By Lex Greene

Allow me to begin with this FACT… we have One President, One Vice President, 435 members of Congress and nine unelected and totally unaccountable members of the U.S. Supreme Court, fifty Governors and thousands of City Mayors… and not a single one of them was elected by the people to decide who to quarantine, when to mask, who can earn a living and who can’t, who must be vaccinated and what will happen to those who refuse! NOT A SINGLE ONE!

These decisions rest with the American People and NO ONE ELSE! Now that I have set this baseline FACT straight, allow me to state some more FACTS!

Only thirteen “doctors” are running the Marxist COVID OP, nine of whom are directly on payroll with congressional democrats, and seven of whom have received funding from the Clinton Foundation. None of these thirteen ever see patients.

Meanwhile, more than 2300 international virologists totally disagree with the scam “science” forced down people’s throats by those thirteen democrat doctors, and more than 10,000 frontline doctors have filed suit against those responsible for intentionally lying to the public.

So, why is Florida Governor DeSantis suddenly pimping the vaccines after standing so strong against the COVID scam until now?

First, like President Trump, DeSantis is NOT a doctor or scientist. This means he must rely upon the “expert” opinions of those who are, in short, “follow the scientists.” The issue is, whose science?

2300 international virologists and 10,000 frontline doctors have been either discredited or silenced by the thirteen democrat doctors behind the COVID bioweapon operation. Only the opinions of the thirteen democrat doctors are allowed to speak without opposition, namely, Dr. Fauci, who has been caught lying repeatedly, including to Congress under oath and penalty of perjury.

But there is more…

Despite admitting months ago that their “COVID case” numbers were dramatically inflated due to faulty testing, now recalled by the FDA, resulting in a 500% overstated “infection” reporting, the CDC and their thirteen doctors continue using the inflated case numbers to extend the fear-mongering. Approximately 80% of the test “positives” have been “false positives,” as admitted by the CDC months ago.

Despite admitting that only 6% of all COVID LABELED DEATHS were actually deaths caused by COVID19, and that the other 94% died of other causes, the democrat doctors and Biden regime are still using the grossly over-reported deaths from COVID19, and so is the Marxist news media.

Democrat Marxist “fact-checkers” at SNOPES and ANNENBERGS Fact-Check continue to intentionally mislead the public with their carefully crafted word-parsing, “Only 6% died OF COVID,” the other 94% allegedly died of other causes “with COVID.” (Remember the false positives)

But there’s more…

As of July 21, 2021, at least 53,000 “COVID deaths” in the USA had been reported to VAERS since January 1, 2021. 100% of these deaths were “post-vaccine” and they included all of the different vaccine manufacturers. This alone proves that the approved narrative, now spewed by Republicans from Sean Hannity to Governor DeSantis and most of the Fox News talking heads, 100% FALSE!

So, I have made it possible for you to SEE THIS REALITY FOR YOURSELF in a matter of seconds.

The CDC and VAERS are busy deleting COVID vaccine death reports and they have started NOT accepting any new “vaccine death reports” from medical professionals on the frontlines, who are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of any of these so-called vaccines. (COVID19 is NOT a virus, and these vaccines are NOT vaccines)

But before they could delete all of them, I exported several VAERS reports to a secure thumb drive and then posted them for the world toconsider HERE and HERE. This is what you will see if you click and read these reports, which are posted in the original VAERS exported form, without any edit or alteration.

  1. ALL (100%) of these attending physician reports to VAERS concerning “new COVID deaths” are in patients that have received these vaccines, no exceptions. ALL of these reports are “post-vaccine deaths.”(But that’s NOT how they are marked)
  2. The second report separated these death reports by vaccine manufacturer.
  3. ALL of them have been marked by VAERS and the CDC as mere “COVID DEATHS” with none of them marked “vaccine deaths,” even though all of them happened “post-vaccine.”
  4. In report after report, you will read horrifying accounts from attending physicians, of exactly how these vaccines are ravaging the bodies of the vaccinated, from the inside out, until dead.
  5. You will see that although most cases are in the 60+ age groups, those targeted for vaccination first and often having “pre-existing health risks,” other deaths are patients as young as 13 years of age, in perfect health prior to receiving their vaccines.

THIS is the “science” that everyone is relying upon in making their pro-vaccine statements. They believe there “are no vaccine deaths” simply because VAERS and the CDC are marking ALL “vaccine related deaths” as mere “COVID19 deaths,” leading unsuspecting people, including government leaders like DeSantis to assume the vaccines are “safe.” The CDC is lying again!

Just as Fauci, the CDC, WHO, politicians, the Marxist media, and their Marxist “fact-checkers” LIED about infected numbers and death toll numbers for the past 19-months, they are lying about the 2021 vaccine death numbers now.

ONLY when you take the time to READ the attending physician reports yourself, will you see that ALL of these “COVID DEATHS” occurred AFTER the patients received one or more of the vaccines. You will also see that it doesn’t matter which vaccine they took, as they are all causing the same adverse effects.

These reports deal strictly with patients who had DIED AFTER RECEIVING their vaccines. They DO NOT include anyone who has died without a vaccine, or anyone forever disabled by the vaccines, but still living.

My previous column lays much of this truth bare, HERE. Other good investigative writers like Devvy Kidd at NewsWithViews, are also working feverishly to expose the real FACTS that every American MUST know immediately, in order to save their own lives and that of their loved ones.

Unfortunately, we cannot make everyone READ these facts, or make them take the appropriate actions after. All we can do is do the homework and present the real facts. The rest is up to YOU, the American people.

You will have to decide who you believe, the thirteen democrat doctors making billions off their vaccines, or the 2300 virologists sounding the alarm all over the world. Will you believe Fauci, Joe Biden, Trump, and DeSantis? Or will you believe more than 10,000 international Frontline Doctors?

There is no second chance here… these are LIFE AND DEATH decisions you will have to make. ALL of this is about CONTROL, not science or health. If this were about your health, this would have been handled entirely different. Use your survival instincts to cut through the lies. Use your common sense to defuse the massive lies coming from democrat doctors seeking total global political power.


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