By Steven Yates

The Maricopa Co. audit ended one week ago as I finish this. In less than 12 hours, corporate media narrative police (they call themselves “fact-checkers”) were on it like ugly on an ape.

They told us it not only “confirmed Biden’s win” but actually gave him more votes! How they came by that is anybody’s guess!

We peasants were clearly not supposed to hear of the irregularities Cyber Ninjas dug up. By the middle of last week there were only a handful of sites (e.g., Deep Capture, Patrick Byrne’s site), where you could find anything specific and useful.

Such as:

  • 57,734 problematic ballots, the problems being (for example) improper voter registration. This alone is enough to cast doubt on the results, since even the approved narrative gives Biden “victory” by just 10,457 votes.
  • Additional problems the tech company uncovered included backdated registrations, multiple voter registrations linked to the same voter affidavit, voters without records in a commercial database, and printing defects rendering thousands of ballots suspicious.
  • The 57,734 problematic ballots amount to only one tenth to one fifth of all the questionable ballots.

Does this prove there was fraud? It surely proves there were sufficient problems to question giving Biden Arizona’s electoral votes, given that Maricopa Co., where metropolitan Phoenix is located, is the most populous county in the state.

Everything has now been memory-holed! As noted I was seeing hit pieces in my Yahoo news aggregator within hours!

The gaslighting continues!

Karl Denninger, ISP specialist and former CEO of MSCNet which was the first ISP to offer customer-specified spam filtering and public web servers back in the 1990s, who became a successful day trader and now runs the Market Ticker blog wrote:

What did we learn Friday?

  1. Maricopa claimed there were no duplicate mail-in ballots.  In fact there were far more duplicates than those required to change the outcome in the Presidential race. That has now been established. Either (1) Maricopa lied but actually de-duplicated the ballots (meaning the results stand) or Maricopa did not de-duplicate the mail-in envelopes and the results are impossible to validate because some 17,000 duplicate votes were cast.
  2. Maricopa lied about their election management system never being connected to the Internet. It has been conclusively and forensically established that indeed it was. When it was is immaterial; the lie, standing alone, is enough.
  3. Maricopa intentionally violated federal law in the maintenance of electronic records specifically including the chain of custody by not issuing individual login credentials to the authorized users for each function. This is a direct violation of federal law and it was an intentional act. These are laws, not suggestions.
  4. One or more people intentionally destroyed security logs.  At least one such person has been positively identified. That is a criminal act, standing alone, and must be prosecuted.
  5. The databases were intentionally destroyed by one or more persons. The person who did #4 either conspired with said person(s) who destroyed the databases, was the person who did so, or did so to cover up the act without knowing who committed the first act. Whatever the facts on that linkage may be it was a deliberate, criminal act standing alone and must be prosecuted.

[Uh, for either of these, don’t hold your breath, Karl. -SY.]

  1. The so-called “auditors” hired by Maricopa are criminally incompetent or even worse, actively involved in the above. They must be named and prosecuted. Specifically, they failed to inspect the unallocated disk space on the EMS, a basic part of forensics as criminals often delete evidence of their activity. Said material was still there, so had the “auditors” hired by Maricopa been competent they would have discovered it.

What was not proved was that Trump won. But what was proved was that there is no honest assertion that can be made that either of the two Presidential candidates in serious contention won. The margin of victory is within the margin of dispute and it has been proved that electronic records critical to validate what occurred throughout the election process were deliberately destroyed by persons(s) who had physical access to the systems in question, with at least one such person being allegedly identified by security camera footage.

There may well be more here — but what’s been discovered thus far and proved (and for which the evidence is now in the public domain) shows that:

  1. The election in Maricopa County for federal offices, including President, was not conducted in accordance with Federal Law.
  2. The results, based solely on the count of duplicated ballot envelopes (people who voted more than once), which exceeds the margin of victory for the Presidential Office, are not able to be confirmed since once duplicate ballots are removed from the envelopes it is impossible to identify them. Maricopa county claimed no such duplicates exist. We now know more than 17,000 in fact do exist and the envelopes still exist. What we cannot prove one way or another is whether the ballots inside those envelopes were counted and, if only one was counted, which one was counted. We thus have no way to know who won.
  3. The persons running the election have made materially false statements on an intentional basis about the equipment never being connected to the Internet.
  4. The persons running the election both deliberately destroyed data related to the election in direct violation of Federal Law and, as a separate and distinct offense, attempted to cover up that destruction and identification of the person who did so. This act, standing alone, demonstrates intent to tamper with the election results.
  5. The vast majority of said deliberately destroyed data was not recoverable and likely is not recoverable.

