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The lying despicable MSM who are directly responsible for creating panic and hysteria really went off their rockers when Trump used the words China or Chinese coronavirus screeching it’s racist even though they used Wuhan, China or Chinese too many times to count. Naturally the braying jackasses from the Hollywood crowd and every PC mental midget with access to a keyboard or microphone jumped on that garbage truck.

We have two Chinese buffets here in my small town. The signs on their buildings say Chinese Buffet. I’ve been to both but prefer one over the other. Both restaurants are family owned businesses and they’re all Asian.

I’m not sure if they are Chinese, Japanese or Korean. I simply don’t know nor do I care. I do know the one I prefer serves excellent food. The owners and staff are the nicest Americans you’d ever want to meet. The young man at check out and I always have a little chat and laugh. Now, are those Asian families racist because their sign says Chinese Buffet to let people know which ethnic food is served?

How about big restaurant chains that say Tex-Mex on their sign and menu’s? I live in W. Texas and I’ve never heard or read that calling tacos or burritos Mexican food is racist. For crying out loud, we have probably two dozen Mexican food restaurants here staffed with employees ranging from Caucasian, Mexican, Native American, everywhere. I don’t know about you but I am sick to death of the MSM and Hollywood crowd and whatever flavor ‘celebrity’ and their bombastic bull manure. Those fools have zero place in my day-to-day life so I pay little attention to them except to read the headline and move on.

But, I always try to be fair and do want readers to know that as much as I dislike most of them, at least some are putting their money to good use along with sports figures and franchises.

Pop singer Rhianna’s foundation is donating $5 million. Jessica Alba, worth several hundred million who owns The Honest Company stores is donating three million diapers and thousands of baby care products. H-E-B Grocery Chain Thanks Workers with Pay Raise During Coronavirus Outbreak

A couple of Cleveland NBA players each donated $100,000 to arena workers and families; I believe some other teams have players doing similar. Amazon is hiring 150,000 new employees. Dominoes is hiring 10,000 new employees.

Netflix sets up $100-million coronavirus relief fund for Hollywood workers – “The company said it was creating a $100-million fund to provide emergency support to workers on its productions, including electricians, carpenters and drivers, said Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, in a blog post Friday. With almost all television and film production now shuttered globally, hundreds of thousands of crew and cast are without jobs, he said.”

Target to Give Workers Pay Raises, Bonuses, and Paid Leave During Coronavirus Pandemic

Ryan Reynolds and his wife, I guess they’re movie ‘stars’, have donated one million dollars to food banks in their area. March 17, 2020: “All 30 pro baseball teams joined together Tuesday to pledge $30 million to help stadium employees who are losing wages due to the coronavirus shutdowns across the league.”

China (Wal) Mart is hiring 100,000 people right now to help with the extreme shortage of food, toilet paper, etc. due to selfishness by too many people out there. Two days ago:

Toilet Paper WARS: Florida Man And Woman Buy ENTIRE STORE Supply Of Toilet Paper! – A couple in Florida loading cases and cases of toilet paper onto the bed of their pick up truck. SHAME on Dollar Store for allowing hoarding. THAT is the biggest mistake those big box stores made five weeks ago. China (Wal) Mart, Target, Sam’s and all the rest should have immediately put a restriction on products – food or otherwise – to stop the unnecessary hoarding.

Here where I live for the past two weeks or so the shelves are literally empty. We have three grocery stores here. China (Wal) Mart, HEB and Porter’s. It wasn’t until after the first few days of a massive run on TP, paper towels, cleaning products, beef, chicken, pork, pasta – you name it that they finally put up signs: 2 of the same item only, period. Too little too late.

I’m serious. At China (Wal) Mart and HEB two days ago the meat/fish/poultry departments: EMPTY. Cleaning products including laundry soap, bleach – literally everything from pasta, canned tuna, chili – EMPTY. I’m betting the people who’ve laughed at me for decades for being a prepper aren’t laughing now. Preppers, once mocked, say they were ready for coronavirus crisis

As soon as the employee rolls out a pallet of TP at China (Wal) Mart, people push and shove and grab a package. It’s sickening. All the stores refuse to say when their trucks are coming in to prevent a stampede. HEB now has rent-a-cops at the doors. If the herds would have simply shopped as they normally do, supplies would be available as usual. Well, it’s too late now and it will probably take months for things to return to normal.

China (Wal) mart is making accommodation for seniors and disabled like my brother. On Tuesdays the stores will open one hour early (Here it will be 6:00 am when seniors and very elderly sleep in) and for two hours will have the entire store to themselves; pharmacy will be open especially for those shoppers. (Check your location for senior hours.)

