hurt by the push to give amnesty to the tens of millions of illegal aliens who steal jobs that belong to Americans, not to mention bleeding the welfare systems – both federal and state – as well as our health care system.  If you think it’s bad now, if Cheater China Joe succeeds, this country will be over run with hoards of illiterate mobs demanding your paycheck.

28 Vulnerable House Democrats Silent on Biden’s Amnesty for Illegals – Those reps will be the ones the RNC targets.  A new political party, in this case, the Patriot Party – if they can even get ballot qualified in 50 states – simply will not have the money to mount a war against incumbents and will, in fact, siphon off the needed votes to oust those America haters.

While all this waste of time is going on, Cheater China Joe, hasn’t missed a beat still issuing a plethora of Executive Orders, killing off tens of thousands of jobs and much more.  I listed many in my Jan. 25, 2021 column.

In my series on state’s rights and neutering much of what’s coming out of usurper Joe’s “administration”, as I mentioned in my Jan. 25th column, our county GOP Club had already begun going after our state reps and senators.  The letter we sent to several of them along included copies to our (GOP) Governor, (GOP) Lt. Governor and (GOP) Attorney General is provided in an addendum; link at bottom of column.

Grassroots boots on the ground is what gets things done.  After reading my column, a nice young man from Montana emailed me to let me know their organization isn’t just talkers, they are people of action.  Bravo!  I emailed him a copy of our letter at his request.

A couple of people emailed me with snarky language I was nothing but a shill for the Republican Party.  Well, here’s a news flash:  I haven’t been a member of the Republican Party since April 1996.  I changed my registration to no party.  Never voted for a Democrat in my life. I just get a straight down ballot for Republican candidates.

A few others emailed their opinions that the only way to stop Lucifer’s Democrat Communist Party USA is all 80 million Trump voters sign up for the new Patriot Party.  I saw click bait claiming this new Patriot Party had become the number one party now in America!Ah, in four days?  I don’t think so.  As I wrote in my Jan. 22nd column:

“Reports are abounding Trump will create a third party which would be a mistake.  America went down that road in 1992 with Ross Perot siphoning off 19% of the vote ushering in globalist, Bill Clinton.  Admirable what Mr. Perot did during his lifetime, but a third party (one day we might have a successful one) isn’t what needs to be done right now.”

Anyone or group can file the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission but the big sticker is getting ballot qualified.  The Constitution Party which was previously known as the U.S. Taxpayer’s Party until 1999, has been around a very long time, yet that party is only ballot qualified in 13 states; Oregon doesn’t consider itself affiliated with the national party. You cannot win a presidential election if voters can only vote for your candidate in 13/14 states.

State legislatures are the ones who decide who gets ballot qualified and they can stop a party simply by changing the rules making it impossible to get required number of signatures and filing fees.  Neither the DNC nor the RNC wants to see a new party of ‘Trumpers’ even when Trump himself – and for good reason – is not a supporter.  I cannot speak for Trump but he knows an alternate party will siphon off critical votes.

Since it appears Trump is going to try to ‘primary out’ Republicans who turned on him, Republican voters are critical.  In some states you have to vote one party in the primary.  And, I might add, realistically, I doubt this new party is going to get 80 million Trump voters to change their party affiliation.

Trump Ends Patriot Party Talk, Will Primary Never-Trumpers

Trump campaign distances itself from new ‘Patriot party’“On Monday, the former president’s campaign committee, Donald J Trump for President (DJTFP), disavowed claims by a new political action committee (PAC) called the Patriot party, that the two were part of a joint fundraising campaign.

“DJTFP said it made the statement to the Federal Election Commission “out of concern for confusion among the public, which may be misled to believe that Patriot party’s activities have been authorised by Mr Trump or DJTFP – or that contributions to this unauthorised committee are being made to DJTFP – when that is not true”.

Impeach Biden in January 2023

We know Cheater China Joe’s son, Hunter, is under investigation by the Justice Department for several crimes having to do with taxes and money laundering.  We also know for a fact because the information was found on Hunter’s laptop in possession of the FBI, he was paying his father kick-backs relating to his business dealings.  The son is going to bring down his father.

No one following events since Trump’s campaign was spied on in 2015, all the way through the manufactured Russia dossier hoax to the persecution of Gen. Michael Flynn has any confidence in the upper echelon of the FBI.  Too many dirty cops like FBI Director Christopher Wray who is staying on under usurper Biden.  Old Joe has every faith and confidence corrupt Christopher Wray will do his part in trying to bury the criminal activities of him and his son.

The Acting Attorney General will soon be gone and another stooge by a different name will be top cop.  One that Biden feels will protect him and his son as did dirty cop, James Comey, et al., protected Hillary.  However, you can only put so much air in a balloon before it bursts.

The MSM prostitutes who shill for Lucifer’s Democrat Communist Party USA did their part in covering up anything and everything to do with Joe’s advanced dementia and his son’s business dealings because they come right back to China Joe.  They’re also cutting their own throats.

Think some Republicans in Congress – specifically Rep. Devan Nunes, aren’t already busy investigating the Biden crime family?  I’ve been following Nunes and others these past four years.  They can build a case so overwhelming even Biden’s errand boys in DOJ won’t be able to protect him because of a massive public outcry.  Oh, you can bet they are and Nunes is like a dog with his favorite bone which is why the November 2022 PRIMARIES are critical.

