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Reflect upon your present blessing, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.  —Charles Dickens

People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them.  —Eric Hoffer

In a free society composed of unequal individuals, the drive to level the playing field is a totalitarian desire and a threat to freedom because it empowers government to confiscate the talents and earning of some for the benefits of those it favors.  —David Horowitz

The death of George Floyd had nothing to do with the protesting, rioting, vandalism, looting and anarchy that has swallowed this nation.  Racism?  It has nothing to do with ending racism…yet it has everything to do with promoting it. Americans think only of black slavery when the slavery of Marxism has encompassed all humanity. The tears of the red, yellow, black, brown and white man are all the same, and the color of everyone’s blood runs scarlet.  But in today’s America, anyone with white skin is targeted as evil and must be shamed for the “privilege” of being born white.

Robert Fogel (1922-2013), the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, was president of Cornell University’s American Youth for Democracy, investing eight years promoting communism. Meanwhile, he married Enid Morgan, an African-American woman, consequently suffering the ugliness of American racism personally. Eventually, he rejected communism. Fogel was a Nobel laureate, a secular Jew, and arguably the foremost scholar on American slavery. Link  Professor Fogel concluded that Christians ended slavery, but his truth stoked the fires when he stated that slavery offends the next world.  His book, Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Slavery is well worth the read.

Here is a portion of John Carpenter’s brilliant article regarding Fogel’s research.

Fogel was driven by data, perhaps the purest pursuer of empirical truth I’ve ever met in academia. He pioneered an approach to history, called “cliometrics,” that relied on quantifiable evidence; that is, countable documentation. Like any historian, he read diaries and pamphlets for the color they throw on the times, but for his conclusions, he sought hard facts. For example, whereas other historians might look to the likes of Fanny Kemble, a British actress who married a Southern plantation owner, to piece together the lives of the slaves, Fogel believed such sources were too filtered through bias. Campaigners, like Harriet Beecher Stowe, tended to dramatize. Cliometrians, though, seek government records, the business ledgers of plantations and the like. 

Fogel’s bean-counting approach led to his discovery that plantations, organized in a business-like fashion with their “gang system,” had an assembly line-like efficiency. Hence Southern slavery was fantastically profitable. He calculated, in his books Time on the Cross and Without Consent or Contract, that Southern slavery was 36% more efficient than free Northern farms even though, generally, the soil in the North is better.

Furthermore – and here it sounds scandalous – most Southern slaves were treated materially well by their “owners.” The average slave consumed more calories and lived longer than the average, white, Northern city-dweller. Contrary to popular myth, slave families were rarely divided up — only about 3% were — and slave-owners rarely used their slaves for sexual indulgence, with only about 2% of slave births being by white fathers. Because of these superficially positive findings about slavery, some critics misunderstood Fogel and attacked his work. But it withstood the criticism, earning a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1993. 

Fogel saw that the American institution of slavery was evil because it depends on unrestrained domination. One group of people determine, in God-like fashion, the fate of others. Slavery was, for Fogel, a “Time on the Cross.”

White Slavery

Every American student has learned of black slavery, yet white slavery has been denied, covered up and marginalized. True history proves that many of our white brothers and sisters succumbed to the same fate as our black brothers and sisters.

A recent Federalist article by Spencer Lindquist stated, The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association published a research article in May that describes being white as “a malignant, parasitic-like condition,” and a dangerous, discriminatory, and perverse mental condition.

Written by Donald Moss, an author and activist, the article entitled “On Having Whiteness,” explains that whiteness establishes an “entitled dominion” that enables the “host” of “parasitic whiteness” to have “power without limit, force without restriction, violence without mercy,” adding that it has a drive to “hate, and terrorize.”  

Tell that to the white Irish children sold into slavery months before blacks became the slave trade.  Most Africans were sold into slavery by conquering black tribes. It would shock Americans to know that the largest slave holders in the south were also black plantation owners, one of whom was a woman.

The Irish slave trade began when 30,000 Irish prisoners were sold as slaves to the New World.  King James II and Charles I led a continued effort to enslave the Irish. Britain’s famed Oliver Cromwell furthered this practice of dehumanizing one’s next-door neighbor.  Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white. From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves.

White Cargo by authors Don Jordan and Michael Walsh, details the history of white slavery.  In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, more than 300,000 white people were shipped to America as slaves. Urchins were swept up from London’s streets to labor in the tobacco fields, where life expectancy was no more than two years. Brothels were raided to provide “breeders” for Virginia. Hopeful migrants were duped into signing as indentured servants, unaware they would become personal property who could be bought, sold, and even gambled away. Transported convicts were paraded for sale like livestock.

The indentured servitude of whites was comparable in most respects to the slavery endured by blacks. Voluntary indentures arriving in colonial America from Britain were sold on the block, subjected to backbreaking work on plantations, poorly fed and clothed, savagely punished for any disobedience, forbidden to marry without their master’s permission, and whipped and branded for running away. Nor were indentures always voluntary: tens of thousands of convicts, beggars, homeless children and other undesirable Britons were transported to America against their will. Given the hideous mortality rates, indentured contracts often amounted to a life sentence at hard labor; some convicts asked to be hanged rather than be sent to Virginia.

And what about the Jews who were slaves of the Egyptians for hundreds of years, when it was our Judeo-Christian society who put an end to slavery in America.  Proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT), social justice and the doctrine of the “woke” mentality forget that slavery was around long before America was born.  In journalist Joan Swirsky’s latest article, Yoo Hoo Patrisse, she delves into the matter of slavery and the hatred of Israel and God’s people, by the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) founders.  Joan states, “Every time she (Patrisse Cullors) thinks about blacks being slaves in America for about 100 years and realizes that Jews were brutally enslaved in Egypt for 210 years by Rabbinic counting (Genesis 15:13 states 400 years), Cullors conveniently puts that fact out of her mind.”

