We live in a strange period of time where many people have no ability to discern right from wrong so does someone have the answer to what seems to be causing this? Maybe I do.  Many believe we may be experiencing “end times” birth pains but Matt.24 tells us to take head that no man deceive you.   Even the Masons at a recent convention had this subject on their agenda.  Truth seekers are searching through scriptures to discern what may be coming our way as a nation and it doesn’t look very promising so “Preppers” are preparing to leave America but I fear there is No Place to Hide.

In the meantime, one horrendous event after another seems to be taking place all over the world. I don’t have to name them for you.

While most Presidents ride off into the sunset when their terms are up, it was common knowledge that President Barack Obama told us several times he didn’t plan on leaving office – ever and followed up by purchasing a home near the White House where he and Hillary, according to NaturalNews.com ran the entire Spygate operation for the last year violating federal law to spy on Trump campaign officials wasting tax payer dollars on this fraudulent coup and subsequent costly investigation. [Link]


Before leaving office, Obama nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 mandating the media to report honestly thereby creating the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 allowing the media to create the narrative and much biased “fake” news that disrupts our thinking and since that time, there has been an unthinkable increase in the number of suspicious mass mediate “terrorist” events in the US and EU. The coverage and discourse surrounding these incidents have directly paralleled heightened police state measures and calls for stricter gun control laws. [Link]

We had the FEMA BOMB DRILL called the Boston Marathon Hoaxathon where we saw an amputee working as a “crisis actor” simulating an injury from a bomb blast being wheeled out of the area in a wheel chair. [Link]  A mannequin was used to simulate being hit by a van during the NICE, France alleged attack.  Simulating trauma injuries using special effects and/or mannequins is pretty common these days.  The Department of Defense is heavily involved in this medical simulation technology.  The 8/8/2016 NEW AMERICAN magazine which I have long trusted for accurate reporting played the game where it said the “Killer in NICE likely encouraged by ISIS Spokesman.”

And then there was the Sandy Hook School massacre in a building in Connecticut that had been closed for several years due to toxins such as asbestos being present .    This happened when Robert Mueller was FBI Director. No homicides were ever recorded.   And the name Robert Mueller is certainly familiar. He’s been behind the alleged Trump-Russian collusion. My New American magazine again shocked me  with its article:  From Prozac to Parkland. Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings where they named killer Adam Lanza killed 26 in 2013. He was also stated to be on medication.

Putting aside the volcano eruptions from Hawaii to the most recent in Guatemala , I’m wondering why all the school shootings suddenly disappeared off the front pages of our newspapers in the interest of eliminating the Second Amendment and wanting Americans disarmed.  Is it possible the copycats who were taking their lead from all this school schooter propaganda are taking a respite? [Link]


After four-term Democrat President FDR, the popular Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (Public Law 402) prohibited the government from FURTHER propagandizing its own public and controlling the narrative.  The Act originally introduced at the request of the United States State Department as the BLOOM BILL after Rep. Sol Bloom (D-Ill), the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign affairs, in October 1945. The purpose of the bill was to make various existing information and exchange activities permanent, such as THE VOICE OF AMERICA radio broadcasts that began in 1942 and to create the institutional framework to grow the programs as required. [Link]


In other words, its purpose was to institutionalize America’s communication and cultural programming as a new peace time instrument of foreign policy. The bill was met with resistance by a Congress that had concerns greater than the recent memories of President Woodrow Wilson’s Committee for Public Information (CPI), President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Office of War Information (OWI) and the Nazi propaganda machine.

Congress harbored significant reservations about empowering the State Department. The key issue was not whether United States Government Information Activities should be known to the American public but whether the State Department could be trusted to create and disseminate these products when the BLOOM BILL (HR 4982) went to the House of Representatives Rules Committee in February 1945. Congress worried about the State Department in 1945. In 2018, it’s the FBI and the Judicial Department with Obama appointees and a Congress that seems impotent which suggests not all that much has changed. [Link]


Committee Chairman Eugene Cox (D-Ga) informed Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs William J. Benton that ten of the 12 Committee members were against anything the State Department favored because of its “Communist infiltration and pro-Russian Policy.” The House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously reported the bill was meaningless. Cox told Benton the Foreign Affairs Committee was a “worthless Committee consisting of worthless impotent Congressmen;  it was a kind of ghetto of the House of Representatives.” [Link]


Cox publicly characterized the State Department as “chock full of Reds” and “the lousiest outfit in town.” The information component of the BLOOM BILL was seen as a revitalization of the Office of War Information, for which many in Congress held contempt as a New Deal “transgression.” The cultural component was held in greater distain, which caused Benton, to change the name of his office from the Office of Cultural and Public Affairs a year after it was created to the Office of Public Affairs.


Other comments were similarly tough. The ranking minority member of the House of Representatives Appropriation’s Committee, Rep. John Taber (D-NY), called for a “house cleaning” of “some folks” in the State Department to “keep only those people whose first loyalty was to the United States.” The FBI was also concerned over the ability of State to monitor and control participants in the exchange programs.

Edward Klein in his 2014 book BLOOD FEUD says “Loyalty doesn’t exist in politics. There is no such word in the political rulebook” and Civil Rights Activist, first black woman and former six-term Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from Georgia would not sign the loyalty oath to Israel.

The State Department was in new territory. The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs had just been created in 1944, the result of a self-reorganization to meet the needs of the 20th Century. The office was originally the Assistant Secretary for Cultural Affairs, but Benton, the second occupant in the office, the first being Archibald MacLeigh, previously the Librarian of Congress, removed the “cultural” and “to avoid” the immediate conflicts with the Congress, Benton focused on the information aspects of engagement.

