By: Devvy

October 11, 2022

In my last two columns on the carnage from those experimental gene therapy injections being passed off as vaccines I mentioned a lawsuit which I couldn’t go into detail about as I’d given my word last month not to announce it.  I wanted to so badly to because this is the case that is going to bust this Hell wide open.  It was finally filed October 5, 2022;  a major undertaking for the attorney’s involved, their staff and sources.

This is a civil jury trial and you can bet when whoever the judge is reads it is going to fill his/her drawers.  The defendants have no where to hide because the proof and the truth cannot be denied.

It’s said the wheels of justice turn slowly.  I say when corruption is involved with big names and lots of filthy money, yes, defendants and judges would sell their own mother to keep from going to trial.  Such is the lawsuit which I covered June 16, 2021, by my dear friend, Larry Becraft, whose been a constitutional criminal defense attorney for over 35 years and several other attorneys.  That lawsuit is on the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) and those dangerous experimental injections that legally are NOT vaccines.

That lawsuit was filed on June 10, 2021 and still has not gone to trial.  The defendants have and continue to use every legal trick and maneuver they can think of to keep from going in front of a jury.  You can read the original Complaint here.  It is 113 pages but don’t let that stop you from getting FACTS vs the monstrous lies fed the American people from early February 2020 through today.  Try reading page 86, for example.

I’ve known about this new lawsuit since last month and read several draft copies.  Been anxiously awaiting it following Tom Renz (attorney) 57-page document I covered Sept. 21, 2022 in a column, Bombshell: Sars-Cov2, Those Responsible by Name and How it Was Done:

“Well, Renz just released for the public what I consider to be the BOMBSHELL document:

BREAKING: The Origins of SARS-COV2Fauci, Wuhan, EcoHealth & More – “Renz Law in collaboration with Make Americans Free Again have put together a report presentation documenting 133 Citations, Declaration of an employee of EcoHealth under penalty of perjury, months of research and consulting with experts. Below you find a copy of the presentation and the full report.”

“This is a 57-page document that must be read in its entirety.  It is the story of SARS-CoV-2 from start until now.  Criminal acts by named individuals paid for by you and me.  You will be absolutely shocked regarding intelligence agencies and guess whose name pops up in that document?  Hunter Biden.

“Not speculation but hard scientific facts and evidence, some of which has been provided by a whistleblower on the inside with impeccable credentials.  I suspect we’ll see more to come in the way of those wanting to do the right thing or…the old tactic of the first one who sings gets the best deal.  Better hurry up as the iceberg is dead ahead.”

An odd thing happened.  Larry Becraft emailed me the court docket on Oct. 5, 2022.  Rockland County Supreme Court Assignment of Index Number 10/05/2022.  I clicked and read the Complaint on line.  The very next day speaking with Larry, I informed him when I clicked on the link again this came up:

“This document is not available for public viewing at this time.  If you are a participating NYSCEF user in this matter and are not currently logged into the system, you may view this document by logging into NYSCEF and selecting it from the Document List in this matter,
or by selecting the link below.  Log in and view document.”  Seems overnight the court decided the public didn’t need to see the lawsuit.

However, they forgot to shield all the exhibits!  Just two of them and hopefully they’ll still be there for you to see when this column is posted.  One and two.

Nice try but the lawsuit is now posted on Renz’ web site.  It is definitive proof backing up the 57-page document above the true history and the defendants responsible for the nightmare which crippled the world in early 2020 and totalitarian governments – including ours – want to see continue.

People around the world continue to die in record numbers as well as those now permanently disabled – tens of thousands of our fellow Americans in agony, pain and no longer able to work or even function post-injection.  Teens – especially those involved in sports – are dropping on the fields of America at alarming and unprecedented rates as well as professional athletes.  Myocarditis.  Their lives with never be the same.  And still the illegitimate Biden “administration” and mass murderers like Anthony Fauci continue to vomit everyone needs to get vaccinated.

Doctors, whore politicians, DoD and ignorant Americans all yell get vaccinated you selfish pigs! Damn judges who are either in denial (if they took the injections), ignorant of the carnage or too afraid to make the right decisions to protect the lives of those who’ve refused to be guinea pigs for massive billions in revenues either kick lawsuits to the curb (like Un-Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barret) or continue to drag them out going on more than a year.

To repeat myself from previous columns, Prof. Dolores Cahill (among thousands of highly qualified doctors and scientists world-wide all censored) warned about what was going to happen if people took those mRNA experimental injections way back in Jan. 2021:  Don’t take them.  If you don’t die within a few weeks, it can take 4-18 months after injection for the technology pumped into your cells to begin destroying your natural immune system.  Then develop autoimmune diseases and premature death 3-5 years.  Some, depending on their health at the time of injection, it may take longer to begin destroying your natural immune system; could be up to ten years.  Tragically, they’ve all been right from predicted spikes (deaths in clusters) to the horror I and so many others have been writing about for nearly two years.

Now, because so many have taken the injections, it’s no longer just spikes every 4-6 months, the deaths are increasing at a huge, steady rate world-wide because billions of humans have been injected plus those worthless boosters.  The numbers don’t lie but OUR government and governments in other countries do to protect themselves as they allowed this to happen.

