The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is the beautiful brochure that advertized the Chronological Paper Trail by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt of the past 100 years of education reform. Each chapter takes a period of history and recounts the significant events, including important geopolitical and societal contextual  information. Citations from government plans, policy documents, and key writings by leading reformers record the rise of the modern education reform movement. Americans of all ages should have welcomed this riveting expose of what really happened to what was once the finest education system in the world before required public school education and creation of the Department of Education. [Amazon]

I ordered Charlotte’s voluminous DUMBING DOWN document with so many tabs to so many different subjects I can’t count them all.  Her document is 1 ¼” thick of legal size education clippings galore.  Charlotte was fired from her position as Senior Policy Adviser, in the U.S. Office of Educational Research and Improvement when she leaked some information to the Human Events news. Rather than me going into great detail about how we we’ve been at war for our Children’s Mind and Soul, I’ll let you read about Pavlov, Skinner and how children no longer have a conscience because they’ve been so brainwashed in the public schools. [Link]  Samuel Blumenfeld, noted author and phonics expert said Charlotte is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing the “deliberate dumbing down” of American children by their education system.


Dr. B.F  Skinner, the nation’s best-known behavioral psychologist and Humanist of the Year in 1972 sparked the whole teaching-machine movement with his notions of operant conditioning. “Any teacher who can be replaced by a machine, should be” he said. Turn off your teLIEvision which does more than LIE to you… [YouTube Video]  In his book, BEYOND FREEDOM AND DIGNITY, he states: “The behaviorists can change and control an entire society through the use of Operant Conditioning, another term for that is Behavior Modification.”  When questioned by what authority did he have to use Operant Conditioning on our children thereby violating their free will without the knowledge or consent of their parents, he replied he didn’t believe in free will and besides, ”We don’t have to have the knowledge or the consent of the parents. We have the children.”  And there, my friends is the public school system.


One newspaper article in Iserbyt’s collection did jump off the page at me and it was the one dated Oct. 17, 1991 which was entitled: NATION WILL BE WATCHING OREGON’S ‘PIONEERING STEP.” Under a new program, high school ends at the 10th grade, followed by 2 years of specialized training. It could become model for the future. U.S. Education Secretary Lamar Alexander said, “Oregon has taken a ‘pioneering step” and America will be watching and learning.”  Democrat Representative VERA KATZ , who designed the Education 2000 plan said, “Teachers tell us they can Identify at-risk kids at the first grade.” A former primary grade teacher, the state administrator in charge of implementing the program OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION over the next decade, envisioned that primary grades should be returned to the “one room school house” which she experienced during her childhood in Minnesota but this was not to be.  The Aug. 23, 1993 NEW AMERICAN magazine had a huge article entitled OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION but then it asked, “What happened to the basics?” Katz died at age 84 in 2017. She was the first female House Speaker in Oregon and grew up in Nazi Germany as a child. This guest opinion is a must read!

The goal 50 years ago was already being implemented and the State of Oregon, the most unchurched state in the union, was once again chosen to become the “poster child” of government mismanagement. [Link]

While the New World Order crowd wants to keep something that should be exposed under the radar, they’ll choose a day like a few days before Christmas – December 23, 1971, when a half million dollar grant was given to Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon by the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION to support research and graduate studies on “Man and His Activities as They Relate to Environmental Quality” that gave the final push to completion of plans for the COMPUTERIZATION of all elements of human life in Oregon.  Oregon has been the “first” in many areas to implement SOCIALISM/COMMUNISTIC PROGRAMS.

A lot of ideas are started and tested here in Portland,” said Vice President Al  Gore on 9/12/1998 at the dedication of Portland’s Light Rail.   Oregon was the first to legalize marijuana that can cause eventual brain damage and euthanasia to kill off the worthless eaters.  Oh, we had a couple old patriots here in Oregon crying out the warnings but our elected officials violating their oaths did not listen. One of them, Marshall Jones was a strong opponent of public schools and sacrificed financially to keep his children in Christian schools and like President Trump, drove those who publish fake news crazy.


From what I can gather, President Nixon, addressing Congress in 1969, recommended that the government become involved in developing children during “the first five years of life.”  Congressman John R. Rarick (La)  said on October 5, 1971, September 30 was a dark day for America when The Federal government authorized the take over of our children with the passage of the Brademas child development programs as an amendment to the OEO bill, by a vote of 186 to 183 that laid the foundation for the Federal government to replace the home and for bureaucratic “experts” to replace the parents beginning from infancy to kindergarten.  [Link]


Rarick asks, “What significant educational training can there be for babies in arms except to condition them to be away from their mothers and look to the state for security and guidance. [Link]    One of the salient selling features was the repeated assertion that the DAY CARE CENTERS were necessary to help working mothers to provide facilities for youth care to encourage unemployed mothers to seek gainful employment and then there are the FAMILY RESOURCE CENTERS for the millions of our children who they claim have no parents, are from broken homes and are from homes where they are mistreated or the parents are insensitive to the child’s demands. The child development programs are not to help working mothers but rather to establish FEDERAL CUSTODIAL CENTERS.


Recently, it’s been all over our newspapers about Oregon’s “dirty little secret” of sending  foster children out of state and how they face abuse in these facilities chosen by Oregon and the State of Washington Child Welfare officials. An attorney for the DISABILITY RIGHTS WASHINGTON discovered there seemed to be very little oversight of the program for sending foster children elsewhere and what was most disturbing some children flew to one facility alone, and strangers picked them and drove them to the facility that charges $8,000 to $10,000 a month for their care. In addition, there are the lawsuits when DHS is accused of failing to vet foster families.