By forensic evidencenot presented and unrebutted, the outcome of the election in Arizona was falsely certified.

What’s the remedy for this?

That’s a separate debate — but that this one county alone did in fact corrupt their election, did so intentionally, and did so in such a fashion that at this time it not possible to know what the result actually was is not subject to reasonable dispute.

Finally, not only was their forensic computer person credible he displayed exactly the process that I, as a person skilled in the art and who has performed computer forensics, would utilize. I found no fault in his procedures, his process and analysis. Nor did I find him to make a single unproved assertion of fact. This is exactly what a professional is supposed to do in this field.

How much more evidence do we need that the rule of law that is dead in America.

Trust itself is dead, moreover.

The gaslighting continues. It’s across the board, not just with elections but all other major issues where globalist super-elite power (and money!) are in evidence.

It’s not just America, therefore! It’s the entirety of the West! Europeans have been gaslighted as much as Americans about the COVID bioweapon and the “vaccines.”

As have South Americans, as I can testify from personal observation.

Look at Australia! The place has become a totalitarian police state!

We increasingly live in a world where “truth” itself is handed down by those in power — who, since January of this year, have known they were back in power in the U.S. and able to do pretty much as they pleased. They expect to be able to bark orders, and we peasants are supposed to fall in line!

The Bidenistas and their supporters in the Asylum on the Potomac are making examples of the 500 – 600 people imprisoned over the January 6 “insurrection”: a desperate, ill-advised, last-ditch effort to prevent Congress from handing the Executive Branch to an illegitimate administration.

I keep reading about how we either reverse Election 2020 and put Trump back in the White House, or we’ll never see another honest election in America.

In that case, we’ll never see another honest election in America.

Because I see no means of reversing Election 2020.

An attempt would result in open violence! And it would be Trump supporters, not the Bidenistas, who would be accused of starting Civil War II! This has been the narrative the Asylum / Corporate Media Complex has been pushing since January — that it was Trump and his supporters trying to stage a coup!

Which is why, as bitter a pill as will be to swallow, the time has come to just drop it and move on, doing what we can to minimize the damage.

Online conversations have already begun about 2024. J.B. Williams cited a pair of Trump remarks that had me scratching my head as well: “We will take back Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024,” followed up by, “we won’t even have a country by then.”

Williams rightly noted the incongruity of these two remarks.

He noted, rightly, that with Election 2020 standing, there isn’t any reason to think Republicans will be allowed to win back Congress; and if a national election can be stolen once and the country gaslighted for the next eleven months, who knows how brazen the next national steal might be???

That’s if there can even be a national election that does not descend into violence and chaos.

Again, I do not make predictions; I draw scenarios. Because a lot can happen between now and 2024 (or even November 2022), I can think of many possibilities. None of them good.

What we know:

When those in power can memory-hole anything in the way of what they want, they can do as they please! They can put a figurehead in the White House, institute vaccine mandates, or pontificate about an “economic recovery” that doesn’t exist outside government numbers.

That’s the very concept of totalitarianism, even if not worn on its sleeve!

Let’s back up.

All the way to 2015.

Readers may not realize it, but I was not initially drawn to Trump. I’d supported Ron Paul (who, in retrospect, was too intellectual for today’s masses, products of a failed educational system). He was gone, retired.

I was living overseas, had no idea who I wanted to support. I didn’t feel obligated to support anyone.

My stance in 2015: Donald Trump was no Ron Paul!

It was only when he described U.S. foreign policy as “a complete and total disaster” (it was and still is!) and told Megyn Kelly on national television that “we do not have time to be politically correct” (we don’t!) that I paid attention. I’d come to the sudden realization that whatever the man’s faults, the rest of the Republican slate was embarrassing, and that made him the only game in town!

That’s what happens when dominant narratives all collapse, and take two parties’ mainstreams down with them.

An outsider with no previous experience with the political system gains the support of his party’s base. Trump ran with it, using his superb command of all available media (a skill Dr. Paul never mastered).

And remember, Democrats had their own “populist,” Bernie Sanders, from whom Hillary Clinton’s insiders in the DNC brazenly stole the 2016 nomination with “super delegates.”