READ:  The Pfizer Effect: Hundreds of Thousands of People are dying due to COVID Vaccination every week according to official Government data, Oct. 2, 2022

Exhibit B: Covid-19 Vaccination can damage the heart, that is a FACT

“Let’s look at the fact that it is now known without any doubt that Covid-19 vaccination can cause serious damage to the heart. Myocarditis and Pericarditis are just two of the handful of adverse events medicine regulators have been forced to admit can occur due to Covid-19 vaccination.

“They claim it is rare, but they are lying. The fact their hand has been forced in admitting they can occur means they are much more common than the average person on the street would like to think.

“A quietly published study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration actually found that the risk of myocarditis following mRNA COVID vaccination is around 133x greater than the background risk in the population.”

As I wrote in my Sept. 26, 2022, column, COVID Experimental Injections: Criminal Prosecutions Must Happen Now it’s time for criminal prosecutions.  Below in Related are new items from my last column.  More tragedy and it won’t stop until those injections are pulled from the market.

Here is the new lawsuit.  Read it.  And please remember about the all-important discovery process and depositions.  There’s no place for these murderers to hide any longer.

Attorney Tom Renz Discovers Disturbing DOD COVID Files, Oct. 1, 2022

As I covered recently OUR government has lied and covered up the truth about TWA flight 800, WACO, Ruby Ridge, OKC, 9/11 and COVID-19 and more.  My dear friend who passed away in December 2019, Ret. Brigadier General Ben Partin, gave a presentation at an event I put together in No. California in 1998 everyone should watch as he proves the lies.  Watch video here.  Now we have proof and evidence proving the lies about COVID-19 and those experimental injections.

The two lawsuits above are civil, but now the truth is out in the open and it’s time for just one state Attorney General to convene a grand jury and their house of lies will implode.  Doubts increasing in scientific circles on Big Pharma’s beastly mRNA jab claims, Oct. 4, 2022

COVID-19 Patents: State Little RICO Acts Prosecution?, July 19, 2021.

As it so happens, I know our county attorney.  I’m going to give him the 57-page report and a copy of this new lawsuit along with, probably 3-4 pages of headlines like the ones at the bottom of this column.  My goal is to get him to take it to our state Attorney General Ken Paxton (Texas).  Of course, nothing will happen until after Nov. 8th when the mid-term elections are over.

So many of us can keep writing about the number of dead, permanently disabled and the millions now suffering from those experimental injections with many millions more who will die a premature death from developing autoimmune diseases.

But the only way to stop this monstrous crime against humanity is to get the truth in front of juries AND for US – each one of us – to get this to all your email lists and every social media platform possible.  The American people MUST rise up against those deadly injections.  He who yells the loudest gets the most attention.  Make our voices heard, save a life because as sure as I’m typing this there will be another big push to muzzle you with face masks and forced “vaccination” as winter approaches and more of our freedoms destroyed.

As for the prostitute media:  You people have disgraced journalistic ethics.  You lie with a straight face every night on the stupid tube (TV), in newspapers, on-line and are nothing but ignorant robots repeating the same lies while calling the truth disinformation.  You can continue to align with the illegitimate Biden “administration” and big tech partisan billionaires to censor the truth.  But, We the People are more and stronger than you.

Again:  Here is the new lawsuit.  Read it.  (Click on Pop Out to the right to expand.)  Pg. 10:  “d. At all times relevant, Defendant Daszak, individually, and acting in concert with the other above-captioned Defendants, engaged in the oversight, direction, control, funding, research, development and creation of the genetically modified coronavirus, resulting in the SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic and Plaintiffs’ injuries suffered therefrom.

“e. At all times relevant, Defendant Daszak engaged in a cover-up of the origins of SARS-CoV-2 to mislead the public and health officials as to his role in the origin of SARS-CoV-2, and the lethality, virulence and transmissibility of the ultra-hazardous lab-made virus released into the environment by the Defendants.”

This is just the beginning, I hope.  Since those injections are not vaccines, are Pfizer, Moderna and others immune from liability?  Key: Learn Why the 1986 Vaccine Protection Act Does Not Protect Covid-19 Injections, video interview, May 5, 2021

For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions. Order two books and save $10.00

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Related – These are all new from my last column on those injections, Sept. 26, 2022.  They’re just a tiny number I’ve saved and only from credible sources.

