The world we live in today is home to many confused souls. There are multitudes of tormented people who are unwilling to accept the gender that God gives them. This confusion has given way to the transgender movement. As a result, bizarre stories surface in the news. The most recent is about a college student on a sports scholarship kicked out of class for telling his female professor only two genders exist.  She demanded a written apology or out he goes. He refused.

Transgenderism for children has become a popular subject and many common sense parents are becoming alarmed because there seems to be a battle for the minds of our innocent children. Robin Prather, a retired children’s librarian in the State of Oregon and a Christian volunteers at a school library in the district where she used to work says a fellow librarian pointed out a title to her in an upcoming popular reading competition for third-through fifth graders: GEORGE by Alex Gino.

The story centers on a boy who is convinced he is a girl, and discusses genitalia, taking hormones, sexual orientation, and sex change surgeries. Bear in mind folks, we are talking about 8- to 11-year old elementary students.  Some of these children don’t even know about the facts of life yet and they are being subjected to this nonsense. Maybe you should read, “Well Johnny, what did you learn at school today? ”  Another reader says maybe parents should be teaching their children Martial Arts at an early age.

The May 2018 Schwarz Report article: BATTLE FOR THE CHILDREN by Emily Betz says the competition is called BATTLE OF THE BOOKS, a reading event that grew out of a Chicago radio show in the 1940s and is in school districts and libraries all over the country now. Once a year school teams meet to battle in a game show format, answering trivia questions about books on the BATTLE OF THE BOOKS list.

The State of Oregon is the only state with a transgender governor, Kate Brown, so it’s not surprising that GEORGE is on Oregon’s recently released BATTLE OF THE BOOKS list for the 2018-2019 school year.  In one part of the book, GEORGE recounts watching a television interview with a transgender woman where they discussed sex change surgery. “So GEORGE knew it could be done,” the books says. “A boy could become a girl.” She (GEORGE) had since read on the Internet that GEORGE could take girl hormones that would change GEORGE’S  body, and GEORGE could get a bunch of different surgeries if GEORGE wanted them and had the money. This was called transitioning (better known as brainwashing) GEORGE  could even start before GEORGE was eighteen with pills called androgen blockers that stopped the boy hormones already inside GEORGE from turning GEORGE’S body into a man.”


The book is not just “raising awareness” for gender dysphoria or endorsing transgenderism for children – it is publishing risky health data. Pediatric hormone blocking is a relatively new practice (first undertaken in the United States in 2007) and FDA hasn’t approved it. Giving cross-sex hormones like estrogen to a boy is also not FDA-approved.  This is beginning to resemble more and more like a Pharmaceutical industry advertisement.


A recent journal publication from a Washington University pediatric endocrinologists and two Johns Hopkins Medical school psychiatrists called hormone therapy in children “a drastic and experimental measure.” They argued that doctors often promise that the effects of hormone blockers are fully reversible when there is little scientific evidence to confirm that. It should be noted Doctors across the spectrum agree that the vast majority of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria later identify with their biological sex – so why the experiment in the first place? C.S. Lewis wrote of an all-powerful Scientific Consortium that was doing a lot of weird and cruel experiments so then enter the American Library Association (ALA).

In 2016, the ALA presented GINO with the Children’s Stonewall award, the first of that award ever given specifically for children’s literature. However, there’s been an ALA award for LGBT young adult & children literature since 2010. Awards help titles onto reading lists like BATTLE OF THE BOOKS. These elementary-aged titles on transgenderism or gender fluidity are still few and far between said several children’s librarians at public libraries. Some children’s librarians at public libraries had never encountered books on this topic. But the numbers are slowly growing and gaining gatekeeper endorsements alongside normalizing unhealthy sexual behavior. In 1966, a newly energized radical progressive Left delivered its epiphany: All things homosexual do are perfectly normal, and anyone who resists this dictum shall be destroyed.  This helps us to understand why President Trump’s personal staff is being harassed in the market place.

The ALA awards and review accolades put librarians on the ground in a bind. Pamela Palmer is a recently retired children’s librarian in southwest Virginia, where she served at the county library for 23 years. She was in charge of acquisitions for the children’s section and had about $500 a month to spend on new titles.  She would order books requested by patrons and then select the rest herself.


To decide on new titles, she would read SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, the most complete catalogue of children’s book reviews. When GEORGE was published in 2015, she saw that SLJ starred review means most larger library systems would stock the book. The SLJ called the book “a required purchase for any collection that serves a middle grade population.”  “Drat,” Palmer thought. The SLJ reviewer, Ingrid Abrams, wrote in the review: “While children can have a sense of their gender identity as early as the age of three, children’s literature is shockingly bereft of trans protagonists, especially where middle grade literature is concerned.   I can read your mind. Yup, Abrams was also at the time the director-at-large for the ALA’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table.

Shortly after the book was published, Palmer said her boss emailed and asked her to order GEORGE. Her boss, Josephine Clark, doesn’t remember asking her to buy it and doesn’t have an email record of the request to Palmer. Clark said she would regularly send reviews of notable new books, of which GEORGE was one, to the children’s librarians for possible acquisition.

Palmer’s boss didn’t realize what a big deal it was to her.  Clark said she made no demand to buy the book, and when Palmer asked her about it, she had to check the library’s shelves to see whether they had the book. Whatever the case, Palmer acquired the book despite her reservations.

ALA awards and SLJ starred reviews are one thing. But volunteer librarians and teachers are often the ones selecting titles for BATTLE OF THE BOOKS, state “master lists,” and state awards. Which brings us back to the question: How did GEORGE end up on the BATTLE OF THE BOOKS list in Oregon? A national BATTLE OF THE BOOKS organization comes up with one list and every BOB chapter Palmer talked to around the country comes up with its own list, rather than using the national list. Some BOB chapters are just one library, some cover several schools districts, and some like Oregon are statewide.