Now, Corporate Media ridicules those of us who don’t consider Biden a legitimate president.

Pure hypocrisy!

They spent four years not considering Trump the country’s legitimate president!

What should our takeaways be from those four years? Here are mine:

Given that things are arguably magnitudes worse today—all over the world!—than they were in 2016, I’d have to judge Trump’s presidency a failure overall, but not for the reasons usually given.

He completely underestimated the width, depth, and strength of the Swamp his base sent him to the Asylum on the Potomac to drain.

Having arrived there not knowing who to trust, much less who to appoint to what, he ended up with an administration full of turncoats, backstabbers (think of Michael Cohen!), and just plain incompetents. Hence many of his efforts, such as building a wall on the Mexican border, struggled. These are not things any president can accomplish through sheer force of will without the cooperation of hundreds of trusted decision-makers. Where was Trump going to find them?

He would have had to go outside the Asylum, of course, bringing in more outsiders— probably peasants the Asylum’s movers and shakers had never heard of before. They wouldn’t be in the Big Club with Harvard or Yale law degrees. Trump’s efforts would then have been fought even harder.

Trump made mistakes, some of them serious. I don’t believe he helped himself with his late-2017 corporate tax cuts. Who benefited from those? Answer: the billionaire class. Not his base. Wealth and power has continued to surge to the top!

Many are still supporting him because they’ve not figured out the truth and still believe they have nowhere else to go! What truth are we talking about? Just this:

National politics is no longer the arena to fight for personal freedoms. This includes economic freedom, the freedom not to have one’s community overrun by “resettled” aliens, and the freedom to refuse the jab.

That fight has to be carried on, at best, at the state level, and where that fails (as in places like Virginia and Michigan controlled by Democrats with dictator complexes), at the local level.

People like Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis seem to me to have the right idea (here, assuming the video hasn’t been nuked before this article has time to appear). DeSantis first announced his lawsuit over the resettlement of illegal aliens in his state, a consequence of the ongoing Bidenista disaster at the border.

Then he told us he’d signed an executive order forbidding state agencies from cooperating with the feds (i.e., the Bidenistas), telling the latter in no uncertain terms to get their grubby paws off Florida!

Turns out, he was just getting warmed up!

DeSantis has been resisting Bidenista tyranny from the get-go and paid the price of the usual Corporate Media demonizing. To his credit he’s stood his ground, and the two powers are likely to butt heads in court.

Since the courts are as compromised as the election process, that’s iffy.

The rule of law being dead, and all that….

In the above video (again assuming it still exists), scroll to 26:30.

It’s true, DeSantis doesn’t appear to believe Election 2020 was stolen — he wonders how he won in Florida, and why Trump was allowed to win in Florida if it was.

I can forgive him for not getting it that the power elites only had to flip a few districts in a handful of states to get what they wanted.

But if they could have heard this speech, he probably wouldn’t have been allowed to win!

Because everything else he says is in line with the drum I’ve been beating: the Asylum (DeSantis doesn’t call it that, of course) is on the verge of unraveling. It visibly screws up everything it touches, and is “rotting on its own” (he does use that phrase!). Then he takes the biggest plunge I think I’ve ever heard a state governor take. Paraphrasing:

This can’t be fixed!

If Trump 2016 couldn’t fix it, then what makes anyone think Trump 2024 will be able to fix it — even assuming Trump 2024 is possible?

The Swamp is too wide and too deep, just like the memory hole swallowing everything that goes against approved narratives!

It is time to accept that. That we have to reject the dichotomy: Trump, or the left-liberal-globalist axis.

The dichotomy presupposes national politics, which as we have seen, is toast.

DeSantis observes that real leadership is going to have to be nurtured, like plants grown in a garden. This must happen locally. It will involve uprooting weeds and getting rid of debris (e.g., too many left-liberals) that might interfere with cultivating the best vegetables.

Therefore, it won’t happen everywhere. It could happen in Florida.

Might there someday be an independent Republic of Florida? Once the Asylum has schemed and blundered its way into complete impotence, losing all credibility even with itself?

At present, its unraveling is happening slowly. If the Bidenistas face (or cause) any more calamities, e.g., in the economy, slowly could become rapidly.

I’d support an independent Republic of Florida in a heartbeat! I might even consider moving us there!

Steven Yates’s new book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory was recently published by Wipf and Stock.

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