Here’s a tip for those having difficulty finding toilet paper. Long ago my mother who is 92 and her mother (my grandma) used cloth diapers they had to hand wash as they were too poor to own a real washing machine. They did what they had to do. I own about 20 wash cloths; what people use in the shower. I buy them at our local thrift shop. All profits go to help patients at our state mental hospital just outside town. They are also sold at Goodwill stores. I use them for dusting and such instead of paper towels. Saves me a lot of money; I don’t use a roll of paper towels in a month.

Anyway, ladies and your little girls: You can use those to dab your private parts after going potty. Then throw it in the washing machine or a ‘diaper bucket’ that seals off any smell. Save the toilet paper for the icky bathroom business for you and the family. Yeah, it’s not 21-st century but you’ll use half the amount of toilet paper you normally use. It’s sanitary, practical and temporary. Or, if you can afford it, buy a Washlet. Fascinating toilet!

People who have helped spread the virus

Lubbock, Texas is 100 miles north of me. I had to go up there last Thurs to see my oral surgeon. They now have 3 confirmed cases. One case: A 19-year old college student was flown back to Lubbock from Europe (paid for by Texas Tech University), picked up at the airport, taken home and told to stay there until results of testing came in.

This adult aged girl called her friends and off to Rosa’s, a chain here that serves excellent Mexican food. Sure as the sun shines she tested positive. Rosa’s sent 19 employees home (don’t know if they will get paid for being off several weeks) and closed that unit for a deep cleaning but what will they do for employees? Fire the ones they sent home or new hires they have to train? They will lose a ton of money through no fault of their own.

If I were them, I’d sue that college student. When are people going to ‘get it’ that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES AND YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

That irresponsible, selfish student probably has little money unless her family does but that should not be an excuse for a free ride.

Because some people show no signs those 19 employees might have infected countless family members or friends. That is not an isolated case. I read a new one or two every day. As I mentioned last week the naked crowd, spring break college students, got royally PO’d when South Beach was closed in Florida. Despite an order by their governor to close the beaches, yep – students are simply going around the tape and partying on beaches anyway. Totally irresponsible and reckless. Five college students from the University of Tampa tested positive for the coronavirus after coming back from a spring break trip, March 22, 2020. I’ll bet they aren’t laughing now. How many did they infect and their families who might now have infected people where they work? Police Break Up Two House Parties During Chicago’s Stay-at-Home Order

Up there in Lubbock is a massive hospital complex. No elective surgery in the foreseeable future. Only things like a ruptured appendix, heart attack, strokes, having a baby will be allowed. I think they’re afraid of a massive surge in cases of that virus and also need to preserve supplies.

Our schools are now closed until April 30th by order of our governor, Gregg Abbott. I have no doubt the stress level for parents is great. We just need to remember we will get through this and it will end. At least for now.

Perhaps you know someone who can’t afford astronomical cable bills. If stuck at home they can watch live TV free – no charge – on (I checked it; sports and movies besides TV networks and shows.)

I’m a widow with just my two muggers; those would be my doggies. I listen to music most of the time around the house as I find it’s nice, soothing and I love Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and the list goes on. You might want to tune in to AccuRadio as they have something for everyone. For me it’s Swingin’ Pop Standards, History’s greatest crooners sing the Great American Songbook. I even bought myself a small bouquet of carnations last week to put near my desk. The little things in life that raises one’s spirits.

My mom’s assisted living in No. California is on lock-down. I used Instacart this past week to get her fresh fruit and a few other items as residents cannot leave the facility on their bus. But they can go outside so I told mother: When it’s warm and the sun shines, go out back (beautiful gardens, pathways and benches.) Bring your book, sit on the bench and read for 15-20 minutes. Vitamin D is so very important. We should all do it.

Who’s to blame?

In my column last week, I brought up a couple of articles in the public domain about our military taking part in games held in Hubei Province in Wuhan, China last October 18-27th.  I believe this is what the Communist Chinese government is using to accuse the U.S. of spreading the virus.

In my column I wrote there were questions for which I had no answer. According to the communists, five “foreign” athletes were hospitalized and treated for contracting malaria not the “novel” coronavirus. Which is why Trump has vocally and loudly stated the Communist Chinese government withheld from the world (1) the outbreak and (2) just how serious it was until they could no longer contain it. Trump defends action in early days of coronavirus crisis, blames China for being ‘secretive’ and Here’s A Timeline Of The Coronavirus Outbreak And China’s Coverup

I wonder if Trump knows about this because it really bothers me: Advanced knowledge? CDC started hiring QUARANTINE program managers last November to cover quarantine centers in Texas, California, New York, Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts and more

Should the Communist Chinese be held financially liable? Yes, and it could be done through higher tariffs. Yes, families and business could sue and in fact a lawsuit has already been filed by Larry Klayman who heads up Freedom Watch; you can read the 24-pg brief here.