Oregon draws on a statewide group of librarians to volunteer to curate the state’s list. First, the group accepts reader nominations for the list, and GEORGE was one of the nominees. Then the OBOB selection committee considers whether nominated titles meet the organization’s criteria to be on the list. The criteria include whether the book (1) “is an appropriate reading level for 3-5th grade;” (2) “adds diversity of character, plot, perspective, and genre” to the OBOB list; and (3) “is an award winning book that has high-quality writing and is well-reviewed.” The committee decided GEORGE met the criteria.

“There was no sufficient feedback to cause concern for the committee to exclude the book from the list,” OBOB’s selection chair Courtney Snyder wrote Palmer about GEORGE. Snyder told her that according to the handbook, once a title is on the list, it cannot be removed. After Palmer asked about the inclusion of GEORGE, OBOB added a statement about the choice on its website, repeating most of what Snyder wrote her.

Oregon public school districts debated what to do with the list for 2018, as students would likely start reading the titles on the 2018 list over the summer. Roseburg Public Schools’ director of human resources, Robert Freeman said the district discussed how it was going to inform parents about GEORGE’S inclusion on the BOB list, but initially the staff talked about emphasizing to parents that the program is voluntary and that students who do decide to participate don’t have to read all the titles. He also underscored that “school districts have no say in these selections.” Roseburg’s population in southern, Oregon: 22,820.

Sheila Shapiro, a longtime public librarian and a Christian who works in the Portland, Oregon, area, said her library buys copies of everything on the OBOB list so they’re available to check out: they loaded up the shelves with 2018 list by the summer so kids could read over summer break. Shapiro noticed these kinds of children’s book are becoming more of a “norm,” but she added that “the community had not been, as far as she knew, clamoring for books on these topics.” She has read books on transgenderism for older age groups and said it has helped her understand some struggles that people with gender dysphoria go through. “You have compassion for them” Shapiro said. “But for a younger child…I would want a parent right there.” She said she can’t refuse the book to patrons but wouldn’t have her own child read it.

Portland population: 627,395. Headlines: 6/17/2018 Biggest Pride Day in Portland ever, 60,000 estimate attending parties and events all week long. A deadly 6.1 earthquake hits Japan. Buildings collapsed… How much longer, Lord, are you going to tolerate Portland, Oregon? I Thes. 5:3 – When they shall say Peace and Safety: then sudden destruction commeth upon them. It’s going to be a big surprise to the world. They are not going to expect it.


Or course, Oregon has been known to be first in all the Communist programs.  The latest, our queer governess celebrates murder with H.B. 3391 from the 2017 Oregon legislature called the Reproductive Health Equity Act that requires insurance companies in the state to cover the murder of unborn at no cost.  In the 45 declared goals for the Communist takeover of the America includes: #17 – Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum and get control of teachers’ associations/unions.  Put the party line in the textbooks.  #39- Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals. This is why I think the Pharmaceutical industry is behind this gender dysphoria.  And guess which state was the first to establish a public high school in 1869? Oregon! In the 1928 book EDUCATION FOR WORLD CITIZENSHIP (p.33) there is an illustration of the attitude of State Teachers’ Association resolution – 1926: We reaffirm our belief in World Peace and pledge ourselves to work for its progressive and constructive development. [Link]

There is no peace and safety apart from God and unless America repents – unless the American Church goers repent and unless our pastors and so-called “shepherds” repent there will be NO PELACE AND SAFETY, only God’s ultimate judgment upon a wicked and rebellious nation, and deservedly so! America used to export Christianity – sending missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth to win souls. What do we export today: Abortion and Sodomy. [Link] FBI agent Julia Brown warns in her book, “I TESTIFY,” to say the Communist party encourages immorality is to understate the facts: more appropriately may it be said the party demands it! The party not only tolerates, not only encourages, it demands that members engage in illicit sex acts. And this is how elected Congressmen early on become targets of blackmail.


The Oct. 5, 2015 NEW AMERICAN magazine said the bill to establish an Educational Bureau was passed by the House on June 19, 1866 and signed into law in 1867. Notice that even when this tiny germ of today’s Department of Education was being debated in Congress, the very astute Rep. Andrew Rogers from New Jersey stated: “No man can find anywhere in the letter or spirit of the Constitution one word that will authorize the Congress of the U.S. to establish an Educational Bureau.” Then, he went on to warn that if Congress had the right to establish an Educational Bureau within the federal government consisting of only a handful of people, then it had the right to establish a Bureau to Supervise the education of all children in our nation. How Prophetic. That’s exactly what happened. It took a century or so from the time when Congress first usurped the power to fund an Education Bureau until Congress was routinely ignoring the Constitution by funding a huge educational bureaucracy to supervise the education of all American children with more than 2,000 employees and a budget of $1.5 billion.

Oregon was also first to recognize Labor Day in September 1857 followed by Goal #36 to infiltrate and gain control of more unions and infiltrate and gain control of big business.


In closing, may I recommend mobile senior citizens wanting exercise check out the BBB (Banned book bins) at the libraries and in a letter to the local newspaper editor using the material in this article to report your findings.


I finished this article and then WHAT WOULD YOU DO came on the T.V. First, a boy wanted to choose a doll. His mother objected. Lots of suggestions from lots of people but one man said she should buy it for him. But what if a girl wanted to buy toys made for boys? Pretty much the same result; however, one woman did say “Let the kids play with whatever they like.” Another said , “She wanted to be Politically Correct and this is a different generation.” BINGO

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