“What I’ve Seen In The Past Two Years Is Unprecedented”: Renowned OB/GYN tells Dr. Drew That He Has Seen an “Off the Charts” Rise in Miscarriages and Fetal Abnormalities Since the Vaccine Was Introduced – (VIDEO), Oct. 8, 2022  //  BREAKING BIG: FL Surgeon General Finds 84% Increase in Cardiac-Related DEATH in Males 18-39 Following mRNA Vaccine – Recommends Young Males Refrain from Receiving COVID Vaccine, Oct. 7, 2022

Mainstream science is FAKE science: Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to be RETRACTED because they were “manipulated”, Oct. 7, 2022  // URGENT!: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis & Myocarditis after Pfizer vax, Oct. 3, 2022  //  Air Force moves forward with vaccine mandate despite court order, Sept. 28,2022 //  Funeral Embalmer: 85% of Dead Bodies Now Have Strange Blood Clots Since COVID Vaccine Roll-outs  //  17-Year-Old Fully Vaccinated Daughter of Illinois Democrat Rep. Sean Casten Died of Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia, Oct. 8, 2022

Something I warned about in a Nov. 23, 2020, column after reading an interview with Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD who is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology:  German Neurologist Says Masks Cause Oxygen Deprivation and Permanent Brain Damage, Especially in Children  //  “Kaiser discovered that people who are triple-vaccinated not only are more likely to be infected with COVID-19, they are more likely to suffer severe illness and die from the disease, reported investigative journalist Daniel Horowitz.”

Of course, back then and still, so-called “fact checkers” say it’s all hooey.  None of these highly educated, experienced doctors and scientists around the world know what they’re talking about.  Only hacks in rag newspapers and web sites are credible.  Shove it.  This Frankenstein experiment is killing and maiming millions world-wide.

URGENT!: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis & Myocarditis after Pfizer vax, Oct. 3, 2022  //  New paper confirms the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death – “The CDC isn’t going to tell you any of this. Today, it’s the job of “misinformation spreaders” like me to let you know what is in the most respected peer-reviewed scientific journals”, Oct. 2, 2022  //  CDC Data & Scientific Study suggest 1.2 million Americans may already have died due to COVID Vaccination, Oct. 4, 2022  //  Edward Dowd: New Actuarial Report Reaffirms Trail Of Death Caused By Vaccine Mandates!, August 20, 2022 (Video interview)

A Brain-Damaged Nation: Neurological Diseases Explode in 2021 After COVID-19 Vaccines – 100,000%+ Increase in Strokes, Oct. 5, 2022  //  WATCH:  Security Cameras Reveal COVID-19 Vaccinated People Suffering Strange Hallucinations Before Collapsing, Oct. 6, 2022  //  Red Cross Admits They do Not Separate Vaccinated from Unvaccinated Blood – Mother Claims Baby Died from Blood Clots of Donated Blood, Sept. 30, 2022  //  Doctor Surprised as Patient Refuses to Receive Blood Transfusion if Donor had been Vaccinated Against COVID-19, Oct, 5, 2022

Why Did the CDC Hide the V-Safe Data From the American People for Almost 2 Years? – “Because it clearly shows that these vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines we’ve ever created, that’s why”, Oct. 7, 2022  //  20-Year-Old Nursing Student Dies Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest One Day After Being Forced to Get COVID-19 Shot, Oct. 1, 2022  //  Unvaxed vice Vaxed. The death rates are staggering! Must See & Share, April 29, 2022 (Video) //  Buy their comic books or see their movies?  When pigs flyPfizer Partners with Marvel to Release a Digital Comic Book Encouraging People to Get their Covid Shot and Become an ‘Everyday Hero’, Oct. 9, 2022

Inflammatory Disorders, Cancer Markers on the Rise, Sept. 4, 2021 – “Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic-trained, triple-boarded pathologist, also said that he’s seeing potential cancer-causing changes, including decreases in receptors that keep cancer in check, and other adverse events post-vaccine:

“I’m seeing countless adverse reactions … it’s really post-vaccine immunodeficiency syndrome … I’m seeing a marked increase in herpetic family viruses, human papilloma viruses in the post-vaccinated. I’m seeing a marked uptick in a laboratory setting from what I see year over year of an increase of usually quiescent diseases.

“In addition to that — and correlation is not causation — but in the last six months I have seen — you know, I read a fair amount of women’s health biopsies — about a 10- to 20-fold increase of uterine cancer compared to what I see on an annual basis. Now we know that the CD8 cells are one of our T-cells to keep our cancers in check.

“I am seeing early signals … what I’m seeing is an early signal in the laboratory setting that post-vaccinated patients are having diseases that we normally don’t see at rates that are already early considerably alarming.” (This, tragically, is just the beginning.)

Dark -Field MicroscopicAnalysis on the Blood of 1,006 Symptomatic Persons After Anti-COVIDmRNA Injections from Pfizer/BioNtech or Moderna, August 12, 2022  //  Getting on an airplane anytime soon?  “There Was a Lot of Harm and Lawbreaking” – WATCH LIVE: Josh Yoder, President of US Freedom Flyers, Tells TGP’s Jim Hoft Lawsuits Are Coming (VIDEO), Sept. 29, 2022  – “And Josh broke the news that that a major lawsuit will be filed in the coming days against the airlines and unions. Josh’s organization and their team of attorneys are looking at everything that happened and how best to proceed in court against these organisations and the dangerous experimental vaccines they were requiring.”

New film:  Safe & Effective A Second Opinion

CDC confirms aluminum in vaccines linked to childhood asthma and AUTISM, Oct. 6, 2022 //  How a Physician Cured Her Son’s Autism, August 1, 2011  //  Video interview with the amazing Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

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