Trump haters have been beating him up on this since day one. All screaming he’s done nothing. Get me a barf bag. NYC Mayor: If Trump doesn’t act, ‘people will die who could have lived otherwise’ “The president of the United States is from New York City and he will not lift a finger to help his hometown, and I don’t get it,” de Blasio said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The other day a man called into the Rush Limbaugh show; he was absent no doubt more cancer treatments. I don’t believe the caller was a plant. Sounded like just a regular guy very frustrated. Said he worked for one of the two biggest labs in the country and everyday for weeks and weeks he delivers tests to 50-60 medical facilities. He was upset the media does nothing but constantly bash Trump about no testing when it’s a lie.

Trump’s already authorized mobilization of the Mercy and Comfort which are two Army hospital ships with, I believe, 1,000 beds each. One will go to NYC. The other is already docked in San Diego but can be sent wherever needed.

While I am 100% against using our military for domestic operations and because we have no constitutional militia as mandated in the Second Amendment, as long as it’s for things like this, okay for now. They are already on the payroll so there’s no need for outside contractors plus they are quite capable of putting this together on short notice.

Army Corps of Engineers races to provide 10,000 hospital rooms for coronavirus response – “WASHINGTON — The Army Corps of Engineers is planning to create more than 10,000 ICU-type hospital rooms in hotels, dormitories and other available buildings in New York City over the next few weeks, its commander said Friday.

“The corps is racing against the spread of the coronavirus to turn empty buildings in cities across the United States into high-quality COVID-19 treatment centers before the virus reaches its peak in each metropolis, Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite told reporters. To achieve this, he said the corps had come up with “a standard design” to rapidly convert hotels and similar structures into medical facilities.”

Testing is being done all over this country right now. Last week drive thru testing was set up next to Texas Tech in Lubbock. I want to point something out here as Trump haters keep pounding on Trump’s done nothing. Every state in the Union has emergency management operations. They plan worst case for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Well, since it’s a mess across most of the country, how come none of them were prepared for a dangerous virus attack? Accidental or planned, it’s not like the world doesn’t know about all those dangerous viruses and things like Ebola.

You might wish to ask your governor, your state rep and senator and see what the response is. How come Gov. so and so our state has been so unprepared? How come we don’t have 65,000 train cars full of face masks, testing kits and toilet paper just in case there’s an accidental or intentional release of some deadly virus? What do we pay you for?

Canadian doctor turns one ventilator into nine with some ‘evil genius’ DIY mechanics

Rapid Coronavirus Test Approved by FDA, Results in 45 Minutes

Lockdown killing the economy

Texas has, as of this date, 334 cases; 5 deaths. I was disappointed Gov. Abbott issued an executive order effective midnight, March 20, all schools closed until April 30th, no more than 10 people at any gathering, etc. When I was up in Lubbock last week, all junk food joints were drive thru only; same here in my town. We have no cases in Big Spring.

The lockdown of 70 million people in 19 states is killing the economy. One of my family members lives in California. Out there, everyone except essential personnel must stay at home or face a misdemeanor charge. You’re allowed to go to the grocery store or doctor’s appointment; otherwise, don’t leave your house. My family member immediately lost 75% of her clients and as of yesterday basically has no income. I sent her food money over the weekend. Family takes care of family even if you have to cut back.

Trump is personally losing a TON of money on his hotels, golf courses and other businesses. I know his enemies are rejoicing because that’s the way those low-life’s are: full of hatred. It’s bad and tragically will get worse but what can you expect when governors and mayors across this country have gone insane? Can’t buy alcohol? Can’t buy ammunition to protect your home when the have nots or criminals come looking for food and valuables? I say bull. We cannot allow the federal or state governments – especially mayors – to strip of us our rights, virus or no virus. Good for NY: New York Deems Liquor Stores ‘Essential,’ Says They Can Stay Open During Coronavirus Shutdown

To counter all this misery, Congress once again is going to violate their oath of office by handing out cash to individuals. Making loans or bail outs to private industries like the airlines. They have ZERO constitutional authority to do any of this except perhaps the tax cuts/tax holiday. Why didn’t they do it in 2009 over the Swine flu when 60 million caught it, 365,000 were hospitalized and sadly 17,000 died?

If they can do it so it can be done for others: American Airlines takes out $1 billion loan as coronavirus destroys travel demand

I am not cold-hearted and I wish more than anything this had not happened but there’s NO MONEY in the U.S. Treasury. OUR purse is overdrawn $23 TRILLION dollars. The “Fed” will print up this $1 TRILLION dollar emergency spending backed by nothing. It is debt and will be spent into the economy as debt.

But, millions of Americans are desperate. Between 2.5 and 3 million of our fellow Americans are expected to file unemployment claims today. It will overwhelm the states and it will not be enough. When your mortgage is $2,000 a month and unemployment is $325.00 a week, you’re in trouble.