The families of eleven infants and toddlers placed in foster care with a Salem man are suing Oregon’s Dept. of Human Services for $22 million, alleging the agency failed to vet the family and ignored signs of sexual abuse.  Mooney, now 29, and his wife were approved as foster parents in February 2007 when they both were 22 years old and living in a “small apartment.” They agreed to take “medically fragile newborns, infants and toddlers.”


In the meantime, a proposed new law in Oregon by Socialist Democrat and first transgender governor, Kate Brown with the blessing of the REGRESSIVE TOTALITARIAN MARXIST DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED LEGISLATURE believe that parents should have in-home visits by licensed health care providers of every family with a newborn baby and call it a national emergency.  Not so fast.  Should these parents allow a licensed government health care provider into their home without a 4th Amendment warrant signed by a judge stating probable cause? They probably will because Americans are basically ignorant of their Constitutional rights. As illustrated above in the foster care business, they care nothing about your new born baby. No, it’s all about asking the new parents about their guns and let us not forget HB 3063, the forced vaccination bill going through Oregon – no vaccinations, no school all because of the fake measles epidemic; however, this may be a blessing in disguise. More parents will home school. [Link]

And then we have the one reported by another NewsWithViews contributor, Ms. Smallback who tells about a family in her home state’s capital city who were good friends with a judge and got approved to be foster parents. Only young girls were placed with them.  Over decades, the husband would rape the girls.  They partnered with an unwed mother’s home and took in baby girls from the unwed mothers. When unwed mothers went to the authorities to get their stolen babies back they were sent to guess which judge?

I may have recommended a website that said Skinner’s daughter, Deborah born in 1944 was raised “in a box” and later committed suicide. She has debunked that rumor in a column she wrote for THE GUARDIAN. Skinner died at age 86 in 1990.

Now I’ve written all of the education material above as a reminder to introduce you to a lady who answered my article, “When We Will We Hold Them Accountable to Their Oath?


She wrote:  ‘WE WON’T HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. “Here’s the factoid that you won’t find in a government document that’s available to the public,” she said.  Following are her words:  By 2025 classrooms in America will be 50% LEARNING DISABLED students. Educational professionals, with the input of developmental pediatricians, know this and discuss it in hushed voices among themselves.  My circle of these highly credentialed people comprise a network that crosses the country and includes one who was educated at Cambridge University.

(As I side note, I know of at least four families with teenagers or older who apparently are DISABLED for one reason or another and the 6/18/2018 NEW AMERICAN magazine says in the colleges, “SNOWFLAKEDISABILITY now gets more time on tests. Student’s coping mechanism are now provided by colleges. The Wall Street Journal reported May 24, 2018 “The rise in disability notes for mental-health issues has led to a surge in the number of students who take their exams in low-distraction testing centers, are allowed to get up and walk around during class or bring a comfort animal to school.” The Dept. of Education budget mentions $13.2 BILLION for individuals with DISABILITIES EDUCATION ACT FORMULA AND DISCRETIONARY GRANT PROGRAMS. Then there is $1.5 billion for State OPIOID RESPONSE GRANTS AND $1 BILLION FOR OPIOID AND PAIN RESEARCH AT THE NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH and transgender youth were far more likely than non-transgender students to use cocaine, heroin, meth and prescription opioids, as well. )

She said she went back to school as an adult in the 1980s to get certified to teach high school mathematics. Special education teachers were being actively recruited as that was the area forecast for the most demand. Professors told all of us that we were being prepared to handle a school system that would be deluged with low-ability students.  No cause was given for this pending disaster. [Link]

She says since then I have seen this prediction play out in front of my eyes. My teaching career has spanned three states and has included public school, private school, home school co-ops, and a hybrid school that serves the local home school community.

The local hybrid school provides my most current frame of reference. The families are mostly white, middle-to-upper middle class, Christians in the rural South. The influx of learning DISABLED STUDENTS, diagnosed and suspected has forced the school to amend their application process and adjust class standards to accommodate these students. The director is pondering if the school will even be operational soon, as its previous standard was to prepare students for post-high school education.

A friend who lives in another state and whose profession interacts regularly with developmental pediatricians assures me that what I’m seeing is occurring nationwide. She and her husband, an education professional who attends seminars with professors from all across the country, are concerned that their elementary age children will have difficulty finding a normal peer group as time goes on.

The first wave of these learning disabled students have reached college age and be assured that colleges have adjusted so as not to lose too many customers (I’m sure you understand the business aspect of higher learning). THE AVERAGE COLLEGE STUDENT IN THE U.S. FUNCTIONS AT A 7TH GRADE LEVEL, having never achieved the COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT STAGE OF ABSTRACT THINKING.  (See: Skinnerian above).

Reversing this runaway train would take generations that we, as a country, don’t have.

Apply the ramifications of these facts to our political system. The “Old Guard” is dying out or out of touch with the factors in play, the Millenials are dumb as a box of rocks from decadence, and the Gen-X-Yers are brain damaged (from Marijuana, and other drugs and suicides among young folks has risen)

She ends by saying,  “And that is why I don’t see ‘us’ holding the government accountable even though we may work hard to ‘occupy’  til Jesus comes.  Divine intervention for a country that has murdered sixty million unborn babies?” and most recently, parents dressing little boys as Drag Queens. [YouTube Video]

“ Naw,” she says, “I don’t see that happening. Maranatha!.

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