In an August 1999 McAlvany Newsletter, he said the moral/cultural/spiritual free fall in recent decades lies in the Gramsci strategy.  Antoni Gramsci was the Founder of the Italian Communist Party. He went to Russia in the 1920s and spent time with Lenin and Stalin, studying the anatomy of the Communist Revolution and concluded that Lenin and Stalin were doing it all wrong – that you cannot in most cases push a Capitalist country directly into Communism. He determined you must first undermine and debauch the morality, the culture, the ethics, the patriotism, and the spiritual life which means Christianity must be destroyed. The Gramsci madness began almost simultaneously among the hard Left in Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, suggesting a coordination of a new anti-Western doctrine.  Bottom line: Gramsci’s blueprint was to smile at the capitalists, while one is carefully cutting their throats. Playing “nice” is a key to Gramsci’s formula for “Passive revolution.”

Radical feminism and Postmodernism are based on the ideals of Karl Marx; the United Nations is grounded in Marxism; American colleges and universities are cesspools of Marxism. The leftwing Democrat Party and the Communist Party USA are nearly identical institutions. The congressional Progressive Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Democrats of America and the Democratic Socialists of America, all steeped in Cultural Marxism.

The radical left successfully de-constructed American society by undermining moral values and traditional institutions, thereby opening the door to the Gramcians who would move into position of political authority and begin the process of convergence with Russia. For it was in the Sixties when we found tenured university “teachers of destruction” and their ruinous actions aimed directly at American culture.


Mandatory “sensitivity training” and indoctrination in political correctness cannot replace religion in inculcating in our young the internal control and virtues necessary for freedom.  Nor can passing more laws and throwing more people in prison save us from a rising tide of vice and criminality. If we hope to preserve and restore genuine liberty, we must turn our hearts and minds to God, the author of liberty. And we must oppose and expose the rampant anti-Christian propaganda under Cultural Marxism that is flooding our society for the vicious and toxic poison that it is.


Dr. Everett Piper author of the book NOT A DAY CARE, the devastating consequences of abandoning truth, shows a diaper pen on the cover of the book. He is the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and challenged political correctness after a student in chapel service complained he felt ‘victimized’ by a sermon on the topic of I Corinthians 13 on love.  Piper responded that went viral, “That feeling of discomfort you have after listening to a sermon is called a conscience.  An altar call is supposed to make you feel bad. It is supposed to make you feel guilty.”  Three things that should be manifest in the church (1) faith (2) love (c) A good conscience when you lie down at night. It is obvious the conscience of the liberal media today has been seared with a hot iron, that is, they are insensitive to right or wrong. That is what is missing with today’s liberal media that has been making up fake lies about President Trump.

But then there is Judge Jeanine Pirro on FOX on Saturday night who admitted she’d received a ticket in November which she deserved for driving 119 mph in a 65 mph zone and thanked the policeman for giving it not so much with her conscience bothering her perhaps but knowing the left would find out and shout it to the world.

And then the question is being asked: “Should a new Constitutional Convention be called to fix the Constitution?” The answer is simple: If our elected officials had a conscience and were principled they would not have abused the original Constitution when they refused to honor their oaths. Piper said “Today’s law students are tomorrow’s lawyers and judges- and if you wonder why so many judges legislate from the bench, take a look at what they teach in law school. Today’s business students are tomorrow’s business leaders – and if you wonder why so many corporations are so politically correct, take a look at what they teach in business school. The U.S. Constitution printed in 1825 prohibited lawyers from serving in Government. The disregard for the Constitution by a totally dysfunctional, if not outright disloyal, professional “Political class” is our problem.

And then there is 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone, a west Point graduate and infantry officer who recently came under fire for his public advocacy and support of socialism and communism, and being an “official socialist organizer” of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)  A retired West Point Professor reporting this said an avowed Communist in our military is as existentially terrifying as an open Satanist serving as Pope. Communists used their military to kill tens of millions of their own citizens in the previous century, so a military whose members are required to swear to defend the Constitution, a document in diametric opposition to Communist ideals, is a military that should flat out exclude Communist members.


Our New Zealand transplant, Trevor Loudon, has written a book THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. And in the attached You Tube Video  he tells about 88 year old Congressman Democrat John Conyers from the State of Michigan, the longest serving member of Congress who has been a member of Congress forever and the Communist Party. He also names numerous other traitors serving in our U.S. Senate and Congress.


Leon Trotsky had earlier determined the women’s liberation movement would be a central part of the American socialist revolution commenting on the role feminism was designated to play in undermining traditional American culture and values.  And when I watched the 50- year anniversary show of Carol Burnett recently, I realized she was a part of that movement. Producers at first resisted her request for a variety show with humorous funny skits claiming that was what the men did but they soon succumbed and her loud disgusting call started her programs which no man or woman has since been able to emulate.  Her show was about a dysfunctionall family.  She bragged that women are still doing comedy and since her show wasn’t “in the family hour, they often showed a little more skin” so her risqué skits played a big part in liberating and finding them today showing a little more skin and using filthy language. It is interesting to note the 1914 Webster’s Shorter School Dictionary shows no such word as dysfunctional but the 1948 Webster’s Collegiate does mention it.