Some states have declared no mortgages will be foreclosed on during this crisis. They have NO authority to tell banks or credit unions they cannot begin foreclosure when people don’t meet their financial obligations. Period. Let the banks work with their customers so people can keep their homes and the banks get at least partial payments for now. Milwaukee landlord slashes rent to $100 amid coronavirus outbreak

As for the dollar amount Congress is going to illegally authorize, I guess we’ll find out sometime today. Yesterday it was families get a one-time payment of $3,000. Those blessed with wealth will receive no check. I say blessed because contrary to popular opinion by liberals (socialists) and progressives (communists), the wealthy create jobs from working hard to build their companies and corporations.

Speaking of the wealthy, where’s the billionaires? Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon is worth nearly $100 billion. Punk Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook is worth about $80 billion. Mike Bloomberg about $69 billion. Bill Gates around $70 billion. Larry Ellison who owns Oracle is worth $69 billion. Sam Walton’s heirs (he started WalMart):

Sam Walton’s heirs made $70,000 per minute, $4 million per hour, $100 million per day, over the past year. At that rate, the Walton family’s wealth has increased about $23,000 since you started reading this article. In that same amount of time, a Walmart employee would have made about 6 cents. The contrast is unsettling. Sam Walton was a notoriously frugal man – how would he feel about the rate at which his heirs are amassing unprecedented wealth? In the past year alone, the combined Walton fortune is up $39 billion, to $191 billion.” (Aug. 19, 2019)

There are three heirs left; one son died in an accident years ago. Each of them is worth roughly $63 billion dollars. Why don’t all of those billionaires each donate $2 billion to the U.S. Treasury as a way of helping and giving back to the people who made them so wealthy? Trump has donated his president’s salary every quarter to the U.S. Treasury for agencies like the VA, repairing veteran’s headstones in cemeteries, things like that. Something Hussein Obama never did.

Billionaires can’t take it with them. How many billions do you need to spend – especially since all of them are well over 60 years old? Those eight billionaires donating $2 billion each would be $16 billion put into the U.S. Treasury to help offset the burden.

Uh, oh…another power play that will hurt the Demorats in Nov: Nancy Pelosi Nixes Bipartisan Talks on Coronavirus Package – “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said on Sunday that she has decided to move forward with her own emergency coronavirus relief package.

“Pelosi spokes just hours before the Senate was scheduled to take a procedural vote that would lead towards a final vote on a bipartisan economic relief package. The bill would provide economic relief after the coronavirus epidemic ravaged the country’s economy.”

As I have written in my last three columns, this virus was not the cause of the stock market cratering. Panic, fear and suddenness was simply the match that lit the bonfire. It’s bad and I wish I could be as optimistic as President Trump but I know better. Below are important financial articles I hope you can take time to read; bookmark this column and read them in the evening or the weekend. It really does help to get factual data and information from individuals with decades of experience who don’t work for the government or media.

A BIG thank you to America’s truckers. Without you our stores would be totally empty. And, thank you to the store stockers working around the clock, medical personnel across the country, many who now have the virus. As well as first responders, local law enforcement which will see more trying days ahead. When we work together, we get things done. It’s the American way.

The four columns below are also very important. I urge you to read them and share on every form of social media out there. It’s up to us to get the truth out to our fellow Americans. In closing, we need to keep helping each other. Keep an eye on our elderly neighbors – especially if they live alone.

Keep getting the facts out there. I keep seeing headlines this virus is a hoax. It is not. People are dying. People are getting seriously sick but so far, the number of deaths remains small, thankfully. Some of the fear peddlers out there in the ‘alternative’ media are just as bad as the prostitute MSM. They make me sick.

Be patient, be kind. Pray for our beloved Republic.

Is This a Pandemic Or a DemPanic? by Joan Swirsky

If It Bleeds, It Leads: The Morbidity Of The News by Kelleigh Nelson

The Invisible Enemy Has a Name by Cliff Kincaid

PhD Researcher Judy Mikovits and Expert on Viruses Explains the Coronavirus and Reveals Information You are Not Likely to Hear in the Corporate Media, March 22, 2020

(I’m not a precious metals dealer but my friend, Rob Westfall is and knows what’s a good investment in metals. No question the market and precious metals are being manipulated; I think in a criminal fashion.) Give Rob a holler in Florida at: 813.977.7200)

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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“There was evidence that the credit cycle was already on the turn with the global economy entering its regular period of financial and economic crisis even before the coronavirus hit. Thinking it is only a matter of dealing with the pandemic before returning to normal is therefore a common and fatal mistake. The combination of current events is leading to an infinite problem: central banks, and the Fed in particular, are trying to backstop everything and they will undoubtedly fail.”

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