FBI – A Dishonest Law Enforcement Agency? Part 4, The Unabomber Case

FBI – A Dishonest Law Enforcement Agency? Part 4, The Unabomber Case

By Barry R. Clausen, Former Deputy Sheriff, Investigative Journalist, Author & Researcher

Part Four – The Unabomber Case

Note: After others read Part 1, 2 and 3of my story I was astonished that almost 100 people responded. I cannot reply to all, but I thank you for your comments. All of the Emails I received were negatively written against the FBI. There still is not one person who wrote to me personally in a negative way which includes law enforcement personnel. Once again here is the Email address if you wish to respond. [email protected] I am hoping for a congressional hearing on the FBI if there is any way to accomplish that. In addition please remember there are individuals within the Bureau that are outstanding agents and I am proud to have met some of them.

To summarize: I have sent letters to FBI Special Agent Sean Ragan 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 and to FBI Director Christopher Wray 2001 Freedom Way, Roseville, CA 95678 with no response. (Letters in part one).

Additionally, in part 1, 2, 3 and now part 4 I had supplied information to the FBI on the Leonard Peltier case, the Unabomber case and illegal gun sales to Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF). Years later during (2017/2018) the FBI has continued to try to discredit me and continually lie about me in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to prevent me from any future employment within law enforcement like investigating the recent arson fires in the Oakland area of California.

On October 22, 1988, Montana’s Park County Sheriff Charlie Johnson had requested my help in obtaining intelligence information on drug trafficking within his county. During that time a Park County, Montana rancher Allen Carter had approached me and offered me the opportunity to purchase an AR-15 rifle that had been converted to a full automatic machine gun. Carter gave me the weapon on condition it could be tested before purchase. When my boss Sheriff Johnson refused to accept the weapon from me when I tried to turn in the illegal weapon he then ordered that the gun be returned to Carter. There was no choice in my mind what to do so I turned the machine-gun over to Gary Lincoln of the FBI in Butte, Montana. My belief was that Lincoln would order an investigation but nothing happened until 18 months later, at which time charges were filed against me by Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) for stealing it from Carter and converting it which is totally bogus and the investigation ATF claimed they did was nothing but a lie.

Through all of the issues mentioned I went to ranking Montana public officials to clear my name as a result of the charges by ATF and the problems I had with the FBI. One of those was Montana’s Attorney General Marc Racicot who I knew personally. When he ran for office I had helped him, however when I requested help from Racicot, he stated: “I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole, I want to be governor next time.” He was successful in obtaining that position.

Wait a minute! Racicot had said that he could not help me in his new position as governor and referred me to the man who took his prior position. Why hadn’t he done something when he was attorney general? I did contact Attorney General Mazurek and again nothing was done.

Senator Burn’s staff was relentless in their effort to get to the truth. For over two years letters were exchanged. To me there was a little humor in one of those letters. Senator Burns sent it on December 16, 1993 to Mr. James O. Pasco, Assistant Director, Congressional Affairs & Media Affairs of ATF. “Upon reviewing the information provided, some additional questions come to mind. The response is a little confusing in one regard. According to ATF, “a thorough review” was conducted. However a statement follows that ‘no such records exist. My question is – what happened to the documents generated by the “thorough review.” I would accept that no records of an “investigation” exist, but are the records of the “review” available to my constituent? The answer is they did nothing.

There was never any admission of responsibility from ATF, but as recently as February 2000, the head of ATF Internal Affairs, Richard Hankinson encouraged me to resubmit my compliant against Carter and ATF, which was done again with no response.

Unlike Racicot and Mazurek, the two who did help me despite all the negative press regarding the ATF “investigation” were Senators Conrad Burns (R-MT) and Slade Gorton (R-WA). With their much-appreciated help, the truth was eventually uncovered. According to ATF and other government documents the “investigation” was not really an investigation but a “thorough review” and there we no records.

When I was interviewed by Brian Ross of ABC News for a news story he asked me why I believe an ECO –Fu**er Hit list in a publication by Earth First was something the Unabomber had used to select his targets, the answer was simple. With eleven company names on the list, what were the odds of two of the top three being the last two victims of the Unabomber? Also, the name of the California Forestry Association had been printed wrong. The Unabomber sent his bomb to the Forestry Association of California when the correct name of the organization had been changed to the California Forestry Association several years earlier.

Thomas Mosser, a public relations executive who Earth First claimed represented Exxon, had received one of the Unabomber’s bombs. This information also proved to be incorrect, as Mosser did not represent Exxon. Just another erroneous piece of information he took from the Litha 1993, Earth First Journal.

Almost immediately, the FBI announced they suspected the bombing had been the work of the “Unabomber.” I knew at that point the Unabomber was part of Earth First and this could only mean one or more members of Earth First had taken the violence to a new level.

An article by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin in the same LIVE WILD or DIE called for the assassination of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Shell Oil Company. The article then lists names and addresses of Shell Oil Company’s corporate executives in several countries including the United States.

The current authors remain anonymous. To give you an idea of the ideologies and outright filth contained within the publication, the following is exactly as it appears on the cover of the publication:


The most recent LWOD publication contains yet another “ECO-F**KER HIT LIST” along with a news article from the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The first name on the new “HIT LIST” is once again the Timber Association of California with an X through CFA’s name and a written caption stating: “Who’s next?”

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