28 Vulnerable House Democrats Silent on Biden’s Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (List embedded in article)

Cheater China Joe, when not napping, has been like a wrecking ball.  The shadow government knows very well they won’t be able to conceal the usurper’s dementia for very long.  Oh, I know, the thought of that nasty piece of baggage, Comrade Kamala Harris assuming the office of president is frightening, but an awful lot of things can happen over the next few months so hold on.

Cheater China Joe was always going to be nothing more than a marionette for those pulling the strings in the shadows.  At some point, the shadow government will have two choices about Biden.  Sooner rather than later, Biden is going to – in a glaring fashion – simply do what people who have advanced dementia do – they breakdown.

Their confusion sometimes reverts to childhood antics like temper tantrums or crying that can happen at any time.  Think when he was on the campaign trail and was so rude to voters acting like toddler who didn’t get his way.  When that happens, China Joe will be gently told it’s time for him to resign “for the good of our democracy” bull manure.

Is Joe Biden OK? Biden’s Brain Freeze and Labored Breathing During Interview with MSNBC Raises Questions About His Health (VIDEO)  (Horribly pathetic to watch but they’ve known all this time. The RNC should sue the DNC for knowingly approving a mentally ill nominee.)

Or, once the flood of provable crimes by Biden and his son can’t be censored any longer and is flooding the Internet and talk radio, Biden is told he has to resign or, “regrettably” face impeachment.  One way or the other, I do believe it is going to happen.

That’s why China Joe has been signing anything put in front of his face as fast as he can figure out how to use a pen.  The shadow government knows full well their vote fraud scheme is going eventually blow up in their faces.  That many states will, I believe, begin to use nullification (and likely lawsuits) to neuter the agenda of the socialists and communists serving in Congress.

While they’re trying to ruin Trump financially, they know he still has huge support and will have even more as countless numbers of jobs disappear and the economy, already in a nose dive before COVID (yes, it was) crashes like a 10,000 pound-boulder.  The 2022 primaries start a year from now.  Not much time but the Biden gang will have done massive damage long before then making incumbents in Congress and state houses very vulnerable.

(One of my wishes:  Primaries all done in June of the election year.  Both parties hold their conventions in August, election in Nov.  That gives voters sufficient time to evaluate a candidate.  Voter votes for Joe Smith in a primary or a silly caucus in February.  Then dirt comes out or the candidate does a flip flop on issues in May and they’re stuck with that candidate in the general election.

A candidate can campaign for however long they feel necessary but Americans either grow weary of all those campaign ads or most likely, a large majority don’t make up their mind – especially for president and VP – until debates are over.)

I can tell you voters across this country are as mad as I’ve ever seen them towards the Republican Party for selling out Trump on Jan. 6th.  Gutless, cowards and too many spineless Republicans have infested the party.

No, thanks.  He is more what I’m looking for in Congress and my state capitol.

New Poll on Trump and the GOP Delivers Bad News for the Squishy RINO Establishment

It’s still a bit early to start going after those incumbents, although several have declared they’re going to challenge RINO incumbents like Sen. Liz Chaney.  It’s a bit tougher for senators than house members who are done by district; U.S. senators are two to a state so a lot of territory to cover.

The bottom line is the U.S. House MUST go back to Republican control.  I know, vote fraud but I’ll address that in my next column as it relates to all this.  Only 1/3rd of the Senate is up for reelection in 2022 but by then, I predict a fair number from both parties are going to be in real trouble with voters – especially the tens and tens of thousands who have already lost their jobs and sadly, more to come.

If the GOP, minus the cowards and RINOs take back the U.S. House, they can file Articles of Impeachment by Jan. 10, 2023.  The U.S. Senate would need to pick up 2-4 new GOP senators, very doable after the DNC goes over the cliff.  Her heart is in the right place, it’s just premature: GOP Lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment on President Joe Biden – “Rep. Greene focused on Joe Biden’s pay-for-play scheme that was caught on video where he threatened Ukrainian leaders in order to protect his son Hunter Biden.”

Right now, we have to stay on our state legislators and senators.  Many states have short time in session before they adjourn for the rest of the year.  Here in Texas, our legislature goes out of session in May until Jan. 2023.  However, all states can exercise their plenary power and call special sessions without the “permission” of their governor.  Only massive heat and letting them know they will not survive their next primary will bring results.

We the People must be willing to sacrifice our time to get our state legislatures as well as governors to stand up against the federal machine.  There’s the problem of federal funding back to the states but I’ll cover that in an upcoming column.

Regarding the letter in the Addendum:  You can tailor it for your county. I believe I covered what needs to be reinforced to our state capitols, for now.  They must act because it’s only going to get worse.  The letter is on letterhead for our Howard County GOP Club.  Tailor that too, whether it’s GOP, a Tea Party chapter or just individuals with signatures from family and friends.


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Mr. Biden’s order last week also put 5,000 people out of work, and will waste “billions” of dollars to pay off contractors for work that will no longer be done, said the man who oversaw construction for the Trump administration.”

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