By Roger Anghis

May 15, 2022

About a month ago I did a couple of articles on possible food shortages.[1], [2]. Since then there has been some very disturbing information come forth concerning not just our food supply but the government’s involvement in creating it. These are things that should never occur in a free society and I firmly believe that under Trump it would never happen.

Keep in mind that liberals have been hollering ‘conspiracy theory’ at everything the conservatives have pointed out over the last six years.  Right now the ’conspiracy theorists’ have been right every time and we are right this time as well. One of the main characters in this shortage is a dirtbag called Klaus Schwab who heads the World Economic Forum.  You might want to consider just why Biden established the unconstitutional Disinformation Governance Board which is headed up by Nina Jankowicz a person who denied the Hunter laptop story among other things that have been exposed as true: In a news release to announce the measure, Jankowicz was called “a Russia hoax espousing radical who is on video singing and asking who she needs to have sex with to become famous and powerful.”

Her social media history reportedly reveals a history of siding with Democrats, even going as far as labeling reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop as “disinformation.” Many in the media have since concluded, as the New York Post initially reported, that the emails on Biden’s abandoned laptop are authentic.[3] She even did a TikTok video singing a song asking who she can sleep with to get rich and famous.  Class act there Democrats. At least she’s truthful. A good companion for Kamala Harris.

Remember that Henry Kissinger, another traitor in my book, made this comment: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” US strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad and led to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agribusiness corporations. It is obvious that our government, both parties, have been behind what we are about to see. Scanning the internet and combing over articles I’ve saved over the years I found this interesting comment made not too long ago: A week ago there was a torrent of press releases from global institutions all mentioning the same exact same concern: Food shortages within the next 3 to 6 months. These statements line up very closely with my own estimates, as I have been warning regularly about impending dangers of inflation leading to food rationing and supply chain disruptions.

The IMF, the BIS, World Bank, The UN, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum, Bank of America and even Biden himself are all predicting a major food crisis in the near term, and it is not a coincidence that the policies of these very institutions and the actions of puppet politicians that work with them are causing the crisis they are now predicting. That is to say, it’s easy to predict a disaster when you created the disaster.

The claim is that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the primary cause, but this is a distraction from the real issue. Yes, sanctions against Russia will eventually lead to less food supply, but the globalists and the media are purposely ignoring the bigger threat, which is currency devaluation and price inflation created by central banks pumping out tens of trillions of dollars in stimulus packages to prop up “too big to fail” corporate partners.[4] The war in Ukraine can put a dampener on the world’s wheat production which affects Ukraine’s and Russia’s production however the United States could pick up that slack but that brings up another disturbing fact; Biden has ordered fertilizer companies to NOT ship fertilizer.  This is the peak of the planting season and without fertilizer, we will not have any chance for a bumper crop in the natural.

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today informed customers it serves by Union Pacific rail lines that railroad-mandated shipping reductions would result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season and that it would be unable to accept new rail sales involving Union Pacific for the foreseeable future. The Company understands that it is one of only 30 companies to face these restrictions.

CF Industries ships to customers via Union Pacific rail lines primarily from its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana and its Port Neal Complex in Iowa. The rail lines serve key agricultural areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and California. Products that will be affected include nitrogen fertilizers such as urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) as well as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), an emissions control product required for diesel trucks.

CF Industries is the largest producer of urea, UAN and DEF in North America, and its Donaldsonville Complex is the largest single production facility for the products in North America.

“The timing of this action by Union Pacific could not come at a worse time for farmers,” said Tony Will, president and chief executive officer, CF Industries Holdings, Inc. “Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all. By placing this arbitrary restriction on just a handful of shippers, Union Pacific is jeopardizing farmers’ harvests and increasing the cost of food for consumers.” [5]

You have to wonder why they have mandated these restrictions on shipping.  I have never heard of this happening in America before. When situations arise where we need to increase production of anything we have always risen to the occasion. Remember that the IMF, the BIS, World Bank, The UN, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum, Bank of America, and even Biden himself are all predicting a major food crisis in the near term.  They did this when there was no shortage in sight. To me, this means that this is a planned situation that must be nipped in the bud. We have to wake up and realize that this administration is NOT looking out for America. It is at war with Americans.  This is a war We the People must win.

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