And if Oprah runs for President and should be elected, Isaiah 3:12 will be fulfilled. Readers should never forget she helped the imposter Barack Obama get elected as President. Both have betrayed America and unfortunately, even Christian women are fascinated with her New Age babble.


It’s been three months since FOX 12 broke the story about the September 23 incident at the Oregon City  County Court house about a color photo shoot orchestrated by a veteran Clackamas County Sheriff who wanted to present  a retiring Clackamas County Sheriff with a calendar gift called “Sexy Civil.”   He sent an e-mail to 21 co-workers, including the Captain of the Civil Division, to appear in photographs but cautioned them not to wear any department Identification apparel, logos or badges.  The compromising poses included sitting naked on a toilet or on a desk in a secure area and using a gun belt or hat to hide genitals. It seems the Sheriff’s office has after- hour access to the Court House equipped with round-the-clock video surveillance so it was likely recorded. The discovery was made when Sheriff Craig Roberts  received an anonymous letter.  The Sheriff refuses to discuss it further.

In order to undermine our moral values it was incumbent upon the Communists to break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and T.V and present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” Using the corrupt system, they could bring charges of discrimination against bakers who refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake, florists, photographers, etc. For every dollar some crooked Judge and/or Jury awarded them, the money would go into the funds of the activists.


I wrote earlier about the Oregon couple with a bakery who refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple and were fined $135,000 by the Bureau of Labor.  And then there is Oregon Judge Vance Day being persecuted for refusing to marry any couples in order to avoid marrying same sex couples.

And then I received in the mail a message from David Daleiden, Executive Director, Center for Medical Progress who dared to pose as a buyer of fetal tissues from Planned Parenthood and released  Planned Parenthood videos and in addition to the multitude of civil actions taken against him, a politically motivated Attorney General has actually invaded his home and seized his property. While he is also facing horrendous legal fees and court costs, he still believes the risk he took was the right thing to do.  But He was totally unprepared for the savagery of legal and public relations attacks that have followed.  They are seeking to bankrupt him personally, dismantle his Center for Medical Progress and even put him behind bars. The Life Legal Defense Foundation agreed to defend him pro bono but the court costs will be staggering.     Life Legal Defense Foundation, PO Box 2105, Napa CA 94558-9915.


After watching nonstop sexual allegations against so many in Congress for days that seem unending and learning that millions of dollars were paid by the taxpayers to settle these sexual harassment claim, it is not only beginning to look like the feminists are helping to clean out the swamp in D.C. and receiving sexual harassment tax funded financial settlements but like the Communist Party during the 1980s when it dipped into the Soviet state’s financial resources and used them as if they were its own. Daniel 4:17 says God allows the basest of men to public office.

The Party also controlled billions of dollars worth of property and investments. All of these assets were available to protect the some 1.5 million nonenklatura or Party elite as they passed through in the revolving door leading to the death of the Soviet Union and birth of the Russian Federal and Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS). According to Stephen Handelman, a veteran foreign correspondent and former Moscow bureau chief for the Toronto Star, the Central Committee prepared a secret list of names of the “most worthy Party members.” Their place on the list was their personal passport for special appointments, including top government officials, ambassadors, and other senior positions. “The nomenklatura constituted a private club of individuals whose loyalty to the Party transcended any other obligation:” Handelman explained. Does any of this sound familiar? A recent study in a refereed academic journal has concluded openly that the U.S. has the features of an oligarchy, not a democracy or a republic.


The evil is right here in America in run-amok federal alpha agencies – the whole lying rotten pack of disgusting predatory vermin who can’t seem to do their jobs or figure out who in hell they actually work for. On December 14th President Trump using lots of visual aids in his speech held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Roosevelt Room at the White House where he destroyed thousands upon thousands of regulations. Cutting the regulations should require cutting government employees who enforced them.


Current news has been about David Allen Turpin, 56, and his wife Louise Anna, 49, of Perris, California having been arrested after their 17 year old ran away and called authorities. They have been charged with torture and child endangerment of their 13 malnourished children allegedly being chained and padlocked to their beds.  Neighbors report on occasion they observed some unusual happenings but never anything that they felt warranted a call to authorities. The Turpins, formerly of Texas, registered their home with the State as a private school called Sandecastle Day School and they homeschooled their children. The 13 children ranged in age from 2 to adults 18 and 29. Their FACEBOOK page show the children in matching outfits and smiling and a photo posted for May 2016 depicted an apparent marriage vow renewal ceremony with 13 children surround them.  The unprecented decline in academic quality has precipitated a veritable exodus of children from the government schools so it’s going to be interesting to hear what happens in this case. David is an engineer earning $140,000 a year and their home appears to be new and well kept. His 81 year old mother, Betty, said “We don’t believe anything until we find definite proof” and I personally think something smells like fake news.

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