By Lex Greene

November 1, 2022

As Britain and other foreign military leaders figured out long ago, you never want to war with Americans on American soil, because “there will be an armed warrior hiding behind every blade of grass…”

Though the world doesn’t like our politicians any better than we do, or than they like their own, respect for the American people themselves, remains high. For more than 245 years, Americans have given of themselves for the cause of freedom and liberty all over the globe, asking only peace in return.

Yes, Americans have willingly died by the millions, defending the Natural Rights of all human beings, no matter where on earth. Those Americans are indeed an ornery bunch, despite the greedy, corrupt, and criminal nature of their politicians…

But at the same time, Americans are much like a rattlesnake…peaceful creatures going about their own business, largely ignoring all else, in search of their next meal. With the exception of a few true psychos, Americans are so busy in their own lives that they will seldom waste time, energy, or resources, bothering anyone else. And, because the USA is by far the most culturally and ethnically diverse nation anywhere on earth, the mere notion that any American is “racist” by nature, is just plain silly.

Left alone, 99.9% of Americans aren’t going to threaten or bother anyone, just like the rattlesnake.

If you ever grab a seat on the front porch of a country store in West Texas, sooner or later, a rattlesnake will pass through. If you leave it alone and sit still, it will just pass right on by without biting anyone. It doesn’t want to waste its valuable venom on anything too big to eat.

However, if you instead decide to corner that snake, refusing to allow it to pass on by peacefully, someone is going to get bit. In this case, when you do get bit, don’t blame the snake. The snake didn’t even know you were there, until you attacked it. Once you threaten the snake, quite frankly, you deserve to be bitten. The snake wasn’t doing anything to you…

Likewise, 99.9% of Americans (a few psychos excluded), don’t want to be bothered with you. They are focused on their own lives, and their next meal, just like the snake. But, if you insist on cornering the American people and threatening them, well, then you’re going to get bit, for sure…

Now, like the rattlesnake story, if you push Americans until you get bit, it’s your fault. You absolutely deserve what you get, and you have no one to blame but yourself. Americans were willing to pass on by peacefully, and you foolishly altered their peaceful intent.

Because Americans spend their time living life instead of babysitting corrupt politicians, the “untouchables” have come to believe that they can push Americans around forever without any consequences. But as the rattlesnake once said…no one is untouchable.

Even worse is the mother lion…who is far more fierce, and vicious, in defense of her cubs, than in defense of herself. Mess with those cubs and now you really have made a fatal mistake.

Those who think they are on the cusp of stealing the USA away from Americans, like today’s Marxist democrats, go-along to get-along republicans, and their band of international criminals at the WEF, UN, NATO, IMF, and China, have cornered millions of otherwise peaceful American Citizens. They know not what they have done, or what they continue to do.

Greedy corrupt politicians have wasted trillions in American tax dollars and driven the country into unsustainable debt. They caused massive death and destruction through their ongoing maniacal COVID protocols. They caused Americans to lose all faith in every branch and agency of their own government. They threaten the economic well-being of every Citizen, flooded our country with criminal illegal aliens, cut off energy and food supply lines, causing record inflation and social chaos, putting the country on track to a Civil War and maybe even World War III.

They have literally destroyed all trust in the government, top to bottom, all political parties.

Everything they could do to push Americans into a corner, they have done. Sooner or later, Americans are going to strike back in defense. Cornered now, the snake is a threat to them, and even more so, the mother lions.

There was no “insurrection” in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. If there had been, no one in D.C. power today would be there anymore, nothing could have stopped it. The “untouchables” know this, which is why they work so hard to label that rally an “insurrection,” granting themselves the constitutional authority to unleash the U.S. Military on American Citizens. Without the “insurrection” label on J6, Biden is forbidden the use of the military against Citizens, as he has openly threatened.

As we near the 2021 mid-terms, Americans will try once more to alter the course of history peacefully, renewing and preserving American sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty, and peace, with their vote. If the “untouchables” repeat the 2020 election fraud, preventing Americans from saving themselves peacefully, it will open the gates of hell and unleash the full force of the American people on those involved in evil.

I’m not calling for it, I don’t have to… as democrat President JFK once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

In case you don’t know, via the maniacal COVID19 GREAT RESET, the USA has been placed on a fast track to economic collapse and social ruin. If you don’t know how that works, READ THIS. Things can get much worse than you think, far faster than you can imagine.

If the Americans are able to alter the course of history on November 8th, peacefully, they will have a huge mess to clean up, created by those seeking to destroy the USA. It will take years to clean up the mess created in just the past 20 months, much less the past hundred years.

But if they are not able to alter history peacefully, whatever happens next will be a defensive action against those who are attacking American sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty, and prosperity. They will have brought that hell upon themselves, just like the fools who cornered the rattlesnake or threatened the cubs of a mother lion.

They will have only themselves to blame… May God Bless and Protect the True America First Patriot and Make America Great Again!

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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