In July 1946, the BLOOM BILL passed the House (272 to 97) only to die in the Senate on August 2 at the hands of Sen. Robert Taft. While Taft never gave a reason for blocking the bill, he was an isolationist who held virtually everything supported by the Truman Administration in disdain including the creation of the snake called the Central Intelligence Agency. (CIA).  For example, Taft opposed sending United States forces overseas for training after the war.  And by the recent remarks by President Trump since the Singapore Kim/Trump Summit saying he would be removing troops from South Korea, it is obvious we’ve been doing it FOREVER.


Ralph Epperson in his 1985 book THE UNSEEN HAND said the next step in his ascendancy to the presidency occurred in 1952 when Richard Nixon assisted Dwight Eisenhower in stealing the Republican presidency nomination from Robert Taft. Republican Taft was a “conservative” and true anti-communist so both Truman and Eisenhower followed the administration of Herbert Hoover, a 33rd degree Mason, in 1928 and four terms (1928-1944) of socialist FDR when we saw our Constitutional Republic begin to go downhill. FDR was a great manipulator and used fear and the economic distress to sell the American people into debt slavery. [Link]


The day before the BLOOM BILL died in the Senate, an amendment to the SURPLUS PROEPRTY ACT OF 1944 was passed promoted by Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright.  This law expanded funding and mandates for previously authorized exchange programs. At the request of the State Department, who was struggling through appropriation hearings and defending its activities in Congress, the BLOOM BILL was introduced by Congressman Karl Mundt (R-SD) on March 21, 1947. As the State Department admitted to lax oversight due to personnel and budget constraints, Congress voiced its frustration and slashed State’s Information budget. This time Taber said if the “drones, the loafers and the incompetents” were weeded out, he would allow a few million dollars for International Broadcasting.

The State Department’s Information and Exchange Activities were continuing, although without explicit authorization from the Congress. The authority was derived from Congressional Appropriations legislation. In other words, the activities continued because they received money from Congress, which carried implicit authority but actual authority was still lacking. A pre-Pearl Harbor isolationist, Mundt sought to formalize the State Department Information Activities to ensure both funding and quality thresholds. Co-sponsoring the now-Mundt bill was Senator Smtih (R—NJ)The stated purpose of the reintroduced legislation was not to curtail the overall Information Activities of the United States but to raise the quality and volume of the Government Information programs. [Link]


Several significant leaders went to the House to testify in support of the bill, including Secretary of state George Marshall, Chief of Staff Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Under Secretary of State dean Acheson, Secretary of Commerce W. Averell Harriman (formerly the Ambassador to Russia,) and Ambassador to Russia, Walter Bedell Smith. They agreed that it was “folly” to spend millions for foreign aid and relief without explaining America’s aims. Between March 1947 and January 1948 when the bill became law, several significant events helped move the legislation forward.


In May 1947, the rhetoric between the State Department and the Associated Press, who had cut off access to the State Department in January 1946 in response to the BLOOM BILL, notched up. The result was several other newspapers and radio publishers and presidents lined up against the Associated Press and supported the government. Secretary of State, George C. Marshall announced the Marshall Plan in June 1947, which resulted in increased volume and temp of Communist propaganda around the world, particularly in Europe when a Congressional delegation comprising both Houses traveled to the continent to see the “front lines” in August, 1947.


Reconciliation between the House and Senate versions took place in early January 1948 and on January 27, 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed the bill into law. Congress, in recommending passage of the bill, declared that ‘TRUTH CAN BE A POWERFUL WEAPON.”

Congress further declared SIX PRINCIPLES required for the legislation to be successful. In Action, tell the truth;  Explain the motives of the United States; Methods and ideals; Combat misrepresentation and distortion, and aggressively interpret and support American foreign policy.


In the Act, Congress added three major protections. The first was to protect the American media by requiring the state Department to maximize its use of private resources. [Link] The Second was to ensure the State Department could not have a monopoly on broadcasting. The third, the PROHIBITION on domestic dissemination by the State Department was put in place because Congress feared the State Department, full of “loafers, incompetents,” and “men of strong Soviet leaning” could undermine the United States Government. The Second and Third restrictions were of greater interest to the Congress as they answered their critical concern s about a DEEP POCKET GOVERNMENT engaging domestic audiences.


Now that the Inspector General Report was released on June 12th, we wonder how many journalists read the 500+ pages or did they simply read the Executive Summary meant for the lazy journalists who will print more “yellow journalism” as it was once called.  The Executive Summary said there was no “political bias” by the FBI. If that was true, why did the new FBI Director, Christopher A. Wray, reading from the same script say he was going to retrain all the FBI agents to illustrate objectivity. Say What? The Report was full of “bias”.  FBI agents are all Law School graduates where the “Scales of Justice” is their motto? So, where’s the beef? No, I trust most of the agents are honest folks. It’s the 30 incestuous “communist journalists”  who joined Obama-Hillary Russian collusion team and FBI agents at the top that should be in jail along with Obama and Hillary. [Link]


On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan called for the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear Down This Wall.” On June 12, 2018 we had the Kim/Trump Summit in Singapore and the Inspector General Report was released to expose the corruption in our government.  Where do we go from here?  Save our Democracy (Socialism)?  No, return to our Constitutional Republic and be aware of the deceptive promotion of another Constitutional Convention.   and prayer…

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