Joan is absolutely right.  BLM lines up with the evil of those who wish America’s capitalistic society of individual freedom destroyed. Marxists, Islamists, the Democrat Party and a good portion of the Republican Party are in agreement.

Marxist Ideology Divides

White hatred is embodied in CRT which is heavily based on Marxist ideology and has been designed to erase our history, undermine principles in our founding documents, and overthrow our constitutional representative republic, CRT is also the principal theory applied in diversity and inclusion training, and includes a wide range of gender theories and sex education for children as young as five years old.

Manning Johnson’s book, Color, Communism and Common Sense, written in 1958, tells of the Communist Party’s tactics to divide white and black Americans for their own godless purposes and gains.

As early as 1928, the communists declared that the racial differences among our people constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point in our social fabric.  By constantly probing and straining at this one spot, they calculated that eventually the cloth could be torn apart and that Americans could be divided, weakened and perhaps even set against each other in open combat.  We must not be led into placing the blame for the riots and civil disorders on fellow black Americans. Even those who are promoting violence and hatred in the black communities are not themselves the cause…they’re being used by communist forces.

American communists work to divide us into identity groups. Marxists disdain God and our belief in God. Those of us who share faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and for Christians, His Son Jesus, will never be divided by race, gender, social standing, or politics.  We are the Judeo-Christian culture this nation was founded upon.  We must stand together.

Lynching White Men

False charges against whites have escalated in the last dozen years; most will recall Jussie Smollett’s setup charge of racism, and the alleged noose that was found in the Talladega Superspeedway garage stall assigned to Darrell Wallace Jr., the lone black driver in NASCAR’s premier series. Both were false claims, but attained massive media oversight.

Remember Duke University Lacrosse players and the lies about three white male students raping a black exotic dancer?  Presumptive guilt.  A professor of English, Houston Baker, led a posse of Duke faculty in public condemnation of the accused students charging “white male privilege,” on innocent young men who had not been proven guilty.  White skin alone was enough evidence to get all three students exposed in media as the prime and guilty suspects. And the local DA was seeking votes in an election year amongst an inflamed black constituency. National press was quiet.

Remember Tawana Brawley’s fabricated claims that six white men brutalized and raped her and Al Sharpton took her case and publicly proclaimed the men were guilty?  After six years of inflicting hell on these men, Sharpton eventually lost a libel suit brought by one of his victims.

Of course, vociferous cries for punishment of men who were innocent until proven guilty were called for by black leaders before trials! Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were out in front screaming about the long “history of white men and black women and rape and assault.”  They wanted lynching’s.

Jackson, Sharpton and Baker never had to pay consequences for their false incriminations.  Their hate speech was invective, deceitful and racist.  They never apologized for their false claims of racism…that’s immunity and black skin privilege.

At the hands of white progressives and especially the feminazis as Rush Limbaugh called them, white males have been the prime villains in the government education classrooms and the principal targets of disapprobation and presumptive guilt in the general political culture. Racial tolerance extends to every race except the white race.

Media Protection

In America today, blacks can conduct racist assaults on whites and count on the media not to notice.  After Trayvon Martin, vicious and disfiguring black attacks on whites were ignored.  Most Americans never heard of the racial attacks.  If you’re black and possibly guilty, and a white person is involved, the media will be your advocate.  The perpetrators are protected by a media that doesn’t want to notice the perpetrators are black and the victims are white. That’s Black Skin Privilege.

It means you can form a lynch mob, demand a judgement in advance, conclude the guilt, tweet the home address, threaten vigilante justice by Black Panthers (as Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr did in the Trayvon Martin case) and hope that someone will destroy the white man who tried to protect his neighborhood. And no one in media will tell the truth.  Black skin privilege means you’ll never hear about black race riots targeting whites.  Think of the McCloskey couple in St. Louis.  They will pay for protecting their home from BLM anarchists.

White Hatred isn’t New

As mentioned in my last article, white hatred isn’t new.  It was started in the late 60s and early 1970s by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and by leaders of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  It’s a full-blown Marxist tactic, one used quite effectively by Ayer’s Weathermen and now bequeathed to the new communist agitators of BLM, Antifa and others.

The Democrat Party and their pontificating media comrades are snuggling together with the BLM Marxists who are using black Americans as cannon fodder in a bloody revolution to destroy America.

“White Skin Privilege” (WSP) started by SDS members in the early 70s called on whites to renounce their “privilege” and join in a global race war in progress.  I grew up in Chicago and watched this violent and demonic attack against America’s freedoms. The evil of WSP spread and became an article of faith amongst all regressives and this accounted for everything that was wrong with America from her very founding by white Europeans.

Want to see WSP? Read Boys in the Boat for truth. White children being abandoned by their parents during the Depression, white youngsters who worked in the cotton mills of South Carolina with no shoes on their feet. Even Davy Crockett’s father sold him into servitude as a young teen to pay off the mortgage on the farm.

A parallel concept of democratic regressives was “institutional racism” which today is referred to as “systemic racism.” This is the belief that even with the absence of actual racists, the very standards and values of American institutions discriminated against those who were not white.  Statistics tell the truth.  Part Three will clarify.


Cordiality, civility and the core of Godliness exhibited in the Ten Commandments and embodied in the “Golden Rule” of Leviticus 19:18, “to love thy neighbor as thyself,” is a commandment from the very throne of God. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” again should be taught in our homes, synagogues, churches and schools, and America would once again rise to the pinnacle of individual exceptionalism.

There is only one race…the human race.  The Lord just happened to paint some of us different colors.

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